Bad Data


Sun Mar 5 15:37:01 2017

I recently bought a early 2015 macbook pro, and there's a lot of issues.

Apparently the Retina displays actually suck. Since the programmers at apple are apparently not talented enough to change the font size on the menu bar, if you use the actual resolution of the screen, it's too small to read. So their "solution" is to default to doubling each pixel. This actually give me less screen resolution than I had on my 2011 macbook pro. They also don't allow you to even set the screen to the maximum resolution, but do allow for some scaled resolutions. Which is going to make it blurry. The whole point of having more screen resolution is to use it, instead I get to pay for a screen that I don't really get to use. They could have just made the laptop cheaper, or even wrote a way to set the title font size.

Some other things to do, if in the future I should have the mis-fortune of having to set up a mac laptop again.

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