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Scripted Opponent for 18xx games

Wed Jul 18 12:24:42 2018

Basic thoughts:

Stock Purchases

  1. Attempt to obtain five shares in companies where the player is the president.
  2. Maximize dividend payout
  3. Start a company, par price sufficient to buy five shares. Otherwise don't start.

First stock round: start a company if it can buy five shares. If not, buy the most number of shares? Diversify? One of each?

What company to start? Preference defined by game? Minors?

Minors: buy cheapest offered minor. take random card?

What company to start?

Running companies

Company money target: two tile lays, plus one token, plus second cheapest available train. plus cost of minors?

Issue shares: always issue if possible? Issue if would hit company money target?

Purchase minors: always purchase if possible? Purchase if run increases? Purchase if will still hit money target? Money target minus train?

Lay track and tokens: always play to maximize revenue.

Then, shareholder input for additional tile lay. Need at least two shares, greatest number of shares wins, can't go below money target, ties for greatest broken by how many of the players companies shares are owned by the opponent. If still tied, no additional tile.

Once revenue can't be increased further, extend a run. Take shareholder input, if any. Where track lay costs money, don't go below a token or train.

Pay or keep: attempt to have enough money for the next train, and a token. Would withholding be the difference between buying the next train or not? If yes, withhold, if not, pay.

Buy trains: opponent will never sell trains. Buy a train if it would increase the run. Buy the train that increases the run the most, (on existing track?) Buy a permanent train.

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