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Unreproduceable Bugs
Bug IDDescriptionPG VersionOS First MessageLast MessageMessage Count
15612pgadmin411.1windows - linux2019-01-292019-01-292
15593Unable to install PostgreSQL11.1RedHat62019-01-152019-01-152
15569decode function is not correclty working in 10.610.6Ubuntu2018-12-312018-12-312
15508Not able to connect irrespective of valid entries in pg_hba.conf11.1Windows 102018-11-152018-11-154
15498Pg_Dump failed if Database name contains special characters(non english).9.6.10Windows 102018-11-122018-11-122
15461Postgresql fuzzy match extension giving out error9.6.6x86_Linux 64 bits, compiled by gcc 4.8.2 201401202018-10-262018-10-262
15351to_date() function bug10.4Ubuntu2018-08-242018-08-242
15328postgres segfaults on ALTER OPERATOR ... SET SCHEMA ...10.4Ubuntu18.042018-08-152018-08-162
15327postgres segfaults on ALTER FUNCTION ... SET SCHEMA ...10.4Ubunt18.042018-08-152018-08-207
13664pg_restore fails with -j parameter when restoring 9.1 db onto 9.5 alpha db9.5alpha2Linux ubuntu 3.8.0-33-generic #48~precise1-Ubuntu2015-10-062015-10-073
13468System hijacked by PostgreSQL userUnsupported/UnknownMac OS X 10.6.82015-06-252015-06-251
8511some of object dont dropUnsupported/UnknownLinux2013-10-082013-10-083