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Bug IDDescriptionPG VersionOS First MessageLast MessageMessage Count
15473Incorrect error when executing a certain create table statement through psql11.0CentOS release 6.10 (Final)2018-10-312018-10-313
15467The database subdirectory "pg_tblspc/1932420460/PG_10_201707211/16400" is missing.10.1Linux 4.1.18/AWS2018-10-292018-11-018
15451Error adding foriegn key constraint10.5Windows Server 2008 R2 standard2018-10-222018-10-223
13429Update 0 rows for matching record9.2.8Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.52015-06-102015-06-102
13013Cannot install PostgreSQL9.2.3Windows 7 x64 SP12015-04-092015-04-132
12824Error during uninstallUnsupported/UnknownWindows 8.12015-03-032015-07-083
12816Problem in usung psql9.3.0Linux - ubuntu 14.042015-03-012015-03-022
12810database conection drop9.3.5SUSE Linux2015-02-262015-03-022
8515Random 'relation "..." does not exist'9.2.4ArchLinux2013-10-092013-10-144
8376Doc update: CREATE ROLE9.2.4Linux2013-08-082014-01-312