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Bug IDDescriptionPG VersionOS First MessageLast MessageMessage Count
15365Unable to uninstall9.6.10Windows 102018-09-062018-09-061
15308pg_dump: server version: 10.1.5; pg_dump version: 9.6.6 pg_dump: aborting because of server version10.1windows2018-08-022018-08-023
15306Use pkg-config for searching libxml2 header11beta2NixOS2018-07-312018-08-014
15305PREPARE TRANSACTION and pg_create_logical_replication_slot()10.4CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core)2018-07-312018-07-313
15304Problem when replicating Floating point timestamps to int64 timestamps9.6.3ubuntu xenial2018-07-272018-07-273
15303Postgres fail to start if pg_wal is symlink, and works when it's a junction point10.4Windows 102018-07-272018-07-282
15302pgAdmin fails with either no authorization message or missing css styles10.4Windows 102018-07-272018-07-271
15301Scanning all partition when more than 100 items in "where id in ()" clause9.6.9Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.52018-07-262018-07-263
15300"do you want the application "postgres" to accept incoming network connections" dialog box madnessUnsupported/UnknownMac 10.13.52018-07-262018-07-278
15298Array-array comparisons when arrays contain NULLs10.4FreeBSD + Linux2018-07-262018-07-261
15297Irregular comparison rules for NULLs in tuples10.4FreeBSD + Linux2018-07-262018-07-264
15296Not able to get query result "information_schema.constraint_column_usage"10.4windows 10 64 Bit2018-07-262018-07-261
15295invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8": 0x9e9.5.10Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS2018-07-252018-08-032
15294Phantom read in serializable transaction when you rename schema.10.4Linux olav-system 4.15.0-29-generic #31-Ubuntu SMP2018-07-242018-07-254
15292Multiple Messages "2018-07-24 10:46:12.566 CEST [32029] LOG: invalid length of startup" in logfile11beta2SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 (x86_64)2018-07-242018-07-242
15291Lateral join has different/suprising semantics (with impure function)11beta2Ubuntu, OSX2018-07-242018-07-242
15290Stuck Parallel Index Scan query10.4Debian GNU/Linux 8.7 (jessie)2018-07-222018-07-2716
15289Type inference of parameters in prepared statements can sometimes fail or succeed, depending...10.4Windows 10 (Version 1803 build 17134.165)2018-07-212018-07-224
15288Logical Replication failed when inserting record which has CHECK constraint10.4Linux 642018-07-202018-07-201
15287postgres_fdw: the "WHERE date_trunc('day', dt) = 'YYYY-MM-DD' does not push to remote.10.3FreeBSD 11.12018-07-202018-07-2111
15286BEFORE or AFTER not working while adding values for existing enums10.4Windows2018-07-202018-07-206
15284SSL connection is off9.5.13centos2018-07-192018-07-192
15283Query Result equal 0 for partitioned table9.6.9Ubuntu 16,172018-07-182018-07-234
15282Materialized view with transitive TYPE dependency fails refresh using pg_restore and psql10.4RHEL7, Mac OSX2018-07-172018-07-186
15281Set role does not affect superuser privleges10.4Windows Server 2012 R22018-07-162018-07-164
15280Clang 6.0.1 compiler warning - strlcpy11beta2RHEL 7.42018-07-162018-07-163
15279GSSAPI Authentication?9.6.5RHEL 7.42018-07-162018-07-162
15278When initialising Streaming Slave if some folders and files are symlinks they are not copied over9.6.9Linux RHE7.42018-07-162018-07-163
15277ts_headline strips things that look like HTML tags and it cannot be disabled9.6.9CentOS 72018-07-122018-07-123
15276pl/pgSQL function caches wrong plan10.4Centos 7.52018-07-112018-07-111
15275Trigger don't take supperuser role into account to create role10.0Windows2018-07-112018-07-112
15274error LOG: server process (PID 13723) was terminated by signal 11: Segmentation fault9.6.5RHEL 7.2(Maipo)2018-07-112018-07-112
15272creating an index function terminate with error10.4RHEL 72018-07-102018-07-102
15268Documentation surrounding sysvipc configuration and isolation is out-of-date as of FreeBSD 1110.0FreeBSD2018-07-082018-07-093
15267just for test11beta2windows 64 bit2018-07-082018-07-081
15266libpq: PQgetvalue fails with Break at address "0x8000fb50" Signal : SIGSEGV:Segmentation fault)10.4Windows 10 64 bit2018-07-072018-07-082
15265The program "initdb" is needed by pg_ctl but was not found in the same directory as "pg_ctl".10.4CentOS72018-07-062018-07-096
15264pg_dump / psql failure. When loading, psql fails to create TEXT SEARCH dictionaries.10.4Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.52018-07-062018-07-061
15263pg_dump / psql failure. When loading, psql does not see function-based constraints or indices10.4Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.52018-07-062018-07-188
15262"unexpected end of tuplestore" error when using new GROUPS window function clause11beta2Debian 6.3.0-18+deb9u12018-07-062018-07-103
15261Insert binary data in bytea rejected due to UTF-8 encoding errors9.6.7debian stretch2018-07-042018-07-042
15260When saving json object to a json column bigInteger value is saved wrong9.6.0 windows 10 2018-07-032018-07-034
15259intarray extension operator "&" produces invalid dimensions [1:0] for empty arrays10.4verified on Ubuntu 14.04, 17.102018-07-022018-07-021
152588 gb ram11beta2windows 64 bit2018-07-022018-07-021
15257no servers listed in pgadmin39.6.9windows 10 pro2018-06-302018-06-301
15256Comparing if a rowtype is null9.3.5Windows2018-06-292018-06-292
15255notification from trigger is not delivered in a timely fashion on subscriber10.4ubuntu 16.042018-06-282018-07-033
15254The configure --with-zlib option ignores zlib custom location10.4Linux Lubuntu 16.042018-06-272018-06-272
15253DROP/select/update query waiting for pg_dumpUnsupported/Unknownrhel72018-06-272018-06-273
15252"do not dump comments" in pg_restore help11beta1Ubuntu 16.04 LTS2018-06-252018-06-263
15251query plan affected by grant select on partition10.4Ubuntu 14.042018-06-222018-07-102
15250ERROR: could not find pathkey item to sort9.4.17Debian 8.02018-06-202018-06-215
15249pl/java installation9.6.9linux(Red-Hat)2018-06-202018-06-201
15248pg_upgrade fails when a function with an empty search_path is encountered11beta1RHEL 7.42018-06-192018-07-304
15247At 'ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN fast default' , Set attmissingval to NULL in the pg_attribute, query fail11beta1debian 6.4.02018-06-192018-06-194
15246Does not allow an INOUT parameter to receive values when its data type is a user-defined data type.10.0Windows2018-06-182018-06-193
15245pg_stat_all_tables does not include partition master tables10.4any2018-06-172018-06-1915
15244Inherited table queries return null lines that do not exist10.4Windows 10 64bits2018-06-152018-06-152
15243make check shows errors, i.e. fails to find initdb and others10.4Ubuntu Linux2018-06-152018-06-207
15242JSON functions not recognizing JSON9.6.6Mac / DBeaver2018-06-142018-06-153
15241PostgreSQL Version 9.6.1 support in Windows 2016 Server9.6.1Windows 2016 Server2018-06-132018-06-132
15240JDBC driver sometimes hangs on copy out; suspect Json10.3Mac OS 10.13.52018-06-122018-06-142
15239Site is having rendering issues, on Mozilla, Edge, IE and Chrome.Unsupported/UnknownWindows 102018-06-122018-06-121
15237I got "ERROR: source for a multiple-column UPDATE item must be a sub-SELECT or ROW() expression"11beta1centos2018-06-122018-06-146
15236Update on 15234 - Sorry, no eMail ever arrived...10.4Win 10 Creators2018-06-102018-06-101
15235Getting failure message "Restore archive operation failed" while restoring database9.6.0Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 Server2018-06-092018-06-146
15234Connection refused (0x0000274D/10061) - Service will not run?10.4Win 10 Creators2018-06-082018-06-081
15233Error in estimation leads to very bad parralel plan in simple 2 table join.9.6.8Linux Ubuntu2018-06-072018-06-083
15232Query execution changes based on using 'explain analyze' or not10.4ubuntu 18.042018-06-072018-06-085
15230"Logical decoding" is not sensitive to client encoding setting9.4.4Windows 72018-06-052018-06-173
15229Crash when using PQgetvalue10.4Windows 102018-06-042018-06-043
15228pgbench custom script numbering off-by-one10.4RHEL 7.42018-06-042018-06-064
15227Planner often ignores covering indexes (with include clause)11beta1Fedora 28 64bit2018-06-032018-06-032
15226(Changes in) LIBPQ prevents proper error captures and crash client programs instead10.4Windows 102018-06-032018-06-032
15225[XX000] ERROR: invalid DSA memory alloc request size 1073741824 / Where: parallel worker11beta1Ubuntu 18.04 64bit2018-06-032018-06-1015
15224Poor documentation10.4Linux2018-06-022018-06-021
15223facilitar el ordenamiento de las columnas10.4Linux/Windows2018-05-312018-05-312
15222pg_isready fails connection after previous pg_isready claims success10.4Ubuntu 18.04 + docker.io2018-05-312018-05-315
15221Could not open file "pg_subtrans/0013"10.2Redhat2018-05-312018-06-063
15219Increase Max Open Files issue9.6.9Debian 82018-05-302018-05-301
15218compilation of a function is correct while its execution is in error10.4CentOS Linux release 7.3.1611 (Core)2018-05-302018-05-303
15217Valgrind - writing uninitialised byte(s) in FileWrite10.4Ubuntu 16.042018-05-302018-06-014
15216for test new Web ERP/CRM11beta1Windows2018-05-292018-05-291
15215Error BACKUP PLAIN10.4windows 102018-05-292018-05-291
15214Pg 10.4 windows 64 bit installer is 32 bit10.4 Windows 8,10 2018-05-292018-06-018
15213unable to login on PostgreSQL by postgres user9.3.17Centos 72018-05-292018-05-294
15212Default values in partition tables don't work as expected and allow NOT NULL violation10.4Debian2018-05-282018-06-148
15211UrjentUnsupported/UnknownWindows 102018-05-252018-05-252
15210Internal Server Error When Attempting to Look at Trigger Functions10.4Server=Redhat, pgAdmin = Mac OS High Sierra2018-05-252018-05-255
15209Problem with string value in installer10.4Windows 10 64bits2018-05-252018-05-251
15208COALESCE with CTE returns NULL10.4Ubuntu Linux 16.042018-05-252018-05-254
15207In crash recovery, SyncDataDirectory() will fall into recursion trap9.5.7windows 102018-05-232018-05-233
15206Can not import CSV into PostgreSQL10.4Ubuntu 18.04 LTS x642018-05-192018-05-2019
15205ERROR: table row type and query-specified row type do not match9.6.1Linux2018-05-172018-05-172
15204Export to CSV doesn't work in Query tools10.3windows 10 pro2018-05-172018-05-172
15203trigger does not recognize schema changes when passing on data10.4Debian Sid x642018-05-162018-05-185
15202Unexpected behavior with trigger fired on logical replicaion using pg_notify10.1Ubuntu 17.10 x86_642018-05-162018-05-161
15201PostGIS 2.3 fails to install for 9.6 on Fedora 289.6.9Fedora 282018-05-162018-05-161
15200Support ANSI OFFSET .. FETCH syntax with bind variables10.4Windows2018-05-162018-05-192
15199relfrozenxid related corruption in pg_authid9.6.8Linux Ubuntu2018-05-162018-05-161
15198nextval() accepts tables/indexes when adding a default to a column10.4CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core)2018-05-162018-05-1810
15197query tool not workingUnsupported/Unknownwindows 72018-05-142018-05-142
15196bogus data in lock file ""9.5.13Windows2018-05-142018-05-142
15195Creation two subscription with the same name in different databases10.4red hat 72018-05-142018-05-141
15194Strange results were displayed for select query.9.5.5Linux Redhat 6.5 [2.6.32-431.el6.x86_64]2018-05-142018-05-143
15193Postgres Coredumped in AIX10.2AIX2018-05-112018-07-012
15192Implement option to use columns order defined at CSV9.6.1SMP Debian 4.9.82-1+deb9u32018-05-102018-05-103
15191postgresql extension "uuid-ossp" Error10.3CentOS 72018-05-092018-05-093
15190Build configure should have option to disable clock_gettime on MacOS 10.12 and up.10.3MacOS 10.132018-05-082018-05-093
15189Could not connect to server10.3Windows 7 x642018-05-082018-05-081
15188wrong count "tuples removed" in autovacuum log file9.6.5Linux RedHat2018-05-052018-05-051
15187When use huge page, there may be a lot of hanged connections with status startup or authentication10.2CentOS release 6.52018-05-042018-05-198
15186how get data from db files9.3.22Windows Server 2003 (x86)2018-05-042018-05-041
15185pg_dump doesn't include statistics when specifying a table10.3Windows2018-05-032018-05-032
15184Planner overestimates number of rows in empty table10.3Linux2018-05-032018-05-043
15183pg_upgrade and pg_upgrade.exe both corrupt sequences when migrating 9.1 10.310.3Windows 10, CentOS 7.4.1708 3.10.0-693.5.2.el7.x862018-05-012018-05-022
15182Canceling authentication due to timeout aka Denial of Service Attack10.3OpenSUSE2018-04-302018-04-301
15181pg_dump - missing schema in CREATE TEXT SEARCH DICTIONARY9.3.22CentOS 62018-04-302018-04-303
15180Alter table add column if not exists with unique constraint will add extra duplicate10.1x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, compiled by gcc (Ubuntu 6.3.02018-04-302018-05-019
15179Related to copy command9.5.12linux-gnu2018-04-302018-04-302
15177handling of the US/Pacific-New timezone9.6.8Linux (CentOS 6.9)2018-04-252018-04-263
15176ecpg generation error10.3PostgreSQL 10.3, compiled by Visual C++ build 1802018-04-252018-04-284
15175Stack Builder no descarga postgis 102018-04-252018-04-251
15174Postgresql 10.3 no response10.3Linux 3.0.101-77-ppc642018-04-252018-04-251
15173why small gin_fuzzy_search_limit search more blocks than big gin_fuzzy_search_limit ?10.3CentOS 7.x x642018-04-252018-04-262
15172Postgresql ts_headline with <-> operator does not highlight text properly10.3Linux2018-04-252018-04-251
15171JDBC TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE PSQLException When Using Substitution Parameter9.6.3x86_64-pc-linux-gnu2018-04-242018-04-263
15170PQtransactionStatus returns ACTIVE after Empty Commit10.3Ubuntu Linux 16.042018-04-242018-04-254
15169create index CONCURRENTLY conflict with other table's COPY10.3CentOS 7.x x642018-04-242018-04-256
15168"pg_isready -d" effectively ignores given database name9.5.10Fedora 252018-04-242018-04-258
15167error C2365: 'errcode' : redefi nition; previous definition10.3windows 72018-04-232018-04-234
15166PL/PGSQL default rowtype variable value is null but also not null10.3Windows 10 version 17092018-04-202018-04-214
15165The application server could not be contacted9.6.5 windows 7 2018-04-202018-04-202
15164repository problems10.3RHEL72018-04-202018-04-201
15163Unable to get the OpenGPG data9.6.6Ubuntu Trusty2018-04-202018-04-202
15162individual user can connect from anywhere with pgadmin10.3 rhel 2018-04-192018-04-192
15161libpq - Invalid SSPI context after PQreset9.3.5Windows Server 7 and 2012R22018-04-172018-04-183
15159Duplicate records for same primary key9.3.14WindRiver2018-04-172018-04-195
15158JDBC driver has faulty comparison in method: haveMinimumServerVersion(String ver)10.3Windows2018-04-162018-04-232
15157Missing icons10.3Windows 102018-04-162018-04-162
15156The application server could not be contacted.10.3Fedora 272018-04-162018-04-162
15155table_to_xmlschema() ignores string restriction when generating XSD10.3macOS 10.13.2 (17C67b) Kernel Version: Darwin 172018-04-142018-04-141
15154hstore_to_jsonb_loose erroneously casting scientific notation number strings9.6.064bit Amazon Linux/2.7.22018-04-132018-04-131
15153Serialize error (40001) on first statement suggestion9.4.15Debian Jessie2018-04-132018-04-131
15152Java heap size10.1Windows 72018-04-132018-04-233
15151Error with wal replay after planned manual switchover.9.6.8Linux2018-04-122018-04-132
15150Reading uninitialised value in NISortAffixes (tsearch/spell.c)10.3Debian-82018-04-122018-04-136
15149Invalid cache id = 4210.3Debian2018-04-102018-04-114
15148font is too small to see9.6.0Windows 102018-04-092018-04-091
15147first time here10.3windows2018-04-092018-04-091
15146missing yum package: pgadmin4-python-simplejson10.0rhel62018-04-092018-06-292
15145date time default value issues9.4.5(Ubuntu 4.8.2-19ubuntu1) 4.8.2, 64-bit2018-04-072018-04-075
15144*** glibc detected *** postgres: postgres smsconsole [local] SELECT: double free or corruption (!pre9.6.8CentOS 6.92018-04-052018-06-2028
15142ERROR: MultiXactId nnnnn has not been created yet -- apparent wraparound in v9.59.5.12Ubuntu 16.042018-04-032018-04-0526
15141Faulty ISO 8601 parsing10.0Any, apparently2018-04-022018-04-037
15140Incorrect jsonb_set behavoir10.3any2018-04-022018-04-024
15139Gin index limtied to configuration not used10.3Windows 102018-03-302018-03-301
15138pg_ctl status doesn't find running service10.3Widnows 102018-03-302018-03-301
15137X509 auth breaks in CA has extendedKeyUsage10.2Debian2018-03-302018-03-301
15136gin index not used when using column with a where clause9.6.0Windows 102018-03-292018-03-291
15135Feature-Request: extend error-message if value is too longUnsupported/Unknownindependent2018-03-292018-03-291
15133make check fails10.3Solaris 11.4 Beta2018-03-282018-03-297
15132Build fails in src/backend/utils/adt/encode.c10.3Solaris 11.4 Beta2018-03-282018-03-283
15131"ERROR: function pg_current_xlog_location() does not exist" in PGAdmin III10.3Centos 7 Server2018-03-272018-03-273
15130outer-join-escape syntax seems not to work with latest jdbc-driver9.4.7SuSE Linux2018-03-262018-03-263
15129Problem with UNION/UNION ALL type setting when several NULL values before defining the proper type10.3linux2018-03-252018-03-284
15128Erroneous inner query is executing with wrong results9.6.2x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, compiled by gcc (Debian 4.9.22018-03-222018-03-222
15127epoch lies 1 hour ahead10.2Linux2018-03-222018-03-222
15126bug report for pgAdmin 4 v2.110.3Windows 102018-03-222018-03-222
15125Cant set ApplicationName in Java...9.6.8Debian Jessie2018-03-212018-03-223
15124standby hung, recovering process stuck waiting, possible undetected deadlock9.6.6CentOS Linux release 7.4.17082018-03-212018-03-211
15123pgAdmin 4 no error message10.3Windows 72018-03-202018-03-212
15122can't import data if table has a constraint with a function calling another function9.3.22ubuntu2018-03-202018-04-035
15120use of getcwd(3)/chdir(2) during path resolution (exec.c)9.4.17NetBSD 8.02018-03-172018-03-179
15119PG Admin 4 is not opening correctly9.6.8Windows102018-03-172018-03-171
15118PG Admin 4 is not opening correctly9.6.8Windows102018-03-172018-03-172
15117Duplicate Primary Key9.6.6Windows 10 Enterprise - 14393.20352018-03-162018-03-161
15116pg_recvlogical always fails9.6.8Linux2018-03-162018-03-188
15115temporary AND unlogged tables for parallel db import10.3Centos 72018-03-162018-03-1711
15113alter table .. add column .. default null leads to table rewrite9.6.8Linux2018-03-152018-03-151
15112Unable to run pg_upgrade with earthdistance extension10.3Ubuntu2018-03-142018-04-054
15111c between x and x gives bad planning9.5.12Linux2018-03-142018-03-142
15110Unable to backup database 9.5.10linux2018-03-142018-03-142
15109Unhelpful error message on type mismatch10.3linux2018-03-132018-03-133
15108Initialization problem postgresql-10-setup initdb10.3Centos 7.4.17082018-03-132018-03-166
15107No good plans when row-level security is enabled9.6.6Centos 6.92018-03-122018-03-122
15106The AFTER trigger is created separately on view, and the DML operation can not trigger the trigger 10.0Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.02018-03-122018-03-184
15105OpenTransientFile() should be paired with CloseTransientFile() rather than close()10.3Linux2018-03-092018-04-115
15104Double free in the main function in ecpg.c10.3Linux2018-03-092018-03-144
15103Do not use pfree() to free pg_malloc() return value in vacuum_one_database()10.3Linux2018-03-092018-03-092
15102Performance problem when doing join, index are not used10.3Windows 2012 r2 std 64 bit2018-03-082018-03-093
15101function set search_path = '' breaks dump/restore10.3any2018-03-082018-03-083
15100sequence behavior on failed insert to a partitioned table10.3linux2018-03-072018-03-072
15099View Filtered Rows9.6.0Windows 10 2018-03-052018-03-065
15097pgadmin3 tabs not properly themed with wxGTK3Unsupported/Unknownx86_64 GNU/Linux - 4.15.72018-03-042018-03-042
15096Unable to CREATE TABLE LIKE with bigint identity column10.2Windows 7 x642018-03-032018-03-1313
15095schema's owner can drop object's in his schema10.2centos 7.x x642018-03-022018-03-022
15094Errors during installation - Unescaped left brace in regex 10.1Ubuntu 17.102018-02-282018-02-281
15093hash partition exector plan is error!!!!Unsupported/UnknownCentOS release 6.82018-02-272018-02-272
15092pg_basebackup directory checking9.6.2OSX2018-02-262018-02-272
15091to_number() returns incorrect value9.6.6Windows 102018-02-262018-03-029 /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.14' not found10.1Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.5 x86_642018-02-262018-02-262
15089Complete details10.2Windows2018-02-262018-02-262
15088Can create subquery with duplicate column names9.5.11Ubuntu 16.042018-02-262018-02-263
15087ALTER INDEX RENAME renames table if matches10.0Windows 102018-02-252018-02-262
15086Arrow keys do not work while using psql through SSH session10.2ubuntu server 16.04.32018-02-252018-02-262
15085Domain "not null" constraint doesn't detect a null returned from a resultset9.6.7Linux2018-02-252018-02-275
15084Invalid LIKE pattern not always reported9.5.11Ubuntu 16.042018-02-232018-02-233
15083[54000] ERROR: total size of jsonb array elements exceeds the maximum of 268435455 bytes10.0CentOS2018-02-232018-02-235
15082PostgreSQL 11 dev bug with window range partition by QUERYUnsupported/UnknownCentOS 7.4 x642018-02-232018-02-232
15081pg_hba_file_rules permission issue10.2Windows 102018-02-232018-02-233
15080ecpg on windows doesn't define HAVE_LONG_LONG_INT10.2Windows 10 x642018-02-232018-05-2032
15079[54000] ERROR: total size of jsonb array elements exceeds the maximum of 268435455 bytes10.0CentoS2018-02-222018-02-222
15078Unable to receive data from WAL Stream Error 9.6.3RHEL2018-02-222018-02-268
15077Unable to receive data from WAL Stream Error 9.6.3RHEL2018-02-222018-02-221
15076postmaster crashes unexpectedly when using up arrow key in psql command 9.3.20Windows2018-02-222018-02-2512
15075jsonb_set return [null] if new value is null but not 'null'.10.1MacOSX2018-02-192018-02-192
15074psql client never returns when creating index (long running operation)9.6.7ubuntu 14.04 LTS2018-02-192018-02-206
15073Bad error message for when pg_basebackup fails due to incorrect wal_level9.6.6Linux2018-02-192018-02-192
15072Unable to get tablespace from pg_tables for new created table10.2ubuntu server 16.04.32018-02-182018-02-182
15071Error in PostgreSQL-specific :: type cast10.1Windows 102018-02-162018-02-164
15070description10.2Arch Linux2018-02-162018-02-161
15069group by after regexp_replace9.6.7macOS 10.122018-02-152018-02-153
15068PostgreSQL doesn't support queries that involve columns from multiple databases9.4.0Windows2018-02-152018-02-153
15067Documentation or behaviour bug with autovacuum thresholds?9.6.7CentOS v7.42018-02-142018-03-208
15066Index size on column of nulls9.6.7Ubuntu 16.042018-02-142018-02-141
15065ActivePerl 5.24.3 breaks PG compilation on Windows9.6.7Windows2018-02-142018-03-023
15064Deadlock not detected on standby.9.5.11Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie)2018-02-142018-02-141
15063Updates to temporary tables fail when there is a publication with FOR ALL TABLES10.2Linux2018-02-132018-02-156
15062Calling 3 function in one other function10.1 Windows 10 2018-02-132018-02-132
15061Cannot use TEMP TABLE ON COMMIT DROP in extension10.2Debian2018-02-122018-02-223
15060Row in table not found when using pg function in an expression10.2CentOS 62018-02-122018-02-1311
15059=?utf-8?B?0J7RiNC40LHQug==?= =?utf-8?B?0LA=?= 2018-02-122018-02-121
15058postgresql transfer from 9.3 to
15057Issue with UNKNOW type when calling a PostgreSQL function from java code9.6.0Redhat Linux 62018-02-102018-02-1219
15056restore error10.1win10,64bit2018-02-092018-02-092
15055parenthesis disappear 9.6.1centos2018-02-072018-02-072
15054intermittent error: An I/O error occured while sending to the backend.9.3.20 Redhat Enterprise 6 2018-02-072018-02-074
15053SIGSEGV - While executing query with cube agregator9.6.3Linux 4.9.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.9.65-32018-02-062018-02-077
15052unresponsive client9.6.6 MacOs 10.13.3 2018-02-052018-02-072
15051Additional information to bug10.0Ubuntu2018-02-052018-02-051
15050Initdb.exe failing to create DB9.6.3Windows 2012 R22018-02-052018-02-051
15049Initdb.exe failing to create DB9.4.4Windows 2012 R22018-02-052018-02-067
15048pg_trgm extension: <% and %> operators ignore word boundaries10.1Debian 92018-02-052018-02-051
15047shell.dll missing9.6.6windows server 2008 R22018-02-032018-02-031
15046non-greedy ignored10.1windows 102018-02-032018-02-034
15045Partitioning not working as intended10.1Centos 62018-02-022018-02-022
15044materialized views incompatibility with logical replication in postgres 1010.1CentOS 7.4.1708 and macOS 10.13.32018-02-022018-02-247
15043postgresql yum repository dependency problem9.3.20CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core)2018-02-012018-02-042
15042Parition by list using enums odd behaviour10.1Windows 102018-02-012018-02-012
15041dsa alloc_object null pointer10.1Linux2018-01-312018-01-313
15040"could not open relation" error10.0Ubuntu2018-01-312018-01-311
15039some question about hash index code10.0source code2018-01-312018-02-027
15038Upgrade 8.4 to 9.2 - LC_Collate differsUnsupported/UnknownWindows Server 20162018-01-312018-01-312
15037gdal-libs-1.11.4-12 updates require proj unavailable version9.3.20Red Hat 7.02018-01-302018-02-042
15036Un-killable queries Hanging in BgWorkerShutdown10.1Ubuntu 16.042018-01-292018-03-1614
15035scram-sha-256 blocks all logins10.0windows server 2012 R22018-01-292018-01-3024
15034date value inserts10.1windows2018-01-272018-01-271
15033Segmentation fault running a query10.1RHEL7, CentOS 72018-01-272018-01-2810
15032Segmentation fault when running a particular query10.1Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS2018-01-262018-02-126
15031Fail on install postgis24_1010.1RHEL 7.42018-01-252018-01-264
15030wrong address when connect10.1MacOS2018-01-252018-01-251
15029Cannot create postgis extension after install10.1CentOS release 6.9 (Final)2018-01-242018-01-241
15028PostGIS won't install/yum update fails due to gdal-libs package dependency problem10.1RHEL 7.42018-01-242018-01-241
15027EPEL / Potgres 95 yum repo package version conflict affecting postgis22_959.5.10CentOS 72018-01-242018-01-241
15026Deadlock using GIST index10.1SLES 12 sp32018-01-242018-02-124
15025PSQL CLI - inconsistency when both -d and -U supplies a username9.5.4Debian2018-01-232018-01-298
15024I am a beginer and in learning face9.6.0LInux2018-01-212018-01-223
15023problem with pg_statisticUnsupported/Unknownlinux2018-01-212018-01-223
15022Multiple + operators when parsing SQL query10.1Windows 72018-01-192018-01-192
15021Postgres crashes unexpectedly9.6.5Debian GNU Linux 8 container on CentOS 7.2.15112018-01-192018-01-215
15020download to CSV button does nothingUnsupported/UnknownmacOS Sierra Version 10.12.62018-01-192018-01-222
15019REASSIGN OWNED doesn't work grantors of DEFAULT ACL10.1doesn&#39;t matter2018-01-192018-01-191
15018yum install postgis24_96 failure9.6.6CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core)2018-01-192018-03-166
15017dependency issue in repo for latest postgis 9.6.6centos 72018-01-192018-01-191
15016Pgadmin 4_2.1 BUG9.6.6Linux2018-01-192018-01-192
15015Zilib1.dll library missing if only command line tools installed10.1Windows 10 x642018-01-182018-01-192
15014pg_trgm regexp with wchar not good?10.1CentOS 7.x.x642018-01-182018-01-182
15013JNI-JDBC: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: FEHLER: =?iso-8859-1?Q?ung=FCltiges?= Message-Format2018-01-192018-01-191
15012psql doesn't use server's default port10.1Xubuntu 16.042018-01-152018-01-152
15011pgAdmin doesn't connect local server9.6.4W10 - 1709 x862018-01-152018-01-262
15010Sequence ID is getting skipped9.3.0Ubuntu 2018-01-152018-01-153
15009connection to server9.3.20win 72018-01-142018-01-141
15008Need a pause9.6.6Debian 9.32018-01-122018-01-123
15007LIMIT not respected in sub-queries10.1Ubuntu 16.042018-01-112018-01-194
15006"make check" error if current user is "user"10.1Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) in docker2018-01-112018-01-1911
15005ANALYZE can make pg_class.reltuples inaccurate.10.1Linux2018-01-112018-01-236
15004Missing libprotobuf-c in pgdg-centos10-10-2.noarch.rpm10.1CertOS7/RHEL2018-01-112018-01-111
15003pg_terminate_backend does not work9.6.5centos-release-7-4.1708.el7.centos.x86_642018-01-112018-01-112
15002Unexpected behaviour in psql \r command10.0Any (reproduced in macOS Sierra, Slackware)2018-01-092018-01-113
15001planner cann't distinguish composite index?10.1centos 7.x x642018-01-092018-01-215
15000Cache lookup failure 10.1CentOS release 6.62018-01-082018-01-087
14999pg_rewind corrupts control file global/pg_control10.1e.g. Debian Buster2018-01-042018-06-1927
14998XXS vulnerabilities in PostgreSQL 'utf8 4-byte truncation'9.6.2CentOs 6.x2018-01-042018-01-044
14997Get segmentation fault on select sum(bigint_field)10.1Debian 4.13.13-1 x86_642018-01-032018-01-0311
14996psql shows password in some cases10.1Windows2018-01-032018-01-031
14995repmgr_funcs lib is missing in rpm9.6.6centos 72017-12-302018-01-024
14994Email alert 9.6.0centos 62017-12-302017-12-302
14993no inicia 10.1pgadmin 4 2017-12-272017-12-271
14992Programador Java9.5.3Windows2017-12-272017-12-272 undefined symbol: GEOSMinimumClearance10.1Centos 72017-12-212017-12-262
14990hashint4() <> hashint8() for small negative values, causing hash joins to fail10.1CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core)2017-12-212017-12-214
14989Postgis 2.4.2 for PostgreSQL 10 fails to install10.1CentOS 6.92017-12-212017-12-211
14988application server couldnot contacted10.1windows102017-12-212017-12-211
14987pg_dump fails due to postgis linking problem10.1RHEL 72017-12-202017-12-201
14986-2147483648 is minimum value of integer but -2147483648::integer fails (out of range).10.1Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS2017-12-202017-12-228
14985ExecCopySlotTuple not set "type id" and "type mod" when from minial tuple"10.1all2017-12-202017-12-203
14984function "heap_tuple_from_minimal_tuple" lost HeapTupleHeader->t_len value10.1all2017-12-202017-12-203
14983ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "oid_tbl_oid_key"10.1AIX2017-12-182018-03-025
14982init db fail9.5.5windows 72017-12-182017-12-181
14981Systemd unit used postmaster ( not postgres)10.1CentOS 72017-12-172017-12-172
14980initddb fails (Issue with postgresql-9.3 initd config)9.3.20centos62017-12-152017-12-152
14979PostGres does not start at reboot9.3.5Windows Server (standard) 2012R2 &amp; 20162017-12-152017-12-151
14978Import/Export button is disabled in pdAdmin 102017-12-152017-12-152
14977Unable to download10.1windows2017-12-142017-12-141
14976Connect to server10.1Windows 10 Home 64 bit2017-12-142017-12-142
14975[pgrpms] make build10 for postgresql fails10.0EL-72017-12-142018-01-022
14974count doesn't accept text columns9.6.6Linux2017-12-142017-12-143
14973hung queries10.1Debian 92017-12-142017-12-196
14972row duplicate on first SELECT from CTE (by JOIN/FOR UPDATE) from which UPDATE performed recently9.5.5gentoo, debian2017-12-132017-12-144
14971point outside polygon is reported inside polygon9.5.0macos2017-12-132017-12-131
14970Foreign Data Wrapper for windows9.6.0Windows72017-12-132017-12-142
14969Delta in 9.6 and 1010.1ubuntu 14.042017-12-122017-12-122
14968package postgresql93-server-9.3.20-3PGDG.rhel7.x86_64 fails to start9.3.20Centos 7.42017-12-122017-12-122
14967Postgresql won't start after upgrade from postgresql93-9.3.20-1PGDG.rhel7.x86_649.3.20CentOS 7.4.17082017-12-122017-12-133
14966Related to #14702 / corruption in replication10.1FreeBSD2017-12-112017-12-111
14965PGAdmin 2.0 fails to launch after restart9.6.3Windows 10 running on Azure VM2017-12-112017-12-111
14964statement_timeout cann't set in plpgsql10.1centos 7.4 x642017-12-112017-12-113
14963Number of wal files are keep on increasingUnsupported/UnknownCentos2017-12-112017-12-1412
14962missing chunk number 0 for toast value 1086251 in pg_toast_2619Unsupported/UnknownCentos2017-12-112017-12-111
149619.6.6-4PGDG.rhel6.x86_64 introduces hanging init script9.6.6CentOS62017-12-112017-12-123
14960Queries stuck on BtreePage lock on parallel index scan10.1Ubuntu 16.04 LTS2017-12-112017-12-113
14959init script is trying to run postmaster with forground9.6.6CentOS release 6.9 (Final)2017-12-112017-12-112
14957service initdb fails (initdbcmd run in background)9.6.6RHEL 6.82017-12-102017-12-134
14956RHEL6 pg96 psycopg2 rpm has dependency against postgresql94-libs9.6.6RHEL62017-12-082017-12-112
14955postgresql10-server-10.1-3PGDG.rhel6 initdb isssue10.1COS62017-12-082017-12-125
14953pg_blocking_pids / array_length inconsistency10.0Linux2017-12-072017-12-074
14952COPY fails to fill in IDENTITY column default value10.0Linux2017-12-072018-02-0214
14951Install Error on Windows server 2008 R210.1Windows server 2008 R22017-12-062017-12-061
14950RPM EPEL PostGIS24_10 install breaks "yum update"10.1RHEL 72017-12-062017-12-061
14949array_append() - performance issues (in update) 10.1Ubuntu server 16.042017-12-062017-12-204
14948cost overflow 10.1Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS + HWE)2017-12-052017-12-1211
14947Installation Errors10.1Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise2017-12-042018-01-173
14945postmaster deadlock while logging after syslogger exitedUnsupported/UnknownSmartOS joyent_20160830T004914Z2017-12-042017-12-041
14944Error for 6 digit year in date comparision9.5.4Ubuntu 16/Windows 102017-12-042017-12-043
14943error in rpm package pgpool-II published in repo pgdg10 10.1Centos 7.42017-12-032017-12-031
14942Create table as (some_query) and PGAdmin 410.1windows 102017-12-032017-12-031
14941Vacuum crashes9.6.0CentOs 72017-12-012018-04-0642
14940Duplicated records inspite of primary key and unique constraint9.6.6Windows 10, 642017-12-012017-12-1816
14938ALTER TABLE hang/ poor performance 9.5.3Linux2017-11-302017-12-107
14936Huge backend memory usage during schema dump of database with many views9.5.10Linux2017-11-292017-11-292
14935Cast function shortcut gives an error10.1OS X 2017-11-292017-11-293
14932SELECT DISTINCT val FROM table gets stuck in an infinite loop10.1CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core)2017-11-272018-01-3070
14931Unchecked attnum value in ATExecAlterColumnType()10.1Linux2017-11-272017-11-282
14930Unchecked AllocateDir() return value in SlruScanDirectory()10.1Linux2017-11-272017-11-271
14929Unchecked AllocateDir() return value in restoreTwoPhaseData()10.1Linux2017-11-272017-11-2810
14928Unchecked SearchSysCacheCopy1() return value10.1Linux2017-11-272017-11-285
14927Unchecked SearchSysCache1() return value10.1Linux2017-11-272017-11-273
14926I cannot start pgAdmin9.6.4Windows 2008 server 2017-11-262017-11-261
14925sql error10.1windows2017-11-252017-11-252
14924Subquery in VALUES inside recursive CTE 10.1macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 2017-11-242017-11-253
14923Java driver - PreparedStatement setNull in SELECT query10.1Windows 10 / Ubuntu server 16.042017-11-242017-11-242
14922pgAdmin 4 2 error9.6.4Windows 2008 R2 64x (updated to the latest..)2017-11-242017-11-241
14921searchable docs10.1linux2017-11-232017-11-236
14920TEXT binding not works correctly with BPCHAR10.1Ubuntu 16.042017-11-222017-11-223
14919Invalid column in sub select is still a valid select9.3.18Ubuntu 14.042017-11-202017-11-215
14918Unexpected lock on standby server9.6.6Debian 8.9 Linux 3.16.0-4-amd642017-11-172017-11-171
14917process hang on create index9.5.10Ubuntu 16.04, CentOS 72017-11-172017-11-219
14916psql \r is invalid in PostgreSQL 10 10.1Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.72017-11-172017-11-174
14915Create sub-partitioning using GENERATED ALWAYS AS IDENTITY will lead to system collapse.10.0Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.02017-11-172017-11-173
14914Test for aggregates fails10.1OEL 4.92017-11-172017-11-171
14913Test for aggregates fails10.1OEL 4.92017-11-162017-11-162
14912Undocumented: 'psql -l' assumes database 'postgresql' not $USER9.6.6Gentoo Linux, kernel 4.12, glibc 2.25-r92017-11-162018-02-036
14911pg_log not create during upgrade 9.5.10red hat enteprise linux 2017-11-162017-11-161
14910Imposible instalar postgres10.1windows 82017-11-152017-11-162
14909nextval() bug10.1macOS 10.12.62017-11-152017-11-152
14907missing postgis extension files9.4.15RHEL52017-11-142017-11-142
14905can't restart successfully because of existed pid file of httpdUnsupported/Unknownarch linux 2017-11-142017-11-141
14904installer refuses to work10.1Windows 2008R1 32 bits2017-11-132017-11-131
14903problem with bool array9.6.5PostgreSQL 9.6.5 on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, compiled 2017-11-132017-11-132
14902valgrind - problem in PQconnectdb - pqSaveParameterStatus reported10.1Arch Linux2017-11-132017-11-132
14901Canceled queries missing from pg_stat_statements9.5.10linux2017-11-122017-11-133
14900MView not null constraint10.1OSx2017-11-122017-11-133
14899not null constraint cann't improve the planner10.1centos 7.4 x642017-11-112017-11-132
14898pg_upgrade documentation is misleading10.0Ubuntu2017-11-102018-01-313
14897Segfault on statitics SQL request10.1Linux (Archlinux)2017-11-102017-11-1439
14895Warnings using postgre with java 9 and postgresql-42.1.4.jar9.5.0linux2017-11-102017-11-101
14894Data Type Money10.1Windows 7 x642017-11-092017-11-094
14893libpq SSL ClientHello too long, no option to set ciphers or affect cipher list length9.5.9Ubuntu Xenial2017-11-092017-11-092
14892Regex Errors on Install10.0Ubuntu Server 17.102017-11-092017-11-091
14891Old cancel request presented by pgbouncer honored after skipping a query.9.6.3Linux 4.4.8-hardened-r1 #4 SMP Mon Jun 122017-11-082017-12-195
14890Error grouping by same column twice using FDW10.0Linux Ubuntu2017-11-072018-01-1211
14889explain analyze is taking much more time than actual execution10.0RHel 72017-11-062017-11-067
14888Need to recheck contraints9.5.9doesn&#39;t matter2017-11-062017-11-063
14887initdb.exe seems to be infected by a virus10.0Windows 7 32 bits2017-11-052017-11-052
14885mistake in sorting win1251 chars9.4.4windows 7 64 bit2017-11-022017-11-038
14884Encoding Error9.4.10Windows server 20082017-11-022017-11-022
14883Syntax SQL error (42601), but should be a different error no10.0Windows 10/642017-10-312017-11-036
14882pgadmin 410.0Windows 10 32bits2017-10-312017-10-313
14880pg_dump doesn't run or crashes immediately10.0Windows Pro 10 x642017-10-302017-10-301
14879Bug connected with table structure modification and trigger function query plan invalidation9.4.12Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie)2017-10-302017-10-301
14878pg_trgm - word_similarity() inconsistent with description.9.6.0Linux, Windows2017-10-282017-10-281
14877DISCARD ALL incorrectly resets user parameters10.0Debian 82017-10-272017-10-275
14876Segmentation fault with JSONB column used in store proc that gets used by view and later altered10.0OS X (but running inside Docker official image)2017-10-262017-10-288
14875pg_createcluster fails to load --createclusterconf9.4.14Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS2017-10-262018-01-112
14874Dublicate values in primary key 9.4.4CentOS release 6.52017-10-262017-10-318
14873table_constraint description missing in ALTER TABLE synopsis10.0All2017-10-262017-10-272
14872libpq requires a home directory10.0Linux2017-10-252017-10-267
14871RLS join query plan10.0CentOS72017-10-242017-10-241
14870wrong query results when using WITH with UPDATE9.6.1CentOS2017-10-242018-02-196
14868Postgres as Windows Service doesn't shutdown properly9.6.5Windows 7 Pro2017-10-242017-10-241
14867Cascade drop type error10.0Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS x642017-10-232017-10-234
14866The generated constraint in the typed table causes the server to crash10.0Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS x642017-10-232017-12-1116
14865plpythonu9.6.0windows 102017-10-222017-10-221
14864PostgresSQL script is skipping to process random records9.4.10Heroku Env2017-10-202017-10-201
14863wrong reltuples statistics after vacuum without analyze9.6.3CentOS 7.2/7.32017-10-192018-04-204
14862create table with missing sequence bug9.4.9CentOS 72017-10-192017-10-193
14861Handle syntax_error9.6.5Windows 7 x642017-10-182017-10-192
14860pg_read_all_stats and pg_stat_replication10.0any2017-10-182018-01-102
14859Config file parsing is allergic to spaces on last line of file9.5.9Ubuntu2017-10-172017-10-174
14858Inaccurate estimations after bulk delete and bulk insert9.6.5Ubuntu2017-10-162017-10-162
14857Typo in pg_dump italian translation10.0Debian GNU/Linux sid2017-10-162017-10-161
14856pgAdmin not start10.0Windows x86_642017-10-152017-10-151
14855index-only scans not used in simple cases9.5.4any2017-10-152017-10-152
14854daterange[] is an anyarray or anyrange?9.6.5Debian Linux2017-10-132017-10-135
14853Parameter type is required even when the query does not need to know the typeUnsupported/UnknownAll2017-10-132017-10-1617
14852Refreshing materialized view might lead to a problem "could not access status of transaction"9.6.5Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS, CentOS 7.3.16112017-10-132017-10-131
14851Systemd kills long-running recovery9.6.5CentOS 7 / pgdg2017-10-132017-10-144
14850Implement optinal additinal parameter for 'justify' date/time function10.0Linux mint 18: Linux work 4.4.0-57-generic #78-Ubu2017-10-112017-10-124
14849jsonb_build_object doesn't like VARIADIC calls very much10.0Linux2017-10-112017-10-2633
14848simple Query script not work10.0Windows 102017-10-102017-10-101
14847"make check" fails 1 of 178 tests10.0OpenMandriva Linux (kernel 4.13.5, glibc 2.26)2017-10-082017-10-082
14846Failed to load SQL modules into the database cluster.10.0Windows 10 64bit2017-10-082017-10-081
14845postgres_fdw and mysql_fdw can cause crash of instance9.6.5Debian 82017-10-062017-10-108
14844Failure/Duplicate key value with ALTER DATABASE set search_path10.0Windows x642017-10-062017-10-095
14843CREATE TABLE churns through all memory, crashes db10rc1Linux Mint 18.22017-10-052017-10-0610
14842TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE and TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIMEZONE should not be comparableUnsupported/UnknownAll2017-10-032017-10-047
14841Remove TIME WITH TIME ZONE typeUnsupported/UnknownAll2017-10-032017-10-034
14840Issues and bad performance with 10, 64 bit2017-10-022017-10-023
14839failed archive log messages are merged as 1 message9.6.5Redhat EL6.92017-09-302017-09-301
14838clock_timestamp() returns same values for each row10rc1Windows 102017-09-292017-09-295
14837pglogical subscription strange behavior 9.6.5Debian2017-09-292017-09-291
14836Is there an option to change and run isolation level only for a single statement as in DB29.3.0Any2017-09-292017-09-291
14835Postgres crashed9.6.5Centos 6.92017-09-282018-03-147
14834quote_literal and composite types, different behaviour between sql and plpgsql9.4.7Linux2017-09-282017-09-282
14833Row security policies using session variable can be circumvented9.5.8Linux Mint 18.22017-09-282017-09-283
14831Intermittent write blocks9.4.7linux2017-09-272017-09-275
14830Missed NOTIFications, PostgreSQL 9.1.24Unsupported/UnknownUbuntu 14.042017-09-262017-10-1115
14829join's parallel rows cost wrong10beta4all2017-09-262017-09-261
14828Security isn't working9.6.5Linux2017-09-252017-09-252
14827"ALTER TABLE... IF NOT EXISTS...ADD.. BIGSERIAL" leaves extra sequences9.6.5Debian 92017-09-252017-09-278
14826Malformed array dimensions for empty arrays in return column "lexemes" of ts_debug()9.6.5any2017-09-232017-09-232
14823The request is executed indefinitely version 10rc110beta4Linux andrey-pc 4.4.0-72-generic # 93-Ubuntu SMP F2017-09-222017-09-221
14822Partition check constraint is ignored if parameter is passed from SQL function9.6.5Windows 10 64 Bit2017-09-212017-09-211
14821idle_in_transaction_session_timeout sometimes gets ignored when statement timeout is pending9.6.4Amazon Linux RHEL 62017-09-212017-10-116
14820Standby crash with "could not access status of transaction" (for track_commit_timestamp)9.6.4Linux CentOS 72017-09-202018-06-063
14819postgres_fwd could not load library10beta4Mac OS X2017-09-192017-09-196
14818PLPGSQL: write access to a field of an array of records (well defined)9.6.0Windows server 2012 R2-64b + Windows 7-64b client2017-09-182017-09-182
14817pg_dumpall is not generating create database statements9.6.5CentOS Linux release 7.3.1611 (Core)2017-09-152017-09-163
14816Font (text) error9.6.5Windows 10 Home 64 bit2017-09-142017-09-141
14815event trigger in extension9.6.5Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS x642017-09-132017-10-023
14814Documentation errors for OpenBSD9.6.2OpenBSD 6.12017-09-132017-09-145
14813pg_get_serial_sequence does not return seqence name for IDENTITY columns10beta4windows2017-09-122017-09-157
14812URI options cann't set with equal char.10beta4CentOS 7.x x642017-09-122017-09-194
14811Nested IN SUBQERY that returns empty results executed multiple times.9.6.5Ubuntu2017-09-112017-09-123
14810Create Index on table creation missing quotes.9.6.4Windows 8.12017-09-092017-09-091
14809Heap Corruption with deeply nested triggers.9.6.5Ubuntu Xenial2017-09-092017-09-105
14808V10-beta4, backend abort10beta4Linux2017-09-092017-09-1628
14807Query Planner should ignore nulls last/first condition for not-null fields in btree index [order by]9.6.5Ubuntu2017-09-082017-09-081
14806WAL replay on standby: could not link file "pg_xlog/...4C" to "pg_xlog/...D1": File exists9.4.13FreeBSD 10.32017-09-082017-09-082
14805Issue with Duplicate entry9.3.1Linux ( red hat 6)2017-09-082017-09-122
14804Postgres user lost his superuser authority 9.4.0Windows 102017-09-072017-09-092
14803use receiverPtr as the endptr to call KeepLogSeg(endptr, &_logSegNo) in CreateRestartPoint9.5.7ubantu2017-09-072017-09-082
14801ECPG core dump9.6.4CentOS 72017-09-062017-09-112
14800substring produces different results with similar types9.4.11Win 102017-09-062017-09-0710
14799SELECT * FROM transition_table in a statement-level trigger10beta4Linux2017-09-062017-09-064
14798postgres user superuser changed9.4.1Windows 20122017-09-062017-09-162
14797It's not safe to use MD59.6.5CentOS2017-09-052017-09-052
14795date format not ISO 8601Unsupported/Unknownunknown2017-09-032017-09-122
14794Installation failure if user specify French password9.6.2French Windows OS2017-09-012017-10-062
14793PG Admin Silent installUnsupported/UnknownWindows 102017-08-302017-08-301
14792Invalid ssleay32.dll9.6.3Windows102017-08-302017-08-315
14791Error 42P07 but the relation DOESN'T Exists! Error 42P019.4.1Windows 7 SP1 x322017-08-302017-08-303
14790pg_restore - segfault9.5.8linux - debian8 - amd642017-08-242017-08-242
14788`pg_restore -c` won't restore schema access privileges.9.6.4Linux 4.9.0 (Debian 9.1)2017-08-212017-09-059
14787Postgresql_for_odoo9.3.0Windows 102017-08-212017-08-212
14786Wrong Precision with money datatype9.4.5Windows 2008 R2 Standard Edition2017-08-212017-08-223
14785Logical replication does not work after adding a column. Bug?10beta3Linux Debian Stretch 64-bit2017-08-202017-09-2620
14784www_fdw extension is vulnerableUnsupported/Unknownall2017-08-192017-08-193
14783The ODBC administration tool crashes when I configure 64-bit pgsqlOdbc9.4.13Windows server 2012 R2 64 bits2017-08-182017-08-181
14782VSS backup of postgres database9.6.0Windows 102017-08-182017-08-181
14781server process was terminated by signal 11: Segmentation fault9.6.4CentOS Linux release 7.3.1611 (Core)2017-08-162017-09-129
14780PostgreSQL 9.6 selects a wrong plan during aggregation against timestamp columns9.6.2Windows 102017-08-162017-08-192
14779Can't Backup Database9.3.0Windows Server 20082017-08-142017-08-142
14778locale 'en-US' not recognized9.6.3Windows 102017-08-102017-08-103
14777Postgres Installation not Successful.9.5.7Linux 5.62017-08-102017-08-102
14776ecpg 4.12.0 issues with macros containing line continued blocks9.6.3Linux2017-08-092017-08-157
14775Incorrect documentation for the Commit logical replication message format10beta2macOS2017-08-092017-08-154
14774INSERT ... ON CONFLICT9.6.3Windows 102017-08-082017-08-082
14773Incorrect documentation for the Relation logical replication message format10beta2macOS2017-08-082017-08-082
14772psql autocommit does not work10beta2Win x642017-08-072017-08-086
14771"Logical decoding" does not cover the impact of "TRUNCATE TABLE" command9.4.4Windows 72017-08-072017-08-085
14770postgres_fdw assumes foreign table is in postgres9.6.3Linux2017-08-032017-08-033
14769Logical replication error "cache lookup failed for type 0"10beta2Linux 4.10.0-27-generic #30~16.04.2-Ubuntu2017-08-022017-08-084
14768CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY IF NOT EXISTS cancels autovacuum even if the index already exists.9.6.3Ubuntu 14.04 but most probably it doesn&#39;t matter2017-08-022017-08-244
14767Timed out waiting for server startup9.6.0Windows 82017-08-022017-08-021
14766Timed out waiting for server startup9.6.0Windows 82017-08-022017-08-021
14765Recreating databases from copied files.9.6.2Win102017-08-022017-08-022
14764#if HASH_DEBUG source in dynahash.c is fault.9.6.3CentOS2017-08-022017-08-022
14762error while running report9.3.1Linux2017-07-272017-07-271
14761pg_dumpall --version is misleading (from jessie-pgdg postgresql-client-common)9.4.12Debian 8 amd642017-07-252017-07-253
14760Installation Failed/Interrupted9.6.2Windows 102017-07-252017-07-251
14759insert into foreign data partitions fail10beta2Mac 10.12.62017-07-242017-08-0112
14758Segfault with logical replication on a function index10beta2Linux 4.10.0-27-generic #30~16.04.2-Ubuntu S2017-07-242017-08-0313
14756Inserting row with PK IDENTITY column fails 1st time10beta2docker for windows 17.06 ce2017-07-242017-08-022
14755unexpected error9.6.1Linux mint 18: Linux work 4.4.0-57-generic #78-Ubu2017-07-212017-07-211
14754ecpg SQL parsing error9.5.7CentOS 7.3.16112017-07-212017-08-144
14753Bad selectivity estimation with functional partial index10beta2Ubuntu 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.42017-07-192017-07-192
14752Cannot re-install Postgres after uninstall9.5.6Windows 102017-07-192017-07-191
14751Is not possible start the service postgresql-x64-9.6 in Windows services9.6.0Windows 102017-07-192017-07-191
14750Seq Scan instead of Index Scan works without limitation9.5.7Windows X642017-07-192017-07-254
14749log_destination should be log_directory in 10-release note10beta2any2017-07-182017-07-182
14748Invalid statement should raise parse error, but ignores invalid part instead9.6.1Linux2017-07-172017-07-172
14747Postgres installation failing as non-root user 9.6.0RHEL-7.2-x86_642017-07-172017-07-171
14746sub query's plan not right?10beta2CentOS 6.x x642017-07-172017-07-262
14745to_tsvector(regconfig, json[b]) is NOT immutable10beta2Debian in Docker container2017-07-162017-07-163
14744Uninstaller failed to remove saved password for pgAdmin 4.10beta1macOS Sierra 10.12.52017-07-142017-07-141
14743"HowToBetaTest" page needs updating for v 10 rather than 9.610beta2macOS2017-07-142017-07-141
14742build fails on psql10beta2macOS 10.12.52017-07-142017-07-145
14740PgAdmin 4 Crashing when creating a PgAgent Schedule9.6.3Windows 102017-07-112017-07-111
14739Wrong message when unique contraint fail9.6.1Windows 102017-07-102017-07-103
14738ALTER SERVER for foregin servers not working9.4.1Windows 7 x64 Pro2017-07-102017-07-139
14737Wrong PL/pgSQL behaviour9.6.3Debian GNU/Linux2017-07-072017-07-076
14736Crash on postgresql server by autovacuum worker process9.3.14CentOS release 6.7 (Final)2017-07-072017-07-137
14735A core dumpe is reported in the source of PostgreSQLUnsupported/Unknowncentos66-2 2.6.32-504.el6.x86_642017-07-052017-07-052
14734locale issue while upgrading data directory from PostgreSQL 8.4 to
14733unexpected query result9.6.3Mac OS2017-07-042017-07-074
14732partitioned table cann't alter set parallel_workers?10beta1CentOS 6.x x642017-07-042017-07-053
14731ERROR: missing chunk number 0 for toast value 9342315 in pg_toast_26199.3.15CenOS 6.72017-07-032017-07-032
14730Passing an array of composites to a plpythonu function results in a list of strs9.6.3Linux2017-07-032017-07-031
14729Between operator is slow when same value used for low and high margin9.4.10Linux2017-07-032017-07-046
14728Missing "pg_config.h" in the "postgresql96-devel" package9.6.3CentOS 6.92017-07-032017-07-067
14727Inicial running of Postgres.9.6.3MAC OS 10.11..62017-07-022017-07-022
14726Memory consumption of PreparedStatement9.5.7Debian Linux 8.62017-07-022017-07-022
14725Partition constraint issue on multiple columns as the key of range partition10beta1Linux2017-07-012017-07-022
14724Unable to revoke CREATE privileges on public schema10beta1Windows Server 20122017-06-302017-06-304
14722Segfault in tuplesort_heap_siftup, 32 bit overflow9.5.7Debian 7.11, x86_642017-06-292017-07-1426
14720getsockopt(TCP_KEEPALIVE) failed: Option not supported by protocol9.6.3Solaris 11.32017-06-272017-06-287
14719Logical replication unexpected behaviour when target table has missing columns10beta1Linux xxxxxx 4.9.0-3-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.9.30-2017-06-272017-06-274
14718unable to update table with identity column GENERATED ALWAYS10beta1Windows Server 2012 R22017-06-262017-07-016
14717NULL=NULL is true for composite types9.6.3Scientific Linux release 7.3 (Nitrogen)2017-06-262017-06-263
14716Backup failed9.5.3Windows 72017-06-232017-06-231
14715Constraint exclusion isn't used in function using language sql9.6.3CentOS Linux release 7.3.16112017-06-212017-06-234
14714long running sessions from remote instance seems to hang some times9.6.3Debian jessie2017-06-192017-07-0613
14713Problem with binary path9.6.3Windows 10 x642017-06-192017-06-191
14712postgres how to handle boolean datatype to use 0 and 1 using hibernate9.6.2windows 72017-06-192017-06-192
14711Inconsistent statistics on expression with partial index9.6.1Debian 6.2.0-102017-06-182017-06-181
14710Function now() and logical replication10beta1Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie)2017-06-162017-06-172
14709inconsistent answers with foreign data wrappers to mysql9.6.2CentOS 7.32017-06-152017-06-218
14708Frequent connection timeout issue while connecting to Postgres database9.6.1Windows 2017-06-152017-06-162
14707pgAdmin4 does not startUnsupported/UnknownWindows 7, 64bit2017-06-152017-06-151
14705PgAdmin 4 Database Backup Issue9.6.0Windows 7 64 bit2017-06-142017-06-141
14704How to create unique index with a case statement?9.6.0Windows2017-06-132017-06-133
14703documentation bug: 9.6.3n/a2017-06-132017-06-136
14702Streaming replication broken after server closed connection unexpectedly9.6.2FreeBSD 11.02017-06-122017-06-133
14701pg_dump fails to dump pg_catalog schema10beta1macOS2017-06-102017-06-137
14700pg_restore doesn't declare schema in 'create function' statements9.4.5Centos 7.22017-06-092017-06-092
14699Statement trigger and logical replication10beta1Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie)2017-06-092017-06-163
14698Little typo in the documentation10beta1Debian GNU/Linux2017-06-092017-06-092
14697Data architect and free software evangelist9.6.3Debian GNU/Linux2017-06-092017-06-091
14696true cardinality estimation10beta1Ubuntu 16.042017-06-092017-06-091
14695Documentation is not accurate9.6.3n/a2017-06-092017-06-094
14694Long binded parameter value in the postgres log9.6.3Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.72017-06-072017-06-072
14693create materialized view forces btrim9.4.9Fedora 232017-06-062017-06-077
14691Isolation failure in deferrable transaction concurrent with schema change9.5.7CentOS 72017-06-052017-07-195
14690Client GSSAPI / Kerberos auth crash10beta1Linux x86_64 (SL7.3)2017-06-052017-06-073
14688Wrong results in LIKE operation on JSON Type9.6.0Windows 8.12017-06-052017-06-052
14687pg_xlogdump does only count "main data" for record length and leading to incorrect statistics9.5.0ALL2017-06-032017-06-056
14686OpenSSL 1.1.0+ breaks PostgreSQL's sslcompression assumption, defaults to SSL_OP_NO_COMPRESSION9.6.3Debian 9 &#39;stretch&#39;, Linux 4.9.25, libc 2.242017-06-032017-06-033
14685use ctid filter tuples will generate LOOP, very very slow10beta1CentOS 6.x x642017-06-032017-06-031
14684pg_dump omits columns in inherited tables / psql -d shows deleted columns9.6.3Windows x642017-06-022017-06-034
14683*** glibc detected *** SELECT: double free or corruption 9.5.7CentOS release 6.92017-06-012017-06-026
14682row level security not work with partitioned table10beta1macOS Sierra 10.12.52017-06-012017-06-1120
14681Erroneous modulo (%) result9.6.3Win8.1 x642017-05-312017-06-016
14680startup process on standby encounter a deadlock of TwoPhaseStateLock when redo 2PC xlog 10beta1SuSE2017-05-312017-06-1430
14679Inconsistent/wrong behavior of pg_trigger_depth when used with DEFERRED CONSTRAINTS9.5.6Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS , 4.4.0-38-generic2017-05-302017-05-303
14678PGDG Rhel6 repo contain packet for Rhel7 system9.6.3RHEL 62017-05-292017-05-303
14677BLOCKER: Postgres 9.4.12 repos only presenting packages for RHEL79.4.3CentOS 6.92017-05-292017-05-302
14676neqsel is NULL dumb9.6.3Linux2017-05-292017-06-025
14675Perfomance Issue after Upgrading from 9.5.3 to Linux release 7.3.16112017-05-292017-05-292
14674Error on install portgresql9.6.3Gnome Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (kernel: 4.4.0-78-generic)2017-05-292017-05-291
14672with UTF-8, indexes are not used with order by on multiple tables9.5.6Ubuntu2017-05-292017-05-291
14671INSERT..RETURNING on partitioned table9.2.0Windows2017-05-292017-05-302
14670uuid_generate_v3 and uuid_generate_v5 do not support binary names9.6.3 macOS 10.12.5 2017-05-242017-06-205
14669logical replication isn't working 10beta1Windows2017-05-242017-05-241
14668BRIN open autosummarize=on , database will crash10beta1CentOS 6.x x642017-05-242017-05-314
14667Question on money type as the key of partitioned table10beta1centos6.42017-05-242017-05-241
14666Question on money type as the key of partitioned table10beta1CentOS 6.4(64bits)2017-05-242017-05-297
14665Wrong IS NULL result for composite type that has composite element9.6.3Windows 102017-05-232017-05-232
14664Nonsensical join selectivity estimation despite n_distinct9.6.3Linux, OS X2017-05-222017-06-123
14663Unexpected rounding changes for money type divided by bigint10beta1Centos 72017-05-192017-05-192
14662'has_table_privilege()' function fails with error, "invalid name syntax" when using Japanese symbols9.5.3Windows 8.12017-05-192017-06-1413
14661authentication behavior(SCRAM-MD5)10beta1Ubuntu 14.042017-05-192017-05-193
14660Conversion to UTC not properly computed9.6.3Slackware Linux2017-05-182017-05-183
14659"ERROR: could not open relation with OID" when creating table from SELECT with large row9.5.6Windows 102017-05-182017-05-182
14658psql set autocommit in command line9.6.3CentOS 7.22017-05-182017-05-183
14657Server process segmentation fault in v10, May 10th dev snapshot Unsupported/UnknownLinux x86_642017-05-172017-05-198
14656Request to add feature to Position function9.3.3Linux2017-05-152017-05-151
14655PostgreSQL 9.6 not compatible with QTS latest release9.6.0Qnap&#39;s QTS (linux under the hood)2017-05-152017-05-164
14653PAM authentication failed 9.6.1Linux rhel 7.22017-05-142017-05-141
14652pg_dump: VIEW dumped as TABLE9.4.12Dedian gnu-linux Jessie2017-05-122017-05-122
14651Uninitialized page fix corrupted TOAST table9.5.5CentOS 6.82017-05-122017-05-132
14650pg_dump -c fails when 'public' schema doesn't exist9.6.3Linux - CentOS 72017-05-122017-06-267
14649Function Namespace Resolution Bug9.6.1Debian2017-05-122017-05-126
14648counts for queries using array unnesting is incorrect9.6.2Ubuntu 14.04 AWS2017-05-122017-05-157
14647pgAdmin crashed9.5.2Windows2017-05-112017-05-111
14646performance hint to remove9.6.2Linux opensuse 2017-05-102017-05-113
14645Can't use psql from within program used by "copy ... from program" script?9.4.11OS/X2017-05-062017-05-067
14644Cannot login into the db server9.5.3Windows 7 Enterprise2017-05-052017-05-051
14643Fails to compile with LibreSSL >=
14642Excessive sorting node appears in the plan9.6.2Ubuntu Linux 14.042017-05-042017-05-043
14641Segfault on searching KNN using btree_gist9.6.2Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS, Trusty Tahr x86_642017-05-042017-05-042
14640text mode installation still send X11 requests9.6.2Linux2017-05-032017-05-032
14639Different xmin values in a transaction9.5.6Linux2017-05-022017-05-023
14637Tests fail with pl_PL.UTF-8 locale9.6.2Ubuntu 16.042017-05-012017-05-287
14636pg_dumpall -dUnsupported/UnknownLinux openSUSE Leap 42.22017-04-302017-05-013
14635Query is executed slower on hot standby slave database then on master database9.2.14CentOS 62017-04-282017-05-2919
14633ecpg : nothing is generated when using option -v9.5.1Win7 Pro2017-04-272017-05-073
14632Plus and minus operators inconsistency with leap years and year intervals.9.6.2Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS2017-04-262017-04-2825
14631Allow pg_restore to remap schema9.6.2CentOS 72017-04-242017-04-252
14630Pgadmin window looks like simple html, no graphics9.6.2Win10 64bit2017-04-242017-04-242
14629ALTER TABLE VALIDATE CONSTRAINTS does not obey NO INHERIT clause9.6.2Windows x642017-04-212017-04-284
14628regex description in online documentation misleadingly/wrong9.6.1GNU/Linux2017-04-202017-04-205
14627fail initdb9.3.5AIX 7.12017-04-192017-04-203
14626array_agg( anyarray ) unexpected error with multi-valued single-dimension array9.5.6Ubuntu 14.042017-04-192017-04-224
14625Error "sslv3 alert certificate expired" with valid certificate9.6.2FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE-p9 amd642017-04-182017-04-181
14624Properties Window9.6.2Windows 102017-04-172017-04-182
14623pg_trgm doesn't correctly process some regexp with negative lookahead9.6.2Linux2017-04-132017-04-147
14622could not remove file "pg_xlog/RECOVERYXLOG": Permission denied9.6.2Windows 2012 R22017-04-132017-04-132
14621ERROR: compressed data is corrupt9.3.4Centos 7 2017-04-122017-04-124
14620pgdg93 repo libevent conflict9.3.6Centos 62017-04-112017-04-112
14619Before update trigger on foreign table fails to update values9.6.2CentOS 6.72017-04-102017-04-101
14618pg_repack - waiting for 1 transactions to finish9.2.18Linux redhat 6.52017-04-102017-04-112
14617Stetement terminator stored in pg_stat_statements9.6.2Windows x642017-04-102017-04-102
14616error message without schema9.6.2Debian2017-04-102017-04-105
14615ReplicationOriginShmemInit Memory access cross-border9.6.2linux2017-04-102017-04-114
14614Combination of UNION, EXCEPT and ORDER BY produces an error9.6.2Debian 7.112017-04-072017-04-072
14613Referencing foreign key needs privileges of table owner?9.5.4Linux2017-04-062017-04-063
14612update monitor is not proxy aware, and throws up a pop-up warning9.6.2windows 102017-04-042017-04-042
14611Black screen when launching pgadmin49.6.2 Windows server 2008R2 2017-04-032017-04-078
14610pgAdmin getting connection timeout (local client to local server)9.6.1windows 102017-04-032017-04-031
14609ON CONSTRAINT (aka UPSERT) code fails when excluded.<columname> used in calculation.9.5.6Ubuntu 14.04 (and later)2017-03-312017-04-024
14608no index scan with NOT IN and ENUM9.6.2Linux (Debian stretch)2017-03-312017-04-015
14607session variables are non-deterministic9.4.11Red Hat 4.4.7-17, 64bit2017-03-312017-04-013
14606Memory usage continue to increase9.6.1Ubuntu2017-03-302017-03-3110
14605round trip of day of week doesn't work9.6.0MAC OS2017-03-292017-03-302
14602Fedora 20 + PG 9.3 Cannot retrive metalink9.3.16Fedora 202017-03-292017-03-292
14601Alternative support for amcanorder column under pg_am9.6.2 Win10 64 bit Pro 2017-03-282017-03-286
14600Passwords in user mappings leaked by psql \deu+ command9.5.3CentOS 6.72017-03-282017-04-084
14599Segmentation fault and database corruption with hstore9.5.6Ubuntu 16.042017-03-272017-03-273
14598Duplicate values found when reindexing unique indexUnsupported/UnknownRHEL 5.8 2017-03-252017-03-278
14597Delay in query executionUnsupported/UnknownWindows Server 20082017-03-222017-03-222
14596False primary/unique key constraint violations9.5.6Win10 Pro/642017-03-222017-03-227
14595postgres dies with fatal error9.4.5RHEL 7.22017-03-212017-03-211
14594postgres dies with fatal error9.4.5RHEL 7.22017-03-202017-03-213
14593Service doesn't start9.6.2Windows 8.12017-03-172017-03-171
14591WALs differ on a standby node, from streaming to archive_command9.6.2Ubuntu 16.042017-03-162017-03-161
14590something wrong when create extension in schema pg_catalog9.6.2CentOS 6.x x642017-03-152017-03-152
14589Error in creating tablespace9.5.4Windows 7 x64 Maximal2017-03-152017-03-282
14588Postgres process blocked on semop9.2.16CentOS 7.2 15112017-03-122017-03-138
14587Foreign constraint with newline blows up pg_restore catalogue9.6.2Windows2017-03-102017-03-103
14586Permissions of recovery.conf are different in plain and tar-format9.6.2CentOS Linux release 7.3.16112017-03-102017-03-133
14585duplicate key error after update when insert multiline9.5.6CentOS 7.3.16112017-03-092017-03-091
14584Segmentation fault importing large XML file9.6.2Ubuntu 16.04 4.8.0-39-generic2017-03-082017-03-087
14583plpythonu : subprocess not working in function9.5.6Windows2017-03-082017-03-092
14582ecpg crashes on SQL input9.6.2CentOS 7.3.16112017-03-082017-03-098
14581invalid cache ID: 41 CONTEXT: parallel worker9.6.2RedHat2017-03-072017-11-206
14580pgbench bug9.6.2Linux2017-03-072017-03-072
14579pgAdmin 4.1 bug9.6.1Windows 72017-03-042017-03-041
14578Tables with same name in different schema are not shown with \dt9.6.2Mac OS 10.11.62017-03-042017-03-045
14577error:ppas-9.5 service already exists on your system 9.5.0fedora 232017-03-042017-03-053
14576JDBC's PreparedStatement.getParameterMetaData fails with 'could not determine polymorphic type'9.5.6Ubuntu Linux 16.042017-03-032017-03-031
14575Standby recovery process call close() very slow, when drop (many small files) database on Primary.9.6.2CentOS 6.x x642017-03-032017-03-031
14574unable to execute SQL query. crashes. word has fallen :(9.2.14debian2017-03-022017-03-022
14573lateral joins, ambuiguity9.5.3osx 10.11.52017-03-022017-03-026
14572pgadmin restore command path error9.6.2Windows 102017-03-012017-03-011
1457110.0 devel hang when create subscriptionUnsupported/UnknownCentOS 6.x x642017-02-272017-02-272
14570Validation error9.6.2Windows 8.12017-02-272017-02-272
14568timezone WIT is not support9.5.2rhel 6.82017-02-242017-02-242
14567Overriding PGDATA during initdb always fails9.6.2Centos 72017-02-242017-02-241
14566Overriding PGDATA during initdb always fails9.6.2Centos 72017-02-242017-02-241
14565query planner does not use partial index in partiton if query is performed on multiple partitions9.5.6linux and AWS cloud (9.6.1)2017-02-232017-02-244
14564Unable to create GIN index for character type9.4.5OSX x86_64-apple-darwin2017-02-222017-02-221
14563count(*) gives a wrong result in PostgreSQL for some regex with pg_trm/GIN index9.6.1Windows 10.0.14393 x642017-02-222017-02-222
14562Query optimization when sorting multiple UNIQUE columns9.6.1any2017-02-212017-02-212
14561Unexpected disk buffer in FETCH handling9.6.2All2017-02-212017-02-212
14560FK not valid are ignored during transactions9.5.5Linux2017-02-212017-02-215
14559Error message of too many clients.9.6.0Windows2017-02-212017-02-222
14558to_timestamp() format lies about supporting timezone9.6.2irrelevant2017-02-202017-02-204
14556Sorry, Too many clients already9.6.1Ubuntu 14.04 LTS2017-02-202017-02-202
14555EBUSY error on read() on NFS9.3.6SLES11SP42017-02-202017-02-204
14554Tab on new line after VALUES clause in INSERT statement echoes opening bracket9.6.2Linux (Debian, Wheezy)2017-02-202017-03-302
14553Fatal Error - Role does not exist9.5.6Fedora 252017-02-202017-02-202
14552tsquery converts AND operator into OR when nested inside OR operations9.4.5OS 10.11.62017-02-182017-02-182
14551Simple Table Creation via GUI fails due to missing semi-colon9.6.2Windows 102017-02-172017-02-171
14550Select statement and function gives different value for same query.9.2.18CentOS 72017-02-172017-02-171
14549pl/pgsql parser9.5.3Red Hat, 64 bit2017-02-172017-02-1910
14548Install plv8 issue9.5.3RedHat 72017-02-162017-03-313
14547PgAdmin 4 browser pane has no horizontal scrolling9.6.1Windows 7 Enterprise2017-02-152017-02-152
14546"point" type does not work with "IS DISTINCT"9.6.1N/A2017-02-152017-02-185
14545Unable to retrieve parameter mode 'VARIADIC'9.5.6 Windows 10 Pro 2017-02-142017-02-147
14544libpq: specifying 'target_session_attrs=read-write' prevents use of PQsendQueryUnsupported/UnknownLinux2017-02-132017-02-142
14543libpq fails with group readable ssl keys9.5.6linux2017-02-132017-03-028
14542'readline' not found although it exists9.6.2Fedora 252017-02-132017-02-132
14541Getting error while installation9.6.2Windows 8.1 64bit2017-02-122017-02-144
14540REASSIGN OWNED cannot reassign from a USER to a ROLE9.6.1Linux2017-02-102017-02-102
14539Error Stack Builder 4.0.0 Couldn't access URL9.5.5Win 72017-02-092017-02-142
14538streaming replication same wal missing9.3.11Linux2017-02-092017-02-103
14537Gist index irrational growth9.6.1Amazon Linux, Ubuntu2017-02-092017-02-092
14536Centos 7 gdal-libs Dependency Problem9.6.1CentOS 72017-02-082017-02-106
14535SET search_path and list tables9.6.1Windows2017-02-082017-02-083
14534renaming table error9.6.1Debian GNU/Linux 92017-02-072017-02-072
14533PgAdmin 4 v1 crash9.6.1Windows 102017-02-072017-02-071
14532implict type case invalid in gin?9.6.1CentOS 6.x x642017-02-072017-02-072
14531server process (PID 12714) was terminated by signal 11: Segmentation fault9.6.1Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS2017-02-072017-02-085
14530Logical Decoding Slowness9.5.5CentOS 7.2.1511 x86_642017-02-072017-05-1312
14529Missing non pk data for "before image" in logical decoding9.6.1Linux2017-02-062017-02-063
14528ODBC bug "cursor is open"9.3.3windows XP SP2 32 bits2017-02-042017-02-041
14527Calandar Week9.3.6centos 72017-02-022017-02-022
14526no unique or exclusion constraint matching the ON CONFLICT9.5.5Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS2017-02-022017-02-0932
14525select <function>.* takes extremely long time9.6.1openSUSE 11.4 (x86_64)2017-02-022017-02-023
14524Commands compare with nested subquery expressions fail with "should not reference subplan var"9.6.1Linux2017-02-022017-02-074
14523Commands which compare with nested subquery expression fails with "should not reference subplan var"9.6.1Linux2017-02-022017-02-021
14522plpythonu, missed filenode9.6.1linux x64, debian82017-02-012017-02-012
14521pg_attribute.attndims = 0 for array column9.6.1Ubuntu 16.042017-02-012017-02-013
14518FTS index not triggered when using function to provide the tsquery9.5.5Fedora Linux 252017-01-272017-01-274
14517Inheritance to behave as for OOP9.5.0Windows 102017-01-262017-01-262
14516misleading error from libpq on out-of-memory9.4.8any2017-01-262017-01-262
14515tsquery with only a negative term doesn't match empty tsvector9.5.5Linux2017-01-262017-01-274
14514Bug in Subquery9.3.10Windows 7/Unix2017-01-252017-01-255
14513Missing column names when viewing tables9.5.5Ubuntu 16.042017-01-242017-01-242
14512Backslashes in LIKE9.5.5Linux 3.19.0-32-generic x86_642017-01-242017-03-1714
14511Set timezone to local9.5.5Linux openSUSE 42.22017-01-242017-01-243
14510found encoding issueUnsupported/Unknownwindow2017-01-242017-01-242
14509Installation Error9.4.5RHEL 2017-01-242017-01-241
14508PLPGSQL does not recognize nested user defined types9.6.1Linux2017-01-232017-01-232
14507Update start-scripts/linux for missing LSG tags and overrides9.6.1Linux2017-01-202017-01-201
14506The execution plan with Inner Join is different when using clause table.column is not null9.6.1Centos 6.72017-01-202017-01-201
14505explain verbose for postgresql_fdw9.6.1Linux (CentOS)2017-01-182017-01-204
14504Wrong index using via view for converted timestamp by time zone9.5.2GNU\Linux (Gentoo 4.9.3 p1.5, pie-0.6.4)2017-01-182017-01-181
14503restore single database9.5.5Linux2017-01-172017-01-173
14502ERROR o.a.t.j.p.ConnectionPool - Unable to create initial connections of pool. org.postgresql.util.PUnsupported/UnknownRed Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.82017-01-172017-01-171
14500error message displays "schema dot relation" in double quotes all together9.6.1Linux2017-01-172017-01-178
14499pg_dump error on the table with 512M or bigger bytea values9.4.10Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.72017-01-162017-01-161
14498Default role should be case sensitive when created in Windows9.6.1Windows 72017-01-162017-01-161
144971G bytea insert error9.4.10Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.72017-01-162017-01-161
14496Cost of comparator is not taken into account in sorting9.5.4ubuntu linux2017-01-162017-01-161
14495Cost of comparator is not taken into account in sorting9.5.4ubuntu linux2017-01-162017-01-162
14494Regression - Null arrays are not queryable9.6.1Debian unstable2017-01-132017-02-186
14493psql command : Unable to use set with \copy9.4.1Redhat2017-01-122017-01-122
14492Foreign Table import from SQL Server 20059.6.1Windows 102017-01-112017-01-133
14491Huge delay when specifying certain column names to select list expressions9.2.16Windows, x862017-01-112017-01-113
14490psql and createdb crash with SIGSEGV9.6.1Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) 3.18.44 x86_642017-01-102017-01-118
14489PG_FUNCTION_INFO_V1(funcname) is not bomb proof9.6.1Windows2017-01-092017-01-091
14488Unable to read the block from the table9.3.0Windows2017-01-062017-01-062
14487malformed empty array from array_fill9.6.1any2017-01-052017-01-053
14486Inserting and selecting interval have different constraints9.6.1Linux 303a92173594 4.8.15-moby #1 SMP Sat Dec 17 02017-01-042017-01-0610
14485Error in copy from temp9.6.0Windows2017-01-042017-01-052
14484ERROR: missing chunk number 0 for toast value9.6.1Linux 3.7.10-1.45-default #1 SMP Tue Dec 16 20:27:2017-01-042017-01-041
14483Prepared statement does not re-plan while it should9.6.0Debian Wheezy2017-01-022017-01-035
14482pgAdmin 4 Crash when Download as .CSV9.6.1 Wndows 10 Pro - 64-bit, x64-based processor 2016-12-302016-12-303
14479Casting non-constant values to INTERVAL DAY TO MINUTE doesn't truncate the seconds field9.4.10FreeBSD, probably irrelevant2016-12-272016-12-273
14478Right Trim trims too much?9.6.1Windows2016-12-262016-12-265
14477Can't start service because of upgrade-like installation9.6.1RHEL 6.5 x642016-12-252016-12-252
14476crosstabview reports mistaken location9.6.1macOS Sierra 10.12.12016-12-252016-12-252
14475buffer overflow and segmentation fault9.6.1Centos 7.22016-12-232016-12-244
14474Issue with temp table creation and OIDs9.6.1Linux2016-12-222016-12-222
14473Parallel query aborts with too many connections9.6.1RHEL 7.32016-12-222016-12-236
14471PostgreSQL 9.6 "NOT IN" in select causes crash with "ERROR: unknown error"9.6.1Debian jessie2016-12-212016-12-238
14470Dropping a column produces "table row type and query-specified row type do not match" error9.6.1Mac OS X 10.12.22016-12-202016-12-212
14469Wrong cost estimates for merge append plan with partitions.9.6.1Linux2016-12-172016-12-173
14467Insertion Issue with Hibernate9.3.11 Windows XP 2016-12-152016-12-167
14466can with recursive query add LOOPth variable?9.6.1CentOS 6.x x642016-12-142016-12-142
14465cursor for insert into select ... returning cann't streaming fetch?9.6.1CentOS 6.x x642016-12-142016-12-143
14464Problems about FUNCTIONS9.6.1Windows 10 64bits2016-12-132016-12-132
14463refcursor cann't used with array or variadic parameter?9.6.1CentOS 6.x x642016-12-132016-12-135
14462Segment Fault recovery mode9.3.15Centos 6.82016-12-132016-12-132
14461ERROR: index returned tuples in wrong order9.6.1Ubuntu 16.042016-12-122016-12-121
14460ecpg dynamic describe data types incorrect9.5.5Red Hat Linux 72016-12-122016-12-172
14459Error from query with too many binds has no message9.6.1macOS2016-12-102016-12-112
14458PQfmod returns -1 for aggregate functions9.5.2Linux2016-12-092016-12-091
14457Using hyphens/dashes in synchronous_standby_names fails with "invalid value"9.6.1Ubuntu 14.042016-12-092016-12-093
14456pg_dump doesn't restore permissions on tables belonging to an extension9.5.4Linux2016-12-082017-01-3018
14455pg_upgrade fails with error9.6.1mac OS siera2016-12-082016-12-082
14454xmlelement doesn't support encoding9.6.1ubuntu2016-12-072016-12-072
14453Growing file descriptors on IDLE connectionsUnsupported/UnknownRHEL2016-12-072016-12-072
14452Unexpected transaction behaviour9.6.1Windows 7 64bit2016-12-072016-12-072
14451PostgreSQL server on iscsi disks9.6.1RHEL 7.x and its derivatives2016-12-062016-12-062
14450inconsistent results on async slave9.3.14Linux2016-12-062016-12-062
14449inconsistency in behaviour of json/jsonb returning functions for sql NULL and json NULL values9.6.1Debian 3.16.36-1+deb8u2 x86_64 GNU/Linux2016-12-052016-12-052
14448create table as values - type check skipped9.6.1Windows 7x642016-12-052016-12-052
14446make_date with negative year9.5.5Linux Mint2016-12-042017-01-197
14445Can't run pgAdmin 4 v19.6.1WinXP SP3 x862016-12-022016-12-022
14444ERROR: unexpected chunk number 9.4.4Centos 6.62016-12-012016-12-012
14443JDBC Driver > 1208 doesn't work with PGADV serverUnsupported/UnknownLinux / Java2016-12-012016-12-011
14442serial maxvalue incorrect9.5.0windows 72016-11-302016-12-013
14441trim function bug (hit a keyword somewhere internally)9.5.4macos2016-11-302016-11-305
14440Error starting postgres9.3.0Ubuntu 642016-11-292016-12-024
14439Trigger function fails with internal error after upgrade to 6.82016-11-292016-11-293
14438Wrong row count in the join plan with unique index scan9.6.1Red Hat server 6.72016-11-282016-11-303
14437BTREE Index is not used for queries on citext columns9.6.1Ubuntu 16.04 LTS2016-11-282016-11-282
14435PGAdmin 4 will not see the server9.6.1OSX El Capitan2016-11-272016-11-273
14434Drop a table with a serial in an extension9.6.1Linux Ubuntu2016-11-252016-11-275
14433Bulk insert9.6.1Windows2016-11-252016-11-251
14432sslmode=allow causing authentication to time out9.6.1Fedora 24, 64-bit2016-11-242016-11-242
14431ERROR: XX000: relation 5022917 has no triggers ("should not happen")9.5.2OS X 10.11.52016-11-242016-11-243
14430NPGSQL error9.6.1Windows2016-11-242016-11-241
14429Replication configuring troubleshooting9.5.3Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.7 (Santi2016-11-232016-11-231
14428decode function don't return correct value when executed from agent's job or external program9.5.5CentOS 7.22016-11-182016-11-182
14427Missing pg_controlldata alternatives9.5.5Centos 72016-11-172016-12-022
14426union causes error9.6.1Linux2016-11-162016-11-162
14425Installation issues9.6.1Win 7, Win 8.12016-11-162016-11-214
14424install failUnsupported/Unknownwindows 102016-11-152016-11-151
14423Fail to connect to DB9.4.10Windows 10 (Version 1607 OS Build 14393.447)2016-11-142016-11-165
14422Sync replication bottleneck with SetLatch9.6.1CentOS 6.x x642016-11-132016-11-131
14421RETURNING statement in DELETE FROM with REFERENCES9.5.5ubuntu 14.042016-11-112016-11-122
14420Parallel worker segfault9.6.1Ubuntu 16.042016-11-112016-11-144
14419DB connections fails with "could not reserve shared memory region" in postgresql log.9.4.4Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit SP 12016-11-112016-11-147
14418PGAdmin 4 feature request/feedback9.6.1Windows Server 20162016-11-102016-11-112
14417Cache invalidation ?9.6.0Mac OS X 10.12.12016-11-102016-11-101
14416checkpoints never completed9.4.9Linux2016-11-072016-11-085
14415non-breaking space matching in regex as whitespace9.6.0RedHat2016-11-072016-11-072
14414SPI_ERROR_CONNECT on stable plpgsql function used for domain check9.6.1Debian stretch2016-11-062016-11-062
14413pgadmin3 crashes on startUnsupported/Unknownlinux2016-11-042016-11-052
14412Problems upgrading Postgresql9.6.1Windows 8.1 Pro2016-11-042016-11-041
14411Issue with using OFFSET9.4.6Linux2016-11-032016-11-045
14410Restoring data not successful9.5.0Windows 72016-11-032016-11-032
14408Schema not found error when 2 or more indices declared on temporary table9.6.1(Red Hat 4.4.7-16), 64-bit2016-11-012016-11-027
14407pg_attribute shows old column names for indexes9.6.1Ubuntu Linux 14.04.4 LTS2016-11-012016-11-012
14406Statement fails after upgrade to 16.042016-10-312016-11-284
14405ORDER BY TABLENAME, possible bug9.6.0Debian2016-10-292016-10-293
14404High row estimates when query uses master inherited tables9.6.1centos 7, 4.3.0-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64 #1 SMP Tue Nov2016-10-282016-11-025
14403Large numbers of CREATE OR UPDATE function causes memory exhaustion9.6.1OSX El Capitan (also in Linux Containers/RDS)2016-10-282016-10-313
14401pgadmin 4 export table not working9.6.1windows 102016-10-282016-10-282
14400pgAdmin 4 error 'utf8' codec can't decode byte...9.6.0windows2016-10-282016-10-281
14399Order by id DESC causing bad query plan9.4.6 Linux 2016-10-282016-11-024
14398Order of Joins results in different results returned9.5.2OS X 10.11.62016-10-262016-10-262
14397Updatable VIEW doesn't work with ON CONFLICT from PgPreparedStatement9.5.4x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, compiled by gcc (Ubuntu 4.8.22016-10-262016-10-315
14396grant drop table 9.2.15RHEL-72016-10-262016-10-262
14395sslmode=prefer not checking for certificate and allows connection as SSL9.5.4Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.82016-10-252016-10-255
14394No error raised in IN-clause when commas are missing9.6.0Red Hat Entreprise Linux 2016-10-242016-10-2410
14393Querry plan creation time is too long9.5.4Centos 6.82016-10-242016-11-073
14392Selectting a data base9.6.0Linux2016-10-212016-10-212
14391PostgreSQL OLE DB stops psqlODBC from working9.5.4ubuntu Linux (64)2016-10-212016-10-211
14390ODBC statement_timeout > psqlODBC 09.05.0210 9.4.9Windows 7/10 x642016-10-212016-10-211
14389Duplicate rows on tables with unique index constrain 9.4.4Centos 6.62016-10-212016-10-211
14387Trying to send mail to general@postgresql.orgUnsupported/UnknownDoes not matter2016-10-202016-10-204
14386Run-time error '3018' with psqlODBC Driver using VB6 and DAO9.5.4ubuntu Linux (64)2016-10-202016-10-201
14385Operator IS changed priority in 62016-10-202016-10-202
14384pg_dump uses excessive amounts of memory for LOBs9.5.4Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS 2016-10-202016-10-203
14382System.TypeLoadException: Failure has occurred while loading a type9.2.13Red Hat Linux 7.22016-10-192016-10-192
14381justify_interval function works in strange way9.3.14AWS - RDS2016-10-192016-10-191
14380pg_config fails to build.9.2.18Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.4 (Santi2016-10-182016-10-194
14379Different results9.4.9Windows/Linux2016-10-182016-10-182
14378when drop schema, standby will do many more than primary, and very slow, it's a bug?9.6.0CentOS 6.x x642016-10-182016-10-195
14377ODBC SQLDescribeCol always returns decimal digit 69.5.4Windows2016-10-172016-10-171
14376How stop/cancel/break/quit the "process watcher - restoring backup on the server"9.6.0Windows 10 Pro2016-10-172016-10-182
14375ODBC driver SQLDescibeCol always returns the column size 289.5.4Windows2016-10-172016-10-171
14374psql.exe command options \dtvs produces a database list, not table/view/sequences.9.6.0Windows 7 (64bit)2016-10-172016-10-172
14373PostgreSQL Service is seems to be "Stopped" after Jan 19, 2038.9.3.5Windows 8 2016-10-152016-10-192
14372ll_to_earth(...) assumes it'll always be executed with 'public' in the search_path9.4.9Solaris 11.32016-10-152016-10-151
14371Issue in uninstalling Postgres 8.4 in windows 10 OS9.1.0Windows 102016-10-142016-10-141
14370pgagent_96 service typo?9.6.0CentOs 72016-10-142016-10-194
14369incorrect translation of error message to russian9.5.4CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core)2016-10-132016-10-131
14368Strange behaviour of set_config() in case of transaction failure9.4.5Ubuntu 4.8.22016-10-122016-10-121
14367Pressing execute 20-30 times really fast causes loop of error messages9.6.0Windows 102016-10-122016-10-122
14366jsonb_set() error when modify array element9.6.0win8.12016-10-122016-10-133
14365drop big schema will hang the standby's apply9.4.9CentOS 6.x x642016-10-112016-10-111
14364json_populate_record doesn't accept JSON arrays9.4.9Linux2016-10-102016-10-132
14363CASE against a literal value produces correct against, same expression against a column null doesn't9.5.2x86_64-pc-linux-gnu2016-10-102016-10-109
14362Postgres macaddr does not support EUI-64 8-byte MAC addresses9.2.6Ubuntu2016-10-102016-10-124
14361snapshot too old bug? in xmin>=xid transaction, also raise snapshot too old error9.6.0CentOS 6.x x642016-10-072016-10-072
14360snapshot too old bug? cann't reclaim dead tuple after has only xmin's transaction. 9.6.0CentOS 6.x x642016-10-072016-10-072
14359serial datatype issue9.4.5Windows2016-10-072016-10-072
14357BUG : old_snapshot_threshold no effect9.6.0CentOS 6.x x642016-10-052016-10-052
14356"FATAL: the database system is starting up" error occurs to queries after PostgreSQL server start9.3.14Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS, Trusty Tahr2016-10-052016-10-064
14354Wrong interpretation of JSON 'null'9.4.5Fedora2016-10-052016-10-066
14353Install fails with getlocales.exe child killed error9.5.3Win 7 -32 bit2016-10-042016-10-041
14352Error in Time Zone abbreviations9.4.9Linux - Centos 6.8 - Kernel 2.6.322016-10-042016-10-043
14351Upsert not working in case of partitioned tables9.5.4CentOS 7.22016-10-032016-10-076
14350VIEW with INSTEAD OF INSERT TRIGGER and COPY. Missing feature or working as designed.9.5.4Linux2016-10-032016-11-013
14349Parse failure (?) when LIKE swapped out for ~~ 9.5.4macOS2016-10-032016-10-032
143480 bytes for jdbc src tarball9.6.0any2016-10-022016-10-021
14346CREATE TABLE xxx (LIKE yyy INCLUDING ALL) fails9.5.4PostgreSQL 9.5.4 on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, compiled2016-09-292016-09-294
14345run multi-PG9.6 on One Host, hang when checkpoint9.6rc1CentOS 6.x x642016-09-292016-09-304
14343UPSERT (ON CONFLICT) doesn't check ON CONFLICT constraint first9.5.2RHEL 4.8.2-16, 64-bit2016-09-272016-10-066
14342Please restore pgdg-redhat92-9.2-7.noarch.rpm9.2.7Redhat2016-09-272016-09-283
14341insert on conflict (key_column) cann't used with partition table.9.6rc1CentOS 6.x x642016-09-272016-09-284
14340pg xlog size increasing9.4.9Red Hat 4.8.5-4, 64-bit2016-09-262016-09-262
14338Problems of quotes with very long text9.5.4Windows 72016-09-252016-09-252
14337"HDT" time zone is not recognized by PostreSQL 102016-09-232016-09-235
14336Using rls on a table, suddenly the table is missing9. GNU/Linux2016-09-232016-09-292
14334vacuumdb.c build failure on openbsd9.6rc1openbsd current2016-09-212016-09-2710
14333Remote connections for members of role in pg_hba.conf9.3.13Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS2016-09-212016-09-222
14331I have a query regarding release date of POSTGRESQL 9.6 version9.6rc1windows2016-09-212016-09-214
14330can not select into `composite data types` in plpgsql9.5.1win7 6.1.76012016-09-212016-09-213
14329libpq doesn't send complete client certificate chain on first SSL connection9.5.4GNU/Linux 4.1.202016-09-202016-10-0713
14328SELECT FOR UPDATE doesn't return existing row9.4.4Windows 102016-09-192016-09-223
14327UPSERT requires full path to column9.5.4win102016-09-192016-09-193
14326Unexpected status after crash during exclusive backup9.6rc1Any2016-09-162016-09-213
14325backup restore inherited constraint9.5.4Slackware64. Build from source. 2016-09-162017-06-303
14324Deadlock? between queries and startup process on standby replica.9.4.7Linux2016-09-142016-09-141
14323char input does not work9.6rc1Window 72016-09-132016-09-131
14322Possible inconsistent behavior with timestamp_to_str()9.5.4Ubuntu 16.042016-09-092016-09-1310
14321pg_basebackup --xlog-method=stream fails9.5.4CentOS72016-09-092016-09-105
14320systemd terminates postgresql hot standby instance 90 seconds after start9.4.9Debian GNU/Linux 8.5 (jessie)2016-09-092016-09-155
14319Logical decoding dropping statements in subtransactions9.5.4CentOS 7.2.1511 x86_642016-09-092016-10-0412
14318remote blind SQL injection vulnerability9.6rc1MAC OS X El Capitan 10.11.62016-09-082016-09-092
14317psql \dt not working as expected9.5.4windows 7 x642016-09-082016-09-083
14316union all with order by "missing from-clause"9.5.4windows 8.1 pro2016-09-082016-09-083
14315pg_dump --no-tablespaces doesn't do it's job when --create specified9.5.4Amazon Linux2016-09-082016-09-082
14314Mismatch of comment of a function.9.6rc1Source Code2016-09-072016-09-223
14313justify interval bug9.3.14Ubuntu 14.04 LTS2016-09-052016-09-053
14312Hardcoded dbname on test_postmaster_connection9.3.14MLOS2016-09-052016-09-054
14311ERROR: must be owner of extension plpgsql9.1.23Linux2016-09-052016-09-051
14310Triggers do not fire9.4.9Linux 8 (jessie)2016-09-052017-01-035
14309SSL_get_current_compression magic from port.h breaks compile against OpenSSL 1.1.0Unsupported/UnknownOS X2016-09-042016-09-041
14308Postgres 9.5.4 does not configure against OpenSSL X2016-09-022016-09-044
14307SELECT from pg_timezone_abbrevs gives an ERROR: F00009.6beta4Windows 10 Enterprise N (64 bit)2016-09-022016-09-023
14306copy command from csv to table is missing the timestamp in 9.2.0linux2016-09-012016-09-011
14305How to reduce WAL files in Point in time recovery9.4.8Windows Server 20082016-09-012016-09-012
14304WAL files pg_upgrade9.4.9centOS2016-08-302016-08-302
14303Issue in configuration of ODBC to connect PostGres9.3.10CentOS release 6.7 (Final)2016-08-302016-08-301
14302SQL with LIMIT degrades performance seriously9.5.3CentOS 7.22016-08-302016-09-0610
14301function in case expression called when it should not be9.4.9CentOS2016-08-292016-08-294
14300Empty cube representation9.5.4Debian 4.9.2-10 64-bit2016-08-292016-08-292
14299initdb and man pages are not installed in the alternatives system9.5.4RHEL 72016-08-272016-08-314
14298service upgrade not setting ports9.5.4Red Hat Enterprise 62016-08-272016-08-306
14297ON CONFLICT fails9.5.4Any2016-08-262016-08-262
14296weird check constraint clause in pg_constraint9.5.4Linux2016-08-262016-09-013
14295Hot standby crash during tsvector rebuild9.4.8Solaris 11.3 SPARC2016-08-262016-09-0611
14294Problem in generate series between dates9. #53-Ubuntu2016-08-242016-09-0117
14293update from bug? memory leak?9.5.4CentOS 6.x x642016-08-242016-08-252
14292Error in installing the postgresql 9.32016-08-242016-08-247
14291Sequence ID gets modified even for "on conflict" update9.5.4Windows 102016-08-202016-08-212
14290materialized view refresh doesn't use temp_tablespace9.5.4Mac or Ubuntu2016-08-182016-08-2411
14289Potential bug: "invalid attribute number" when dblink result is assigned in PL/PGSQL9.5.4CentOS 7, also Docker2016-08-182016-08-183
14288sd_notify not called on startup using rhel RPMs9.6beta4RHEL 7.22016-08-152016-08-153
14287psql_history gets wiped out9.5.3Ubuntu 14.042016-08-112016-08-1213
14286PostgreSQL build tests segfaulting9.6beta3Debian 82016-08-092016-08-094
14285Chinese locale and windows9.2.5Windows 102016-08-092016-08-092
14283PostgreSQL 9.6 head crashing PostGIS bot9.6beta3Mingw64 Windows 7 and Debian2016-08-072016-08-073
14282Issue with pg_restore9.4.1Windows XP2016-08-072016-08-071
14281Postgres service won't start up anymore9.4.8Windows2016-08-052016-08-051
14280Error in PostgreSQL - could not extend file "base...": File too large9.2.16Linux2016-08-052016-08-053
14279Logical decoding misses a transaction completely9.5.3Linux2016-08-042016-08-157
14278Problem searching spanish words with accent mark outside the stem9.6beta3Linux2016-08-042016-08-084
14277when define USE_NAMED_POSIX_SEMAPHORES , make error9.5.3CentOS 7.x x642016-08-042016-08-042
14276Slony package has bad path to PID file folder in starts script9.5.3RHEL 52016-08-032016-08-031
14275cursor's variable in pgsql doesn't respect scope9.5.3Windows 7, Windows 8, Ubuntu 14.042016-08-032016-08-047
14274Missing tablespace info in pg_tables9.6beta3CentOS Linux release 7.0.1406 (Core)2016-08-022016-08-023
14273Tuple concurently updated error while creating function using async call from node js with postgresq9.4.8Ubuntu2016-08-022016-08-035
14272baseurl is wrong in pgdg-96-redhat.repo9.6beta3RHEL 6.82016-08-012016-08-012
14271Please fix 13804 bug9.5.3Windows2016-08-012016-08-026
14269Postgres JDBC driver should be able to connect using protocol version 2 to server versions 9.5+9.5.3FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p62016-07-292016-07-292
14268NULL parameter conversion9.3.13Ubuntu 14.042016-07-282016-08-028
14267ecpg bug causes hanging for certain data types9.5.3CentOS release 6.7 (Final)2016-07-272016-08-012
14266rhel-6Client yum repository is missing9.3.13CentOS 62016-07-272016-07-271
14265inserting multiple rows via array notation gives error9.4.5Windows 7 - 642016-07-272016-07-272
14264Error installing 9.6 beta 3 on Red hat 6.59.6beta2Redhat 6.52016-07-262016-08-023
14263Query planner is slow to plan UPDATE on a table with many partitions9.3.13Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS2016-07-222017-01-184
14262No redhat 6.8 repos exist for PG 6.82016-07-212016-08-012
14261Hanged randomly in hash_seq_search9.4.1Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.62016-07-192016-07-204
14260psqlODBC does not support sslXXXXX variables9.5.3Windows2016-07-192016-07-191
14259i want to store XML version in our table postgres table.9.5.3windows7-x64(64 bit)2016-07-192016-07-192
14258Documentation pl/pgsql9.5.3any2016-07-182016-07-216
14257steps for upgrade 9.1.0 to 9.1.9 9.1.9Linux2016-07-182016-07-192
14255Please provide 9.1.9 installation steps9.1.9Linux2016-07-182016-07-182
14254The postgres service goes down while working with the application9.6beta1Windows 82016-07-172016-07-183
14253b-tree no index range scan?9.5.3CentOS 6.x x642016-07-172016-07-182
14252org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: Too many update results were returned.9.2.9Windows server 2012 R22016-07-152016-07-152
14251COPY CSV: missing data for column that shouldn't be9.5.0Ubuntu 16.042016-07-152016-07-153
14250Error in subquery fails silently and parent query continues to execute 9.5.3Ubuntu 14.04 / Mac 10.11.5 (15F34)2016-07-142016-07-158
14249In FDW, variable not found in subplan target list9.6beta2Ubuntu 142016-07-142016-07-142
14248pgAdmin III(Version 1.22) crashes when disconnected9.2.1Windows2016-07-132016-07-131
14247COMMENT is restored on wrong database9.5.3Linux2016-07-132016-07-132
14246Postgres crashing frequently9.4.2Windows2016-07-132016-07-153
14245Segfault on weird to_tsquery9.6beta2Linux2016-07-122016-07-1510
14244wrong suffix for pg_size_pretty()9.5.3any2016-07-122016-07-121
14243pg_basebackup failes by a STATUS_DELETE_PENDING file9.6beta2Windows2016-07-122017-01-0436
14242Role with a setconfig "role" setting to a nonexistent role causes pg_upgrade to fail9.5.264-bit Linux2016-07-112016-07-1213
14241i want to do commit and rollback in one plpgsql block..9.5.3windows7-x64(64 bit)2016-07-112016-07-113
14240i want do manual commit not auto_commit.9.5.3windows7-x64(64 bit)2016-07-102016-07-102
14239Array of array type reporting9.5.3Mac OS X2016-07-092016-07-293
14238crate index hang9.5.3Linux - CentOS release 6.82016-07-082016-07-082
14237Terrible performance after accidentally running 'drop index' for index still being created9.3.7Linux (Ubuntu)2016-07-082016-07-135
14236pg_upgrade failed9.4.1Linux2016-07-082016-07-293
14235inconsistencies with IS NULL / IS NOT NULL9.6beta2any2016-07-082016-07-2613
14234PostgreSQL consuming large amount of memory for persistent connection9.5.3CentOS 6.x x642016-07-082016-07-084
14233getting the size if the database failing with permission denied error9.2.9windows2016-07-072016-07-072
14232Possible mistake in the documentation9.5.3 All 2016-07-062016-07-075
14231logical replication wal sender process spins when using error traps in function9.4.6FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE2016-07-062017-03-0819
14230Wrong timeline returned by pg_stop_backup on a standby9.6beta2Linux2016-07-062016-07-1115
14229pg_config missing from postgresql95-devel9.5.3Centos 72016-07-062016-08-242
14228replication slot catalog_xmin not cleared on slot reuse9.6beta2any2016-07-052016-08-1713
14227Former master not shot down9.5.3Debian Wheezy2016-07-042016-07-042
14226pg_upgrade for 8.4 to 9.4 failed9.4.0GNU/Linux2016-07-042016-07-275
14225Password reset does not work.9.4.0Windows 72016-07-042016-07-042
14224JDBC driver ignores database name on URL9.4.0windows 72016-07-032016-07-031
14223stuck spinlock detected at bufmgr.c:14409.5.3Linux 3.2.0-60-generic, Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS2016-07-012016-07-014
14222psqlODBC driver connection pooling not working for .net codebase9.5.3Windows 72016-07-012016-07-011
14221using postgresql 9.1.22 to 9.3.13 failed using pg_upgrade9.1.22CentOS release 6.7 (Final)2016-07-012016-07-012
14220pg_get_expr() with an incorrect relation id crashes the server9.5.3Linux Mint 17.2 64-bit2016-06-292016-07-014
14219rules vs. FK optimization: ERROR: no relation entry for relid 29.6beta2any2016-06-292016-06-292
14218pg_logical_slot_get_changes causes segmentation fault9.5.2Debian Jessie 8.4 x642016-06-292016-06-294
14217Respect $CFLAGS from /usr/local/etc/config.site9.6beta2Linux2016-06-282016-07-085
14216pgadmin 4, beta 2, no data displays9.4.8Windows 10 2016-06-272016-06-271
14215External C function link failed on Mac OSX9.5.3OSX2016-06-262016-06-262
14214i am enable to upload .xlsx file in my postgres database.9.5.3windows7-x64(64 bit)2016-06-242016-06-243
14213bug in hstore_to_json_loose() function9.4.5Window 7 Pro SP12016-06-242016-06-243
14212DB crash: system logger process was terminated by exception 0xFFFFFFFFwith exception 0xFFFFFFFF9.3.13Windows 7 2016-06-232016-06-231
14211i am enable to upload .xlsx file in my postgres database.9.5.3windows7-x64(64 bit)2016-06-232016-06-232
14210filter by "=" constraint doesn't work when hash index is present on a column9.5.3OS X 10.11.52016-06-232016-07-1632
14209Rules don't validate duplicated keys9.5.1Window 7 Professional2016-06-222016-06-222
14208Inconsistent code modification - 39.4.4MacOSX2016-06-222016-06-3010
14207A little is lacking to be the most advanced9.4.4Win7Pro642016-06-222016-06-223
14206Switch to using POSIX semaphores on FreeBSD9.5.2FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE amd642016-06-212016-06-2314
14205Weird cast long int values to numeric leading to seq scan9.5.3Linux2016-06-212016-06-212
14204COMPATIBILITY9.4.8WINDOWS XP SP32016-06-202016-06-212
14203pgindent requires pg_bsd_indent 1.2, but only 1.3 available for download9.3.3Ubuntu2016-06-202016-06-234
14202pg_trgm: % uses incorrect comparison of similarity with the limit9.6beta1Fedora 23 (Linux 4.5.6-200.fc23.x86_64)2016-06-202016-06-202
14201In psql prompt2 %R can be (9.5.3Documentation2016-06-192016-06-194
14200Cannot create a table named 'user'9.5.3OS X 10.11.52016-06-192016-06-193
14199The pg_ctl status check on server start is not compatible with the silent_mode=on9.1.22FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE amd642016-06-182016-06-195
14198IPv6 address validation broken9.5.3Debian Linux2016-06-162016-06-173
14197ERROR: character with byte sequence 0x81 in encoding "WIN1252" has no equivalent in encoding "UTF8"9.5.3 Windows7 2016-06-162016-06-175
14196Processes terminated with exception 0xFFFFFFFF9.1.18Windows 7 SP1 embedded2016-06-162016-06-161
14195"MultiXactId XXXXXX has not been created yet -- apparent wraparound" after upgrade from 12.04 LTS2016-06-152016-06-244
14194Why do these bases are open to public access?Unsupported/UnknownWindows 7 x642016-06-152016-06-174
14193cann't modify composite array's element in plpgsql?9.5.3CentOS 6.x x642016-06-152016-06-151
14192pg_dump/pg_restore omit setting search_path in restored db9.5.3Windows 10 64bit2016-06-152016-06-1610
14191plpgsql run infinit when i use bulk query first time9.5.3CentOS 7.x x642016-06-152016-06-151
14190'silent_mode=on', 'pg_ctl restart -w' or 'pg_ctl start -w' reports error9.1.20CentOS 6.52016-06-142016-06-142
14189Corrupted WAL through replication protocol9.5.2RHEL 62016-06-142016-06-233
14188"FOR SELECT DISTINCT, ORDER BY expressions must appear IN SELECT list" error and table alias9.5.3Debian2016-06-142016-06-153
14187Function is running correct but not showing output9.5.3windows7-x64(64 bit)2016-06-142016-06-142
14186Inconsistent code modification9.4.4Macosx2016-06-132016-06-132
14185Indentation error in win32.mak let libpq compile fail on USE_OPENSSL=1 -- fix available9.5.3Windows 8.12016-06-132016-06-132
14184Function is running correct but not showing output9.5.3windows7-x64(64 bit)2016-06-132016-06-134
14183pgAdminIII doesn't display NEGATOR entries9.5.3Any2016-06-112016-06-122
14182Wrong time stamp exactly at 1996 hour 39.4.6Ubuntu 16.042016-06-082016-06-083
14181pg_upgrade: operator family "btree_hstore_ops" does not exist9.5.3Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.2 (Maipo2016-06-072016-06-135
14180Segmentation fault on replication slave9.5.3Ubuntu 16.04 LTS2016-06-072016-06-0815
14179Not enough info in error message9.5.2 all 2016-06-072016-06-073
14178output of jsonb_object and json_object doesn't match textually9.5.1Linux, Debian, Jessie2016-06-072016-06-109
14177ARRAYs in VIEWs are inconsistently cast9.5.3Ubuntu Server 14.04 and 16.042016-06-032016-06-062
14176Re: BUG #14173: Not using partitions with ANY(ARRAY[...])9.5.3Linux 64bit2016-06-032016-06-032
14175RPM Conflicts Origination from pgdg949.4.0Red Hat Linux 6.82016-06-032016-06-031
14174Expanded-datum bug accessing freed memory9.5.3any2016-06-032016-06-033
14173Not using partitions with ANY(ARRAY[...])9.5.2Ubuntu 64bit2016-06-032016-06-032
14172RPM repository for i386 not working, repomd.xml file is missing.9.4.8Redhat 6 i3862016-06-022016-06-022
14171Wrong FSM file after switching hot standby to master9.4.4RHEL 6.62016-06-012016-06-035
14170error message in case LOCALE de_DE.UTF8 is used in combination with CLIENT_ENCODING=LATIN19.4.8Ubuntu 14.04 LTS2016-06-012016-07-302
14169Incorrect merge join result in GNU/Linux 8 (jessie)2016-06-012016-06-026
14168ALTER TABLE SET LOGGED failing9.5.3Red Hat Enterprise 7.22016-06-012016-06-013
14167ecpg parser cann't ignore code in #ifdef ?9.6beta1CentOS 6.x x642016-06-012016-06-024
14166JDBC driver won't parse error message from DB server in German9.5.3Windows 7 64 bit2016-05-312016-05-311
14165jdbc driver version
14164Postgres allow to insert more data into field than this field allow9.5.2x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, (Ubuntu 4.8.2-19ubuntu1) 64bi2016-05-302016-05-307
14163Index only scan Buffer read enlarged when the data is random 9.6beta1CentOS 6.x x642016-05-282016-05-281
14162No statistics for functions used as aggregates9.5.0Windows 7 64it2016-05-282016-06-017
14161reverse index scan cann't use double link?9.6beta1CentOS 6.x x642016-05-282016-05-282
14160DROP ACCESS METHOD IF EXISTS isn't implemented9.6beta1Debian GNU/Linux sid2016-05-272016-05-273
14159PostgreSQL 9.6 parallel scan consume very high mutex lock9.6beta1CentOS 6.x x642016-05-252016-05-276
14158PostgreSQL 9.6 bloom don't support unlogged table?9.6beta1CentOS 6.x x642016-05-252016-05-254
14157PostgreSQL 9.6 foreign table can improve with this case9.6beta1CentOS 6.x x642016-05-252016-05-251
14156Password Autehentication9.4.8Windows 8.12016-05-252016-05-252
14155bloom index error with unlogged table9.6beta1CentOS 6.x x642016-05-242016-06-016
14154In pgpool while using delete query inside postgresql function , it is not deletingdata from all serve9.4.0Ubuntu142016-05-232016-05-232
14153Unrecognized node type error when upsert is present in recursive CTE9.5.3Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS2016-05-212016-05-222
14152pg_dump does not take into account previous versions reserved keywords as column names9.5.3Windows2016-05-202016-05-208
14151Xml special symbols are not unescaped when gettting value of Xml via xpath9.5.3Windows2016-05-192016-05-193
14150Attempted to delete invisible tuple9.5.2Mac OS2016-05-192016-08-1958
14149when use LATERAL functions with IMMUTABLE called multiple times9.5.3CENTOS 62016-05-192016-05-192
14148postgres does not support GST timezone9.3.13redhat 6.72016-05-182016-05-185
14147Restore of MatView of Foreign Data Table fails9.5.3SUSE Linux (64-bit)2016-05-182016-05-233
14146Connection refused (0x0000274D/100619.4.8Windows 72016-05-182016-05-181
14145Test bug report9.6beta1Linux2016-05-172016-05-171
141448.4 version no longer availableUnsupported/Unknownnot relevant2016-05-172016-05-174
14143stop database with -m immediate cause fatal message log when database start9.6beta1Centos 5.42016-05-172016-05-172
14141Installation Failed 9.5.0Windows xp(x86) 32 bit2016-05-162016-05-161
14140over function not working in version 8.3Unsupported/Unknownlinux2016-05-162016-05-164
14139failed to load the sql modules into the database cluster9.5.0Windows 7 2016-05-162016-05-162
14138Inconsistent rounding behavior in float4 coercion9.5.3Linux
14137'insert into' never returns when toast's oids are exhausted9.6beta1Cent OS 72016-05-132016-05-131
14136select distinct from a materialized view does not preserve result order9.5.0Arch Linux2016-05-132016-05-144
14135SQL command "analyse" is undocumented9.5.2CentOS 6.52016-05-122016-05-137
14134segmentation fault with large table with gist index9.5.2FreeBSD 10.32016-05-112016-06-058
14132ON CONFLICT not inferring unique index with bigints9.5.2Linux2016-05-102016-05-114
14131BUG, schema owner can drop otheruser's object in it's schema9.5.2CentOS 6.x x642016-05-102016-05-118
14130SSL certifiate's Subject Alternative Name isn't check correctly9.5.2CentOS 72016-05-092016-05-093
14129Why GIN index not use index scan?9.5.2CentOS 6.x x642016-05-072016-05-071
14128PGDG package has a typo9.5.2Linux, Ubuntu 16.04, 64bit2016-05-072016-05-071
14126INSERT ON CONFLICT DO NOTHING auto increments serial primary key when no insert happens.9.5.2Windows 72016-05-062016-05-0711
14125when master set tablespace,slave recovery xlog pending9.4.5Red Hat 4.8.2-162016-05-042016-05-042
14124ON UPDATE CASCADE failure on repeated foreign key column9.4.7Ubuntu Linux 14.042016-05-022016-05-033
14123Build failed pg952 on vs2015 9.5.2windows 72016-05-022016-05-022
14121Constraint UNIQUE9.5.0Windows 72016-04-292016-05-055
14120Documentation suggestion 222016-04-292016-04-291
14119Database restore aborts with permission denied message9.2.16RHEL 6.72016-04-282016-04-281
14118ERROR: could not read block 0 in file causes the application goes down9.3.6CentOS 6.62016-04-282016-04-281
14117psql and pg_dump commands should use ENV perl9.5.2Ubuntu 14.04.22016-04-272016-05-016
14116Character with value 0x0a must be escaped. using COPY FROM9.5.2ubuntu2016-04-272016-04-282
14115PostgreSQL stopped listening to ip address9.5.2Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard2016-04-262016-04-261
14114FK on-delete-cascade trouble9.4.5Red Hat 4.8.5-4 64-bit2016-04-262016-04-262
14113LIKE <parent> INCLUDING STORAGE bug?9.4.6Linux2016-04-252016-04-282
14112sorting v and w is broken with et_EE locate9.4.7Debian Jessie2016-04-252016-04-289
14111After minor upgrade (9.2.6 -> 9.2.16): ERROR: failed to build any 2-way joins9.2.16Linux2016-04-252016-04-264
14110information_schema.constraint_column_usage not working as expected9.3.5OpenSUSE2016-04-252016-04-282
14109pg_rewind fails to update target control file in one scenario9.5.1linux 64-bit2016-04-242016-04-2918
14108\Copy Command does not takes varibales supplied using -vUnsupported/Unknownlinux2016-04-222016-04-222
14107Major query planner bug regarding subqueries and indices9.5.0Windows 72016-04-212016-05-1120
14106Large memory client and server consumption in the insert of big values.9.5.2Red Hat server 6.72016-04-212016-04-211
14105regression for right join - failed to build any 2-way joins9.5.2Linux version 3.16.0-30-generic2016-04-202016-04-223
14104PREPARE document has a missing parameter in one of the examples9.5.2MacOSX2016-04-202016-04-212
14103stored function encryption9.5.2Windows 72016-04-202016-04-305
14101Postgres Service Crashes With Memory Error And Does Not Recover9.4.5Windows Server 2012 R22016-04-192016-04-228
14100Large memory consumption in a partitioning insert of great values9.5.2Red Hat server 6.72016-04-192016-04-191
14099Altering temporary sequence in session has no effect9.5.2Linux2016-04-182016-04-182
14098misleading message "out of shared memory" when lock table space exhausted9.5.2linux 64-bit 2016-04-182016-04-197
14097unalbe to locate runuser in /usr/pgsql-9.4/bin/postgresql94-setup9.4.7CENTOS 72016-04-182016-04-181
14096run pgbench, db crash9.5.1centos72016-04-182016-04-193
14095Make uninstall does not delete some files9.5.2Linux2016-04-182016-04-181
14090Some installations of Postgres 8 and 9 are configured to allow loading external scripting languages.9.5.2Mac Os2016-04-162016-04-182
14089ON CONFLICT allows function variables in index expressions9.5.2CentOS 62016-04-152016-04-198
14088pg_restore, --schema, causes TOC entries from even executing.9.4.5CentOS 62016-04-152016-04-152
14087btree_gin index doesn't work on INT with POSITIVE constraint9.4.6Debian Jessie 64-bit2016-04-152016-04-152
14085Weird generic plan in PL/pgSQL function9.4.6RHEL 62016-04-142016-04-141
14084typo in LIMIT documentation9.5.2all2016-04-142016-04-142
14083'postgresql95-setup initdb' breaks inside docker container9.5.2Centos72016-04-142016-04-143
14082Unexpected time adjustment for output using "at time zone"9.2.15CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core)2016-04-102016-04-112
14081System LC_COLLATE changed9.3.4Window7 -&gt; Window 102016-04-102016-04-242
14080JSONB order changes when using json_pretty()9.5.2Mac OSX2016-04-082016-04-102
14079Issues with query9.5.0Ubuntu 142016-04-082016-04-105
14078Excessive memory growth during nested loop in select9.5.2Ubuntu 14.04.04 LTS; CentOS 7.2.15112016-04-082016-04-122
14077Error with pgadim v1.22.1 and ubuntu 15.10 + postgres 15.102016-04-082016-04-081
14072char() and application of locale collation9.4.7linux2016-04-072016-04-071
14067Wrong result of <select distinct geometry from XXX>9.5.0windows 72016-04-062016-04-072
14065Dutch_Belgium locale not working correctly9.5.2Windows2016-04-052016-04-051
14064Sort order of bytea, etc. not defined9.5.2any2016-04-042016-05-043
14063ALTER SYSTEM accepts 'newline' and renders itself inoperable.9.5.1Linux, Any2016-04-042016-04-042
14062pg_dump dies after dumping first 60 gigabytes of text for large table9.4.6Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.2 (Maipo2016-04-042017-11-224
14061Cannot update RPM from PGDG - unsigned package9.5.2Fedora 222016-04-032016-04-031
14060row security policy does not work for updatable views9.5.1Windows2016-04-022016-04-034
14059BUG? function in select clause called more times when use offset9.5.2CentOS 6.x x642016-04-022016-04-023
14058Alternate storage path9.4.0Windows2016-04-012016-04-012
14057vacuum setting reltuples=0 for tables with >0 tuples9.4.5any2016-03-312017-03-1610
14055The link to download windows version is not working9.5.1windows2016-03-302016-03-301
14054"create index using gist ..." on large table never completes.9.5.1osx 10.11.42016-03-302016-04-074
14053postgres crashes in plpgsql under load of concurrent transactions9.4.6Ubuntu2016-03-302016-03-302
14052outfile of pg_basebackup , are of different type. But after extractin the file size is same9.4.4Linux and Windows2016-03-292016-03-291
14051GIN index creation fails with large number of duplicate keys9.4.6Linux2016-03-292016-03-302
14050"could not reserve shared memory region" in postgresql log9.3.5Windows 72016-03-292016-04-078
14049Integer out of range on insert with default id9.5.1Linux x642016-03-282016-03-282
14048copy issues with jsonb9.5.1Ubuntu 14.042016-03-272016-03-286
14047Problem while initdb - 0xC000001D9.5.1Windows Server 2008 R2 - Spanish 64 Bit2016-03-252016-03-314
14046Bad mathematical rules for 0 cast9.4.5x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu2016-03-252016-03-3110
14045** BUILD FAILED **Unsupported/UnknownMac os x 10.11.42016-03-252016-03-252
14044Queries immediately conflict with recovery when recovery_min_apply_delay is used9.5.1Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty)2016-03-242016-03-241
14043log_line_prefix %h not expand.(RPM only)9.5.0CentOS 72016-03-242016-03-243
14042bug, PostgreSQL not cleanup temp table info after crash.9.5.1CentOS 6.x x642016-03-242016-03-242
14041transaction_read_only documentation9.5.1FreeBSD2016-03-232016-04-282
14040Cannot authenticate against Active Directory in search+bind mode using domain root naming context9.2.15CentOS 72016-03-222016-03-221
14039Possible documentation bug regarding streaming replication slots9.5.1CentOS 72016-03-212016-03-211
14038substring cuts unicode char in half, allowing to save broken utf8 into table9.5.1Centos62016-03-212016-03-225
14037Move history file9.5.1linux2016-03-202016-03-214
14036xmin is null in pg_relication_slots9.4.6Debian2016-03-192016-03-192
14034Select for update with inner select doesn't return value after committing by other transaction.9.5.1windows 7 64bit2016-03-182016-03-222
14033cross-compilation to ARM fails9.5.1Linux2016-03-182016-04-1513
14032trigram index is not used for '=' operator9.4.6linux2016-03-182016-03-267
14031Failed to Write to History File9.5.1Mac2016-03-182016-03-193
14030BRIN doc bug9.5.1any2016-03-172016-03-172
14029PgAdmin III truncates reverse engineered SQL script for a materialized vw if contains a semicolon 9.3.11Windows 7 Professional2016-03-172016-03-171
14028FATAL: cannot perform encoding conversion outside a transaction9.4.0Windows Server 2008 R2 - Korean2016-03-172016-04-104
14027n_tup_ins increments regardless of insertion success9.5.1Linux2016-03-162016-03-194
14026Problem to convert number to real9.4.5windows2016-03-162016-03-173
14025Unable to validate constraints9.4.1Windows 2012 Server2016-03-162016-03-183
14024problem in Creating pivot table9.5.0Windows 72016-03-162016-03-173
14023pq odbc driver crashed while get data from boolean column9.3.3debian 8.2 x642016-03-152016-03-151
14022Installer fails complaining about COMSPEC but COMSPEC is correct.9.5.1Windows 7 64 bit2016-03-152016-03-151
14021configure failing to find shared libperl9.5.1Linux (Exherbo)2016-03-142016-03-152
14020row_number() over(partition by order by) - weird behavior9.5.0CentOS 6.42016-03-142016-03-155
14019Security label TAB causes unexpected EOF and client session termination9.5.1Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4, 6.7, 7.22016-03-142016-03-142
14017strange syntax error9.5.1linux both fedra and ubuntu2016-03-122016-03-122
14016Incomplete documentation of IN subquery expression9.5.1Linux2016-03-112016-06-289
14015Query Plan not optimal9.4.6Linux - Debian2016-03-102016-03-101
14014postgresql95-setup script determines PGDATA wrongly9.5.1RHEL 7.22016-03-102016-04-263
14012How to change password in postgreSQL?9.2.2windows72016-03-102016-03-102
14011select count(distinct column) does not utilizes indices to improve performance9.3.6Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.72016-03-102016-03-102
14010Multi-valued Index-only scans do not properly handle nulls in search9.3.6Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.72016-03-092016-03-094
14009pg_restore not restoring privilegs when one login/group role is missing 9.5.1CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core) 2016-03-092016-03-168
14008corr, covar_pop function returns different values on the same dataset9.5.1RedHat Linux 64-bit2016-03-092016-03-092
14007log_statement doesn't work when applied to a 'group'9.4.1linux2016-03-082016-03-082
14006psql cannot find client certificates in default location 9.5.0Windows Server 2012 R22016-03-082016-03-081
14005Installation Error9.4.0Windows 72016-03-082016-03-232
14004pg_restore never returns on premature EOF of input file if invoked with with parallel job option9.5.1Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601] x642016-03-072016-03-071
14003 Error "could not open relation with OID 18152875"9.1.14CentOS release 6.52016-03-072016-03-072
14002Crashes system9.5.1Windows 8.12016-03-072016-03-082
14001pg_ctl error output empty/faulty9.5.1Windows 7 (Enterprise), Windows 102016-03-052016-03-074
14000initdb installs in 9.4 by default9.5.1centos 72016-03-042016-03-043
13999pg_upgrade failing with FATAL: unrecognized configuration parameter "unix_socket_directory"9.5.1CentOS72016-03-032016-03-042
13998Misleading error from pg_basebackup9.5.1Debian Jessie 8.2 x642016-03-032016-03-031
13997does not work ILIKE + UTF89.4.6Centos 62016-03-032016-03-042
13996json_to_record() returns non-NULL, malformed value for omitted key under some circumstances9.5.1OS X 10.11.32016-03-022016-03-034
13995Inconsistent exucution plan while using enable_nestloop9.5.1centos 6.72016-02-292016-02-291
13994Documentation of pg_notify is incorrect.9.5.1Windows 8.12016-02-282016-02-283
13993Temp sequence does not seem to be properly deleted9.4.4Windows 7 64 bits2016-02-282016-02-292
13992psql.exe occur a mistake "R6016 - not enough space for thread data"9.2.15Windows 7 Professional2016-02-282016-02-281
13991Installing results in Failed to load sql modules into the database cluster9.5.1Windows 10 home edition x642016-02-252016-02-251
13990Postgres shutting down automatically9.4.5Windows 72016-02-252016-02-262
13988"plan should not reference subplan's variable" whilst using row level security9.5.1OS X 10.112016-02-242016-02-296
13987Refreshing materialized view prevents changing rights during restore9.4.1Warhorse2016-02-242016-02-241
13985Segmentation fault on PREPARE TRANSACTION9.4.6CentOS release 6.6 (Final)2016-02-242016-02-2914
13984Multiple rows with the same primary key value exist.9.1.14Linux (RHEL 6.6) for Intel642016-02-242016-03-022
13983HANDLE LEAK9.5.0Windows XP 32 bits2016-02-232016-02-231
13982HANDLE LEAK9.5.0Windows XP 32 bits2016-02-232016-02-231
13981Possible HANDLE LEAK9.5.0Windows XP 32 bits2016-02-232016-02-231
13980UNINITIALIZED READ9.5.0Windows XP2016-02-232016-02-246
13979Strange pg_stat_statements results with PREPARE/EXECUTE9.5.1RHEL2016-02-232016-02-247
13978xmin,xmax not current for foreign table9.5.0CentOS 6.x x642016-02-232016-02-232
13977Strange behavior with WAL archive recovery9.4.6Debian GNU/Linux 8.2 (jessie)2016-02-222016-02-263
13976how to declare an empty password on .pgpass file9.3.2ubuntu linux2016-02-222016-02-222
13974temp_file_limit effects vacuum9.4.6Debian 2016-02-192016-02-193
13973Constants resolved in then/else clauses9.1.20Windows Server 20082016-02-182016-02-184
13972jsonb_to_record cant map camelcase keys9.4.5OS x 10.11.32016-02-182016-02-183
13971SysV shm is used regardless of config9.4.6FreeBSD 10.22016-02-182016-02-182
13970Vacuum hangs on particular table; cannot be terminated - requires `kill -QUIT pid`9.4.6Linux (RHEL 5.11)2016-02-182016-04-0412
13969PostgreSQL 9.5.0-1 no longer available from apt.postgresql.org9.5.0Linux Ubuntu 14.042016-02-182016-02-193
13968invalid page in block error9.4.5Ubuntu 14.042016-02-172016-02-173
13967Documentation. Plpgsql 'execute' description9.5.1Ubuntu2016-02-172016-02-172
13966Documentation. 'Select' description9.5.1Ubuntu2016-02-172016-02-183
13965Maybe a problem with ODBC UNICODE driver working like ANSI9.3.0Windows 7 PRO x642016-02-172016-02-171
13964unexpected result from to_tsvector9.5.1Cent OS 6.72016-02-172016-02-184
13963pg_clusterupgrade and materialized view9.5.1Ubuntu2016-02-162016-02-183
13962transaction logs growing on standby9.3.9CentOS 6.62016-02-152016-02-185
13961Unexpected behaviour of JSONB_SET if the new_value is null9.5.1All2016-02-152016-02-153
13960plpython fails with certain function names9.5.0OS X2016-02-152016-02-1810
13959Missing tmpfile exclude conf for socket9.4.1CentOS 72016-02-132016-02-153
13958Missing docs on error9.4.6Ubuntu 142016-02-132016-02-152
13957Where is T541?9.5.1OS X2016-02-132016-02-132
13956ODBC driver has a memory leak with TIMESTAMP(0)9.3.9Windows2016-02-132016-02-131
13941Different value "pg_constraint.consrc" for similar Check Constrait9.5.0Windows Vista2016-02-102016-02-1110
13940rollback prepared is not working9.2.14windows 7 enterprise2016-02-102016-02-102
13938CAST error on Index "function must be immutable"9.1.14linux2016-02-092016-02-154
13937'src' -> jsonb_each() -> jsonb_object() -> 'dst' does not recreate 'src' as valid jsonb9.5.0Windows72016-02-082016-02-095
13935Duplicate row in pg_constraint table which is not accessible via indexes9.4.4Linux x86_642016-02-082016-02-104
13934wrong result of split_part with char value9.2.2Ubuntu 142016-02-082016-02-095
13928Initdb.bat will not install if path has a space.9.5.0Windows Server 2012 64-bit2016-02-062016-02-092
13920pg_try_advisory_xact_lock bigint trouble9.5.0Ubuntu2016-02-052016-03-097
13919Cast error when table is empty.9.4.1Any2016-02-052016-02-092
13918Simple query with Having clause returns incorrect results9.3.10<br>Ubuntu2016-02-042016-02-093
13917"upsert" construct doesn't work with partial index9.5.0centos 62016-02-042016-02-092
13916Only the install user can be defined in the new cluster9.5.0centos 7.0.14062016-02-042016-02-092
13911pg_upgrade from 8.4 to 9.5 broken9.5.0Ubuntu 14.042016-02-042016-02-047
13910synchronous replication not sync data occasionally9.5.0CentOS 62016-02-042016-02-042
13909String concat error with CITEXT after 9.5.0 upgrade.9.5.0Windows 10 / Linux2016-02-032016-02-042
13908Query returns too few rows9.5.0Windows 102016-02-022016-02-1119
13907Restore materialized view throw permission denied9.5.0Centos2016-02-022016-07-2621
13906improper hstore_to_json_loose functioning9.4.5any2016-02-022016-02-022
13905Inconsistent code modification9.4.4MacOSX2016-02-022016-02-022
13900stop standby failed with writer process hang(happen 3 times in 2 days)9.3.7FreeBSD 10.2 amd642016-01-302016-01-304
13899\det ignores visibility; patch attached9.5.0linux2016-01-292016-01-293
13898ecpg complains on nested comments in /usr/pgsql-9.4/include/informix/esql/datetime.h9.4.5Centos 7.12016-01-292016-02-0613
13897backquotes and inserting files into columns.9.3.10Ubuntu Linux 14 (32 bit)2016-01-282016-01-281
13896Current docs says 'worker_spi' is a contrib9.5.0All2016-01-282016-01-282
13895Hot Standby locked replaying auto vacuum against pg_catalog.pg_statistics9.3.10Linux2016-01-282016-01-295
13894MANPATH in documentation - wrong path 9.5.0Centos 7 64bit2016-01-272016-02-292
13893PANIC: stuck spinlock9.4.5Debian Jessie2016-01-272016-01-271
13892SELECT FALSE = FALSE = TRUE; error9.5.0Windows 10 x642016-01-272016-01-272
13891Deparsed arbiter WHERE clauses cannot be parsed by Postgres9.5.0MacOs2016-01-262016-02-0714
13889psql doesn't exequte correct script 9.5.0Windows 102016-01-252016-01-263
13888pg_dump write error9.4.5Linux2016-01-252016-02-0211
13886When INSERT ON CONFLICT DO UPDATE updates, it returns INSERT rather than UPDATE9.5.0FreeBSD-10.22016-01-252016-01-257
13885float->string conversion loses precision server-side on JDBC connection9.5.0Window 72016-01-242016-01-253
13884array_to_json() works incorrectly for non-0-based arrays9.5.0Windows2016-01-242016-01-254
13883Very Important Facility9.2.10Linux Centos 72016-01-232016-01-253
13880Different procedures in same SQL9.1.9RedHat 4.4.7 x642016-01-212016-01-222
13879include_dir directive not working9.3.10Ubuntu 14.04 LTS2016-01-212016-01-222
13878Hot Standby Query Conflict documentation leaves out a potential source of conflict errors9.3.9Ubuntu 14.042016-01-212016-01-211
13877Fails to install9.5.0Windows 72016-01-192016-01-212
13876pg_xlogdump give an error on timeline switch9.3.10CentOS v7.22016-01-192016-01-214
13875Error explaining query9.5.0Linux 2.6.32-358.el6.x86_642016-01-182016-01-209
13874The index of a json field which is created after data are inserted doesn't work.9.4.5OS X 10.11.22016-01-182016-01-193
13873Pg_upgrade problem from 9.4 to 9.5 9.5.0Redhat 72016-01-182016-01-214
13872"represention"?9.5.0OS X2016-01-162016-01-183
13871Format '%2f' invalid or incompatible with argumentUnsupported/Unknownwindows 8 642016-01-152016-01-154
13870couldn't restore dump with mat view9.5.0windows 7 x322016-01-152016-01-226
13869Right Join query that never ends9.5.0CentOS 72016-01-152016-01-193
13868Strange performance of type conversion in jsonb operations9.5.0Windows2016-01-142016-01-141 broken for postgresql-server-dev-9.4 and libpq-dev9.4.5Linux Ubuntu 14.042016-01-142016-01-152
13865PQresultStatus returns PGRES_COPY_OUT instead of PGRES_FATAL_ERROR for certain bad COPY statement9.4.5ubuntu 14.042016-01-142016-01-152
13864Reproducible, ERROR: could not read block 30 in file "base/16414/11914": read only 0 of 8192 bytes9.4.5Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS2016-01-142016-01-152
13863Select from views gives wrong results9.5.0Mac OS X 10.11.2 (postgres is from homebrew)2016-01-132016-02-0814
13862Duplicated rows for a table with primary key9.1.2SUSE Linux E nterprise Server 11 SP22016-01-132016-01-1511
13861Database dump does not load when both plpython2u and plpython3u functions are used9.5.0Linux Ubuntu 15.102016-01-122016-01-132
13860Duplicated primary key9.4.5Debian 4.9.2-10 64-bit2016-01-112016-01-115
13859pg_upgrade permissions on Windows9.5.0Windows 2008R22016-01-102016-01-183
13858Server with debugger installed consumes 100% of one CPU core9.5.0Windows 7 x642016-01-092016-01-122
13857Processes display old Beta2 name in ps9.5.0CentOS 72016-01-082016-01-082
13856JDBC driver 1207 not picking up properties9.4.5Ubuntu linux2016-01-082016-01-081
13855After pg_dump, pg_restore complains that some data is too long9.3.0Kubuntu 15.102016-01-082016-01-113
13854SSPI authentication failure: wrong realm name used9.5.0Windows2016-01-082016-04-0829
13853initdb to UNC path9.4.2Windows 72016-01-072016-01-074
13852SQL Select Slow Issues9.4.5Linux2016-01-062016-01-134
13850Need a parameter added similar to "edb_stmt_level_tx" 9.5rc1Windows2016-01-052016-01-072
13849Need a parameter added similar to "edb_stmt_level_tx" 9.5rc1Windows2016-01-052016-01-072
138482016 Week Number Error9.4.5OSX2016-01-052016-01-074
13847WARNING: skipping "pg_toast_" --- cannot vacuum indexes, views, or special system tables VACUUMUnsupported/UnknownLinux2016-01-052016-01-064
13846INSERT ON CONFLICT consumes sequencers on conflicts9.5rc1Windows 10 Pro2016-01-052016-05-0619
13845Incorrect week number9.2.10Linux2016-01-052016-01-055
13844Logical decoding bug with subxact + row locking9.4.5Linux2016-01-052016-03-069
13843Problem with output of an index definition by "pg_restore"9.4.5Windows72016-01-052016-01-052
13842deb-Package configuration hangs at password promt9.4.5Ubuntu2016-01-042016-01-052
13841Unable to set autocommit in psql9.5rc1Debian stretch/sid2016-01-012016-01-026
13840pg_dump generates unloadable SQL when third party string type index option is used9.4.5Debian GNU/Linux sid2015-12-312016-01-036
13839command line restart server fail9.5rc1Windows 72015-12-302016-01-014
13838Problem in a table with integer primary key9.1.14Windows2015-12-292016-01-063
13837Files in pg_committs not deleted9.4.5Linux2015-12-282017-06-144
13836Documentation not consistent about pg_commit_ts directory9.5rc1Linux2015-12-282015-12-282
13835Error During First Installation9.4.5Windows 7 SP 12015-12-282015-12-281
13832Syntax errors are extremely unfriendly9.3.5Linux2015-12-242015-12-287
13831Server Closed Connection Unexpectedly9.3.10Windows 7 32 bit2015-12-242015-12-242
13830pg_table_size and pg_indexes_size9.5rc1centos72015-12-232015-12-245
13829Exponentiation operator is left-associative9.3.9Linux (Fedora)2015-12-222015-12-296
13827planner chooses more expensive plan than it should9.2.14CentOS release 6.5 (Final), x86_642015-12-182015-12-183
13826Error 10061Unsupported/UnknownWindows server 2012 r22015-12-182015-12-222
13825JDBC Driver Connection Pool Issue9.4.1RHEL2015-12-172015-12-171
13824EXISTS sometimes uses seq scan instead of index9.4.5Debian2015-12-172015-12-225
13823Database crash - import requests in plpython3u9.4.5Windows 7 64bit2015-12-172015-12-183
13822Slave terminated - WAL contains references to invalid page9.4.5RHEL6_x86_642015-12-172016-01-0512
13821missing error information9.4.5osx2015-12-162015-12-161
13819What is maximum limit on max_connections?9.4.1<br>Ubuntu2015-12-152015-12-153
13818PostgreSQL crashes after cronjob runs as "postgres"9.4.5CentOS 7.22015-12-142016-01-124
13817Query planner strange choose while select/count small part of big table - complete9.4.5Windows 7 x642015-12-142015-12-189
13816Query planner strange choose while select/count small part of big table9.4.5Windows 7 x642015-12-142015-12-141
13814missing command in psql autocompletion9.4.5Debian/Arch2015-12-132015-12-142
13813pg_upgrade fails to run pg_ctl9.4.5Windows 10 x642015-12-132015-12-152
13812'now' acting differently than now() in function9.4.5Linux2015-12-102015-12-103
13811Default ordering colums9.4.5Debian 8.12015-12-102015-12-103
13810cursor_to_xml ignores tableforest parameter9.4.5x86_64-pc-linux-gnu2015-12-092017-05-088
13809Reassign owned throws error9.4.5Linux 3.19.0-31-generic #36~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Thu2015-12-092015-12-114
13808Upsert not working9.5beta1Windows 7 Professional SP12015-12-092015-12-093
13806Installing postgresql-plperl-9.4 gives error9.4.5Ubuntu2015-12-082015-12-081
13805plpgsql execute using expression evaluate wrong9.4.5CentOS 62015-12-082015-12-086
13804pg_restore returns unexpected error9.4.5Linux Redhat 72015-12-072016-08-016
13803too many clients exception9.4.0windows2015-12-072015-12-082
13801Error while starting psql9.5beta1OS X El Capitan2015-12-062015-12-063
13800There is no UNLOAD command9.1.19Windows2015-12-062015-12-074
13799Unexpected multiple exection of user defined function with out parameters9.4.5Ubuntu 12.042015-12-052015-12-084
13798Unexpected multiple exection of user defined function with out parameters9.4.5Ubuntu 12.042015-12-052015-12-087
13797file "pg_multixact/members/79D4" doesn't exist, reading as zeroes9.4.5CentOS 62015-12-042015-12-041
13796ALTER TYPE DROP COLUMN -- unexpected behavior ?9.4.5mac os x2015-12-042015-12-083
13794pgAdmin Crash on launch9.4.0Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise2015-12-042015-12-052
13792Weird querry planner behavior9.3.10CentOS2015-12-032015-12-032
13791postgresql 9.5 beta2 brin bug (cann't auto update)Unsupported/UnknownCentOS 6.x x642015-12-032015-12-032
13790last row of limit/offset result produces duplicates9.4.5Mac2015-12-022015-12-033
13789pg_admin produces table definitiona instead of a view9.4.5Windows 72015-12-012015-12-023
13788compile error in generic_msvc.h9.5beta1win server 20122015-12-012015-12-107
13786ODBC driver doesn't work to connect to database9.3.4centos 62015-11-272015-11-304
13785Postgresql encoding screw-up9.4.5linux2015-11-262015-11-293
13784cannot create table with table name testtbl9.4.5Ubuntu 14.04.3 docker container2015-11-242015-11-263
13783'create database test owner testowner' as 'postgres' leaves test.public owned by postgres9.4.5Debian 8.22015-11-242015-12-318
13782gss auth with libpq does not include realm by default9.5beta1Windows 72015-11-232015-11-232
13781"unrecognized node type" errors9.4.5Linux x86_642015-11-232015-11-232
13780Multiple commands not allowed for creating a policy.9.5beta1OSX2015-11-222015-11-236
13779Inherited check constraint becomes non-inherited when related column is changed9.4.5Linux2015-11-192015-11-202
13777FKs began to no longer treat referential integrity, ie, it was as if the FKs did not exist.9.3.6RedHat 6.5 x862015-11-172015-11-172
13776Views with nested composite attributes can break pg_dump9.4.5Mac OS X 10.10.22015-11-152015-11-153
13775CREATE RULE documentation seems to be wrong under ON SELECT TO <table> DO INSTEAD SELECT9.2.14Linux 4.1.10-17.31.amzn1.x86_64 #1 (~RHEL 4.8.3-9)2015-11-132015-11-143
13774upgrade from 9.1 to 9.4 'succeeds' without enough disk space9.4.5Windows server 2008r22015-11-122015-11-2410
13773BigInt column right padding zero9.4.5Linux Ubuntu2015-11-122015-11-122
13772Mistranslation in Indonesian9.4.5Windows2015-11-122015-11-122
13771Clarify length of name for prepared statement and return error.9.3.3linux2015-11-112015-11-123
13770Extending recovery_min_apply_delay on Standby causes it to be unavailable for a while9.4.5Oracle Linux v6.72015-11-112016-03-0518
13769SELECT ... FROM a JOIN b FOR UPDATE a; BREAKS SNAPSHOT9.2.13Debian GNU/Linux 7.9 (wheezy)2015-11-112015-11-112
13768JSONB concat9.5beta1Windows (7, Server 2008 r2)2015-11-112015-11-112
13767EXECUTE querytext USING value1, value2, value3 (Edge case?)9.2.14Linux 4.1.10-17.31.amzn1.x86_64 #1 (~RHEL 4.8.3-9)2015-11-102015-11-102
13766 weird ts_headline/ts_vector/ts_query behaviour9.2.4gentoo2015-11-102015-11-182
13765Bug in openning a new window for query scriptUnsupported/UnknownWindows 7 (x32 bit)2015-11-102015-11-102
13764function ghstore_consistent() returns a wrong value if var "strategy" contains an unsupported number9.4.5Linux Mint 152015-11-102015-11-103
13763Failed to re-install Posgresql 7 642015-11-092015-11-183
13762server will crash after superuser alter function and set client_encoding9.4.5linux2015-11-092015-11-093
13760order by . offset .. limit bug? when order by column has same value9.4.5CentOS 6.x x642015-11-092015-11-092
13759Getting error while installing through Stackbuilder 7 Enterprise2015-11-092015-11-091
13757Able to write to postgres even when the main process has been killed9.4.1Linux2015-11-052015-11-077
13756jsonb_path_ops gin index produce empty result on nested array9.4.5Debian (testing)2015-11-052015-11-053
13755pgwin32_is_service not checking if SECURITY_SERVICE_SID is disabled9.4.4Windows 8.12015-11-042016-11-0615
13754Postgres possibly accepts a typo as valid input9.4.1Mac2015-11-032015-11-042
13753Docs for plpy.execute() miss info about quoting9.4.5Linux2015-11-032015-11-032
13752Incorrect RPM Version on 9.0.23 ReleaseUnsupported/UnknownCentOS 6.72015-11-022015-11-024
13751PGAdmin III function text error9.5beta1Windows 7 x642015-10-302015-10-301
13750Autovacuum slows down with large numbers of tables. More workers makes it slower.9.4.5Linux2015-10-302016-03-1938
13749PostgreSQL cann't compress random data?9.4.5CentOS 6.x x642015-10-302015-10-302
13748Syntax error not emitted9.2.13
13747Like clause ignoring raws with null value9.2.0ubuntu2015-10-292015-10-313
13746SQL Query Window stopped working9.5beta1Windows 7 64 bit2015-10-292015-12-013
13745Alias notation after WITH ORDINALITY flattens composite types9.4.4Ubuntu 13.04; Ubuntu 14.042015-10-292015-10-291
13744Postgresql function auto add 's' character to the end of string9.2.13Centos 72015-10-292015-10-292
13743Incorrect default value in documentation for --serviceaccount option to Postgres installer9.4.5Windows 102015-10-282015-10-281
13742postgres deletes needed files in pg_clog9.3.1Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.42015-10-282015-10-282
13741vacuumdb does not accept valid password9.5beta1CentOS 6.62015-10-272015-12-2433
13739Recurring corrupted page pointer panics on hot-standby replica9.4.4Ubuntu 14.042015-10-272015-10-293
13736pg_dump should use E'' quotes9.4.5Linux2015-10-262015-11-029
13735pg_get_serial_sequence can be incorrect9.4.1OSX2015-10-262015-10-262
13733~/.psql_history* corrupted9.4.5Apple Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.12015-10-262015-11-107
13727pg_dump with a connection string fails when performing parallel backup9.4.4Mac OSX 10.10.32015-10-252015-10-251
13725Logical Decoding - wrong results with large transactions and unfortunate timing9.4.5CentOS 7.1 64-bit2015-10-252015-11-1513
13723"duplicate key" error occurs when update delete and insert the same row concurrently9.4.5CentOS 62015-10-252015-10-2710
13711Error creating index on ltree column9.2.13FreeBSD 10.12015-10-232015-10-231
13708strange behaviour instead of syntax error9.2.4Red Hat2015-10-232015-10-254
13702pg_dump interprets =?UTF-8?B?4oCcPeKAnQ==?= in a db name incorrectly2015-10-232015-10-231
13701Spelling error in bgwriter_lru_multiplier comment9.4.5Oracle Linux v6.72015-10-222015-11-142
13699float type bug9.4.5CentOS 6.x x642015-10-222015-10-221
13694Row Level Security by-passed with CREATEUSER permission9.5beta1Ubuntu 14.10 x642015-10-212015-10-217
13692Error when run silent installation whith alredy installed PG9.49.4.4Window 72015-10-212015-11-193
13691Postgres reverse timezone system9.4.4Microsoft Windows 72015-10-212015-10-214
13690Full Text Search with spanish dictionary cannot find some words9.4.5adJ/OpenBSD2015-10-202015-10-223
13689Build failed pg9.4.5 with mingw5.19.4.5Windows SysWow642015-10-202015-10-214
13688lack of return value in r_mark_regions()9.4.5Linux Mint 152015-10-192015-10-205
13687bug in row_to_json function with '-infinity' timestamp9.4.5Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS2015-10-192015-10-2012
13686Near disaster installing PostgreSQL version 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64-bit2015-10-192015-10-191
13685Archiving while idle every archive_timeout with wal_level hot_standby9.4.5Mac OS X 10.102015-10-162015-11-024
13684pg_restore does not restore indexes when --jobs=X passed9.4.2Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit (64)2015-10-162015-10-162
13683Problem with recursive call plpython function9.4.1RHEL 6.32015-10-152015-10-151
13682error while connecting to database9.4.1os 10.112015-10-152015-10-152
13681Serialization failures caused by new multixact code of 9.3 (back-patch request)9.3.10Ubuntu 14.04 LTS2015-10-142016-07-159
13680PostgreSQL backend process crashes on jsonb_object_agg() in plpgsql recursive function9.5beta1CentOS release 6.4 (Final)2015-10-142015-10-158
13679Planer chooses not optimal plan9.4.4Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS2015-10-142015-10-142
13677CPU 100% for WITH RECURSIVE CTE Queries9.1.13Debian GNU/Linux 7 (wheezy)2015-10-142015-10-142
13676C typedef code generated by ecpg with wrong syntax9.4.5Oracle Linux Server release 6.72015-10-132015-10-195
13675Problem =?utf-8?Q?s?= =?utf-8?Q?tatement_=E2=80=9CINSERT?= ON CONFLICT WHERE"2015-10-132015-10-131
13674psql: \i from a script run through \e misparses SQL as \i arguments9.4.5Mac OS X2015-10-122015-10-132
13673does not install the c++ runtime version9.5beta1windows 10 2015-10-112015-10-122
13672What is the purpose of the temp_buffers setting?9.1.14Debian GNU/Linux 7 (wheezy)2015-10-092015-10-123
13671pg_terminate_backend(pid) does not work9.4.5ubuntu2015-10-092015-10-114
13670DST discrepancy between age() and subtraction for timestamptz arguments9.4.4x86_64-apple-darwin2015-10-082015-10-149
13669Encrypted Password documentation lacking for CREATE ROLE9.4.5Documentation Bug2015-10-082015-10-081
13668Production server Crash9.2.3SUSZE LINUX2015-10-082015-10-082
13667SSI violation...9.4.4Linux/FreeBSD2015-10-082015-10-315
13666REASSIGN OWNED BY doesn't affect the relation underlying composite type9.4.4CentOS 7 (kernel 3.10.0-123.el7.x86_64)2015-10-072015-12-219
13663uuid-ossp in multiple schemas same database9.3.4Centos 6.42015-10-052015-10-083
13660serializable snapshotting hangs9.4.4CentOS 7 (kernel 3.10.0-123.el7.x86_64)2015-10-012015-10-0712
13657Some kind of undetected deadlock between query and "startup process" on replica.9.4.4Linux2015-10-012015-10-2637
13651trigger security invoker attack9.4.4CentOS 6.x x642015-09-292015-09-3012
13650getTypeBinaryStringInfo segfault9.5alpha2Debian 82015-09-292015-09-291
13649system catalog pg_authid doesn't update automatically9.5alpha2CentOS release 6.4 (Final)2015-09-292015-09-292
13647Error after upgrade 9.3->9.4: materialized view `foo` has not been populated9.4.4Ubuntu 14.042015-09-282015-09-281
13645pg_basebackup backup hash index & unlogged table9.4.4CentOS 6.x x642015-09-282015-10-055
13641PostgreSQL (pg_ctl.exe) conflicts with GPClient.exe9.1.18Windows Server 2012 R22015-09-252015-09-251
13637~2 GB psql import fails with out of memory error on machine with 64 GB RAM9.3.9Ubuntu 14.04 x642015-09-252015-10-145
13635Interlocks at selection with array_agg9.4.4Debian 72015-09-242015-09-253
13634postgresql-9.4.4-3-x64 server firing empty messages on console9.4.4Windows 7 x642015-09-232015-09-232
13633ERROR: invalid memory alloc request size9.5alpha2openSUSE 12.2 (x86_64)2015-09-222015-10-0311
13629Version syntax in registry changed9.3.9Windows 72015-09-212015-09-211
13625LDAP connections via UNIX sockets9.4.4Debian GNU/Linux2015-09-202015-09-201
13624App shutdown due to fatal error, and want start after that9.1.16Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit2015-09-172015-09-172
13623" authentication_timeout " is invalid.9.5alpha2RHEL6.42015-09-172015-09-171
13621Program paths are registered incorrectly.9.4.4Windows 8.1 Pro x642015-09-152015-09-163
13620Streaming replication process titles should use zero padding for TX ids.9.4.4Linux, REL62015-09-152015-09-156
13618terminated by exception 0xC00000059.5alpha2Windows 7 Profession 64 bits2015-09-142015-09-142
13616MySQL FDW Geometry Not Returning All Records9.4.4Red Hat 4.4.7-11), 64-bit2015-09-112015-09-111
13615Bug in json_populate_record().9.4.4Ubuntu 13.04; Ubuntu 14.042015-09-112015-09-112
13614Optimizer choosing "Nested Loop" due to bad estimate of "rows=1"9.3.9Linux2015-09-112015-10-142
13612postgresql94-setup initdb in kickstart fails9.4.4Centos 72015-09-102015-10-279
13611test_postmaster_connection failed (Windows, listen_addresses = '' or '::')9.4.4Windows 72015-09-102015-09-101
13610upgrade fail9.1.14windows 82015-09-092015-09-112
13609Documentation Section 9.14.3 nsarray usage problem9.4.4RHEL 5.6 and other Linux based systems2015-09-032015-09-031
13605How to enable PgAdmin Query Tool Favorites9.3.9ubuntu 14.042015-09-022015-09-021
13604fsm NonLeafNodesPerPage Macro9.4.4windows2015-09-022015-09-021
13603Foreign Key Constraint is invalid without any error9.4.4Linux2015-09-012015-09-011
13601bit as quoted column in output9.3.9<br>Windows 2015-09-012015-09-236
13599Backup/Restore Documentation Bug9.4.0N/A2015-08-312015-09-012
13598Hang forever, but must rollback (deadlock)9.4.4windows 2015-08-312015-08-313
13597Event trigger fires on conditional DDL when no DDL action is carried out9.4.4Windows 72015-08-302015-08-301
13596could not start the service of postgresql 9.4.4 9.4.4windows 2008 32bit2015-08-292015-08-291
13595pg_ctl.exe interferes with GPClient.exe9.1.18Windows Server 2012 R22015-08-292015-08-291
13594pg_ctl.exe redirects stderr to Windows Events Log if stderr is redirected to pipe9.5alpha2Windows 8.12015-08-282016-01-0820
13592Optimizer throws out join constraint causing incorrect result9.4.3Linux2015-08-262015-08-275
13591Boolean type presented as varchar by ODBC9.4.0Windows 102015-08-262015-08-261
13590can't find Locale 'Chinese[Simplified],China'9.4.4win7 x642015-08-262015-08-261
13588Repair does not work in unattended mode9.2.13Windows 7 x64, Windows 2008 R2, maybe others2015-08-252015-08-251
13585After: yum install postgis2_95 - I've got error unsigned package9.5alpha1CentOS 72015-08-252015-08-251
13582ODBC drvier 9.03.0400 report SQL_NULLDATA when timestamp data has microsecond present9.3.9Windows 72015-08-202015-08-201
13576a weird behavior of pg_restore command9.5alpha2Linux2015-08-172015-08-172
13575invalid memory request size while storing call arguments into local variables9.5alpha2Linux 3.13.0-37-generic #64-Ubuntu SMP x86_642015-08-162015-08-172
13573Load Balancing 9.4.3Ubuntu 142015-08-162015-08-161
13566postgis_21_sample won't install using the stack builder9.3.9Windows 72015-08-112015-08-111
13562BDR requires primary key to be defined on a view9.4.2Debian2015-08-112015-08-111
13561"could not write to log file, Bad file descriptor" error when working with huge table9.4.4Windows Server 2008 SP2 x642015-08-112015-08-122
13559WAL replay stuck after DROP VIEW9.4.1Ubuntu 12.042015-08-102015-08-198
13558PANIC: stuck spinlock9.4.1CentOS release 6.6 (Final)2015-08-102015-08-101
13541There is a visibility issue when run some DDL and Query. The time window is very shot9.2.13suse2015-08-072015-08-144
13539ERROR: record type has not been registered with CTE and subselect in target list9.4.4Ubuntu 15.042015-08-062015-08-063
13537Npgsql bug9.4.0Debian 82015-08-032015-08-031
13536SQLParamData thows "Invalid Endian" error9.4.1windows2015-08-032015-08-042
13535Cached 1600 columns9.0.22Windows 72015-08-032015-08-031
13531Error de Concetividad9.5alpha1windows server 20082015-08-012015-08-011
13529Incorrect work UPPER UTF-8, 9.2 was all right9.4.4linux2015-07-302015-07-301
13528LATERAL vs. correlated scalar subquery9.4.4Linux2015-07-302015-07-304
13526Out of memory when parallelised9.3.9Debian 4.7.22015-07-292015-07-292
13525Database crashed with several error messages "Could not open file "pg_multixact/members/"9.3.5Ubuntu 12.042015-07-292015-08-063
13523Unexplained deadlocks (possible race condition)9.4.3Debian Jessie2015-07-282015-07-308 broken symbolic link to in PostgreSQL 9.4.4 binary distribution archive9.4.4Linux Mint (LMDE)2015-07-282015-07-293
13519psql: SSPI continuation error9.4.1linux 6.6 (Santiago)2015-07-272015-07-271
13518CancelRequest lacks statement identifier9.3.1Mac OSX 10.9.5, Windows 7, Linux RHel 5.62015-07-242015-07-317
13517installaion error9.1.18windows 72015-07-242015-07-241
13515Much higher disk writes after postgres upgrade 9.4.3->
13512insert/select bytea met memory alloc issue9.4.3windows 72015-07-222015-07-221
13511View containing correlated subquery with MAX() produces slow plan9.4.4Ubuntu Linux (Heroku PostgreSQL)2015-07-212015-07-211
13510memory problem with mass-update statements9.4.4Debian wheezy2015-07-212015-07-211
13507INSERT into tables with SERIAL primary keys failing about half of the time9.3.9Ubuntu 14.042015-07-212015-07-213
13500Windows binary zip doesn't include libintl.h9.4.4Windows2015-07-142015-07-217
13499building with xlc optimization level 5 can not initdb9.4.4AIX2015-07-132015-07-131
13498make check failures9.4.4AIX2015-07-132015-07-135
13494Postgresql database displays first column data on merging of two columns in the Select statement9.1.9Windows 72015-07-082015-07-082
13493pl/pgsql doesn't scale with cpus (PG9.3, 9.4)9.3.9Linux2015-07-072015-07-0812
13492drop database does not release disk space9.4.4Linux CentOS 62015-07-072015-07-072
13491BDR Related9.4.4cent os2015-07-072015-07-071
13489pg_attribute.attndims turns to 0 when 'create table like/as'9.4.1centos 62015-07-072015-07-071
13486How can I sort unnest results? 9.4.4Mac OS X2015-07-042015-07-062
13485JSONB To recordset not working with CamelCase9.4.4MacOSX2015-07-032015-07-043
13483Installation fails9.4.4Oracle Linux 7.12015-07-032015-07-031
13482Unable SET DATA TYPE geometry(MultiPolygon) with other geometry type9.4.0Ubuntu2015-07-032015-07-031
13481No config folder upon installation9.5alpha1Ubuntu 14.042015-07-032015-07-033
13480RE: #11732 and also possibly #12538 - Possible serializable isolation lepessimistic locking problem9.3.5Mac OS X2015-07-022015-07-021
13477cant parse json into complex type9.4.3linux debian 4.7.2 x642015-06-302015-06-301
13475Access Denied9.2.2Windows 8, 20122015-06-292015-06-291
13474Instaling error.9.4.4Windows 7 ultimate 64b2015-06-262015-06-272
13473VACUUM FREEZE mistakenly cancel standby sessions 9.4.4all2015-06-262016-05-255
13472VACUUM ANALYZE hangs on certain tables9.2.10FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE-p92015-06-262015-06-296
13471Reload with include_dir results in incorrect "contains errors" message9.4.4CentOS 6.52015-06-262015-06-292
13470Logical replication 'invalid memory alloc'9.4.4Tested OS X and Gentoo2015-06-262015-06-273
13467Latest Openssl library forces Postgres to Close Connections9.4.1Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.12015-06-242015-06-242
13465multi update query use CTE, result & plan not equal, BUG?Unsupported/UnknownCentOS 6.x x642015-06-242015-06-255
13463fatal 28000 no pg_hba.conf entry for host9.4.0Windows Server 2012 R22015-06-232015-06-243
13462Impossible to use COPY FORMAT BINARY in chunks through libpq9.3.8Linux2015-06-222015-06-234
13461Error message appears to use incorrect values9.4.1AWS RDS2015-06-222015-06-222
13460ERROR: could not find block containing chunk 0x29300729.1.10centos2015-06-222015-06-222
13459Replaying WAL logs can hang on startup9.4.1Linux 2.6.32-220.30.1.el6.x86_642015-06-222015-06-222
13458postgres_fdw with usermapping dumped with pg_dump --no-owners results in dump file with implicit own9.4.2Linux2015-06-222015-06-222
13457postgres_fdw, non-postgres user mapping, materialized view leads to failed pg_upgrade9.4.2Linux2015-06-222015-08-022
13454Embedded python can stop WAL streaming and hot standby mode9.4.1Linux 2.6.32-220.30.1.el6.x86_642015-06-182015-06-181
13453PostgreSQL 9.5dev pgbench exponential distribution bug? (when threshold is small)Unsupported/UnknownCentOS 6.x x642015-06-182015-06-184
13452postgresql 9.5dev pgbench document problem.Unsupported/UnknownCentOS 6.x x642015-06-182015-06-182
13451Logical decoding / replication - WAL rows are streamed more than once9.4.2Windows 72015-06-172015-06-171
13450problem about applying point-in-time recoveryUnsupported/UnknownDebian2015-06-172015-06-182
13449Auto type cast (int -> numeric) non-reasonable, will case performance problem9.4.4CentOS 6.x x642015-06-172015-06-182
13448DOC about : pg_dump use logical replication snapshotUnsupported/UnknownCentOS 6.x x642015-06-172015-06-182
13447Zombie postgres.exe processes9.4.1Win 7 x642015-06-172015-06-171
13446pg_dump fails with large tuples9.3.5Linux, Ubuntu 12, 64-bit2015-06-162015-06-173
134458.15.1 is missleading regarding array dimensionality9.4.4docs only2015-06-152015-08-102
13443master will remove dead rows when hot standby(use slot) disconnectUnsupported/UnknownCentOS 6.x x642015-06-152015-06-179
13441pg_settings.pending_restart cann't reflect changed setting in configure file.Unsupported/Unknowncentos 6.x x642015-06-142015-06-142
13440unaccent does not remove all diacritics9.3.5Mac OS X 10.10.3 (14D136)2015-06-142016-03-1664
13437Seq Scan increases heap_blks_read instead of heap_blks_hit when no disk is read9.4.3CentOS 6.62015-06-122015-06-122
13431install readline not complete 9.1.4aix 6.12015-06-112015-06-122
13420Array function contains with null9.3.8CentOS release 6.6 (Final)2015-06-092015-06-092
13419could not adopt C locale9.4.3win7 professional_x862015-06-092015-06-091
13416Postgres >= 9.3 doesn't use optimized shared memory on Solaris anymore9.4.1Solaris 11.22015-06-082017-10-055
13413pg_stat_statements don't statistics "DEALLOCATE ALL" statements9.4.1linux 2015-06-082015-06-103
13409pg-9.4.3-x86 initdb --locale = C error9.4.3windows 7 64-bit Simplified Chinese Version2015-06-072015-06-071
13404Docs do not mention "access/htup_details.h" for C functions using heap_form_tuple9.4.2Linux2015-06-052015-06-053
13400Unable to connect postgresql using remote machineUnsupported/UnknownLinux (Fedora 13)2015-06-052015-06-062
13391when use in/= & subquery, non exists column can elected.9.4.2CentOS 6.x x642015-06-022015-06-022
13379error installing9.4.2Windows 8.12015-05-302015-06-012
13376pgadmin 3-1.20.0 failed to start as MSVCP120.dll missing9.4.2Windows 7 64 bit2015-05-292015-05-291
13373Imminent transaction id wrap around in spite of daily VACUUM9.3.4SuSE Enterprise Linux 11.32015-05-282015-06-092
13366pg_attribute always locked on streaming replica9.1.13Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.52015-05-282015-05-281
13365pg9.4.0 isn't support windows xp9.4.0windows xp2015-05-282015-05-293
13362pg_basebackup not working in
13360initdb --locale = C error9.4.2windows 72015-05-272015-05-293
13350blindly fsyncing data dir considered harmful9.1.16Debian (and probably others)2015-05-252015-05-251
13348PostgreSQL 9.5 sampletable BUG return rows not the same as reltuples*sample factor?Unsupported/UnknownCentOS 6.x x642015-05-252015-05-252
13343Yum repository URL for RHEL 6.7 i386 has needless "."9.4.2CentOS 62015-05-242015-05-241
13331New record readback not working.9.4.1Windows and Linux2015-05-222015-05-221
13327Error on insert (gist index)9.3.6Ubuntu 14.042015-05-212015-05-214
13324Database returing incorrect results on querying slect clauseUnsupported/UnknownWindows 20032015-05-212015-05-268
13321SQL SHELL(psql)9.4.1Windows 7 Professional2015-05-202015-05-202
13318refresh materilaized view privileges9.3.6Linux, Windows2015-05-192015-05-192
13317Cannot select multiple columns from multiple rows returned from PL/Python function9.3.6Ubuntu 12.04.52015-05-192015-05-192
13310Please update docs of regexp_replace()9.4.1All2015-05-182015-05-182
13307Increasing spaceUnsupported/UnknownUbantu2015-05-182015-05-263
13306PostgreSQL 9.5 change to array type changes broke PostGIS buildUnsupported/UnknownAll2015-05-182015-05-182
13289ANY() function produces a paradox9.3.2Solaris 11.22015-05-142015-05-157
13287Database corruption - PANIC: could not fsync file "pg_replslot/[Slot]/state": Bad file descriptor9.4.1Windows 72015-05-142015-05-142
13286Core dumped during pg_terminate_backend call.9.4.1Centos Linux2015-05-142015-05-142
13279Not able to connect to postgresql server9.4.0Windows2015-05-122015-05-132
13277ODBC config broken9.4.1Windows 8.12015-05-122015-05-121
13275Version 9.3.6 is not available in Cross distribution packages9.3.5Ubuntu 14.04 LTS2015-05-122015-05-1213
13273A query that returns wrongly labeled result instead of syntax error9.4.1CentOS Linux2015-05-112015-05-123
13269"alter constraint child_parent deferrable initially deferred" sometimes does not make FK deferred9.4.1Ubuntu 14.04.12015-05-112015-05-112
13267Some timezones in pg_timezone_names are missing in pg_timezone_abbrevs9.3.6Linux Fedora 212015-05-112015-05-125
13258pg_config shows wrong version9.3.0Ubuntu2015-05-092015-05-112
13246Failure to pg_terminate_backend9.4.1Ubuntu 12.04.52015-05-062015-05-062
13240Error tryping to launch Stack Builder9.4.1Windows Server 2008 R22015-05-052015-05-062
13238[FEATURE] - OVER ( [ <partition_by_clause> ] ) support for Ordered-Set Aggregate Functions9.4.1Linux 3.13.0-32-generic #57-Ubuntu SMP2015-05-052015-05-052
13220make uninstall removes man pages not belonging to PostgreSQL9.4.1Linux2015-05-032015-05-073
13203XOR Check looks missing parens in \d9.4.1OSX2015-04-302015-05-012
13195ALTER TABLE with DEFAULT NULL is different than implicit default9.2.10Linux2015-04-292015-04-302
13188.pgpass does not work9.4.1linux2015-04-282015-04-2911
13182pgadmin3 not showing in application list9.4.1CentOS 7.12015-04-282015-04-303
13179pg_upgrade failure.9.3.6Ubuntu 14.042015-04-272015-05-096
13168DROP DATABASE does not clean up all references9.4.1Windows 7 Home Edition 64 bit2015-04-262015-04-273
13160Incorrect escaping of quotes in JSON export9.3.5OSX2015-04-252015-04-272
13125text bug9.4.1Vista2015-04-222015-04-221
13124OLEDB insert/update on rowset9.4.1Windows Vista2015-04-222015-04-221
13112Catastrophic performance degradation without DISTINCT ON statement9.1.0Ubuntu2015-04-212015-04-212
13077when standby crash and restart, it's need next timeline history file, but upstream node normal.9.4.1CentOS 6.x x642015-04-172015-04-185
13073Uniqueness constraint incorrectly reports constraint violations9.1.13Debian Linux2015-04-162015-04-166
13066Package postgresql92-odbc has problems9.2.0CentOS 6 / RHEL 62015-04-162015-04-161
13060no pg_update in /usr/pgsql-9.4/bin9.4.1RHEL 6.5 Santiago2015-04-152015-04-166
13053type names pollute function name space9.2.10CentOS2015-04-142015-04-154
13042pg_upgrade --check succeeded but run failed due to missing thesaurus file9.4.1RHEL72015-04-132015-04-174
13038Unobvious snapshotting behavior on altered tables9.4.1Linux CentOS 6.5 x642015-04-132015-04-131
13034Inconsistent attrelid field in pg_attribute table after adding columns to table.9.3.5Ubuntu 14.04 64 bits2015-04-122015-04-133
13010After promote postgres try to send old timeline WALs to archive9.2.10Slackware 14.12015-04-092015-04-133
13004PostgreSQL 9.5 policy for table bug? Unsupported/UnknownCentOS 62015-04-092015-04-092
13002VACUUM to prevent wraparound blocks TRUNCATE9.3.6Ubuntu 14.042015-04-082015-04-089
12992Failure to start: too many private dirs demandedUnsupported/UnknownLinux 3.6.11-gentoo x86_642015-04-072015-04-074
12991RESTART IDENTITY is not doing anything9.3.6Linux 3.13.0-45-generic x86_64 GNU/Linux2015-04-072015-04-074
12989pg_size_pretty with negative values9.3.6Ubuntu 14.04 LTS2015-04-062015-11-0613
12963WHERE constraints on (INNER) JOIN columns are not propagated to both tables9.4.1Linux2015-04-042015-04-062
12950Update problem9.3.6Win 72015-04-022015-04-032
12946pg_dump/pg_restore not restore data for inherit tables9.4.1Fedora 212015-04-022015-04-024
12939GRANT ALL ON ALL SEQUENCES doesn't work for sequences not yet existing9.3.5Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.6 (Santi2015-04-012015-04-025
12933Custom prepared plan vs partitioning.9.2.10Linux2015-03-312015-04-013
12917C program created by ecpg core dumped due to "varcharsize * offset"2015-04-062015-04-072
12913Installation fails: "database cluster initialisation failed"9.4.1OSX 10.10.22015-03-282015-04-012
12912pgAdmin III : set fonts preferences makes pgAdmin to crash9.4.1OS X Yosemite 10.10.12015-03-282015-04-022
12910Memory leak with logical decoding9.4.1Debian wheezy2015-03-272015-04-2215
12909pg_dump error9.4.1Ubuntu 12.042015-03-272015-03-312
12908tstzrange constructor fails when used in WHERE clause9.4.1Windows 8.12015-03-272015-03-315
12905Same query produces different results in SQL9.3.3Ubuntu Server2015-03-262015-03-312
12904Installation postgres fails when Windows user name contains spaces9.1.1Windows 7 Professionel2015-03-262015-03-312
12903cannot start, locale problem9.4.1windows 72015-03-262015-03-261
12902The PostgreSQL repository lacks the pg_top package.9.4.1RHEL 6.6 AMD642015-03-252015-03-264
12898Failure loading materialized view with pg_restore9.3.6Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS 64-bit2015-03-252015-03-251
12897SQLDescribeColumn() and bit columns9.4.1Windows 8.12015-03-252015-03-251
12896Unable to export data from Postgresql databaseUnsupported/UnknownLinux2015-03-252015-03-264
12895Error: systemctl command not found9.4.1CentOS Linux release 7.0.1406 with Dockerfile2015-03-252015-03-251
12888Ignoring OPERATOR::RESTRICT=eqsel with subquery (pgsql-performance)9.4.1Win x86-322015-03-212015-03-211
12884configure script fails on a platform with /tmp directory read only9.0.19Linux SLES 10 SP22015-03-202016-08-022
12883Configurable identifier length truncation.9.3.4Windows, Linux2015-03-202015-03-201
12878Update fails with ODBC driver 72015-03-182015-03-192
12877Altitude not respected in order by and group by9.3.4centos2015-03-182015-03-182
12872Inconsistent processing of interval values9.4.1Debian GNU/Linux 72015-03-162015-03-173
12871Bug in intarray extension operators (using generic selectivity estimators instead of array oriented)9.4.1Linux2015-03-162015-03-161
12869PostGIS 2.2 can't compile against 9.5 dev branchUnsupported/UnknownDebian and Mingw-w642015-03-162015-03-2313
12862Bug in intarray extension operators (using generic selectivity estimators instead of array oriented)9.2.9Linux2015-03-132015-03-172
12859views much slower in 9.4.1 than 62015-03-122015-03-123
12858Server crash on upgrade due to invalid timezoneset syntax9.1.15Gentoo Linux2015-03-122015-03-123
12857Our company want to create dictionary9.4.1All2015-03-122015-10-222
12854PG Admin 3 Restore/Import Button9.3.0Windows 72015-03-122015-03-132
12853Cannot install9.4.1W2K3 Server 32x2015-03-122015-03-121
12851Failed to initial Jackrabbit JCR Repository9.4.0Fedora 20 x86 64Bit2015-03-112015-03-132
12843pg_dump -O inserts four unwanted lines to the end of the dump9.3.0Any2015-03-092015-05-014
12836pljava.dll for postgres 9.4.1-64 bit9.4.1windows 8 - 64 bit, jre1.6 - 64 bit2015-03-062015-03-142
12834Avoiding Disk Control Writes for better Laptop / SSD compatibility. pgstats9.4.1Linux2015-03-052015-03-0612
12833Cannot cancel query or terminate backend if it client is SIGSTOPed9.4.1Slackware 14.12015-03-052015-03-053
12832pg_dump ERROR with temporary functions9.3.6Linux2015-03-052015-03-052
12830postgres-9.4 upgrade is missing PGPORT9.4.1Centos 6.52015-03-052015-03-077
12828False positive "parameter shared_buffers cannot be changed" error9.4.1Debian Wheezy amd642015-03-042015-03-041
12826Streaming replication - should master/slave file system be identical?9.1.14Linux2015-03-032015-03-032
12823jdbc4.jar caues java.lang.ClassCastException9.2.0Linux2015-03-032015-03-031
12821Cannot install xlogdump9.3.4Ubuntu 122015-03-032015-03-056
12819CREATE TYPE fails within CREATE SCHEMA9.3.5Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS2015-03-022015-03-024
12812invalid attribute number <number> for <table_name>9.3.5Windows Server 2008 r22015-02-282015-02-286
12808BDR lock adding Postgis extension in one node9.4.1Ubuntu 14.04 LTS2015-02-262015-03-025
12806Upper and Lower functions is not working as expected at some Turkish character sets on Windows OS9.4.0Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit2015-02-262015-02-261
12805Planner estimates query at higher cost when execution can be skipped9.3.5Linux kernel 3.13.0-73 64 bit2015-02-252015-02-251
12802Error running loadmodules.vbs while installation9.4.1Windows7(64bit)2015-02-252015-02-251
12801data_directory postgresql.conf setting is not honored on Centos 6.62015-02-242015-02-241
12799libpq - SSL pqsecure_read() doesn't clean openssl error queue before reading9.4.1Ubuntu Linux2015-02-242016-02-1810
12797Cannot compile pgAgent9.4.1Windows 7 SP12015-02-232015-02-242
12792I can do a SELECT with no fields9.4.1Windows 2008 R22015-02-202015-02-203
12789Views defined with VALUES lose their column names when dumped9.4.1Mac OS X 10.10.12015-02-202015-02-253
12788host / peer auth works after pg_ctl reload, then blocks server startup9.3.2CentOS2015-02-192015-02-202
12785server process (PID 2872) was terminated by exception 0xC00000059.3.3W7 professionale 64 bit 2015-02-192015-02-275
12784pg_relation_size has problems with case in index name9.4.1FreeBSD 10.1p52015-02-182015-02-183
12782Some abnormal observation about the to_date() function in greenplum databaseUnsupported/UnknownRHEL 6 64 bit2015-02-182015-02-182
12779pg_dump -Fd doesn't care about -Z9.4.1Linux (Debian 8)2015-02-172015-02-189
12772Unexpected autovacuum behavior9.3.6Ubuntu 14.04 (Linux 3.13.0-40-generic)2015-02-142015-02-173
12770Syntax error in a header file for sparcv8 elif errors compiling9.4.1SunOS 5.10 Generic_141444-09 sun4u sparc SUNW2015-02-132015-02-133
12769SSL-Renegotiation failures9.3.6CentOS6, openssl version OpenSSL 1.0.1e-fips2015-02-132015-05-287
12766Dump/Load of Materialized View with inlined SQL function fails9.4.1Mac OS X 10.10.22015-02-132015-02-132
12765Postgresql ROLE dropped, but its not dropped from pg_roles9.3.5CentOS release 6.52015-02-122015-02-122
12763Planner refuses to do index-only-scan on partial indexes despite having all the required data9.3.6linux (debian wheezy; pg compiled from sources)2015-02-112015-02-112
12760Lateral files with more than 2 laterals 9.3.5UBUNTU2015-02-102015-02-126
12755pg_upgrage creates potentially dangerous delete_old_cluster.bat9.4.1Windows 72015-02-102015-02-123
12754The 'OF' template pattern of to_char() print incorrect results with negative offsets with minutes9.4.0Windows 72015-02-102015-04-292
12752Regression in ALTER TABLE RENAME COLUMN9.4.1Debian GNU/Linux, testing2015-02-092015-02-095
12750issue with pg_restore s exit code when warnings are there9.3.5Linux2015-02-092015-02-091
12749WARNING: unrecognized node type: 701Unsupported/UnknownLinux2015-02-092015-02-109
12746Backward compatibility is broken 9.2: pg_stat_activity.procpid renamed to pid9.2.0Linux2015-02-082015-02-084
12743error in xml conversion9.2.10windows 7 32 bits2015-02-062015-02-061
12742non fatal error during istallation9.4.1windows 8.12015-02-062015-02-061
12740can't start service9.4.1Windows 7 SP1 x642015-02-062015-02-061
12739to_timestamp function conver string to time incorrectly9.3.6Windows2015-02-052015-02-062
12738Would not install on Windows XP - wrong platform - should be v110_xp instead ov v1109.4.0Windows XP2015-02-052015-02-051
12734Postgresql not started after reboot9.4.0Centos 72015-02-032015-02-031
12733Inconsistent output of query involving array_agg9.2.9CentOS release 6.5 2.6.32-431.el6.x86_642015-02-032015-02-032
12730pg_dump produces trailing spaces9.4.0Centos 6.52015-02-022015-05-113
12729pgAdminIII - wrong window position in multi-monitor setup9.3.5Windws 8 64-bit2015-02-022015-02-021
12728Install fails McAfee VirusScan Ent. Unable to write inside the TEMP environment variable path.9.3.5Window 7 64 bit.2015-02-022015-02-021
12727ProblemUnsupported/Unknownwindos Xp professional 32 bit2015-02-022015-02-021
12725psql: no interpretation of option -F9.4.0Centos 6.52015-02-022015-02-025
12723The Psql is already installed, but I uninstalled...Unsupported/Unknownwindows XP Professional 32 bit2015-02-012015-02-011
12721psql -a does not preserve empty lines between SELECTs9.4.0GNU/Linux Centos 6.52015-01-312015-02-025
12718Apparent LWlock Problem Perhaps With Page Cleanup9.3.5Ubuntu Linux 12.04 Kernel 3.13.02015-01-302015-02-023
12717Slow Query9.3.0Windiws XP2015-01-302015-01-301
12694crash if the number of result rows is lower than gin_fuzzy_search_limit9.4.0Linux 3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.65-1+deb72015-01-282015-01-3010
12690EXECUTE statement fails with dynamic column name on record variable9.3.5Ubuntu server 12.042015-01-282015-01-292
12681Cannot Read Refcursor from JAVA9.2.0linux x86 64 / centos 5.92015-01-272015-01-271
12679temprary table not exists when close session and reconnect9.2.0linux x86 64 / centos 5.92015-01-272015-01-272
12675BIGINT Datatype performance9.4.0Linux2015-01-262015-01-272
12674x86_64 and i386 libraries install over each other9.3.5RHEL62015-01-262015-01-261
12670Can't create postgis extension in single-user mode9.3.5ubuntu2015-01-262015-01-299
12664numeric_recv does not accept large values9.4.0N/A2015-01-252015-01-272
12650user defined exception9.3.0linux x86 642015-01-242015-01-243
12644Planner fails to use available index with anything other than default operator9.4.0OSX 10.10.1 Darwin Kernel Version 14.0.0: Fri Sep 2015-01-232015-01-244
12630Postgres APT script issues9.4.0Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS2015-01-222015-01-221
12627java mapping to postgresql with types ...9.3.0linux x86 64 / centos 5.92015-01-222015-01-222
12625operation 'union' confirms the type of the column with 2 unknown types.9.3.5Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS2015-01-222015-01-222
12620JSONB seems to incorrectly handle escaped unicode9.4.0Mac OS X 10.10.12015-01-212015-01-222
12617DETAIL: Could not read from file "pg_subtrans/06F8" at offset 90112: Success.9.4.0Linux CentOS 6.6 x86_642015-01-212015-01-228
12609use of regexp_matches drops rows when there is no match9.3.3Red Hat 4.6.3-22015-01-202015-01-202
12603Results Ordering not correct9.2.9Windows 7 SP12015-01-192015-01-203
12598pgpool 9.4 broken online recovery node9.4.0Centos 72015-01-192015-01-193
12597pgpool 9.4 utilites error 72015-01-192015-01-192
12589Poor randomness from random() with some seeds; poor resolution9.1.13Debian Wheezy2015-01-182015-01-218
12584small bug about estimation of rowsUnsupported/UnknownCentOS 6.4 x86_642015-01-182015-01-193
12578row_to_json() and to_json() add 'T' in timestamp field.9.4.0Linux Ubuntu2015-01-172015-01-174
12571Web site documentation error for make_timestampUnsupported/UnknownN/A2015-01-162015-01-192
12569pgAdmin3 throws a warning to syslog on startup9.4.0OSX 10.10.22015-01-162015-01-161
12568upper of int4range unexpected value9.4.0Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon 64-bit 3.13.0-24-generic2015-01-162015-01-163
12560can not run alot of databases9.1.0debian 7.82015-01-162015-01-162
12556Clause IN and NOT IN buggy9.3.5Ubuntu 12.042015-01-152015-01-166
12553Altering search_path between function calls9.2.4Ubuntu 4.4.3-4ubuntu5.12015-01-142015-01-152
12548I cannot connect to database 9.4.0Windows 72015-01-142015-01-141
12542Incorrect behaviour of lower and upper on accented vocals in UTF89.3.5Mac OS X2015-01-142015-01-142
12537It is not possible to configure postgres to use same timezone of the server.9.3.5CentOS 6.52015-01-132015-01-212
12534missing 'with' at X0559.4.0Mac OS X2015-01-132015-01-132
12523postgresql-libs-8.4.22-i386 missingUnsupported/UnknownCentos52015-01-122015-01-123
12469pg_locks shows locks held by pids not found i n pg_stat_activity or ps9.1.14LInux, Scientific Linux 6.5 (a RH clone)2015-01-092015-01-097
12462NULLIF changes the argument type9.4.0Linux 3.16.02015-01-082015-04-024
12461Incorrect PSQL User Login in Windows9.4.0Windows 72015-01-082015-01-081
12460Extracting epoch from timestamp string incorrectly assumes "with time zone"9.3.5FreeBSD 9.32015-01-082015-01-082
12458Comparison with CHAR is inconsistent between string types9.4.0Linux 3.162015-01-072015-01-084
12447pgAdmin 1.20.0 missing MSVC redistributables? Unsupported/UnknownWindows Server 2008 R22015-01-072015-12-024
12432date_trunc returning wrong year and dayUnsupported/UnknownLinux2015-01-052015-01-053
12428Incorrect Code9.4.0Ubuntu 14.042015-01-052015-01-052
12410PgAdmin 1.20 crash on start (OS X 10.10.1)9.4.0osx 10.10.12015-01-032015-04-112
12402pgAdmin III installation fails silently on Windows Vista9.4.0Windows Vista Ultimate2015-01-012015-01-011
12368Installation from source does not add libxml support even using --with-libxml.9.4.0Linux OpenSUSE2014-12-292014-12-302
12367Wrong result on to_char() when inputing dates9.3.5MacOs/Windows/Linux2014-12-292014-12-292
12366Error and Warning9.4.0Windows72014-12-282014-12-281
12344libcurses issue with psql binary of Solaris package9.4.0Solaris 11.2 (5.11 11.2 i86pc i386 i86pc)2014-12-262014-12-275
12330ACID is broken for unique constraints9.2.4OSX 10.8.22014-12-242014-12-263
12328can't install the postgresql9.4.0Server 2003 Enterprise Edition SP2 x322014-12-242015-01-076
12326I think maybe postgresql has a problem about timezone.Unsupported/UnknownCentOS2014-12-242014-12-246
12324database's age less then max(relAGE) , and stream standby diff with master 9.0.3CentOS 5.7 x642014-12-242014-12-273
12322Help Connections9.4.0Windows 72014-12-242014-12-241
12321problem with installation9.4.0Windows XP2014-12-232014-12-231
12320json parsing with embedded double quotes9.4.0Mac OSX2014-12-222015-01-064
12319NPE in JDBC driver when using PgCopyOutputStream9.3.1Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS2014-12-222014-12-232
12300~/.psql_history nonexistent warning on first run 9.3.5Linux Mint x64 3.13.0-24-generic #47-Ubuntu2014-12-212014-12-224
12292index row size 1480 exceeds maximum 1352 for index9.4.0linux ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS x86_642014-12-202014-12-295
12290select all columns data except one column9.3.2windows 72014-12-202014-12-202
12276Using old name of a renamed or dropped column in a sub-query does not throw error9.1.14Debian Squeeze 6.0.102014-12-182014-12-195
12275configure incorrectly tests libxml2 version9.4.0mint 17.12014-12-182014-12-183
12273CASE Expression BUG9.3.4Linux Debian 64-bit 4.7.2-52014-12-182014-12-1810
12269small incosistency in pg_dump and pg_dumpall dumps9.3.5Fedora2014-12-182014-12-181
12260trust entry in pg_hba not working as documented9.3.5Ubuntu 14.04 LTS2014-12-172014-12-172
12259Bug in restore Serial definition9.1.14Windows 7 x64 Ultimate2014-12-172014-12-172
12258run php file9.1.0debian wheezy2014-12-172014-12-172
12257Cause for: Exception 0xC00000059.3.5Windows 7 64-bit Professional2014-12-172014-12-172
12242No error - if there is no comma seperator9.3.3Windows2014-12-152014-12-162
12241uninitialized value $lib_path9.3.5Debian2014-12-152014-12-163
12228Primary use-case of PERCENT_RANK not supported9.4beta2MacOSX2014-12-132014-12-153
12209Temporary functions may cause pg_dump to fail 9.4beta2Debian2014-12-122014-12-121
12204Getting wrong results from full text search9.1.14windows2014-12-112014-12-113
12203No password dialog when access the postgresql server9.3.5Red hat 6.52014-12-112014-12-112
12202json operator ->>with offset9.4beta1Ubuntu 14.10 64bit2014-12-112014-12-114
12188Output of XML Is Truncated9.3.0Windows 642014-12-102014-12-101
12187Cant find the postgresql-client installation by yum install9.3.5Red hat 6.52014-12-102014-12-102
12183Memory leak in long running sessions9.3.4Ubuntu Precise (3.13.0-30)2014-12-082014-12-105
12182error converting xml to table using developed plpgsql function9.2.0windows 7 64 bits2014-12-082014-12-081
12181Low Disk Space9.3.0Windows server 20032014-12-082014-12-092
12146Crash when using UNION ALL9.3.5OS X 10.10 (via Macports)2014-12-042014-12-052
12137ORDER BY with expresion changes the output if added9.3.5Linux 3.10.17 #1 SMP x86_64 Intel@ 2.20GHz GNU/Lin2014-12-042014-12-095
12129questions on exporting data from a databaseUnsupported/UnknownWindows 72014-12-032014-12-044
12128Cannot start backup again if it shutdown after replay one *.history file.9.2.9Slackware 14.12014-12-022014-12-021
12127could not stat file9.3.1Win2008R22014-12-022014-12-021
12126Empty tsvector as output of to_tsvector function9.2.9Windows 7 Home Premium2014-12-022014-12-034
12108Documentation: Limitation of shell types not mentioned9.3.5Windows 72014-12-012015-03-202
12106pg_dump does not resolve circular dependency9.3.5Windows 72014-11-302015-01-136
12088pg_upgrade 9.3 -> 9.4rc1 - implicit cast not ported9.4beta2Centos 7 64bit2014-11-282015-01-135
12086docs: prewarm: When does prewarm happen?9.4beta2none2014-11-282014-11-282
12072init script creates pid file with wrong owner9.3.5CentOS 6.62014-11-262014-12-017
12071Stat collector went crasy (50MB/s constant writes)9.2.9Linux2014-11-262014-11-2723
12070hstore extension: hstore_to_json_loose produces invalid JSON9.4beta2Windows 7 64bit2014-11-262015-01-1512
12053Strange behavior for numeric types with unspecified precision-scale9.3.0Windows Server 20082014-11-252014-11-2910
12050Orphaned base files9.1.14Debian GNU/Linux 72014-11-242015-03-068
12048Missing gdal packages for postgresql 9.49.4beta2rhel/centos 62014-11-242014-11-241
12046lower_inf('(-infinity,today)'::tsrange) returns false9.3.5openSUSE 13.22014-11-242014-11-242
12035Prepared Transactions cannot be ROLLBACKed9.1.14on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, com (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS2014-11-232014-11-232
12024autocomplete doesn't work for ALTER CONSTRAINT9.4beta2Ubuntu LTS 12.042014-11-212014-11-283
12012After the upgrade PostgreSQL 9.2.4 -> 9.2.9 Missing "actual time" in auto_explain plans9.2.9CentOS release 6.4 (Final)2014-11-202014-11-201
12011information_schema.constraint_column_usage is slow9.3.4CentOS Linux 6.52014-11-202014-11-201
12008REASSIGN OWNED changes other databases9.3.5Ubuntu 14.042014-11-192014-11-202
12000"CROSS JOIN" not equivalent to ","9.3.5Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS2014-11-182014-11-1912
11991dangerous action of pg_dump9.2.9Windows 2003,2008,2012 &amp; FreeBSD2014-11-172014-11-183
11990Installation of OPM9.3.5Wheezy2014-11-172014-11-183
11989checkpoint not completed9.2.9AIX 7100-03-03-14152014-11-172014-11-171
11986psql uses pager inside Emacs shell buffer (not a terminal)9.3.5Linux (Fedora 20)2014-11-172014-12-1027
11984Erro log9.1.10ubuntu 12.04 server2014-11-172014-11-171
11973duplicate supported platforms9.4beta2KOIZUMI Satoru2014-11-152014-11-163
11966Cannot drop tablesUnsupported/UnknownRed Hat Linux 62014-11-142014-11-162
11949pg_basebackup creates defective tar file9.3.5Ubuntu Linux 12.04 / Kernel 3.13.0-392014-11-122014-12-055
11948Error when installing PostgreSQL 9.3 server9.3.5Windows 2008 R2 Server2014-11-122014-11-1810
11944plpgsql if-case-then syntax error.9.1.13linux2014-11-122014-11-122
11939Missing "actual time" in auto_explain plans9.3.5Debian GNU/Linux jessie/sid2014-11-112014-11-123
11937 Server 2008Unsupported/UnknownWindows2014-11-112014-11-112
11926warning9.3.5window 72014-11-102014-11-101
11919Serializable isolation issue: one session seeing writes from another session.9.3.5Ubuntu 12.042014-11-082014-11-113
11910Database connection exhaustion9.3.5Windows 72014-11-082014-11-112
11905"Error: Wrong key or corrupt data" with pgp_sym_decrypt when bytea size is 2^x - 6 where x >=149.3.1OS X Yosemitie2014-11-072014-11-116
11904out of memory when scanning large number of partitions9.3.5RHEL 6.62014-11-072014-11-083
11903Segmentation fault9.3.4Debian 7.7 (Wheezy)2014-11-072014-11-082
11902PostgreSQL 9.5 crashes on alter table in functionUnsupported/UnknownDebian and Windows MingW-w64 (both 64 and 32-bit)2014-11-062014-11-268
11901Full text search: thesaurus size limit9.3.4&quot;PostgreSQL 9.3.4 on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu2014-11-062014-11-072
11884pg_dump / restore mangles IS DISTINCT FROM expressions9.3.5CentOS 6.52014-11-052014-11-062
11883Year 1500 not treated as leap year when it was a leap year9.3.5Linux2014-11-052014-11-1116
11882make HAVE_WORKING_LINK an option9.4beta2linux2014-11-052014-11-074
11875char() not behaving as documented9.2.0Linux2014-11-042014-11-042
11873home and end keys do not move the selected cell in results grid9.4beta2Windows 7 x642014-11-042014-11-052
11872row height is not quite tall eneough9.4beta2Windows 7 x642014-11-042014-11-054
11867Strange behaviour with composite types after resetting database tablespace9.3.5Linux Debian 7.6 (Wheezy) on x86_642014-11-042014-11-087
11829pgcrypto doc bug9.2.9Linux2014-10-302014-11-034
11825"select lead('literal text') ..." -> could not determine polymorphic type9.3.5ubuntu 14.042014-10-292014-10-291
11824Postgres Restoring the same file multiple times9.3.5Scientific Linux 6.42014-10-292014-10-291
11822ECPG Commit or Rollback errorUnsupported/UnknownCentOs 6.22014-10-292014-10-292
11821The delete rule problem9.3.5Windows 7 Ultimate2014-10-292014-10-291
11811Server segfault with many subpartitions when using nestloop9.2.9Debian GNU/Linux 7 amd642014-10-282014-10-295
11807Postgresql server crashed when running transaction tests 9.2.9CentOS 5.62014-10-282014-10-294
11805Missing SetServiceStatus call during service shutdown in pg_ctl (Windows only)9.3.5Windows 7 Pro x642014-10-282014-10-282
11804The delete rule problem9.3.5Windows 7 Ultimate x862014-10-272014-10-282
11803avoid "distinct" logic if "limit 1" specified9.3.1Linux2014-10-262014-10-282
11771wrong behaviour of planner when pushing conditions9.3.4Centos2014-10-232014-10-232
11770Segfault on spell.c when there are more than one characters as suffix flag9.0.18Mac OS X Version 10.9.52014-10-232014-10-232
11769function host(character) does not exist9.3.5Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS2014-10-232014-10-231
11768"jsonb ?" - not support int type operator9.4beta2CentOS 72014-10-222014-12-172
11767ODBC driver bug when fetching constant string columns9.0.3Centos 6.52014-10-222014-10-221
11761range_in dosn't work via direct functional call9.3.2Ubuntu 64 14.042014-10-222014-10-243
11749range_in, range_out dosn't work9.3.2Ubuntu 64 14.042014-10-222014-10-242
11748pgAdmin 3 - fatal missing log file at startup9.3.1OS X 10.82014-10-222014-10-221
11734The "<<=" operator on "inet" values does not return the expected result.9.1.14Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS2014-10-212014-10-212
11732Non-serializable outcomes under serializable isolation9.3.5Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS2014-10-212014-12-3110
11731installer reliance on default file association for vbs scripts9.3.1Windows 7 x642014-10-212014-10-211
11729Packaging not FHS conform9.3.5Centos 7 (and other RPM based OS)2014-10-202014-10-201
11712Empty string as error message from libpq9.4beta2OS X2014-10-192014-10-222
11703ERROR: variable not found in subplan target list9.3.5Mac OS X2014-10-172014-10-203
11702Identity column error9.3.3Windows 72014-10-172014-10-172
11696C++ Linking issue - cant find ref to basic_tranactionUnsupported/UnknownDebian Linux &quot;Squeeze&quot;2014-10-172014-10-171
11680PostgreSQL JDBC Driver issue9.3.1Mac OS X2014-10-162014-10-172
11679PGADMIN3 Query Tool display malfunction9.3.4MAC OS X 10.9.52014-10-162014-10-161
11678database age 9.1.4debian62014-10-162014-10-161
11672Bad practice in checking for disk C, SQL Shell9.3.5Windows 8.1 x642014-10-142014-10-141
11671UNACCENT call with constant arg evaluated for each row9.3.5OS X 10.9.42014-10-142014-10-154
11661CASE ELSE is evaluated although condition is true9.2.6RHEL2014-10-132014-11-149
11660TSVector not returning partial match on word "out"9.3.5Windows 8 and RH Linux2014-10-132014-10-132
11642Aggregate Functions like min, max return one row in case of no rows in table9.3.0Open Suse Linux 12.12014-10-112014-10-112
11641./configure fails with mingw gcc 9.4beta39.4beta2Windows 6.1build7601 SP12014-10-112014-10-112
11640difference in ldap authentication between beta2 and beta39.4beta2Centos 6.52014-10-112014-10-111
11637SQL function volatility is ignored on index creation9.3.5Mac OS X2014-10-102014-10-103
11634ERROR-FORMAT-STRING 9.3.3Windows 2014-10-102014-10-112
11617issue with dump/restore involving view with hstore data type embedded in where condition9.3.4Ubuntu 12.04 LTS2014-10-092015-01-097
11608ODBC driver crashes after wrong password entered9.3.5Windows 7, 82014-10-082014-10-081
11603replication, pg_basebackup and high load9.4beta2Linux2014-10-082014-10-096
11595PostgreSQL applies intermediate configuration files9.3.5Ubuntu 14.04 LTS2014-10-062014-10-063
11559ANY array filters should make use of GIN indexes9.3.5Linux2014-10-032014-10-052
11554Enforce that number and type of both columns involved in fkey are same type9.3.2Linux2014-10-022014-10-033
11553Sum function does not exist in Create View9.3.5Windows 8.1 64bit2014-10-022014-10-022
11552Trigger functions (but not funcs in trigger or rule conditions) are called regardless their privs9.3.4CentOS 6.52014-10-022014-10-021
11550Error messages contain not encodable characters (Latin9)9.3.5Linux/Windows2014-10-012016-07-258
11548Date insert error9.3.5Windows 82014-10-012014-10-011
11526WITH tables not accessible from function9.3.5Ubuntu 14.042014-09-302014-09-302
11523Regular expressions work differently on different platforms9.1.2Debian Linux 6.0.6 + Windows 72014-09-302014-09-302
11517the pg_stat_replication.sync_stat show sync when synchronous_commit is set to be off9.2.4suse linux 10 x86_642014-09-292014-09-293
11501PostgreSQL for Windows (installer) cannot be installed by screen reader users (blind computer users)9.3.5<br>MS Windows2014-09-272014-09-303
1148442804: il tipo del parametro 69 (numeric) non combacia con quello usato alla preparazione del piano9.3.5Ubuntu 12.04.05 LTS2014-09-242014-09-241
11478regexp_matches regression in
11477psql -L no stderr9.4beta2Centos 6.52014-09-232014-10-023
11474[Documentation] Add a note about to_date() not accepting TM modifier9.3.5Fedora 202014-09-232014-10-132
11473Cannot enter russian text into debugger window9.3.5Windows 7 x64 Russian2014-09-232014-09-231
11472Russian characters in Query editor search9.3.5Windows 7 x64 Russian2014-09-232014-09-231
11469Recursive plpython function results in KeyError for next function9.3.5Mac osx 10.9.42014-09-222014-09-221
11457The below query crashes 9.3.5, but not 8.12014-09-202014-10-0116
11444autovacuum stuck for 5 days and waits on a lock9.3.5Ubuntu 12.04 3.2.0-52-generic #78-Ubuntu SMP x642014-09-172014-09-183
11442Long binding time for queries on tables with partitions9.3.5Windows 72014-09-172014-09-171
11441Weird (and seems wrong) behavior of partial indexes with order by/limit9.2.9Linux2014-09-172014-09-218
11438postgresql compiled with gcc/c9.2.9AIX 7100-03-03-14152014-09-162014-09-161
11434[Suggestion]Keep Auto-Connection in pgAdmin9.3.4Windows Server 2008 R22014-09-162014-09-161
11431Failing =?iso-8859-1?Q?to_?= =?iso-8859-1?Q?backup_and_restore_a_Windows_postgres_database=2C_with_Nor?= =?iso-8859-1?Q?wegian_Bokm=E5l?= locale.2014-09-212014-09-212
11411ALTER DOMAIN VALIDATE CONSTRAINT fails if the domain is used in a composite type9.3.5Windows 7 64bit2014-09-122015-03-195
11402Prepared statement cache invalidation and unknown types9.4beta2Any2014-09-112014-09-123
11401When I comparison geting of field returns false, but when I do directly with result returns true9.1.14Debian2014-09-112014-09-111
11398FATAL error on install, permission denied9.0.16Windows 72014-09-112014-09-111
11397enable-profiling hangs configure at thread safety checking9.3.5FreeBSD r10 amd642014-09-112014-09-112
11381Inherited NOT NULL to NULLABLE column: backup restore error.9.3.5Ubuntu 14.04 X642014-09-082014-09-082
11359OS X Yosemite: PostgreSQL fails to configure with libperl9.3.5OS X 10.10 Developer Preview 72014-09-052014-09-051
11353Documentation for SET AUTOCOMMIT is wrong9.1.14Debian 72014-09-042014-09-083
11350ALTER SYSTEM is not DDL?9.4beta2RHEL6.4 x86_642014-09-042014-09-2313
11344ALTER TABLE ... SET SCHEMA ... do not recurse to inherited tables9.3.4CentOS Linux2014-09-032014-09-033
11336libpq.dll: file not recognized9.3.5Windows 7 64-bit2014-09-022014-09-021
11335an invalid prepare statement causes crash at log_statement = 'mod' or 'ddl'.9.3.5CentOS 6.2 (64bit / gcc 4.4.7)2014-09-022014-11-1212
11325Documentation Bug / RFEUnsupported/UnknownIrrelevant2014-09-012014-10-136
11321describe command is getting locked due to ALTER statement running on public table9.3.5Ubuntu 12.042014-09-012014-09-012
11316install error9.3.5win-7 x642014-08-312014-08-311
11304UNION query with NULL values fails9.3.5Windows Server 20082014-08-282014-09-014
11283PostgreSQL bug? function's variable type cached not flushed within session when the type altered. 9.3.4CentOS 6.5 x642014-08-282014-08-281
11280Segmentation fault in dataPlaceToPageLeaf at gindatapage.c:6459.4beta2RHEL 6 kernel 2.6.322014-08-272014-08-292
11279unnecessary subplan reduces performance9.2.4linux suse
11271Out of memory while reading tuples.Unsupported/UnknownWindows Server 20032014-08-262014-08-272
11266failed to find conversion function from unknown to bigint9.4beta2Win72014-08-262014-08-262
11264Auto vacuum wraparound job blocking everything 9.3.5Centos 6.52014-08-252014-11-1324
11233Wishlist: specify config file directory independently9.3.5Linux (Fedora 20)2014-08-212014-08-212
11221pg_restore unusable for expensive matviews9.3.5Linux2014-08-202015-03-192
11211regexp_matches acts like a WHERE9.4beta2Debian testing AMD642014-08-192014-08-203
11210Limit on Query causes error or no JSON labels in output9.3.5Windows2014-08-192014-11-102
11208Refresh Materialized View Concurrently bug using user Postgres9.4beta2Linux2014-08-182014-08-264
11205Documentation - loading the JDBC driver9.3.5N/A2014-08-182014-08-181
11204Log reason for authentication failure9.2.9Windows Server 20082014-08-182014-08-183
11178JSONB : The NOT operator applies to the <@ operator, even after casting to ::bool9.4beta2Windows 7 Pro SP12014-08-152014-08-187
11176Doc bug: New York City is *not* the capital of New York State.9.4beta2any2014-08-152014-08-164
11161set kern.ipc.semmap on FreeBSD 9.0+ get error9.3.5FreeBSD 9.0+2014-08-142014-08-153
11142postgresql service crashes9.2.1windows 72014-08-112014-08-111
11141Duplicate primary key values corruption9.3.4Ubuntu 14.042014-08-112014-08-135
11130Case condition error9.3.4Ubuntu 14.04 LTS2014-08-082014-08-115
11129Centos 7 official contrib package is missing uuid-ossp9.3.5Centos 72014-08-072014-08-071
11128Error in pg_restore with materialized view9.3.4CentOS 6.52014-08-052014-08-052
11127Memory leak in libpq9.3.5Linux (Ubuntu 14.04)2014-08-052014-08-051
11121Error not properly reported when calling PQputCopyData with a column missing9.3.4Windows 7 (64 Bit)2014-08-042014-08-042
11120Decrease in no. of rows while sorting9.3.4Ubuntu2014-08-042014-08-072
11119JDBC Driver misreports failing query/statement in executeBatch9.2.1Windows 72014-08-032014-08-052
11109No Toast compression on JSON, JSONB columns9.4beta2OSX Mavericks2014-08-012014-08-084
11108Missing Binaries9.3.5Solaris2014-08-012014-08-011
11107UPDATE violates table check constraint9.3.5Arch Linux x642014-08-012014-08-015
11103to_json() does not convert correctly DOMAINs type since 9.3.5 (int expected instead of string) ?9.3.5Ubuntu 12.04 or Mac OS X 10.92014-07-312014-08-075
11102setup error9.3.5windows server 20082014-07-312014-08-012
11095quickdie() calls syslog() in a signal handler leading to deadlockUnsupported/UnknownLinux2014-07-302014-07-312
11094Does not report error9.3.4CentOS 6.52014-07-302014-07-302
11093login with cyrilic input language make pgAdmin to blow out instead of the wrong password message.9.3.5Windows 82014-07-302014-07-301
11090Unclear error message in pg_upgrade9.2.0Mac OS X2014-07-292014-08-0415
11088posgres blocks when i don't commit9.3.5Linux2014-07-292014-07-292
11078this query crash on array_agg, but there is no array_agg9.3.3Linux OpenSuse 12.32014-07-292014-07-292
11072rhel-latest-x86_64 missing from repoUnsupported/Unknownwin72014-07-272014-08-272
11039installation fails when trying to install C++ redistributable9.4beta2Windows XP 32-bit2014-07-262014-12-3020
11033'pg_dump -a' much slower than 'pg_dump'9.3.5Ubuntu 12.042014-07-252014-10-168
11032Prepared transactions do not update pg_last_xact_replay_timestamp() anymore9.3.5Linux2014-07-242014-07-2912
11031Unexpected interval representations9.3.3Amazon RDS2014-07-242014-07-254
11028psql doesn't use 0x01 and 0x02 to inform readline of non-printable PROMPT1 chars9.3.4Ubuntu 14.042014-07-232014-08-015
11025could not access status of transaction 7Unsupported/UnknownSuse 102014-07-232014-07-254
11024Exported CSV name is not correct.9.3.4Windows 72014-07-232014-07-231
11022\copy report negative row number9.2.4CentOS 6.52014-07-232014-07-234
11021How to extract text value from json scalar?9.3.4Windows 8.02014-07-222014-07-232
11014Postgres can be put into an error state by setting invalid timezone.9.4beta1Ubuntu 13.04; Ubuntu 14.042014-07-212014-07-229
10991psql -c ignores my pager settings in ~/.psqlrc9.3.4Ubuntu 14.042014-07-182014-07-318
10989log_statement = ddl does not log ddl statements from stored functions9.3.4Debian testing2014-07-182014-07-202
10976Two memory leaks in regcomp cleanup9.3.0Ubuntu Linux2014-07-162014-07-185
10972string_agg function incorrectly concatenating varying delimiter9.3.1CentOS2014-07-162014-07-236
10958Paaword authendication with md5 in pg_hba.conf9.3.4Linux (Debian)2014-07-152014-07-151
10949Row security feature doesn't work.9.4beta1Ubuntu 12.042014-07-142014-07-142
10925Documentation not clear on copy options containing '_'9.4beta1N/A2014-07-112014-07-122
10922row_to_json creates invalid JSON for currecy lower then 1000. 9.4beta1linux2014-07-112014-07-112
10919Fix for BUG #9110: Fresh install of fails9.3.4Windows 7 X64 Ultimate2014-07-102014-07-101
10917How to connect pgadmin of another system.9.1.0Ubuntu 12.042014-07-102014-07-103
10911pg_upgrade appears to lose the transaction id epoch9.0.17Ubuntu Linux2014-07-082014-07-094
10889Cannot add 2 floats from regular expression9.1.13Debian2014-07-072014-07-075
10888application is getting hanged in the poll() function of
10870digest crypto function9.3.3windows 72014-07-052014-07-062
10856Delete trigger corrupts foreign key integrity9.3.4Windows 7 x642014-07-042014-07-053
10847Connection.setSavepoint()/releaseSavepoint() is not thread-safe9.3.4OS X 10.9.32014-07-032014-07-033
10836Rule with RETURNING claims incorrect type9.3.4Mac OSX2014-07-022014-07-036
10823Better REINDEX syntax.9.1.13n/a2014-07-012014-07-307
10822"ALTER SYSTEM cannot run inside a transaction block" when having autocommit disabled.9.4beta1Debian 3.2.57-3+deb7u2 i686 GNU/Linux2014-07-012014-07-023
10817archive settings9.3.3windows 72014-06-302014-06-302
10816explain analyze reports different rows counts before and after sort9.3.4Ubuntu Linux 12.042014-06-302014-06-302
10794psql sometimes ignores .psqlrc9.3.4OS X, Linux at least2014-06-282014-07-189
10793Empty result set instead of column does not exist error using CTE.9.3.4Linux2014-06-282014-06-282
10785error if using x>n AND x<m in where clause, BETWEEN n AND m works as supposed9.3.4Linux 64bit (ubuntu 12.04)2014-06-272014-06-273
10770PostgreSQL Global Development Group PostgreSQL user interface compatibility with DPI scaling in Wind9.2.1Windows 8.1 Update2014-06-262014-06-261
10748xmax is not resetting properly with FOR UPDATE9.3.4RedHat2014-06-242014-07-293
10736Database does somtimes not startup again after restart9.1.13Debian 2014-06-232014-06-232
10734PostgreSQL 9.3.4 shutdown forever in zfsonlinux 0.6.3-1 filesystem9.3.4CentOS 6.5 x642014-06-232014-06-243
10728json_to_recordset with nested json objects NULLs columns9.4beta1Linux2014-06-222014-06-2618
10726database gets to an older backup out of nowhere!!!9.1.12Win 72014-06-222014-06-232
10707UPPER() does not convert non-ASCII chars9.4beta1Linux Debian (3.14-1-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.14.4-1)2014-06-202014-06-233
10703Set returning function type mismatch get's propagated despite explicit casting9.1.3Linux2014-06-192014-06-191
10702Installing source list9.3.4Debian Squeeze 2.6.322014-06-192014-06-191
10701pg_dumpall.exe adds 0x0d to table comments9.3.4Windows 7 64Bit2014-06-192014-10-112
10700Missing correct version of libpq5 in apt repository9.4beta1Debian wheezy2014-06-192014-06-191
10692psql: \c service=foo only uses dbname information9.4beta1Debian sid2014-06-182014-06-192
10691Wrong license URL9.3.4All (JDBC Driver)2014-06-182014-06-181
10680LDAP bind password leaks to log on failed authentication 9.3.4Linux2014-06-172014-10-2732
10675alter database set tablespace and unlogged table9.3.4Linux (Ubuntu)2014-06-172014-10-2035
10674syntax error with CREATE TABLE table AS SELECT (column1, column 2) FROM table2 9.3.3Mac OS 10.8.52014-06-162014-06-172
10667[9.2.4] Incorrect output for query involving where clause with coalesce9.2.4Ubuntu Linux x86_64 12.04.3 LTS2014-06-162014-06-165
10655when open ssl, the service will stop automatically9.3.4windows xp 32bit2014-06-152014-06-151
10638PL/Perl on Windows: need for perl514.dll9.2.4Windows 82014-06-142014-07-102
10624Strange temporary failure in name resolution9.3.4Debian 7.52014-06-122014-06-121
10623Installation failure9.3.4Windows 72014-06-122014-06-121
10622PLPerl extenstion install failure - why is it asking ActivePerl?9.2.3Mac OS X 10.9.22014-06-112014-06-111
10611pg_restore incorrectly restores DB dump (plain and tar format) containing LARGE OBJECTS witdh commen8.4.21Windows 7 32bit2014-06-112014-06-132
10598VC++ Error During Installation Time9.3.4Windows 72014-06-112014-06-112
10591setting newly added columns to null is slow9.2.1OSX 10.9, centos on virtuozzo linux-2.6.18-028stab2014-06-102014-06-103
10589hungarian.stop file spelling error9.3.4Linux2014-06-102014-06-1810
10588inconsistent permissions for InformationSchema tables..9.1.9Win 7 x642014-06-092014-06-092
10587ERROR: variable not found in subplan target list9.2.8FreeBSD2014-06-092014-06-103
10548NpgsqlException - ERROR: 57014: canceling statement due to user request9.3.0Windows 72014-06-062014-06-072
10547Query too long with order and limit9.2.4Linux2014-06-062014-06-072
10545The connection has been closed9.1.13Window/linux2014-06-062014-06-073
10544I cannot canceling query during computing of R9.3.4rhel5_x86_642014-06-062014-06-062
10542infinite loop in index.c when trying to reindex system tables (probably corrupted db state)9.3.4Linux, Ubuntu 12.04 2014-06-052014-06-094
105339.4 beta1 assertion failure in autovacuum process9.4beta1RHEL 5 x86_642014-06-052014-07-2421
10528MAC OS X was renamed9.4beta1all2014-06-052014-09-092
10527TRAP when joining local table with view on tds_fdw foreign table9.4beta1RHEL 6.52014-06-042014-06-046
10526bad sequence rename 9.3.4Debian GNU/Linux2014-06-042014-06-043
10500Cannot restore from a dump when some function is used in public shcema9.3.4CentOS 6.52014-06-022014-06-025
10498documented function json_each(jsonb) is missing.9.4beta1Mac OS X2014-06-022014-06-021
10457Problem with double precision field.9.0.17Linux2014-05-292014-05-293
10456upgrade from 9.2.4 to 9.2.8 error9.2.8windows 642014-05-282014-05-281
10446start fails: data has group access9. @ virtuozzo@2.6.02014-05-252014-05-272
10437Storing Password with a comma and/or colon in it fails use of psql, etc.9.3.3Windows 72014-05-242014-05-272
10436Can't compile 9.4 with this mingw64-w32 gcc 4.8.1, 4.8.2, 4.8.3Unsupported/UnknownWindows 7 (64-bit) mingw64-w32 4.8.1 chain2014-05-242014-10-1714
10432failed to re-find parent key in index9.3.4Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit2014-05-232014-06-0418
10429the same update return different result9.3.4window7 32bit2014-05-232014-05-234
10408yum repomd out of data for latest version of 6.52014-05-202014-05-202
10405Sum not working with left join9.1.12Linux2014-05-202014-05-213
10404auto_explain for EXPLAIN ANLYZE.9.3.4CentOS 6.4 x86_642014-05-202014-05-214
10381psql.exe and pg_dump.exe are wrong version9.3.4Windows 7 (32 bit)2014-05-192014-05-204
10347Can't write password to psql or pg_dump9.3.4Windows2014-05-162014-05-315
10338could not read block9.1.3windows 8 64bit2014-05-162014-05-193
10334Function regexp_split_to_array Error with '.' (comma)9.2.4Windows 7 64 bits2014-05-162014-05-162
10330pg_ctl does not correctly honor "DETACHED_PROCESS"9.3.4Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate2014-05-152014-09-065
10329Could not read block 0 in file "base/56100265/57047884": read only 0 of 8192 bytes9.1.13Debian 7.4 and 6.0.92014-05-152014-09-1130
10316Alter table rename fails if the "new name" starts with '_'9.3.2Mac OSX 10.9.22014-05-142014-05-142
10315Transactions seem to be releasing locks early?9.3.4Archlinux2014-05-132014-05-157
10297yum - transaction check error9.0.15redhat EL5.10 tikanga2014-05-122014-06-252
10294DROP DOMAIN IF EXISTS does not work as expected if schema does not exist also9.3.4Windows XP 32-bit2014-05-122014-05-122
10273Not Able To See Full Data9.3.4windows 72014-05-092014-05-122
10256COUNT(*) behaves sort of like RANK() when used over a window containing an ORDER BY9.3.4Windows 8.12014-05-072014-09-058
10255CREATE COLLATION bug on 9.4Unsupported/UnknownNon related2014-05-072014-05-076
10254Joined Constraints not invoked on date ranges9.3.0RedHat 6.42014-05-072014-05-072
10250pgAdmin III 1.16.1 stores unescaped plaintext passwordUnsupported/UnknownopenSUSE 13.1 (Bottle) (x86_64)2014-05-072014-05-157
10223Linking postgresql 64 bit to sql server 64 bit8.4.19linux2014-05-052014-05-051
10207Simple select query returns duplicate row - Critical issue9.2.4Windows 72014-05-032014-05-034
10201Invalid input accepted with IN expression9.2.2Windows Server 20122014-05-022014-05-024
10194Stable function in select clause cann't be optimized to one call?9.3.4CentOS 6.5 x642014-05-012014-05-023
10189Limit in 9.3.4 no longer works when ordering using a composite multi-type index9.3.4CentOS2014-04-302014-05-2024
10171Specific prepared statement cannot use bitmapOr index scan since 9.2 9.3.4CentOS 5/6, enough memory2014-04-292014-04-292
10164Inconsistent Order When Limit is Applied9.3.4OS X2014-04-282014-04-282
10155BUG? Cann't remove new generated tuples after repeatable read transaction start.9.3.3CentOS 6.4 x642014-04-282014-04-294
10144PostgreSQL cost_index in costsize.c bug? (cann't estimate indexCorrelation correct)9.3.4CentOS 6.5 x642014-04-262014-04-273
10142Downstream standby indefinitely waits for an old WAL log in new timeline on WAL Cascading replicatio9.2.8Redhat 6.42014-04-252014-04-303
10141Server fails to send query result.9.3.4Ubuntu 13.102014-04-252014-04-265
10140Configured for but binds to all IP9.3.4Windows 7 Pro x642014-04-252014-04-265
10123Weird entries in pg_stat_activity9.2.8Linux2014-04-242014-05-2510
10122proargtypes and proallargtypes are inconsistent for pg_identify_object9.3.4Ubuntu 14.042014-04-232014-04-242
10116Unable to load more than 100 recs - trial version9.3.4Windows 20072014-04-232014-04-234
10112Timezone abbrevs and it history9.3.4Debian testing2014-04-232014-04-231
10095primary key corruption9.3.3Ubuntu Linux 12.04 &quot;Precise Pangolin&quot; 32bit2014-04-212014-04-223
10089apt-get update cannot fine the deb info of postgres9.2.4Debian Squeeze Release 6.0.7 2014-04-212014-04-213
10087Invalid Apt GPG key9.3.0Debian 7.02014-04-202014-04-213
10060Distinct SQL results9.3.4Windows 7.2014-04-172014-04-172
10053Re: COPY (...) TO 'file' doesn't create file9.2.8CentOS 6.52014-04-162014-04-161
10052COPY (...) TO 'file' doesn't create file9.2.8CentOS 6.52014-04-162014-04-162
10051Documentation should explain use of LOWER(X) text_pattern_ops indexes with LIKE to replace ILIKE9.3.4Debain wheezy (Linux 3.2.0)2014-04-162014-04-161
10035PostgreSQL nodes's estimate rows bug? when alter column set statistics 09.3.3CentOS 6.4 x642014-04-152014-04-151
10014Does not work PQfn in libpq with array9.2.4Windows 72014-04-142014-04-142
10013PostgreSQL 9.4 initdb FATAL: could not write to file "pg_xlog/xlogtemp.3590": No space left on deviUnsupported/UnknownCentOS 6.4 x642014-04-142014-04-1715
10006'DO INSTEAD UPDATE' error9.1.13ubuntu 12.04 server2014-04-132014-04-142
9956Concurrency bug in CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS statement9.3.4Mac OS X 10.9.22014-04-112014-04-112
9955The time zone value for South Africa (SAST) is 01:00:00 not 09:30:009.2.0Windows, Linux ( OpenSuse )2014-04-112014-04-116
9923"reassign owned" does not change permissions grantor9.3.1CentOS 6.42014-04-092015-12-2110
9898WindowAgg's causing horrific plans9.3.4<br>=C2=A0 OSX Mavericks<br>2014-04-072014-04-083
9896Bug in FULL OUTER JOIN9.3.4Windows2014-04-072014-04-075
9895Duplicate pkey9.3.4Ubuntu2014-04-072014-04-083
9894SQLError() is not returns SQL_NO_DATA_FOUND9.1.1redhat2014-04-072014-04-083
9867ERROR INSTALATIONUnsupported/UnknownOpenERP2014-04-052014-04-062
9849walreceiver's DEBUG message reports wrong timestamp9.3.4CentOS 6.2 (64bit / gcc 4.4.7)2014-04-042014-04-042
9843interval data type storage size (8.1 later)9.3.4CentOS 6.32014-04-032014-04-092
9840Documentation bug on pg_locks9.3.4-2014-04-032014-04-033
9836SegFault at heaptouple.c:11049.1.12Debian Stable2014-04-022014-04-021
9833daterange is not utilizing index correctly9.3.3<br>=C2=A0 Mac OSX -<br>2014-04-022014-04-045
9820Parentheses removed in chech constraint9.3.2Windows (PgAdmin)2014-04-012014-04-012
9818LDAP Authentication subtree problemUnsupported/UnknownCentOS 6.52014-04-012014-05-244
9817Broken index detection in case of functions with variadic array parameters9.3.4Any2014-04-012014-04-042
9793to_number wrong convertion9.3.1Windows 72014-03-302014-03-314
9776well formed json with embedd colon ':' causes error on copy9.3.3CENTOS2014-03-292014-03-312
9759whe extend some varchar cols to varchar(n) , index filenode disappear, and 58P01 ERROR9.2.4CentOS 5.x x642014-03-282014-03-281
9757Why reclaim index deleted pages need twice vacuum9.3.3CentOS 6.4 x642014-03-282014-03-313
9756Inconsistent database after OS restart9.2.8Windows XP, 72014-03-282014-04-016
9751PostgreSQL free btree index page cann't reuse bug?9.3.3CentOS 6.4 x642014-03-282014-03-281
9749ERROR: unexpected classid 36009.2.4linux2014-03-272014-07-156
9743subquery on view is not pulling up.9.2.1solaris2014-03-272014-03-272
9741Mininal case for the BUG #9735: Error: "ERROR: tuple offset out of range: 0" during bitmap scan9.3.3Linux (Ubuntu)2014-03-272014-03-285
9737Trigram Regex degenerate case9.3.4Ubuntu Lucid2014-03-262014-03-261
9736incomplete odbc 9.3.4Windows 64 bits2014-03-262014-03-261
9735Error: "ERROR: tuple offset out of range: 0" during bitmap scan9.3.3Linux2014-03-262014-03-261
9722select ILIKE is not case insensitive in UTF8 cyrillic9.3.4Linux Slackware x86_642014-03-252014-03-265
9721Fatal error on startup: no free slots in PMChildFlags array9.3.3Debian2014-03-252014-03-2510
9652inet types don't support min/max9.2.7OSX Mavericks2014-03-212014-06-3017
9635Wal sender process is using 100% CPU9.1.9x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu (Debian 4.7.2-5) 64-bit2014-03-192014-05-0710
9620pg_dumpall -i --globals-only = wrong behaviour9.3.3Linux Debian 7.42014-03-182014-03-182
9619error creating plperl , plperlu language , plperl.dll error 9.3.2Windows 7 , 64 bit2014-03-182014-03-192
9616Materialized view with indexes unable to load from pg_dump9.3.3Arch Linux2014-03-182014-03-194
9611Current jdbc driver doesn't support any classes in Java 8 java.time9.3.3Windows 82014-03-182014-03-293
9606pg_class relhaspkey column not updated on removal of primary key9.2.7Linux2014-03-172014-03-189
9604Unable to access table remotely9.1.0OpenSuse2014-03-172014-03-184
9578Undocumented behaviour for temp tables created inside query language (SQL) functions9.3.2Debian Wheezy 64-bit2014-03-152014-03-176
9566Function has no effent9.2.3Linux2014-03-142014-03-141
9557Row not visible after receiving notification9.1.12Linux2014-03-132014-03-139
9555pg_dump for tables with inheritance recreates the table with the wrong order of columns9.2.6OpenIndiana b151 Solaris x642014-03-132014-03-178
9554won't connect8.4.0Windows 72014-03-132014-03-132
9553why bitmap index scan startup_cost=0? it's a bug?9.3.3CentOS 6.4 x642014-03-132014-03-133
9552IndexOnlyScan startup_cost>0, why not equal 0?it's a bug?9.3.3CentOS 6.4 x642014-03-132014-03-144
9551Hang in State "authentication" Prevents Vacuum from Freeing Dead Rows9.1.11CentOS 5.102014-03-122014-03-144
9548jpg error 53 when trying to view jpg stored in blob field9.3.3Windows 7 64-bit2014-03-122014-03-122
9547Unable install postgres on AIX 5.32014-03-122014-03-124
9545Unable install postgres on AIX 5.32014-03-122014-03-202
9541Result of TRIM function has changed9.3.3CentOS release 5.62014-03-122014-03-143
9531Failed to install9.3.3Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit2014-03-112014-03-136
9530Debugg recursion function9.3.2W72014-03-112014-03-111
9519Allows storing scalar json, but fails when querying9.3.2Red Hat 4.6.3-22014-03-102014-03-1114
9518temporary login failure - "missing pg_hba entry"9.3.3RHEL 62014-03-102014-04-0311
9505If a function references an unqualified table, it only resolves it from search_path once per session9.2.4Centos2014-03-092014-03-092
9500problem with password9.0.0windows xp2014-03-092014-03-091
9485RFE - cycling sequence rollover to do modulo9.3.2OSX2014-03-082014-03-092
9478Greenplum External Table definitionsUnsupported/UnknownLinux 2014-03-072014-03-198
9472pg_dumpall fails with "unrecognized node type: 650"9.2.2AIX 6.12014-03-072014-03-174
9464PANIC with 'failed to re-find shared lock object'9.3.3Linux (Ubuntu 12.04, PPC)2014-03-072014-03-077
9457replace materialized view?9.3.3<br>=C2=A0 Linux<br>2014-03-062014-03-072
9455Subtracting an IPv6 /64 network() from its broadcast() results in an out of range error9.3.3Kubuntu 13.10 64 bit2014-03-062014-03-061
9447still bug in autovacuum after upgrading to 9.1.11?9.1.11Linux version 2.6.18-371.3.1.el52014-03-052014-03-052
9442Cannot pg_dump database with event trigger: cannot duplicate null pointer.9.3.0Oracle SunOS 5.11 Solaris 11.12014-03-052014-03-052
9430Strange error during pg_dump with concurrent alter table working9.2.7Linux2014-03-032014-03-042
9424Database size increased by 10MB everyday9.2.5Windows2014-03-032014-03-033
9422PostgreSQL Zero downtime during deployement9.2.1CentOS2014-03-032014-03-032
9420WAL-Sender repeatedly killed9.2.7opensuse 11.42014-03-032014-03-031
9416Setting up postgresql-9.1 (9.1.12-0wheezy1) Fails Configuration9.1.12Debian2014-03-032014-04-2211
9404(URGENT) problem after calling PQconnectdb, exceptions are not caught8.4.0Windows 7 64bit2014-03-012014-03-011
9398DELETE refering to a materialized view produces "cannot lock rows in materialized view" error9.3.3Linux2014-03-012014-03-065
9396Line editing keybindings not working9.3.2Mavericks2014-03-012014-03-011
9384Restore Database using psql utility fails9.3.2Linux CentsOs 6.42014-02-282014-03-022
9374some timzone abbver is missing from pg_timezone_abbrevs that are in pg_timezone_names9.3.3CentOS 6.52014-02-272014-03-013
9373UUID, UUID-OSSP extension, and ODBC issues9.3.3Windows 8.1 Pro2014-02-272014-02-271
9371pg_dump acquiring ROW EXCLUSIVE locks on tables8.4.20Linux2014-02-272014-03-063
9370PostgreSQL Service Unexpectedly closing in SERVER Computer9.3.3windows 2014-02-272014-03-023
9366Default MAXVALUE is incorrect for sequence object of serial type9.1.6Windows7 / Linux version 2.6.182014-02-272014-02-272
9364why pg_user_mappings can query by nonsuperuser?9.3.3CentOS 6.x2014-02-272014-02-271 undefined symbol: CheckFunctionValidatorAccess9.2.7RedHat LINUX v5.x2014-02-252014-02-252
9342CPU / Memory Run-away 9.2.6CentOS 6.52014-02-242014-02-275
9337SSPI/GSSAPI with mismatched user names9.3.3Linux2014-02-242014-02-2529
9333The PostgreSQL service stops unexpectedly9.2.0Windows XP SP32014-02-242014-02-263
9308The application failed to initialize properly8.4.20Windows XP SP22014-02-212014-03-046
9307I can not install the binary version 9.3.3 under Windows 7 Ultimate 9.3.3Windows 7 ultimate2014-02-212014-02-242
9301INSERT WHERE NOT EXISTS on table with UNIQUE constraint in concurrent SERIALIZABLE transactions9.3.2Mac OS X 10.9, CentOS 6.52014-02-212014-03-145
9296Symbol resolution issue: undefined symbol: CheckFunctionValidatorAccess9.3.3Linux x86_642014-02-202014-02-204
9278Error: SQLSTATE[42702]: Ambiguous column: 7 ERROR: column reference "tid" is ambiguous LINE 8: ... 9.1.0Ubuntu 13.102014-02-192014-02-203
9274Not able to start the PostgreSQL service8.4.5Windows 72014-02-192014-02-191
9270configuration error9.1.1Windows 72014-02-192014-02-191
9265why the same interval can't get the same timestamp?9.2.6suse 10.32014-02-182014-02-184
9251default values for fatal error logging in service9.3.1Ubuntu 13.10 on Linux 3.112014-02-172014-02-173
9227Error on SELECT ROW OVERLAPS ROW with single ROW argument9.3.2Ubuntu 12.0.42014-02-152014-02-1813
9223plperlu result memory leak9.2.6Debian testing2014-02-142014-03-179
9210PostgreSQL string store bug? not enforce check with correct characterSET/encoding9.3.2CentOS 6.42014-02-132014-02-2310
9207Functions Updations8.4.16Windows XP2014-02-132014-02-131
9204truncate_identifier may be called unnecessarily on escaped quoted identifiers9.3.2Ubuntu 12.0.42014-02-132014-02-135
9202C Functions crash database too easily9.3.2Ubuntu 12.042014-02-122014-02-134
9198psql -c 'SET; ...' not working9.3.2Linux2014-02-122014-02-139
9190Could not fsync file "pg_clog/0000": Bad file descriptor.9.2.4Windows 82014-02-112014-02-122
9189error reading postgresql.conf in pg_createcluster9.3.2Ubuntu 13.10 on Linux 3.11 on x86_642014-02-112014-02-122
9187corrupt toast tables9.2.3Centos 6.2 (64 bit)2014-02-112014-02-123
9186CONTEXT log line still appears when turned off9.3.2Debian GNU/Linux2014-02-112014-04-195
9182Data type (text) issue with MS SQL 20129.3.1Windows server 2008R22014-02-112014-02-113
9175REINDEX on functional index fails 9.3.2Ubuntu Server 13.102014-02-102014-02-102
9169Replica (v 9.3.2) crashed with "PANIC: WAL contains references to invalid pages"9.3.2Centos 6.42014-02-102014-02-102
9168Invalid JSON output generated by SQL statement9.2.2MacOS X 10.7.52014-02-102014-02-102
9164impossible to install9.0.15Windows 82014-02-102014-02-101
9161wal_writer_delay is limited to 10s9.2.6Linux2014-02-092014-02-1815
9148generate invalid index (create index CONCURRENTLY ... )9.1.9Debian GNU/Linux 6.02014-02-082014-02-082
9142Bug installing "Database Cluster Initialisation Failed"9.3.2<br>=A0 windows 7 ultimate<br>2014-02-082014-02-123
9136pg_is_xlog_replay_paused() should not need Superuser9.2.6Ubuntu 12.042014-02-072014-08-297
9135PostgreSQL doesn't want use index scan instead of (index scan+sort+limit)9.3.2Linux2014-02-072014-03-195
9118WAL Sender does not disconnect replication clients during shutdown9.3.2Mac OS X 10.9.12014-02-062014-03-1811
9117PGXAConnection - equals method returning false9.3.2All OS2014-02-062014-02-112
9111National characters in the user profile name9.1.11Windows 72014-02-052014-02-051
9110Fresh install of fails9.3.0Windows Server 2008R2 Standard German2014-02-052014-02-051
9088default are not working9.3.1OS X 10.9.1 (13B42)2014-02-032014-02-046
9087Foreign data wrapper connection management issues9.3.2Centos 6.42014-02-032014-02-042
9085Server segfault from psql9.3.2Linux ubuntu 2.6.32-55-generic #117-Ubuntu SMP Tue2014-02-032014-02-032
9074prepared_xacts test freezes9.3.2cygwin2014-02-022015-01-194
9068invalid YY_START on Unicode identifier escape syntax9.3.2Linux2014-02-012014-02-035
9050pg_stat_statements() contains rows with the same dbid, userid and query9.3.1Linux2014-01-312014-01-312
9048Misleading error in transferring sequence between tables9.3.2Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit2014-01-312014-01-311
9046vacuum analyze fails on a table that has domain that is a date rage9.3.2Windows 2003 x 64 PostgreSQL x 642014-01-312014-04-163
9045Misleading error message needs changed9.2.4FreeBSD 9.22014-01-302014-01-301
9041Strange error message with LATERAL and mixed WHERE/ON conditions9.3.2Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 x86_642014-01-302014-01-302
9038trgm must have operand in index creation9.2.0Documentation2014-01-302014-01-303
9028character not supported error on one instance not on other9.1.4Windows2014-01-292014-01-291
9026National characters in the user profile name9.1.11Windows 72014-01-292014-01-291
9010partition by overrides order by in window functions9.3.2Linux Centos 5.52014-01-282014-01-283
9007List comparison9.1.0Linux Ubuntu Server2014-01-282014-01-282
9006Incorrect update when using where with non-existent column in subselect9.3.2Windows 7 64-bit Professional SP12014-01-282014-01-293
9003Hard-coding to localhost in postmaster9.2.4RHEL2014-01-272014-01-3016
9001Documentation bug9.3.2Irrelevant2014-01-272014-01-272
8984ERROR: t_xmin is uncommitted in tuple to be updated9.1.1164-bit Ubuntu2014-01-262014-01-293
8970ts_parse incorrectly split numbers in digit token 9.3.2Cygwin 2014-01-252014-02-0111
8956fedora download does not contain pg_config9.3.2Linux fedora 202014-01-242014-01-273
8954Wrong text in database log during "truncate scan"9.2.4Linux2014-01-242014-01-242
8943optimizer appears to not be efficient when there is little data in the query results9.3.1Amazon RDS2014-01-242014-01-241
8939Cast to range type fails due to whitespaces in the text string9.3.2Windows2014-01-232014-01-232
8936cluster initialisation failed9.1.5Windows 8, 8.1, 20122014-01-232014-01-231
8934value != ANY (uuid[]) AND expr does not work in all cases9.2.4ubuntu 12.04.32014-01-232014-01-233
8929Drupal Website not working on Postgres 72014-01-232014-01-233
8901postgres_fdw double-qualifying schemas9.3.2Windows 72014-01-212014-01-213
8893Precompiler ECPG doesn't check Var-List in Select corrrect.9.0.15Open Suse Linux 11.4 2014-01-202014-01-246
8891Duplicate Primary Key8.4.0CentOS 52014-01-202014-01-213
8880no indication of value when exceeded maximum length9.2.3Fedora 182014-01-192014-01-212
8870PL/PgSQL, SELECT .. INTO and the number of result columns9.3.2OS X2014-01-182014-03-2011
8869ip4r93-1.05-3.rhel6 syntax error in ip4r.sql - LANGUAGE 'C' instead of LANGUAGE 'c'9.3.2rhel62014-01-182014-01-234
8855memory & process increased9.1.3windows 7 64 bit2014-01-172014-01-171
8842lo_open/fastpath transaction inconsistency9.0.3Windows2014-01-152014-04-185
8837ODBC ANSI driver reports 42P18 on IS NULL on bound variable9.3.2Windows2014-01-142014-01-141
8833nested dynamic cursors may lead to type mismatch compared to the initial plan9.3.2Linux2014-01-142014-01-141
8830Query with a subquery failes to execute if this subquery does not contain references to own table9.3.2Linux2014-01-142014-01-142
8822What's the work around for the following exception? 8.4.0<br>=C2=A0 Linux<br>2014-01-132014-01-132
8821pg_trgm segfault with Turkish locale database9.3.2Linux - Ubuntu x86_642014-01-132014-01-145
8816to_tsquery returns wrong results9.2.6Debian wheezy2014-01-132014-01-131
8813Clarifying OVERLAPS in the Docs9.3.2N/A2014-01-132014-01-132
8812Testing, testing9.3.2Debian2014-01-132014-01-131
8811pg_dumpall broken against pre-8.1 (resubmit 4)9.3.2any2014-01-132014-01-132
8782Segmentation Fault during initialization 9.3.1Centos 6.52014-01-102014-01-123
8773error al conectar base9.3.2window 82014-01-102014-01-101
8771Query execution plan broken after upgrade from 12.042014-01-092014-01-134
8760Large Objects9.1.0Ubuntu2014-01-092014-01-103
8757Dublicate rows, broken primary key.9.3.2Debian 7.32014-01-092014-01-133
8750'simple' parser in to_tsvector() splits words on underscores9.3.2Ubuntu 12.04 x64_642014-01-082014-01-081
8749Error Size Integer9.1.0Ubuntu2014-01-082014-01-082
8748server process was terminated by exception 0xFFFFFFFF9.1.9Windows Server 2008 R22014-01-082014-01-081
8747Error Size Integer9.1.0Ubuntu2014-01-082014-01-082
8746While Calling Trigger on same table9.2.4Window 72014-01-072014-01-082
8728Toast table much larger on replica9.2.6Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit2014-01-062014-01-134
8721pg_wrapper unaware of configuration includes9.3.2Kubuntu 13.042014-01-032014-01-043
8719user creation including role does not work nor complain if in keyword is not specified9.3.1Amazon RDS2014-01-032014-01-032
8718serial datatype creates a sequence with bigserial limits9.3.2Arch Linux 3.12.16 Linux kernel2014-01-032014-01-032
8710dblink dblink_get_pkey output bug, and dblink_build_sql_update bug9.3.2CentOS 5.x2013-12-312014-01-034
8709money field type not display decimal point using ADO9.3.2Win7-32bit2013-12-302013-12-301
8703Server terminated while this query running9.3.2CentOS 6.4 (Final)2013-12-292013-12-291
8702psql \df+ translate_columns[] overflow and unexpected gettext translation9.3.1Debian testing2013-12-272014-01-044
8701recover process hang on slave9.1.9CentOS 6 x86-642013-12-262013-12-263
8698cast and view9.3.2Debian Linux2013-12-232014-01-053
8697checkpoint cann't flush unlogged table's dirty page to disk.9.3.2CentOS 5.x x642013-12-232013-12-242
8696Type-checking seems to fail on UNIONs with arrays9.3.2Linux2013-12-232013-12-233
8695Reloading dump fails at COMMENT ON EXTENSION plpgsql9.3.2all2013-12-222014-04-108
8689createdb db finds user ? password?9.3.1windows 8.12013-12-212013-12-232
8687HashAggregate runs out of memory9.3.2CENTOS62013-12-202013-12-254
8686Standby could not restart.9.2.6Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 x86_642013-12-192014-01-087
8685"alter default privileges" cannot revoke default execute privilege on functions9.1.11Ubuntu 13.102013-12-182013-12-182
8684Tables with custom range domain type cannot be analyzed9.3.2<br>=A0 Ubuntu Linux 13.04 64-bit<br>2013-12-172013-12-245
8683pg_upgrade9.3.2CentOS 6.4 x86_642013-12-152013-12-162
8682sqlstate = 280008.4.0win7 and xp2013-12-142013-12-153
8681column 'n_tup_del' of pg_stat_user_tables doesn't change in case of truncate9.3.1Linux2013-12-132013-12-176
8680Fix initialization of pg_clog and pg_subtrans during hot standby startup9.2.4ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS2013-12-132013-12-272
8679Error in regex function9.2.0Ubuntu2013-12-132013-12-133
8678Multiple evaluation single volatile function in select statement9.3.2Linux2013-12-122013-12-172
8677char(n) - bad limit with arrays of composite type8.4.19Debian2013-12-112013-12-122
8675Missing 9.3 RPMs for tail_n_mail in official yum repo9.3.2RHEL6 - x86_642013-12-112013-12-112
8673Could not open file "pg_multixact/members/xxxx" on slave during hot_standby9.3.2Linux 3.2.0-57-generic amd64. Ubuntu 12.04.32013-12-092014-06-1030
8672pg_sleep function doesn't work as expected9.2.2Windows Seven2013-12-092013-12-092
8671Can not create 64bit ODBC DSN8.4.13Windows Server 2008 SP1 64bit,2013-12-092013-12-091
8670Password messed up9.3.2Mac OSX2013-12-092013-12-091
8662psql -H and ts_headline9.2.4Linux2013-12-072013-12-203
8660RPM installation of 9.2.6 have dependency problem9.2.6RedHat Enterprice Linux2013-12-062014-03-197
8659Broken dependencies on RHEL6 for 9.2.6 RPMs9.2.6RHEL62013-12-052014-01-1331
8658Errors during restore database9.3.1OS X 10.8.42013-12-052013-12-051
8657Postgres 9.3 JDBC driver is unable to find the Foreign tables9.3.0Windows 72013-12-042013-12-041
8656Duplicate data violating unique constraints9.3.1Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit2013-12-042013-12-2016
8655pg_restore problems with materialized views9.3.1mac os 10.8.52013-12-042013-12-042
8654pg_dumpall doesnt reliably replicate source database9.2.4Ubuntu Precise2013-12-032013-12-031
8648Segmentation fault on EXISTS with no *columns*9.1.10Ubuntu2013-12-032013-12-032
8647Backend process hangs and becomes unkillable when SSL client looses connection9.2.4Linux 3.2.0-48-generic Ubuntu x86_642013-12-022013-12-056
8641sspi language (or codepage) problem9.3.1Windows Server 2008 R2 (rus)2013-11-292013-11-291
8640extension can not be added/installed in 64bit version9.3.1WIN2013-11-292013-11-291
8639installation failure9.3.1Windows 7 64x2013-11-272013-12-022
8633Assigning to a variable named "current_time" gives wrong output9.1.10Linux ubuntu 3.5.0-42-generic #65~precise1-Ubuntu 2013-11-272013-11-286
8632file "pg_subtrans/CEC0" doesn't exist, reading as zeroes9.1.9Centos 6.4 x862013-11-262013-12-0713
8631invalid page headerUnsupported/Unknownwindows72013-11-262013-11-272
8630Planner behavior change between PG 9.0.14 and 82013-11-252013-11-252
8629Strange resultset when using CTE or a subselect9.2.4Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS2013-11-252013-11-2710
8628md5 security hole9.3.1Ubuntu Desktop 64 bit2013-11-242013-11-263
8622Error when installing PostGIS via Stack Builder9.3.1Windows 72013-11-242013-11-241
8621unable to run the stack wiard8.4.18windows 82013-11-232013-11-231
8620SELECT on Materialized View Fails to Use Index9.3.1Arch Linux x86_64 3.11.6-1-ARCH2013-11-232013-11-233
8613getting null when null is concatenated with string9.2.1linux2013-11-222013-11-223
8612Truncate did not release disk space9.0.13CentOS2013-11-202013-11-265
8611ECPG: unclosed comment "/*"9.3.1Windows 8 x642013-11-202013-11-2511
8610Duplicate records with same PK value9.3.1Windows 7 x642013-11-202013-11-232
8609Regression tests fail with Postgresql crashing frequently.9.2.5Windows 7 64 bit2013-11-202013-11-201
8608ECPG: sizeof() in EXEC SQL DECLARE SECTION9.3.1Windows 8 x642013-11-192013-11-256
8607ilike operator9.3.1CentOS release 6.4 (Final)2013-11-192013-11-232
8606Materialized View WITH NO DATA bug9.3.1MS Windows XP SP32013-11-192013-11-236
8605Regular expression lazy quantification issue9.2.4Debian 4.7.2-5, 64-bit2013-11-192013-11-192
8599Wrong information in Documentation9.3.0Windows 72013-11-182013-11-192
8598Row count estimates of partial indexes9.1.9Linux2013-11-172013-11-189
8592Windows Installer not setting locality9.3.1Windows 7 / 2012 64 bit2013-11-162013-11-161
8591Erroneous results, planner pushing where into left join right side9.2.5Amazon Linux2013-11-132013-11-152
8590unlimit_core_size failed in `make check`.9.3.1Linux2013-11-122013-11-122
8589compression is "skipped" for pg_dump custom format when piped in python9.2.4Windows 7 x642013-11-112013-11-111
8588Need work arounds for Apple unaligned access9.3.1OS X 10.8.52013-11-112013-11-125
8587quantile segfaults when quantile out of [0;1] range9.3.0ubuntu 13.042013-11-112013-11-163
8586Misleading fe_sendauth error message9.3.1Debian GNU LInux2013-11-112013-11-115
858532 bit ODBC driver is not working with Excel 2010 w/PowerPivot9.3.1Windows 7 Prof 64 bit SP12013-11-092013-11-091
8584Cross Tab Queries9.3.1Win 82013-11-092013-11-132
8583I can't install this product9.3.1Windows XP SP32013-11-072013-11-084
8582field serial getted incorrect value from automaticaly created its sequence9.2.4ubuntu precise 12.042013-11-072013-11-075
8581PG::UndefinedObject: ERROR: type "json" does not exist9.3.1ubuntu 13.102013-11-072013-11-071
8580search_path unexpected behavior with pg_temp9.2.4Linux Centos 6.42013-11-062013-11-061
8579CoreDump of background writer process9.0.13QNX 6.52013-11-062013-11-147
8578loading a 33G (compressed) pg_dump into a fresh host and db instance crashes a postgresql process9.3.1Linux Ubuntu 12.102013-11-062013-11-066
8577pg_dump custom format exported dump can't be imported again9.1.10Ubuntu x642013-11-052013-11-055
8576'btree index keys must be ordered by attribute'9.1.10Ubuntu 12.042013-11-022013-11-033
8575Issues with installing9.2.5Windows2013-11-022013-11-021
8573int4range memory consumption9.3.1Windows 7 64 bit2013-11-012013-11-011
8572Combination of SET TIME ZONEs and CAST gives wrong results9.1.10Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS2013-10-312013-11-012
8571Planner miss-estimates '<null_column> is not true' as not matching any rows9.2.4Ubuntu Linux x86_64 12.04.3 LTS2013-10-312013-10-313
8569with recursive work incorrectly with function9.1.9ubuntu 13.042013-10-302013-10-302
8568PLPGSQL Documentation For CASE Is incorrect9.3.1Linux2013-10-302013-10-304
8567sql "with" for delete and update not work correctly9.2.4Fedora 192013-10-292013-11-132
8566Postgres ODBC Driver 9.02.0100 (32 bits) cannot be used under WINDOWS 7 64 bits9.3.1WINDOWS 72013-10-292013-11-133
8565Uninstall procedure9.3.1Windows 82013-10-292013-10-291
8564jdbc connexion still opened9.1.9Debian 6.0 2.6.32-5-amd64 #1 SMP2013-10-282013-10-281
8553CRITICAL - delete from doesn't delete rows, select returns them anyway9.3.1<br>=C2=A0 CentOS 6.4<br>2013-10-252013-10-255
8552NEGATIVE_RETURNS in contrib/pageinspect/rawpage.c:839.2.5any2013-10-242013-10-242
8551Erro =?UTF-8?B?cmVpbnN0YWxhw6fDo28=?=2013-10-242013-10-241
8545pg_dump fails to backup database level grants9.3.1SUSE Linux (64-bit)2013-10-212013-10-222
8544High nfs getattr9.2.3Redhat 6.32013-10-212013-10-212
8543Standby recovery use incorrect timeline to determine WAL length9.1.3OpenSUSE 112013-10-212013-10-222
8542Materialized View with another column_name does not work?9.3.1RHEL5 x86_642013-10-212013-10-314
8541PGXS build fails due to 'include common/fe_memutils.h' which is not present 9.2.5Ubuntu 12.04.32013-10-212013-10-212
8540Avoid sscanf buffer overflow9.3.1Any2013-10-192014-02-152
8534Missing record in binary replica 6.02013-10-172013-10-171
8533JSON error caused by optimisation9.3.1all2013-10-162013-11-102
8532postgres fails to start with timezone-data >=2013e9.1.10Gentoo Linux (64bit, kernel 3.11.0, glibc 2.17)2013-10-162014-01-114
8531systemtap probe mark(checkpoint__done) error when i read the parameters9.3.1CentOS 6.4 x642013-10-162013-11-117
8525using ltree <@ ltree[] leads too very bad cost estimates9.3.0Linux2013-10-142013-10-141
8524PQsendQueryParams with RETURNING clause on a INSERT9.1.9Debian Wheezy2013-10-132013-11-113
8518FreeBSD usage in 9.3.1 9.3.1Windows 72013-10-112013-10-111
8517Problem due to libeay32.dll about ordinal8.4.0Windows 7 - 32bits2013-10-102013-10-102
8516Calling VOLATILE from STABLE function9.2.4CentOS2013-10-092013-10-117
8514cache lookup failed for relation 4210628068.4.0Linux 7.2 2013-10-092013-10-123
8513Error recognizing data type in union8.4.17Redhat Linux2013-10-092013-10-091
8512Can't use columns I can't read in the where clause of a select9.0.6Linux2013-10-082013-10-083
8500Upgrade to postgis 2.1 breaks existing databases9.2.4Scientific Linux 6.42013-10-042013-10-092
8498pg_trgm is missing from windows edb package9.3.0Windows 2003 x 64-bit2013-10-042013-10-055
8496psqlODBC driver does not work well via Excel9.2.0MacOS 10.8 ML2013-10-022013-10-047
8495PLSQL PG Terrible performance by using two-dimensional arrays.9.1.9<br>=C2=A0 Ubuntu 12.04LTS<br>2013-10-012013-10-012
8494Cannot Backup / Restore9.2.0Windows Server 20122013-10-012013-10-012
8493Changing file permissions on all files during install9.3.0<br>=A0 Win 7<br>2013-09-302013-10-082
8492problem with bigint datatypeUnsupported/UnknownLinux2013-09-302013-09-301
8491Spanish Interface Language Missing9.3.0Windows 72013-09-282013-09-281
8485Cannot Backup / RestoreUnsupported/UnknownWindows Server 20122013-09-282013-09-281
8484Cannot Backup / RestoreUnsupported/UnknownWindows Server 20122013-09-282013-09-281
8483Text lengths issue9.3.0windows 82013-09-272013-09-271
8472could not find a \"%s\" to execute. When Directory On %PATH% Has Double Quotes.9.2.4Windows2013-09-262013-09-261
8471subquery where not being applied until outer query9.2.4CentOS2013-09-262013-09-261
8469Xpath behaviour unintuitive / arguably wrong9.3.0FreeBSD 9.2-RC42013-09-242015-02-0410
8468Create index on type tstzrange fail9.3.0Linux2013-09-242013-09-252
8466pg_basebackup backup database is not ok9.1.6CentOS 5.92013-09-222013-09-221
8465major dump/reload problem9.3.0all2013-09-212013-09-233
8464Update with subquery with limit occasionally updates too many rows9.2.4Ubunutu 12.04 (64-bit)/Kernel version 3.22013-09-202013-09-201
8463Packaging problem with postgis rpms9.2.4Scientific Linux 6.42013-09-182013-09-233
8462psql is trying to access the unix socket in wrong directory9.2.4Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 2013-09-182013-09-181
8461PostgreSQL 9.3 pg_dump heap corruptions9.3.0Windows2013-09-182014-02-245
8460Stack Builder fails to parse XP SP32013-09-172013-09-171
8458Missing Fedora RPMs9.3.0Linux2013-09-162013-09-172
8457Ldap connection with accents9.0.6Windows 8 x642013-09-162013-09-161
8456Ldap connection with accents9.0.6Windows 8 x642013-09-162013-09-161
8455spanish pgadmin3.mo9.1.9Ubuntu server 12.042013-09-162013-09-273
8454Process returned exit 0 message is showing while taking backup 8.4.1Windows XP SP32013-09-152013-09-151
8453uninitialized memory access in pg_receivexlog and other bugs9.3.0any2013-09-152013-09-234
8452COPY command pgadmin9.3.0Windows 72013-09-142013-09-192
8451quantile extension: memory corruption?9.1.9Linux 3.8.0-27-generic #40-Ubuntu SMP x86_642013-09-132013-09-163
8450pg_basebackup blocks until WAL archiving successful9.1.9all2013-09-132013-09-253
8449ODBC Failure with Access 109.3.0Windows 82013-09-122013-09-192
8448looping through query results exits at 10th step under some conditions9.3.0windows 7 64 bit2013-09-122013-11-124
8447With table inheritance, indexes seems to be ignored when looking over indexed fields in base table9.3.0Gentoo Linux2013-09-122013-09-122
8446CST FATAL: the database system is in recovery mode9.0.0centos2013-09-122013-09-121
8445the database system is in recovery mode9.0.0centos2013-09-122013-09-121
8444ERROR: table name "tblb" specified more than once in subquery9.3.0openSUSE 12.3 64bit and Windows XP2013-09-112013-11-115
8443duplicated oids after dump9.2.4debian2013-09-112013-09-112
8442Postgresql Crash Frequently and It is installed on m68k platorm9.2.3Embedded Linux 2.6.292013-09-102013-09-102
8441Recursive function in plpgsql does not seem to handle null values correctly9.0.4Windows Server 2008 R22013-09-092013-09-094
8440sevices not started automaticallyUnsupported/UnknownWindow server 20122013-09-092013-09-112
8439phantom dupe key violation9.2.0Ubuntu 12.0.42013-09-072013-09-071
8438Usage of Pipe operator in Windows(CMD.exe) shows the password typed with any PG utility.9.2.2Windows2013-09-062014-02-012
8436Heisenbug: random: relation "XXX" does not exist on 3 tables/views9.1.9Linux &lt;DEL&gt; 2.6.32-279.1.1.el6.x86_64 2013-09-042013-09-042
8435PGAdmin backup: obect list missing objects9.1.9windows 7 64 bit2013-09-042013-09-042
8434Why does dead lock occur many times ?9.3rc1RedHatEnterpriseLinux 6.4(x86_64)2013-09-042013-11-2911
8432installation sticks on "initializing the database cluster"9.2.4Windows 7 x642013-08-312013-08-311
8410out of binary heap slotsUnsupported/UnknownFreeBSD2013-08-302013-08-3120
8407json_populate_record case sensitivity9.3rc1Ubuntu2013-08-292013-08-293
8406Postgresql 9.3 from OpenSCG dose not start automaticly when enalbled in system runlevel9.3rc1opnsuse 12.32013-08-292013-08-292
8405user can create a system table(eg, pg_class)9.2.2ubuntu11.04 x86_642013-08-282013-08-282
8404JDBC block hot standby replication?9.1.9<br>=C2=A0 Linux version 2.6.32-279.14.1.el6.x86_64<br>2013-08-282013-08-284
8403installing PostgreSQL breaks future registration of w32tm service9.1.3Windows 7 Ultimate x64 - Windows Server 2008 x642013-08-272013-08-271
8402Bad error message by psql9.2.4Linux2013-08-272013-08-271
8401weird input accepted for intervals and geometric types9.3rc1irrelevant2013-08-272013-08-271
8400DB size changed after restore9.2.0ubuntu2013-08-272013-08-303
8397pg_basebackup -x from new standby server sometimes causes Segmentation fault9.2.4Linux (CentOS6)2013-08-242013-08-254
8396Window function results differ when selecting from table and view, with where clause9.3rc1Ubuntu Linux2013-08-242013-08-252
8395empty aclitem arrays are considered 1-dimensional9.1.9Ubuntu linux 12.042013-08-232014-02-053
8394SQL command REINDEX doesn't work9.1.3Windows 7 64-bit2013-08-232013-08-295
8393"ERROR: failed to locate grouping columns" on grouping by varchar returned from function9.2.4Windows 7 x64 SP12013-08-232013-08-232
8392encounter intermittent "ERROR: out of memory" on hot standby9.1.9Linux version 2.6.32-279.14.1.el6.x86_642013-08-222013-08-272
8391JDBC API links incomplete9.2.4Linux2013-08-212013-08-211
8389JDBC Driver assumes first column to be an integer9.2.4Windows 72013-08-202013-08-202
8388Remote connections9.1.9<br>=C2=A0 Mac OS 10.7 and 10.8<br>2013-08-192013-08-192
8387Error while make of the source code 9.2.4AIX7.12013-08-192013-08-205
8386function crosstab(unknown) does not exist9.2.1<br>=C2=A0 windows 7<br>2013-08-192013-08-192
8385greek symbols as function name9.2.3Windows 82013-08-162013-08-185
8384Missing dll9.2.4Win 7 ultimate2013-08-142013-08-192
8383SQL statement error log misses query parameters9.1.9Debian Linux (kernel 3.9.8-1)2013-08-142013-08-141
8382Duplicate primary key9.0.5Windows Server 20132013-08-132013-08-145
8381data base inconsistancyUnsupported/Unknownlinux2013-08-112013-08-143
8380initdb ignore options9.2.4CentOS 6.42013-08-102013-08-112
8378JDBC driver DatabaseMetaData.getCatalogTerm returns "database" rather than null or empty string9.2.4Windows2013-08-082013-08-081
8375pg_hba.conf: Include_dir like in postgresql.conf9.2.4Linux2013-08-082013-08-124
8373can create database with long name , but can't connect9.2.4<br>=A0 RHEL 6.4<br>2013-08-072013-08-073
8367wrong example in
8366getClob() stopped working from which version?Unsupported/Unknownwindows2013-08-062013-08-062
8364BUG: Patch for fail-back without fresh backupUnsupported/UnknownCentOS 5.8 x642013-08-062013-08-061
8363checksum verification fails with StackBuilderUnsupported/Unknownwindows 8 x64 2013-08-042013-08-041
8362postres webserver9.2.2win72013-08-042013-08-054
83619.3~beta2-2: Wrong `interval' format with aggregate functions.Unsupported/UnknownDebian unstable/experimental2013-08-042013-08-042
8355PL/Python 3 can't convert infinity to PostgreSQL's value9.2.4Windows 7 x64 (PostgreSQL is x86), Python 3.2.52013-08-022013-08-045
8353Core dump with uuid-ossp on FreeBSD 9,29.2.4FreeBSD 9.22013-08-022013-08-021
8352Using UPPER in ON clause of JOIN9.2.4Windows 72013-08-012013-08-022
8350unable to register pgAgent9.2.2windows2013-08-012013-08-011
8347PANIC: heap_insert_redo: failed to add tuple when applying WAL9.2.4Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS 64-bit2013-07-312013-08-025
8346Postgres BDR: Segmentation Fault observed during replication of binary object.9.2.0Ubuntu 12.04 Server Edition (64-bit)2013-07-302013-07-312
8345PostGre SQL database is crashingUnsupported/UnknownLinux kernel 2.6.292013-07-302013-07-303
8344Python PL broken installation9.2.4OSX 10.82013-07-282013-07-281
8343plperl/plperlu Install Fails9.2.4Mac OS 10.8.42013-07-282013-11-014
8337Installer takes forever - old bug still present9.2.4Windows 72013-07-272013-07-302
8336pgAgent is not working9.2.2windows2013-07-262013-07-292
8335trim() un-document behaviour9.2.4suse 10 linux 642013-07-262013-08-126
8334Merge Join drops records9.2.0Linux 3.8.0-11-na2013-07-252013-07-294
8333Conversions from TEXT to range types are not immutable9.2.4Fedora 192013-07-252013-07-251
8332Error 2920 installation9.0.2Windows XP Professional ver 2002 Service Pack 32013-07-252013-07-251
8330Accessing Postgres database on iOS Application9.2.4iOS2013-07-252013-07-251
8329UPDATE x SET x.y = x.y + z does not work in PL/pgSQL9.2.4Fedora x642013-07-242013-08-1210
8328Unable to start postgresql on the Debian machine.Unsupported/UnknownDebian2013-07-242013-08-022
8327a bug of spgist index in a heavy write condition9.2.4CentOS release 5.5 (Final)2013-07-242013-08-073
8326pgbench tps wrong BUGUnsupported/UnknownCentOS 5.8 x642013-07-242013-07-262
8325Missing script II9.2.4Linux roblaptop 3.9-1-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.9.8-1 2013-07-232013-07-232
8324Missing script9.2.4Debian 3.9-1-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.9.8-1 x86_64 GN2013-07-232013-07-232
8318memory leak during CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE9.1.3Linux Debian 6 (squeezy)2013-07-222013-07-314
8317ROUND(double*1/2) != ROUND(1/2*double)9.2.4Ubuntu 12.0.4 32 bits hosted by a VirtualBox2013-07-222013-07-305
8315GRANTS allowed on extension functions, but not dumped by pg_dump9.2.4Scientific Linux 62013-07-182013-07-184
8308Installation9.2.4Windows 82013-07-182013-07-182
8307can reproduce: pg_dump: schema with OID xxxxxx does not exist9.1.8Linux/CentOS 6.22013-07-172013-07-172
8306Error in dbcreate comman9.2.4solaris machine (5.10 Generic_142909-17 sun4v spar2013-07-152013-07-151
8295crypt() function fails randomly9.2.4windows server 2008 R2 standard SP1 64 bit2013-07-112013-07-111
8294new timeline 6 forked off current dat abase system timeline 5 before current recovery point 0/100000Unsupported/UnknownCentOS 5.8 x642013-07-112013-08-192
8293There are no methods to convert json scalar text to text in v9.3 beta2 Unsupported/UnknownAll2013-07-102013-08-023
8291postgres_fdw does not re-read USER MAPING after change.Unsupported/UnknownWindows 7 (64-bit)2013-07-092013-07-103
8290broken/unexpected locking behavior8.4.13<br>=A0 CentOS Linux<br>2013-07-092013-07-108
8289pg_stat_statements incorrect query text when executing multiple queries in a single PQexec9.2.4Scientific Linux 6.3 2013-07-092013-07-092
82889.3.0Beta2 - Windows Installer bug #7738 still openUnsupported/UnknownWindows 7 64bit2013-07-092013-07-102
8287select distinct / select group by - Invalid result9.2.4Debian x64 / Windows 8 x642013-07-062013-07-063
8286severe bug in auth9.2.4CentOS release 6.42013-07-042013-07-052
8285Unable to install the pgAgent9.2.1Windows 72013-07-042013-07-041
8279Apparent memory leak with use of INTO STRICT in plpgsql?9.2.4Ubuntu 10.042013-07-042013-07-041
8278psql describe table9.2.4mac os x2013-07-032013-07-032
8277error in instalation9.2.4windows 8 64 bit2013-07-022013-07-021
8276Can't install PostgreSQL with russian name for OS user9.2.2Windows 72013-07-022013-07-021
8275Updateable View based on inheritance (partition) throws Error on INSERT Statement 9.2.4All2013-07-022013-07-035
8274Wildly insane boolean selectivity estimates9.1.9any2013-07-012013-07-242
8273Assertion failure in 9.3 beta2 with serializable and savepointsUnsupported/UnknownRHEL 5 x86_64 2013-07-012013-07-207
8272Unable to connect to diffrent schema from jdbc8.4.17Linux (Fedora 18)2013-06-302013-07-013
8271Configure warning: sys/ucred.h: present but cannot be compiled9.1.9OpenBSD 5.3 amd642013-06-302013-07-2526
8269the recovery_target_inclusive is always considered as false9.2.4RHEL2013-06-282013-07-014
8268select * from pg_stat_all_tables ; ERROR: bigint out of range9.2.4Solaris/Smartos2013-06-282013-06-281
8266Problem with \d and ::regclass when tables have utf8 chars in their name9.2.4OSX Lion2013-06-272013-06-271
8260problem with sequence and tablename9.1.7Centos 6.42013-06-272013-06-284
8259Not able to search composite type in search object9.2.4Win 72013-06-272013-06-271
8258I am not able to search composite types in search object9.2.4Windows 72013-06-272013-06-271
8257Multi-Core Restore fails when containing index comments9.2.4SUSE Linux (64-bit)2013-06-262013-06-276
8256query screen on pgAdmin is show blank9.2.4Mac OS version 10.8.42013-06-262013-06-262
8255encoding latin18.4.4windows xp2013-06-262013-06-272
8254On cygwin DLLWRAP produces buggy shared lib9.2.4Windows / Cygwin build2013-06-232013-06-231
8248se presenta una excepcion cuando intento realizar consultas des la aplicacion en netbeasns8.4.0windows2013-06-212013-06-212
8247Duplicate database names - pg_dump backup failsUnsupported/UnknownDebian Sarge2013-06-212013-06-212
8246Delete Cascade causing performance issues8.4.17windows 72013-06-212013-06-211
8245Urgent:Query on slave failing with invalid memory alloc request size 184467440737095375599.2.4OpenIndiana2013-06-212013-06-243
8244Stack Builder 3.1.0 fails with an http proxy because of an incorrect HTTP Host header value9.2.4Windows 72013-06-202013-06-201
8243Order by with column ordinal and collate - fails to parse9.1.9Debian2013-06-202013-06-201
8242No way to debug "subquery must return only one column" error9.1.2any2013-06-202013-06-259
8241submisson 9.2.4<br>=A0 windows<br>2013-06-202013-06-212
8239postgresql cannot run after install with apt-get because of permisions9.1.0Kali Linux ARM Chroot Android2013-06-182013-06-181
8238duplicate of bug #6372 on panffs9.1.4SLES 112013-06-182013-06-273
8237CASE Expression - Order of expression processing9.0.4Linux2013-06-182013-06-195
8236wal_sync_method open_datasync unavailable8.4.4CEntOS 5.42013-06-182013-06-182
8230Time interval size overflow9.2.4Arch Linux2013-06-162014-01-254
8229Dropuser and create user segfault for users in ldap9.2.4Slackware Linux 14.0 x86_642013-06-132013-06-131
8228Unexpected "set-valued function" with varchar(n) but not varchar9.0.13Ubuntu Linux 10.042013-06-132013-06-134
8227referential integrity problem9.2.4linux2013-06-122013-06-122
8226Inconsistent unnesting of arrays9.2.4OSX2013-06-122013-06-127
8225logging options don't change after reload9.1.8various2013-06-112013-06-1410
8219Windows installer fails when username contains spaces9.2.4Windows 7 (64-bit)2013-06-092013-06-091
8218Error when querying an JSON data, 9.3betaUnsupported/UnknownWindows2013-06-092014-01-245
8216TO_DATE does not support th format provided9.2.4Windows2013-06-072013-06-072
8215pg_dump includes table out of order in SQL dump9.2.4Server: Ubuntu 12.04; Client: Mac OS X 10.5.82013-06-062013-06-073
8214SIGSEGV in PyEval_EvalFrameEx9.2.4Debian 6.0 (squeeze)2013-06-062013-06-061
8213Set-valued function error in union9.0.13Ubuntu 10.04, 32bit2013-06-052013-06-052
8212Feature request: View original value of current_user in function with SECURITY DEFINER set9.2.4Linux2013-06-052013-06-051
8211Syntax error when creating index on expression9.2.3Windows2013-06-052013-06-054
8210UTF8 column names corrupted by server9.2.1Windows 82013-06-052013-06-051
8202can't install database8.4.17windows 7 64 bit2013-06-042013-06-112
8201installing problems9.2.0windows7 Home Edition2013-06-032013-06-031
8199row datatypes are not hashable9.2.4Ubuntu 13.042013-06-012013-06-011
8198ROW() literals not supported in an IN clause9.2.4Ubuntu 13.042013-06-012013-06-096
8197Error Message When trying to install PS8.1Unsupported/UnknownSBS 2011 64 bit2013-05-312013-06-013
8196problem with left join and is null check9.1.9ubuntu2013-05-312013-05-311
8195Postgre SQL Database displayed as log in even after running a hide command on terminal9.0.0OS X 10.8.32013-05-302013-05-301
8194hardware 9.2.4Windwos2013-05-302013-05-301
8193A few cosmetic misspell fixes.9.2.4Linux2013-05-302013-06-024
8192On very large tables the concurrent update with vacuum lag the hot_standby replica 9.2.4Debian 6.02013-05-302013-06-1112
8191Wrong bit conversion9.2.1Windows 82013-05-302013-06-018
8190Issue with slony-I replication on postgres master and slave database9.2.4windows 8 pro2013-05-302013-05-301
8183field timestamp result to date9.2.3Linux debian2013-05-282013-05-293
8182Database name duplicate in one postgres instanceUnsupported/Unknownredhat2013-05-282013-05-281
8177initscript should create /var/run/postgresql9.2.4wheezy2013-05-272013-05-271
8176problem with the "ALTER TYPE name RENAME TO new_name [ CASCADE | RESTRICT ]" syntax9.2.4Any2013-05-272013-05-276
8175Check constraint fails for valid data. ( rounding related? )9.1.6Linux ( Ubuntu 12.04 )2013-05-222013-05-222
8174Ownership reassigned public schema restored with postgres as owner9.0.13Ubuntu Linux 10.042013-05-212013-05-282
8172entering the hostname in the address column in pg_hba.conf doesn't work as it should9.2.4Centos 6.4 kernel 2.6.32-358.6.2.el6.x86_642013-05-212013-05-293
8171Log messages lacking enough details9.2.4FreeBSD/amd64 9.1-STABLE r2508052013-05-202013-05-201
8170alter user does not accept timestamp output format in certain datestyles and timezones.9.2.4Debian Linux2013-05-202013-05-202
8169change in bytea value in postgresql 8.3 and 62013-05-182013-05-182
8168duplicated function signature8.4.11PostgreSQL 8.4.11 on x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu, com2013-05-172013-05-176
8167false EINVAL -22 for opening a file9.2.4MacOS 10.8.32013-05-162013-05-195
8163simultaneous nearly identical update queries execute extremely slowly8.4.16Fedora 142013-05-152013-05-155
8161Several instances of Postgres service9.2.4Windows72013-05-142013-05-143
81609.3 Beta 1 Initdb doesn't workUnsupported/UnknownCentOS release 6.2 (Final)2013-05-142013-05-156
8159PostgreSQlk is not working9.2.4Vista2013-05-142013-05-152
8157pg_dump and pg_dumpall fail when extension postgis_tiger_geocoder is installed Unsupported/UnknownLinux Fedora 182013-05-142013-05-141
8156PostGIS crash with immutable functions when immutable function throws an error9.2.4Windows 7 64-bit compiled with visual c++ - EDB 642013-05-142013-05-141
8154pg_dump throws error beacause of field called "new".9.1.9ubuntu 12.04 server2013-05-132013-07-295
8153check constraint results in a lot of casts9.2.4Linux &amp; windows2013-05-132013-05-131
8152strange behavior regarding after triggers and inheritance8.4.17Debian GNU/Linux 6.0.7 (squeeze)2013-05-122013-05-133
8151client libraries not working on mingw-w64 gcc
8150NULL emements lost when casting result of unnest()9.2.4Multiple2013-05-112013-05-113
8144Problem with rank window function and CTEs9.2.4Linux 3.6.3 (debian wheezy)2013-05-102013-05-102
8143Backend segmentation fault in pg_trgm9.2.4Debian 6.0.7 + squeeze-pgdg2013-05-092013-05-103
8141multi-column check expression evaluating to NULL9.1.9linux/Ubuntu 12.102013-05-082013-05-083
8140wont start automatically9.2.4Windows 7 64 bit2013-05-082013-05-081
8138No puedo ver los datos 9.2.4Windows 7 Pro2013-05-062013-05-062
8137=?UTF-8?B?SW5zdGFsYcOnw6NvIGFwYXJlY2UgZXJy?= =?UTF-8?B?bw==?=2013-05-062013-05-061
8135current_setting('DateStyle'); does not reflect User setting9.1.8Ubuntu 12.042013-05-052013-05-062
8134initdb failed to execute9.2.3Windows XP =2013-05-042013-05-041
8132Not Null column should set default value when inserting or setting null9.2.4Win-72013-05-022013-05-023
8131Not Null column should set default value when inserting or setting null9.2.4Win-72013-05-022013-05-021
8130Hashjoin still gives issues9.2.4Linux2013-05-012013-05-012
8128pg_dump (>= 9.1) failed while dumping a scheme named "old" from PostgreSQL GNU/Linux 7.02013-04-302013-05-014
8127After failed insert a select to figure out what failed is rejected9.2.4Fedora 182013-04-292013-05-072
8126error in translation dutch8.4.17Win72013-04-292013-04-291
8125server connecting error9.0.0Windows2013-04-292013-04-293
8124How to uninstall and reinstall postgreSQL<br>=A0 Windows 7<br>2013-04-282013-04-292
8118Wrong sorting text9.2.2Linux (Fedora 11, Fedora 16 and Ubuntu 12.04)2013-04-262013-04-294
8117simple but huge query infinite execution time9.2.3Linux, Windows2013-04-252013-04-252
8116create trigger after insert fails if procedure being executed is having error9.1.7WINDOWS , UNIX2013-04-252013-04-251
8115Increased session memory usage after pg_upgrade9.2.4CentOS release 5.5, Linux 2.6.18-194.32.1.el5 #1 S2013-04-252013-04-251
8114Peer authentication in cgi-perl9.1.0Ubuntu 12.04.22013-04-242013-04-254
8113odbc9.2.4win 72013-04-242013-04-241
8107How to downgrade database from 9.2.3 to 8.4 ?9.2.3CentOS 5.6 (Final)2013-04-232013-04-232
8106Redundant function definition in contrib/cube/cube.c9.2.4Ubuntu 12.04 LTS2013-04-232013-04-232
8105names are transformed to lowercase incorrectly9.1.5Windows =2013-04-222013-04-221
8098Bad option -I in contrib/start-scripts/linux9.2.4Ubuntu 12.102013-04-192013-04-192
8097pg_dump incomplete data output9.1.9Scientific Linux 6.1 32bit2013-04-192013-04-192
8096unable to create language PLl/TCL9.2.0Windows XP2013-04-192013-04-191
8095postgres acquiring lock on a table when not in transaction9.2.4ubuntu2013-04-192013-04-203
8094psql prompt variable and command substitution broken9.2.4Linux (Amazon AMI Linux x64, kernel 3.2.39)2013-04-182013-04-183
8093After starting postgres, any attempt to connect generate a core dump and unable to login9.0.4redhat 5 64bit2013-04-182013-04-192
8092pg_dump need sur quoting schema name9.2.4Linux Ubuntu 12.102013-04-182013-04-183
8091No permissions on the table file causing recovery failure 9.2.4Linux2013-04-182013-04-243
808032-bit ODBC Driver Needs timestamp MetaData Type9.2.4Windows XP2013-04-172013-04-171
8079pg_ctl is killed by windows service controller due to "Timed out waiting for server startup" event9.2.4Microsoft Windows 2008R2 Standard server2013-04-172013-04-171
8067now() bug?9.0.1Linux DRONE #5 Wed Dec 21 12:11:46 CET 22013-04-142013-04-152
8061Not count limit offset9.2.4WIN 82013-04-122013-04-123
8060postgresql service not in Microsoft services9.2.4Server 2008 R2 x642013-04-122013-04-121
8059sequence crash recovery is not working properly9.2.4linux2013-04-122013-04-126
8058CLUSTER and VACUUM FULL fail to free space9.0.13Ubuntu 10.042013-04-122013-04-126
8057Unable to Connect PostgresSQL Remotely 9.2.0windows 72013-04-122013-04-122
8056postgres forgets hstore over time9.2.1centos 6 64bit2013-04-102013-04-205
8050Need quotes around service exe (imagepath registry key)9.1.2windows 7 x642013-04-092013-04-102
8049Incorrect results when using ORDER BY and query planner options9.2.4CentOS 6.3 final 64bit2013-04-092013-04-256
8048Text Search9.2.0Windows 72013-04-092013-04-093
8046PL/pgSQL plan caching regression9.2.4Linux Debian Wheezy x642013-04-082013-04-093
80439.2.4 doesn't open WAL files from archive, only looks in pg_xlog9.2.4<br>=A0 CentOS 5.9 x86_64 kernel 2.6.18-348.3.1.el5<br>2013-04-052013-05-078
8036how to disable toasting 9.0.5windows2013-04-042013-04-043
8034pg_buffercache gets invalid memory alloc request size with very large shared memory buffers9.2.3Ubuntu Precise2013-04-022013-04-043
8027Get generated key value while inserting in partitioned table8.4.0ubuntu2013-04-022013-04-022
8026pgAdmin III FATAL: Cannot open the logfile!9.2.3Windows 7 Professional, Servcie Pack 12013-04-012013-04-011
8025PostgreSQL crash (>= 9.1 64 bit)9.2.3Linux 64 bit (Debian, Gentoo), Windows 8 64 bit2013-03-312013-04-184
8024Let OS-XP display dead blue screen while run PG_DUMP 9.2.3XP+Sp32013-03-312013-03-311
8013Memory leak9.2.3<br>=A0 Suse Linux 9.3<br>2013-03-302013-03-3110
8002installation (pg_ctl blocked)8.4.0windows 20122013-03-282013-03-282
8001Cannot install Slony8.4.11windows7 Home Premium SP1 i642013-03-272013-03-282
8000ExclusiveLock on a simple SELECT ?9.2.3CentOS 5.6 (Final)2013-03-272013-03-272
7999Regexp with utf8 9.1.8linux2013-03-272013-03-272
7998Could not able to connect databaseUnsupported/UnknownLinux2013-03-262013-03-263
7997View the data in stretch column spacing, stop working9.2.3window72013-03-252013-03-251
7985Postgres Windows Installer fails with "permission denied"9.2.2Windows 7 =2013-03-232013-04-022
7984passwordcheck module not enforced in PGAdmin GUI9.1.0Windows2013-03-232013-03-232
7983Problem with pgAgent.9.1.4Linux Red Hat 62013-03-212013-03-258
7971Xml special symbols are not unescaped when gettting value of Xml via xpath9.2.3Windows2013-03-192013-06-182
7970How 's list all members in a special tablespace ( not as pg_global & pg_default )9.0.4Enterpride linux 5 x86_642013-03-192013-03-192
7969Postgres Recovery Fatal With: "incorrect local pin count: 2"9.2.2SmartOS (Solaris)2013-03-182013-04-118
7968Perl DBI segfaults in connect()9.1.5SPARC Solaris 102013-03-182013-03-184
7967Wrong week number in extract function9.1.3Debian2013-03-182013-03-183
7956Installation fails saying database cluster initialization failed9.2.3Windows2013-03-182013-03-181
7955argv=0x0 on program start9.2.3FreeBSD 9.1-STABLE, arch i3862013-03-162013-03-173
7943plpgsql parsing bug9.2.1Windows 72013-03-142013-03-153
7942Timestamp "19991231 240000" should not be out of range9.1.8Debian Wheezy2013-03-142013-03-152
7940Auto increment issue9.0.1Ubuntu2013-03-132013-03-253
7927MEDIAN FUNCTION IN POSTGRE REQUIREDUnsupported/UnknownWINDOWS 72013-03-112013-03-112
7926column 2 has type numeric(20, 2) in non-recursive term but type numeric overall9.1.4Windows 72013-03-112013-03-111
7925doesnt works9.2.3windows =2013-03-102013-03-101
7924Trigger update function don't take correct valuesUnsupported/UnknownRedHat2013-03-082013-03-082
7922Error installing PostGIS9.1.2Windows 7, 64-bit2013-03-062013-03-061
7921Problem while initializing db..initdb could not create directory..9.2.1Windows 72013-03-062013-03-061
7920Sequence rename leave stale value for sequence_name9.2.3Linux2013-03-062013-03-066
7918limitation of pagination with LIMIT and OFFSET8.4.7Windows/Linux2013-03-062013-03-062
7917Error while migrating data9.1.0Centos2013-03-052013-03-051
7916memory leak with array_agg9.2.3Debian GNU/Linux 7.0 (wheezy)2013-03-042013-03-053
7915problema con postgis 12.042013-03-042013-03-041
7914pg_dump aborts occasionally8.4.16Windows Server 20122013-03-042014-05-099
7913TO_CHAR Function & Turkish collate9.2.0Linux2013-03-022013-03-147
7911Equal vertices are not identified9.2.0Windows XP ,Windows 72013-03-012013-03-011
7910error 10679.1.1window xp 32 bit2013-02-282013-02-281
7908documentation mismatch9.1.8CentOS 6.22013-02-272013-02-273
7907BEFORE DELETE TRIGGER (not instead of, my trigger BEFORE)not row delete...9.1.0debian-6.stable2013-02-262013-02-261
7906pg_dump exits successfully after an error9.2.1Linux 2.6.32-39-server #86-Ubuntu SMP x86_642013-02-262013-02-272
7903EAN13s are shown ISBN values9.2.3all2013-02-232013-02-264
7902lazy cleanup of extraneous WAL files can cause out of disk issues9.2.3Ubuntu 12.042013-02-222013-02-268
7900the session can execute sql sentence when kill pg master process after.9.1.4cent os 5.52013-02-222013-02-221
7899allow key word as alias in subquery but Can't reference it in outer query9.1.3CentOS 62013-02-222013-02-225
7898mapinfo 11.5.2 connection problem8.4.16windows xp x322013-02-202013-02-201
7897RPM fails to set up links for all the tools9.2.3centos 6.32013-02-192013-02-202
7891ODBC error on SQL_REAL9.2.3Centos 5.9 (32 bits)2013-02-192013-02-191
7890wrong behaviour using pg_rotate_logfile() with parameter log_truncate_on_rotation = on 9.1.8Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.32013-02-182013-02-1911
7889Memory Issue in OSX Mountain Lion9.2.2Darwin 12.2.1 - OSX Mountain Lion2013-02-172013-02-171
7888Small issue on wiki page Round timeUnsupported/Unknownall2013-02-172013-02-182
7886date_trunc(date) returning timestamptz instead of timestamp9.0.3Linux 2.6.182013-02-152013-02-153
7885postmaster panic on startup does not release shared memory9.2.3CentOS 6.32013-02-152013-02-154
7884pg_upgradecluster is terribly slow9.1.7Ubuntu 12.042013-02-152013-02-166
7883"PANIC: WAL contains references to invalid pages" on replica recovery9.1.8Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit2013-02-152013-02-2411
7882plperl poor error message9.2.3Linux2013-02-142013-02-141
7881SQL function failures in long-lived calling contexts9.2.3any2013-02-142013-03-033
7877org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: column reference "e_raci_obj" is ambiguous9.1.0Centos 6.32013-02-142013-02-141
7876org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: column reference "e_raci_obj" is ambiguous9.1.0Centos 6.32013-02-142013-02-141
7875org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: column reference "e_raci_obj" is ambiguous9.1.0Centos 6.32013-02-142013-02-142
7874GUC's not in database dumps9.2.1OSX, Linux2013-02-142013-02-152
7873pg_restore --clean tries to drop tables that don't exist9.2.3Linux2013-02-132013-03-0710
7869Expressions in a view for rows that are not part of the view result set are still evaluated9.2.3Mac OS X 10.6.82013-02-122013-02-121
7868Different class on numeric number through PgOleDb- R-5.62013-02-122013-02-121
7867Similarity function fails9.2.3Mac OSX 10.82013-02-112013-02-122
7866even after T's child-tables are deleted it cannot have select-rule9.2.2Windows 7 x642013-02-102013-02-102
7865Unexpected error code on insert of duplicate to composite primary key9.2.2Fedora Linux 17/182013-02-092013-02-127
7859postgresql92-libs fails to create symlink9.2.3Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.32013-02-082013-02-082
7858Inaccurate Log Message9.1.4Ubuntu2013-02-082013-09-102
7857postgresql91-libs fails to create symlink9.1.8CentOS 6.32013-02-072013-02-094
7853Incorrect statistics in table with many dead rows.8.4.14RHEL62013-02-052013-03-0211
7852TeamPostgresql is giving error9.0.8Linux2013-02-052013-02-153
7851Installer crash with message: An error occured executing the Microsoft VC++ runtimeinstaller8.4.15Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits2013-02-052013-02-0616
7850left outer join is not working or I didn't contruct the query properly9.0.10linux-gridsql2013-02-052013-02-054
7846Documentation: Should FOUND be documented as an output of UPDATE statement?9.1.6Ubuntu Linux 12.042013-02-022013-02-042
7845Error (0x00002747/10055) and Srv Error id: 20199.0.4Windows XP Embedded2013-02-012013-02-011
7843Incorrect using icacls9.2.2Windows 7 x642013-02-012013-02-012
7842pg_dump scripts view to table9.1.7ubuntu 12.042013-01-312013-02-045
7841Multithreading in libpq is not working9.2.2Windows 72013-01-312013-01-311
7840PostgreSQL 9.3 devel select for no key share lock bug?Unsupported/UnknownCentOS 5.7 x642013-01-312013-01-313
7838pg_dump major bug9.2.2Debian GNU/Linux2013-01-292013-01-302
7836COPY command does not honor 'FORMAT' option9.2.2FreeBSD 9.1 (i386 - 32bit)2013-01-292013-09-106
7835The _ acts like a wildcard when used as '%_%'9.0.11Linux2013-01-292013-01-292
7834Overflow with limited information provided9.2.1Linux2013-01-292013-01-302
7833ERROR : Error connecting to the server:9.1.0windowxp service pack32013-01-292013-01-291
7832incorrect summation of ipv6 addresses9.1.0GNU/Debian Linux Wheezy2013-01-282013-01-282
7831user defined-aggregated don't set initcond to null when unspecified, instead uses its first argument9.1.2OpenBSD-5.1/amd64.MP2013-01-282013-01-283
7827Postgresql Porblem8.4.1Windows 7 ultimate2013-01-252013-01-302
7825pgAdmin III won't allow unchecking superuser9.2.2Win 7 642013-01-222013-01-221
7824documentation bug: Extract DOW9.2.2<br>=A0 Windows 7 x64<br>2013-01-222013-09-103
7823PGDG packaged pgadmin3_92 removes its /usr/bin/pgadmin3 link9.2.2CentOS 6.32013-01-222013-03-126
7822PGDG packaged postgresql92 binaries do not find their libraries9.2.2CentOS 6.32013-01-222013-01-232
7821constant disconnection with external network9.0.6Windows2013-01-222013-01-232
7820Extension uuid-ossp cannot be installed on Windows - getting syntax error9.1.7Windows 7 64-bit2013-01-222013-01-227
7819missing chunk number 0 for toast value 1235919 in pg_toast_353289.1.7CentOS (Linux version 2.6.32-2202013-01-222013-02-0110
7818Foreign server not visible under normal users9.2.2Debian GNU/Linux 7.02013-01-212013-01-212
7817psql does not relate to footer settings in extended mode9.1.7Fedora 162013-01-202013-09-103
7816test for compiler output produces bogus results9.1.4Linux2013-01-202013-01-214
7815Upgrading PostgreSQL from 9.1 to 9.2 with pg_upgrade/postgreql-setup fails - invalid status retrieve9.2.2Fedora 18 Linux2013-01-182013-08-1211
7814Rotation of the log is not carried out. 9.2.2WindowsServer2008Standard 64bit2013-01-172013-01-2412
7813Problem in installation9.2.2Windows 8 x642013-01-152013-01-151
7812pgadmin3_92 will not uninstall9.2.2Centos 62013-01-152013-01-151
7810cant uninstall or install program8.4.13windows 72013-01-152013-01-151
7809Running pg_dump on slave w/ streaming replication fails if there are unlogged tables9.2.2Ubuntu2013-01-142013-01-256
7808unnest doesn't handle nulls in array of composite types correctly9.2.1OSX2013-01-142016-07-278
7807"sign" function returns double9.1.7GNU/Linux 3.2.0-35-generic x86_642013-01-142013-01-142
7806installation failed for postgis on Windows9.2.2Windows 7, Windows 2003 Server2013-01-142013-01-142
7805Inconsistency, multiple versions9.2.2Windows Server, Windows 7,Ubuntu linux2013-01-142013-01-142
7804timeofday() output string is not compatible with "timestamp with time zone" data type9.1.7Fedora release 172013-01-142013-01-143
7803Replication Problem(no master is there)9.2.2RHEL 5.3 x86_642013-01-112013-01-1611
7802Cannot drop table because of dependant sequence, but there is link to sequence9.1.7CentOS 6.22013-01-102013-01-147
7801Streaming failover checkpoints much slower than master, pg_xlog space problems during db load9.2.2RHEL62013-01-082013-01-083
7800Welcome email with login ifnormation NOT received9.2.2PostgreSQL2013-01-082013-01-083
7799Several configuration options in guc.c miss descriptions9.2.2any2013-01-082013-09-042
7798Query in a rule does not see committed transaction9.1.7Linux - Ubuntu 12.042013-01-072013-01-071
7797datetime + '1 month'::interval is going outside of a month's bounds9.2.2Ubuntu 12.04 =2013-01-072013-01-079
7796LC_MESSAGES9.1.7Windows 72013-01-072013-01-302
7795Cannot choose UTF-8 encoding for initdb9.2.2Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002] Vista 64-bit2013-01-062013-01-092
7794pg_dump: errors when using pipes/streams9.1.7Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit2013-01-062013-01-072
7793tsearch_data thesaurus size limit9.1.7Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64bits2013-01-062013-01-113
7792pg_dump does not treat -c flag correctly when using tar format9.1.7Fedora 162013-01-062013-01-076
7791create database with owner, owner does not get usage on schema9.1.7windows x642013-01-062013-01-072
7790null filters in CTEs don't work9.2.232-bit Windows 7 SP12013-01-062013-01-072
7787ERROR: could not find RelOptInfo for given relids9.1.7&quot;(Red Hat 4.4.6-4), 64-bit&quot;2013-01-042013-01-052
7786select from view is computing columns not selected9.2.2Linux CentOS2013-01-042013-01-042
7785Bad plan for UNION ALL view containing JOIN9.2.1RedHat EL 5.82013-01-042013-01-042
7784trouble with pl ERROR: missing FROM-clause entry for table9.2.2MAC LION 10.7.42013-01-032013-01-043
7783lower & upper function incorrect work9.1.7osx lion 10.7.52013-01-032013-01-034
7781pgagent incorrect installation9.1.7osx lion 10.7.52013-01-032013-01-0715
7780unaccent extension - dictionary not filtering?9.1.7OSX2013-01-012013-01-011
7771packaging error causes build failure8.3.22<br>=A0 AIX<br>2012-12-242013-01-064
7768Support for TCP Keepalive parameters9.2.2FreeBSD 9.12012-12-212012-12-211
7767pg_ctl allows postgres running under administrator's privilege9.2.2Windows 7 Professional2012-12-212012-12-292
7766Running a DML statement that affects more than 4 billion rows results in an exception8.4.0Linux2012-12-202013-01-1219
7765Wrong ElephantUnsupported/UnknownAll2012-12-202012-12-202
7763"CREATE TABLE ... (LIKE ... INCLUDING INDEXES ...)" does not work with indexes on composite types9.2.2Linux 2.6.32, i386, Debian GNU/Linux 6.0.52012-12-202012-12-237
7762problem on bytea field data reading9.0.0Windows2012-12-202012-12-202
7761Out of memory when running pg_dump8.4.3Windows2012-12-202012-12-202
7760records with duplicate primary keys9.1.7Ubuntu Linux 10.04.12012-12-192012-12-242
7758pg_dump does not correctly dump operators.9.1.7Windows, bug Linux seems also affected2012-12-192012-12-205
7757Trouble with PostgreSQL loading a large csv file into a table9.2.2os x 10.6.82012-12-172012-12-171
7756When upgrading postgis extension get row is too big: size 9272, maximum size 81609.2.2Windows 64-bit, Window 32-bit2012-12-172012-12-2113
7754Contrib start scipt comment refers to dead URL9.2.2OSX2012-12-152013-09-042
7753Cannot promote out of hot standby9.1.6Ubuntu 10.042012-12-122013-03-262
7752FATAL btree error on PITR9.1.6Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64-bit2012-12-122012-12-142
7751libintl.h missing in the include folder9.2.2Windows 2008 R22012-12-112012-12-123
7750pid file conflict in RedHat9.1.6RedHat v6.22012-12-102013-02-066
7748"drop owned by" fails with error message: "unrecognized object class: 1262"9.2.2Windows XP, 32bit2012-12-092013-01-2917
7746Unable to install9.2.2windows 82012-12-092012-12-091
7744docs should link to postgresql_psycopg29.2.2Mac OS X2012-12-082012-12-113
7743pgAdmin III does not list default privileges for schemas9.2.2Windows 7 x642012-12-082012-12-081
7742Bug when backing up databases with default privileges defined on public schema9.2.2Windows 7 x642012-12-082012-12-081
7741Two bugs when backing up databases with default privileges defined on public schema9.2.2Windows 7 x642012-12-082012-12-093
7740Installation cannot fine msi file9.2.2Win 7 Pro2012-12-072012-12-103
7739Specifying PGLOG in sysconfig breaks initdb9.2.2Centos 6.32012-12-072012-12-071
7738Installer takes hours running icacls9.2.2Windows 82012-12-072012-12-113
7736error reading c:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.1\data\postgresql.conf during installation9.1.6windows xp2012-12-062012-12-061
7734JPA2/Hibernate4 PG enum insert causes exception9.1.4MacOS X 10.72012-12-052012-12-102
7733support Retina display in pgAdmin 9.2.1mac os 10.8.22012-12-052012-12-082
7728Trouble installing postgresql for the first time9.2.1mac os x version 10.5.82012-12-042012-12-062
7726Can't paste sqls size>4096 to psql console.9.1.0Debian/testing2012-12-032012-12-033
7722extract(epoch from age(...)) appears to be broken9.2.1Slackware Linux 14.0/amd642012-12-022012-12-045
7716Only owner can drop trigger?9.2.1Any2012-11-302012-12-014
7715hstore "exists" should use same index as "?" operator9.1.6Ubuntu 11.042012-11-302012-11-301
7713Is it a good idea to write more?9.2.1Ubuntu2012-11-292012-11-292
7712pgsql2shp should set Language Driver ID (LDID) header in .dbf9.2.1Ubuntu 12.042012-11-292012-11-302
7711Accessing nested composite types in PL/PgSQL doesn't work9.2.1Arch Linux2012-11-292012-11-292
7710Xid epoch is not updated properly during checkpoint9.1.6linux2012-11-272012-12-0214
7709psql \copy csv terminates with \. in quoted region9.1.2Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS2012-11-272013-07-043
7706Can slave database supports creating temporary tables?9.2.1debian2012-11-262012-11-262
7703Error with partitioning with distinct over aggregate9.2.1Any2012-11-252012-11-273
7686Provider not configured.9.2.1Windows2012-11-212012-11-211
7685last_value() not consistent throughout window partition9.2.1Windows 7 Enterprise2012-11-202012-11-204
7684pg_dumpall doesn't sort "CREATE SERVER"s options correctly9.2.1OpenSolaris2012-11-202012-11-202
7683pg_upgrade missing configuration file9.2.1Debian Squeeze2012-11-202012-11-232
7677listen_address 'localhost' listens not to IPv6 ::19.1.6GNU/Linux (Fedora 17)2012-11-192012-11-202
7676pgSocketCheck dosen`t return8.4.6CentOS 5.5=EF=BC=8864bit=EF=BC=892012-11-192012-11-213
7670BUG #7545: Unresponsive server with error log reporting: "poll() failed: Invalid argument"9.2.1FreeBSD 9.02012-11-172012-11-1828
7667Segmentation fault9.2.1OracleLinux6 x64, Windows Server 2008 R2 x642012-11-162012-11-184
7666Unkown column name on error message9.0.0linux - ubuntu - pt_Br2012-11-162012-11-162
7665Query planner generating incorrect query plan9.2.1Windows 8 x642012-11-162012-11-161
7664Program using libpq and ecpglib can not output native language9.1.6Linux2012-11-162012-11-175
7663is not a bug but...9.1.0centos2012-11-152012-11-163
7662INSERT rule doesn't work as expected9.2.1FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE2012-11-152012-11-152
7661pgstattuple from unpackaged fails on old installation9.1.6Ubuntu 12.042012-11-152012-11-155
7660Installation problem9.2.1Windows 72012-11-142012-11-141
7659LDAP auth does not search the subtree9.2.1CentOS52012-11-142013-05-283
7658the result of pg_get_viewdef can NOT execute directly9.2.0Linux2012-11-142012-11-142
7657Create Table doesn't create columns9.1.4Windows Server Standard SP22012-11-132012-11-146
7656PL/Perl SPI_freetuptable() segfault9.1.6OS X2012-11-132012-11-133
7653Minor problem with join condition9.2.1Linux CentOS2012-11-122012-11-122
7652Documentation index lacks functions from "Additional Supplied Modules"9.2.1any2012-11-112013-08-232
7651Superfluous calls to functions used for indexing9.1.6Debian Wheezy2012-11-112012-11-164
7650DROP TABLE IF EXISTS fails if schema does not exist9.1.5Ubuntu Linux 12.04 Server2012-11-112013-06-292
7648Momentary index corruption while in hot standby9.0.9Ubuntu 10.042012-11-092012-11-106
7644Missing implicit types of Result and failing type-conversion9.1.6debian2012-11-092012-11-125
7643Issuing a shutdown request while server startup leads to server hang9.2.1Suse Linux 10.22012-11-082012-11-218
7641ERROR: must specify relation and object name when function contains DROP TRIGGER9.2.1Windows XP / Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid)2012-11-072012-11-083
7640Testing bug reporting form9.2.1Web2012-11-072012-11-071
7638postgresql taking up all my hard drive space9.0.0windows 72012-11-022012-11-033
7637postgres92-9.2.1-1.x86_64 requires
7636\ef doesn't honor ON_ERROR_ROLLBACK9.1.6OSX something2012-11-012013-06-292
7635psql -1 and \connect9.1.6OSX something2012-11-012012-11-013
7634Missing files in global/ after a lot of CREATE DATABASE / DROP DATABASE9.1.6Linux2012-11-012012-11-025
7633postgres92-9.2.1-1.x86_64 requires
7632Postgres binds to all IPs even when listen_addresses="localhost"9.1.6Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, x86_642012-10-312012-10-314
7631tcp_keepalives_* parameters ignored in postgresql.conf - related to 9.0.10 or 9.0.9 patch?9.0.10RHEL 5.82012-10-312012-10-314
7630Not found pgAgent Jobs in pgAdmin8.3.0Windows Server 20032012-10-312012-10-311
7629Suboptimal query plan when index search is possible and an additional search operator is given.9.1.2Debian Linux 5.02012-10-302012-10-302
7628Installation of PostgreSQL 9.2.1 on Windows 7 may take too long9.2.1Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, SP 12012-10-302012-11-156
7627Bad query plan when using LIMIT9.2.1OSX 10.8.22012-10-292012-10-303
7626Query planner never returns, uses 100% CPU9.2.1MacOS + Others2012-10-292012-10-293
7625corrupted pid file prevents postgreSQL from normal starting9.2.1Linux (actually doesn&#39;t matter)2012-10-292012-10-291
7624Misleading Log Message & Inconsistent Configuration Design9.2.1Linux (actually doesn&#39;t matter)2012-10-282012-10-303
7623Inconsistency on transaction isolation documentation9.2.1All2012-10-262012-10-303
7622Incorrect aggregate level processing9.2.1n/a2012-10-262012-10-262
7620array_to_json doesn't support heterogeneous arrays9.2.1Amazon Linux2012-10-232012-10-2810
7619Query cost estimate appears to not use n_distinct setting9.2.1Windows 7 SP 1 (64-bit)2012-10-232012-10-254
7618Problem with install postgreSQL oracle 6.3 (red hat)2012-10-222012-10-222
7617Encoding Behavior9.1.6CentOS release 5.8(Red Hat 4.1.2-52), 32-bit2012-10-222012-10-221
7616-E parameter doesn't override template values.9.2.1Fedora 18 =2012-10-222012-10-221
7615CREATE RULE + DEFAULT VALUES + pg_dump trouble9.1.6Linux2012-10-192012-10-192
7613INTIDB8.3.20Windows Seven2012-10-182012-10-244
7612Wrong result with join between two values () set9.2.1<br>=C2=A0 Linux<br>2012-10-182012-10-183
7611\copy (and COPY?) incorrectly parses nul character for windows-12529.1.6Ubuntu Linux 12.042012-10-182012-10-182
7610planner get wrong rows estimate with LIKE operator9.2.1Windows 7 64-bit2012-10-172012-10-171
7606service restart failed9.2.1CentOS 6.22012-10-162012-10-162
7605service restart failed9.2.1CentOS 6.22012-10-162012-10-161
7604adding criteria to a query against a view in 9.2 expands the results instead of constraining them9.2.1CentOS 5.82012-10-152012-10-156
7603Application takes long time to fetch data from postgresql database9.0.3Windows 2003 R2 64 BITS2012-10-152012-10-162
7602Select with many joins against the same table is very slow compared to 7 / Vista 64-Bit2012-10-152012-10-163
7601Installation of PostGresql at c:\Progam files folder does not create right permission on data folder9.0.3<br>=C2=A0 Windows 2008 R2 WITH SP1 (64 BITS)<br>2012-10-122012-10-126
7600Database crash with data corruption9.2.1Linux2012-10-122012-10-156
7598Loss of view performance after dump/restore of the view definition9.2.1Linux 2.6.18-128.el5 x86_64 (RHEL 5.3)2012-10-112012-10-166
7597exception 0xC00000059.1.6windows 7 home premium 642012-10-112012-10-116
7596Problem with /etc/init.d/postgresql.9.x file9.1.4<br>=C2=A0 Red Hat<br>2012-10-112013-05-035
7595terminate process in an unusual way9.1.3windows 7 (x64)2012-10-112012-10-153
7594"tuple concurrently updated" error on concurrent GRANT ON DATABASE statements9.1.6openSUSE2012-10-102012-10-101
7593Unexpected query result combining or and in operators9.2.1Windows 72012-10-102012-10-102
7592Installation of PostGresql at c:\Progam files folder does not create right permission on data folder9.0.3<br>=A0 Windows 2008 R2 WITH SP1 (64 BITS)<br>2012-10-102012-10-154
7591Large query string has limit9.1.3RedHat Linux 6.22012-10-092012-10-092
7590Data corruption using pg_dump only with -Z parameter9.2.1Windows 82012-10-092012-10-1310
7589Canceled "CREATE UNIQUE INDEX CONCURRENTLY" leave not-fully-build index existing9.1.6CentOs2012-10-092012-10-092
7588pgsql 9.1 incompatible with zlib 3.12012-10-072012-10-0712
7587createdb allows invalid DB names9.1.6Ubuntu 12.04 LTS2012-10-062012-10-072
7586PL/Perl problem9.0.10FreeBSD 9.02012-10-062012-10-073
7585PostgreSQL service stop8.3.15Windows Server 2008 R22012-10-052012-10-051
7584pgadmin crash due to font change in UI9.2.1Windows2012-10-052012-10-172
7583Problem using INHERITS and LIKE9.2.1Centos 62012-10-032012-10-043
7582Could not run PostgreSQL service9.2.1Windows 7 x642012-10-032012-10-031
7581changing blocksize makes tests fail9.2.1Linux2012-10-032012-10-033
7580repeatable test case for the BUG #75799.2.1Linux2012-10-032012-10-032
7579repeatable Segmentation fault on some query (even in Explain)9.2.1Linux2012-10-032012-10-031
7578Not able to drop user if S/he has permission on tablespace9.1.4Linux version 3.2.0-3-amd64 (Debian 3.2.21-3)2012-10-022012-10-164
7577JDBC Driver - Compiled with Java 79.1.0Linux2012-10-022012-10-165
7575"between" does not work properly with inet/cidr addresses9.1.4Linux (kernel 3.5)2012-09-282012-10-125
7574CASE in WHERE condition change result set9. #50-Ubuntu SMP Fri Sep 7 16:16:452012-09-282012-10-022
7573data loss in corner case using (pg_upgrade)9.2.0Linux2012-09-282012-10-044
7572virtualxid lock held by bgwriter on promoted slaves9.1.4Linux2012-09-262012-11-303
7571Query high memory usage9.1.5CentOs 5.8 Linux 2.6.18-308.el5 x86_64 =2012-09-262012-09-276
7570WHERE .. IN bug from 9.2.0 not fixed in 12.04.1 LTS + Debian 6 (both x86_642012-09-262012-09-277
7569WHERE .. IN bug from 9.2.0 not fixed in 12.04.1 LTS + Debian 6 (both x86_642012-09-262012-09-261
7567Sequences not properly replicated9.1.3OpenSUSE 11.4 32-Bit2012-09-252012-09-263
7566Sequences not properly replicated9.1.3OpenSUSE 11.4 32-Bit2012-09-252012-09-251
7565not able to install 9.0.3<br>=A0 Windows server 2008 64bit<br>2012-09-252012-09-262
7564window installer of Postgresql 9.2 and service configuration9.2.0<br>=C2=A0 window<br>2012-09-242012-09-263
7562could not read block 0 in file "base/16385/16585": read only 0 of 8192 bytes9.1.5Debian Linux 6.02012-09-202012-09-2115
7561syslogger doesn't close stdout and stderr9.1.5openSUSE2012-09-192012-09-191
7560Crash on libpq-9.2.0 and openssl-1.0.1c on windows when openssl.cnf is not found9.2.0Windows2012-09-192012-09-191
7559syslogger doesn't close stdout and stderr9.1.5openSUSE2012-09-192012-09-2111
7558Postgres service not starting.8.4.13Microsoft 2008 Server2012-09-192012-09-202
7557Transaction sees outdated grants.9.2.0Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS2012-09-192012-10-103
7556"select not in sub query" plan very poor vs "not exists"9.2.0windows xp2012-09-192012-09-204
7555fail to install ora2pg through rhel5 postgresql repo (depsolv issues)9.2.0RHEL 5.82012-09-182012-12-124
7554save image into database using jsp and servlet8.3.0windows-72012-09-182012-09-192
7553Un-executable view definitions in pg_catalog.pg_views in versions 8.3.x- Linux (64-bit)2012-09-182012-09-182
7552where clause gets ignored on one of view fields9.2.0Ubuntu 11.102012-09-172012-09-186
7551Analyse of array domain types9.2.0Centos 62012-09-172012-09-182
7550NULL result when coercing a subquery result into an array9.2.0Windows 82012-09-172012-09-185
7549max_connections check should query master when starting standby 9.2.0Linux or OS X2012-09-172012-09-268
7548pg_upgrade still requires pg_config9.1.5openSUSE2012-09-172012-09-192
7546Backups on hot standby cancelled despite hot_standby=on9.1.5Ubuntu 12.102012-09-172012-09-258
7545Unresponsive server with error log reporting: "poll() failed: Invalid argument"9.2.0Mac OS X 10.6.82012-09-172012-12-265
7544cmd, chcp 65001, show client_encoding, get "not enough memory" error9.2.0Windows 7 SP12012-09-162012-09-161
7543Invalid table alias: DELETE FROM table *9.1.5Ubuntu 12.042012-09-162012-09-264
7540Hello. Need Help!9.0.1Windows Server 20122012-09-142012-09-173
7539Result mismatch on Postgres Hat 4.1.2-52), 64-bit2012-09-142012-09-142
7537Server will not start up from Windows Service Manager9.0.8Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 22012-09-132012-09-172
7536run arbitrary -c setup command before interaction [wishlist]9.1.5linux2012-09-132012-09-131
7535ERROR: variable not found in subplan target list9.2.0debian testing2012-09-122012-09-121
7534walreceiver takes long time to detect n/w breakdown 9.2.0Suse 102012-09-122012-10-1839
7533Client is not able to connect cascade standby incase basebackup is taken from hot standby9.2.0Suse2012-09-122012-09-2510
7532cannot update to 11.04 natty2012-09-122012-09-122
7531ERROR: column spclocation do not exist9.2.0Windows Seven Ultimate 32 bits2012-09-112012-09-112
7530initdb.exe ignores --locale option, uses "English_United States.1252"9.2.0Windows Vista 32-bit2012-09-102012-09-112
7529Support different error handling behavior than auto rollback9.0.5Any2012-09-102012-09-112
7528Spurious empty log file created9.2.0Linux (Ubuntu x86_64, kernel version 2.6.18)2012-09-102012-09-102
7527PgAdmin 1.14.3 fails9.0.6Windows XP2012-09-092012-09-172
7526An error occured executing the Microsoft VC++ runtime installer8.4.7Windows Vista Home Premium2012-09-092012-09-172
7525Deferred unique index with predicate9.1.2Windows 72012-09-082012-10-202
7524Partitioning9.1.5WIndows Enterprise Server2012-09-082012-09-106
7522ecpg build error9.0.9NetBSD2012-09-062012-09-073
7521Cannot disable WAL log while using pg_dump9.1.4CentOS 6.2 x86_642012-09-052012-10-1921
7520regexp_matches does not work as expected9.1.4Gentoo2012-09-052012-09-052
7519incresed data base size and query performance lost 8.4.11Windows 72012-09-042012-09-053
7518"FORMAT" in the "COPY" command9.1.5(Centos5)2012-09-042012-09-042
7517terminated by exception 0xC00004098.3.20Windows Server 2008 R22012-09-042012-09-043
7516PL/Perl crash9.1.564-bit linux2012-09-032012-09-1418
7515DROP TABLE IF EXISTS fails if schema does not exist9.1.5Ubuntu Linux 12.04 Server2012-09-022012-09-021
7514postgres -k no longer works with spaces in the path9.1.5Fedora Linux 172012-09-012012-09-078
7513Cluster install failed8.4.0win server 2003 SP22012-08-312012-09-012
7512can't install pgdg-centos91-9.1-4.noarch.rpm9.1.0Scientific Linux 62012-08-312012-09-012
75119.2: pg_stat_activity.procpid renamed unnecessarilyUnsupported/Unknownany2012-08-302012-08-303
7510Very bad costing estimation on gin vs gist with FTS9.1.4Ubuntu 10.042012-08-292012-08-302
7509x NOT IN (select x from z) extremely slow in compare to select x from y except select x from z; 9.1.5Linux =2012-08-292012-08-292
7507pg_restore silently fails when restoring a db with the --create flag and no user.9.1.4Mac OS X Version 10.82012-08-272012-09-013
7506Windows 64 bit PGAdmin 1.14.3 plpgsql default parameter value not appearing9.1.5Windows 64 bit2012-08-252012-08-262
7505Backslash escaping not necessary9.1.4PostgreSQL 9.1.4, compiled by Visual C++ build 1502012-08-242012-08-262
7504corrupted statistics file "pg_stat_tmp/pgstat.stat"9.1.5FreeBSD 9.1 P42012-08-242012-08-273
7502 ALTER COLUMN TYPE processed even if column type matches9.1.1Linux2012-08-232012-08-233
7501Unique index fails to check uniqueness on nulls9.0.4Windows XP2012-08-232012-08-232
7500hot-standby replica crash after an initial rsync9.0.8FreeBSD2012-08-212012-08-2915
7499wrong data sorting if I use "...limit 1..." SQL clause along with "...order by ..."9.1.3Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 OEM2012-08-192012-08-202
7498Questionable interval parsing when in the form 'n m days'9.1.4Ubuntu 12.042012-08-152012-08-163
7497Excessive toast bloat after standby promotion9.0.7Ubuntu 10.042012-08-152012-08-151
7495chosen wrong index9.1.4Debian Linux2012-08-152012-08-169
7494WAL replay speed depends heavily on the shared_buffers size9.0.7Linux version 2.6.32-5-amd64 (Debian 2.6.32-41)2012-08-152013-08-2816
7493Postmaster messages are unreadable in a Windows console9.1.4Windows2012-08-142012-08-142
7490documentation typo9.1.4no matter2012-08-132012-08-132
7486Error Group by8.4.12Linux2012-08-102012-08-112
74859.2 beta3 libxml2 can't be loaded on WindowsUnsupported/UnknownWindows2012-08-082012-08-1612
7484while restore database backup error is raised 9.1.4centos2012-08-082012-08-085
7483uuid-ossp does not compile on OS X X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)2012-08-072012-08-072
7482lack of quotation marks in pg_env script9.1.4Windows XP2012-08-072012-08-313
7481DB installer Not progress9.1.3Windows XP sp32012-08-072012-08-082
7479SERVICE NOT START8.3.0FEDORA LINUX2012-08-032012-08-032
7478Error when using pg_restore9.1.4Windows 72012-08-032012-08-094
6788Can't compile on mingw64-w329.1.4Mingw64-w32 chain=202012-08-012012-08-011
6787Query planner estimates worng costs on nodes8.4.12Linux2012-07-312012-07-312
6786postgresql installed with mingw8.3.13windows2012-07-312012-07-311
6785Memory Leak in plpgsql9.1.4Linux CentOS 5.52012-07-302012-07-305
6774FOR IN SELECT LOOP ignores ORDER BY8.4.12CentOS 6.32012-07-272012-07-305
6768Failure in OBDC 9.1.0Windows 72012-07-262012-07-314
6763Severe memory leak with arrays and hstore9.1.4Debian Linux2012-07-262012-07-2714
6761unexpected behaviour of 'now'::timestamp9.1.3Linux2012-07-252012-07-254
6760make check fails on strings SQL T581 regex test9.1.4AIX 7.12012-07-252012-07-273
6759configure script fails to detect xlc compiler version9.1.4AIX 7.12012-07-252012-07-252
6758./configure script sets HAVE_WCSTOMBS_L 19.1.4AIX 7.12012-07-252012-10-0112
6756primary_conninfo is ignored if restore_command is set..9.1.4Amazon Linux2012-07-252012-07-252
6751usage flaws in pg_restore9.1.4Unix (RHEL 6)2012-07-242012-07-313
6748sequence value may be conflict in some cases9.1.4SUSE 11 X642012-07-232012-07-232
6746feature request9.1.4linux mint maya2012-07-202012-07-212
6745feature request9.1.4linux mint maya2012-07-202012-07-212
6743BETWEEN operator does not work for char(1)9.1.4Windows Vista SP22012-07-182012-07-192
6742pg_dump doesn't convert encoding of DB object names to OS encoding9.1.4Windows2012-07-182012-07-183
6741 ExclusiveLock on extension of relation 9.1.3Linux2012-07-172012-07-172
6740Client Server configure9.0.8windows2012-07-172012-07-172
6739PGAdmin 3 Should allow to select multiple tables in the left tree9.1.0Linux2012-07-162012-08-072
6738pg_dump does not handle extensions properly/invalid pg_dump output9.1.4Windows XP\server 20032012-07-142012-08-072
6736Hot-standby replica crashed after failover:9.0.4FreeBSD2012-07-132012-07-172
6735PANIC: 42501: could not open control file "global/pg_control": Permission denied8.3.5WinXP Pro SP32012-07-132012-07-167
6734create table (like ...) fails if an index has a comment9.1.4Linux2012-07-132012-07-167
6733All Tables Empty After pg_upgrade (PG 9.2.0 beta 2)9.1.4Solaris 102012-07-122012-07-1817
6732Build issue when using gettext on FreeBSD 99.1.4FreeBSD 92012-07-122012-07-165
6729Install of postgresql-devel for x86_84 and i686 fails9.1.4CentOS 6.32012-07-112012-07-126
6728revoke grant cascade behaviour9.1.4Linux (Ubuntu)2012-07-112012-08-232
6727Column does not exist exception has no error code9.1.1Windows2012-07-112012-07-125
6726pg_dump - ftell mismatch when using -Fc and split9.1.4Windows 7 32 or 64 bit2012-07-112012-07-111
6725hot-standby slave repeatable crashed after restart (GIN error)9.0.7Debian Linux2012-07-092012-07-103
6724EXCEPTION syntax not recgonised9.0.4macosx2012-07-092012-07-102
6723Exception for correct query8.4.12Linux2012-07-092012-07-102
6722Debugger broken?9.1.4Windows 7 Enterprise (64-bit)2012-07-092012-11-2221
6721installation of PostgreSQL prevented WebServer Start9.0.8MAC OSX2012-07-062012-07-065
6720Its often disconnectingUnsupported/UnknownWindows Xp2012-07-052012-07-086
6719PG shouldn't filter on same criteria as index search9.1.3Centos 52012-07-052012-07-052
6718Cannot delete, create or check existence of extension9.1.4OS X2012-07-042012-07-056
6717bad file9.1.4suse 11.42012-07-042012-07-052
6716memory of Autovacuum leak?9.1.3win20032012-07-042012-07-062
67159.2b2 psql \ir does not understand leading ../Unsupported/UnknownOpenSuSe 11.3, PostgreSQL 9.wbeta22012-07-042012-07-055
6712PostgreSQL 9.2 beta2: alter table drop constraint does not work on inherited master tableUnsupported/UnknownGentoo Linux2012-06-302012-08-3014
6711how to run sql query by command prompt in postgres sql9.0.0Windows 72012-06-272012-06-272
6710txid_current() provides incorrect txid after server startup9.1.4linux2012-06-272012-06-292
6708pgsql_fdw's foreign table cann't used in plpgsql function9.1.3CentOS 5.x bit642012-06-272012-07-042
6707ERROR: could not open relation with OID9.1.4FREE BSD2012-06-262012-07-023
6706pg_upgrade fails when plpgsql dropped/re-createdUnsupported/UnknownUbuntu 12.04 LTS (3.2.0-25-generic x86_64)2012-06-252015-01-1228
670532 bit2012-06-252012-07-0314
6704ALTER EXTENSION postgis SET SCHEMA leaves dangling relations9.1.4Windows 72012-06-232012-10-3128
6702SELECT Query on INDEX9.1.0WIN 72012-06-222012-06-223
6701IS NOT NULL doesn't work on complex composites9.1.3Windows 72012-06-202012-06-2114
6700Potential Bug in numeric.cUnsupported/UnknownLinux2012-06-202012-06-202
6699pg_restore with -j -- doesn't restore view that groups by primary key9.1.4OSX2012-06-192012-06-219
6698sub-query with join producing out of memory in where clause9.1.2Arch Linux/Ubuntu2012-06-192012-06-214
6697postgres.exe crashed9.1.4Windows Small Business Server 20082012-06-182012-07-134
66969.2beta2 crashed when having shared_buffers>20GBUnsupported/UnknownRHEL6.12012-06-162012-06-182
6695PgAdminIII9.1.0Windows 72012-06-152012-06-152
66949.2 beta 2 : psql commands \db and \db+ failUnsupported/Unknownlinux2012-06-132012-06-154
6693Potential Bug in rewriteManip.c9.1.3Linux2012-06-132012-06-162
6692Potential Bug in equalfuncs.c9.1.3Linux2012-06-132012-06-162
6691Unable to install PostgrSQL9.1.4Windows 7 SP1 (64-Bit), with Sophos Anti-virus2012-06-132012-06-152
6690ALL and ANY array operators9.1.2FreeBSD 8.12012-06-132012-06-152
6689socket file name convention doesn't allow different IPs and the same port for different pgclusters9.1.3unbuntu-server 12.04 LTS2012-06-122012-06-154
6688can't install from binary.9.1.4OSX 10.4.112012-06-112012-06-112
6687initdb -A ident can almost never be correct9.1.4All2012-06-112012-06-118
6686plpgsql Can't assign a variable with the output of a SQL Sentence which is not a SELECT9.1.4Gentoo Linux2012-06-102012-06-112
6685Concurrency fault in create table9.1.4Ubuntu 12.042012-06-102012-06-104
6684An I/O error occured while sending to the backend9.1.4Linux2012-06-102012-06-112
6683dropping a table with a serial column from an extension needs to explicitely drop the associated seq9.1.4Linux2012-06-092012-06-105
6682pg_dump and sequence values of serial columns for extension configuration tables9.1.4Linux2012-06-092016-01-054
6681pg_extension.extconfig after alter sequence drop table9.1.4Linux2012-06-092012-06-091
6680error para ingresarUnsupported/Unknowndatebase server 8.22012-06-082012-06-092
6679Can't connect via JDBC Driver9.1.4WIn 72012-06-082012-06-082
6678error in connecting to Pgadmin9.1.0windows 72012-06-082012-06-082
6676checkpointer does not work by SIGINT.Unsupported/UnknownRHEL 5.7 x86_642012-06-062012-06-074
6675Box overlap with infinity edge9.1.4Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS2012-06-052012-06-062
6674functon aggregat9.1.3windows vista 64b2012-06-032012-06-082
6673Value out of range for type integer when adding WHERE clause9.1.3Scientific Linux release 6.2 (Carbon)2012-06-022012-06-022
6672 Memory leaks in dumputils.c9.1.3MacOSX2012-05-312012-06-0413
6671Killed restore command causes postmaster to exit9.0.7Linux (Ubuntu 10.04)2012-05-312012-05-312
6670Translate small SQL from 8.0 ti 7.3Unsupported/UnknownWin322012-05-312012-06-082
6669unique index w/ multiple columns and NULLs 8.4.8x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, debian2012-05-312012-06-0511
6668hashjoin cost problem9.1.3Ubuntu2012-05-312012-05-314
6667diplom on english language on your siteUnsupported/Unknownwindows2012-05-282012-05-303
6666pg_upgrade 9.2beta1 plpython/plpython29.0.7Linux/OpenSuse 12.12012-05-262012-06-1318
6665problema com Grant9.1.3CentOS2012-05-252012-05-262
6664Postgres server process does not come up in foreground and parent process is set to init ( PID 1 )9.0.7Freebsd 8.2, Freebsd 7.22012-05-242012-05-246
666364bit *conn not handled properly by PQfinish9.1.3Linux Ubuntu 12.04 x642012-05-242012-05-302
6662Database do not push condition to subquery, test case for bug 66589.1.3Linux2012-05-232012-05-235
6660losing schema name in pg_dump9.1.3Fedora 162012-05-222012-05-235
6659Error when install postgres9.0.4Windows XP 32bit ServicePack 32012-05-222012-06-083
6658Database do not push down static condition to subquery.9.1.3Linux2012-05-222012-05-221
6657Documentation bug for PQconnectdbParams9.0.2Solaris2012-05-212012-05-212
6656Wrong timestamptz + interval calculation9.1.3Windows 7 64Bit2012-05-212012-05-212
6655restore backup8.4.0Ubuntu2012-05-212012-05-212
6654Full text search doesn't find europe9.1.3Linux2012-05-212012-05-213
6653Service does not start in standby-mode9.0.7Windows 7 i3862012-05-212012-05-222
6652Installer grants postgres user rights for the whole disk, not specified subfolder9.1.3Windows 7 x642012-05-192012-07-179
6651macaddr length constraint violates standard9.1.3any2012-05-182012-05-203
6650CPU system time utilization rising few times a day8.4.11CentOS 6.0 - 2.6.32-220.13.1.el6.x86_642012-05-182012-07-029
6649Reg: Password error9.1.3<br>=A0 Windows Xp<br>2012-05-172012-05-172
6648Hangs under installation9.1.3Windows 7 Professional (Fujitsu)2012-05-172012-05-222
6647Password Issue9.1.3Windows XP2012-05-172012-05-294
6646PL/Python spiexceptions raised inside Python do not include sqlstate in external code9.1.3Linux2012-05-162012-05-161
6644Query give wrong results when 'is not null' is applied in where clause9.0.3SunOS 5.102012-05-162012-05-172
6643[PostgreSQL9.2beta1] COPY after changing fillfactor gets a PANIC.Unsupported/UnknownRHEL 6.2 x86_642012-05-162012-05-164
6642Spanish collation fault9.1.3Ubuntu 12.04 LTS2012-05-162012-05-194
6641uuid.h warning during configure9.1.3Mac OS X 10.7.42012-05-152012-05-313
6640pg_dump does not always dump data of tables marked as editable in extension9.1.3Any2012-05-152012-05-224
6639Manual uses boldface where it says italic, and monospace where it says boldface9.1.3GNU/Linux2012-05-142012-08-302
6638Casablanca timezone is wrong9.0.7Windows 7 x642012-05-142012-05-144
6637Casablanca timezone is wrong9.0.7Windows 7 x642012-05-142012-05-223
6636Variadic function fails with array type domain9.1.3Linux2012-05-102012-05-102
6634pg_dump dumps cast after objects depending on it9.1.3Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS2012-05-082012-05-103
6633PL/Python build does not honor PYTHON on Mac OS X9.1.3Darwin / Mac OS X 10.7.3 (Lion)2012-05-072012-05-095
6632"before delete" triggers that delete rows from the same table can invalidate constraints9.1.3Ubuntu 11.112012-05-072012-05-073
6631Error Intalation9.1.2Windows 7 Ultimate2012-05-072012-05-071
6630Error Inicialising database cluster9.1.2Windows 7 Ultimate2012-05-062012-05-061
6629Creating a gist index fails with "too many LWLocks taken"9.1.3<br>=A0 Windows 7 64bit<br>2012-05-052012-05-1118
6627Error while launching pgAdmin III9.1.0Windows XP2012-05-042012-05-075
6626union all with values of type "unknown"9.1.3ubuntu 10.042012-05-042012-05-235
6625not sufficient privileges to start system service8.3.0windows xp2012-05-032012-05-293
6624Tab completion of identifier containing single backslash triggers warnings 9.1.3Ununtu2012-05-022012-05-118
6623FATAL: terminating connection due to administrator command8.4.1Linux2012-05-012012-05-012 initdb: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory9.1.0Solaris 102012-04-302012-04-302
6621Constant Segmentation Faults in the Postmaster9.1.3Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.2 (Santi2012-04-272012-04-271
6620Out of memory error9.1.3windows Xp 32 bit2012-04-272012-04-271
6619Misleading output from slave when host is not running9.1.3Gentoo Linux2012-04-272012-04-273
6618incorrect restore for composite columns when order changes9.1.3Windows 72012-04-262012-04-273
6617FETCH FIRST syntax accepts only constants and not parameters9.1.3Linux 3.3.32012-04-262012-04-262
6614pg_dump not working for tables with japanese name9.0.0WindowsXp2012-04-262012-04-261
6613tablespace data ignored after reinstalling windows 9.1.3Windows 72012-04-252012-04-251
6612Functions can be called inside CHECK statements9.1.2Windows?2012-04-252012-04-269
6609pattern matching (version 8.2 or so...)Unsupported/UnknownLinux2012-04-232012-04-232
6608SELECT FOR UPDATE not obtaining row exclusive locks in CTEs9.1.3gentoo2012-04-232012-04-252
6607Strange select behavior9.1.3Debian GNU/Linux Wheezy kernel ver 3.3.12012-04-222012-04-234
6605wrong type cast from timestamp to timestamptz9.1.3Debian testing2012-04-212012-04-257
6602concurrent psql session clobbers history9.1.3Ubuntu ppa:pitti/postgresql2012-04-192012-04-254
6601Inconsistent behavior of ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN8.4.7RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.2 (Linux version 2.6.32)2012-04-182012-04-193
6595can't remote access9.1.3windows xp2012-04-172012-04-172
6593REASSIGN OWNED fails on extensions9.1.2FreeBSD 9.02012-04-162012-07-034
6592Return 10061 ($274D)9.0.0Windows 7 Professional2012-04-162012-04-162
6591pg_dump version not compatible 9.1.3Mac OSX 10.7.32012-04-152012-04-163
6587Limit on a query is mis-documented9.0.3Linux/Redhat2012-04-132012-04-143
6585Can't compile from source code9.1.3AIX 7.1.02012-04-122012-04-136
6584problemas com INSERT por meio de php8.4.8Ubuntu 11.102012-04-122012-04-122
6583for loop cursor8.4.0Linux2012-04-122012-04-134
6581pg_dumpall --no-tablespaces option still sets default tablespace9.1.3Any2012-04-112012-04-113
6579negative cost in a planning9.1.3linux2012-04-102012-04-103
6578Deadlock in libpq after upgrading from 8.4.7 to 11.042012-04-102012-04-204
6573The database cluster initialisation failed9.1.3Windows 7 - 32 Bits2012-04-042012-04-045
6572The example of SPI_execute is bogus9.1.3Any2012-04-042013-01-2420
6571Postgres Kills 'Select 1' query randomly on hot standby databases9.1.2Freebsd 7.42012-04-022012-04-057
6569Sua =?UTF-8?B?aW5zdGFsYcOnw6NvIGRvIFBIUCBu?= =?UTF-8?B?w6NvIHTDqm0gc3Vwb3J0ZSBhbyBQb3N0Z3JlU1FM?=2012-04-022012-04-021
6565GEQO documentation discrepancy after 9.0 change?9.1.3not relevant2012-03-292012-04-103
6559PLPython INSERT trigger fails with composite types9.1.3Debian squeeze+backports2012-03-262012-03-261
6558installation clusters problems9.1.3win XP 32b SP32012-03-262012-03-282
6557post gre sql odbc connection issue9.0.1Linux and Windows2012-03-262012-04-092
6556earthdistance module has lacking documentation9.1.3-2012-03-262012-03-294
6551PL/pgSQL: GET DIAGNOSTICS not working for first OUT parameter9.1.3Linux (Fedora 16)2012-03-222012-03-224
6550Querry failed while using throung php program.9.0.4Windows 72012-03-222012-03-222
6549Wrong $PATH setting after installation9.1.2OS X Snow Leopard2012-03-212012-03-222
6548NOWAIT does not work in Select statement if table is locked using "Lock " command9.1.3CentOS 6.2 , Windows 72012-03-212012-03-213
6545le telechargement ne s acheve pas8.3.15poker traker 32012-03-202012-04-093
6543pgadmin III - Error defining filter.9.1.3Windows 72012-03-192012-03-192
6542installation error 9.0.7windows Xp/vista/seven=202012-03-192012-04-092
6535LEFT JOIN on large table is altering data9.1.3Windows 7 x642012-03-162012-03-1911
6534Passing numeric Bind variables to ODBC driver convers to "Double precision"9.1.2Windows Server 2003=202012-03-152012-04-127
6533postgre server crashes by create function (create table as)9.0.4Windows XP sp32012-03-152012-03-162
6532pg_upgrade fails on Python stored procedures9.1.3Ubuntu2012-03-152012-03-155
6531integrity constraint failure9.1.3windows 72012-03-142012-03-142
6530intarray documentation could do with a warning about operators9.1.3Debian squeeze2012-03-132012-04-094
6529Invalid numeric input syntax for 'select into' queries9.1.3Ubuntu 11.102012-03-132012-03-222
6528pglesslog still referenced in docs, but no 9.1 support9.1.3Ubuntu2012-03-132013-06-2821
6527Error in COPY documentation syntax9.0.4Linux2012-03-122012-03-132
6526Intermittent connect issue8.3.7Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard2012-03-112012-03-112
6525t_infomask2 is uint16, not int169.1.3Mac OS X2012-03-112012-03-112
6524lpermission denied to create extension "ltree". Must be superuser to create this extension.9.1.3linux2012-03-102012-03-112
6523Problems with dbpool()9.1.2Window xp2012-03-072012-03-072
6522PostgreSQL does not start 8.3.0Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard2012-03-072012-04-065
6521cannot make connection due to "getsockname() failed: Invalid argument"9.1.1Windows 72012-03-062012-04-092
6520BRT FATAL: COULD NOT CREATE ANY TCP/IP SOCKETS8.3.3Windows XP2012-03-052012-03-122
6519Server doesn't listem9.1.1windows 72012-03-052012-03-052
6518archive_command stderr not in log if log_destination=syslog9.1.2Linux / Debian2012-03-052012-03-053
6517Volatile function erroneously optimized, does not consider change in schema path9.1.2Fedora 16=202012-03-052012-03-147
6516how to mound data folder in remote location8.4.3RHEL5.52012-03-052012-03-052
6515mount data folder in remote location8.4.3RHEL5.52012-03-052012-03-051
6514mount data folder in remote location8.4.3RHEL5.52012-03-052012-03-052
6513explain (analyze, buffers) and toasted fields9.0.7Linux2012-03-052012-03-124
6512Bug with prepared statement and timestamp + interval9.1.1Windows 7 64bit2012-03-042012-03-123
6511calling spi_exec_query from non-main package, results in: couldn't fetch $_TD9.1.3Linux - Debian Squeeze postgres 9.1 from backports2012-03-032012-03-217
6510A simple prompt is displayed using wrong charset9.1.3Windows2012-03-032012-10-1813
6503Idle in transaction while lazy loading in JSF render response9.0.0MAC OSX2012-03-022012-03-022
6502Missing Link at Version TrackerUnsupported/UnknownMacOSX Lion2012-03-022012-03-043 does not install on 64bit system9.1.3Linux 64 (Ubuntu 11.10/oneiric)2012-03-012012-03-013
6500Installer does not honour --serverport9.1.3<br>=C2=A0 Linux 64 (Ubuntu 11.10/oneiric)<br>2012-03-012012-03-023
6499query to get data with single quote9.1.3Linux2012-03-012012-03-012
6498with recursive / union all9.0.6Linux / fedora 152012-02-292012-02-293
6497Error sent to client, but data written anyway9.1.3Linux2012-02-282012-02-2911
6496Why the SQL is not reported as incorrect? Is there a builtin column named "name"?8.4.8Debian Squeeze (2.6.32-5-amd64)2012-02-282012-02-282
6495mis-sorting on string field consisting of space-padded numbers9.1.2Fedora 16, CentOS 52012-02-282012-02-282
6494Listening to * fails for IP V69.0.7AIX2012-02-272012-11-026
6490Not checking column existence in sub query9.1.2Linux=202012-02-272012-02-272
6489Alter table with composite type/table9.1.2Windows 72012-02-252012-08-3116
6488Installation instructions slightly wrong.9.1.2Linux (Ubuntu 10.04)2012-02-252012-02-262
6486configure - unable to cross-compile postgresql with openssl using Fedora MinGW9.1.2Fedora Linux 162012-02-232012-02-235
6485Primary index key not updated uniformly9.0.3Windows 7 Home Premium2012-02-232012-02-234
6484pgstat wait timeout9.0.6Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise2012-02-222012-03-122
6483Rows being evaluated, although being outside the LIMIT / OFFSET boundaries9.1.2Debian2012-02-222012-02-237
6482Service terminates executing "With ... as ... UPDATE" query9.1.2Windows Server 2003 r2 32bit2012-02-222012-02-222
6481postgres shuts down unexpectedly9.0.5Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise x64 SP12012-02-222012-04-092
6480NLS text width problem9.1.2Debian testing2012-02-212012-03-128
6479Wrong Slash in pg_restore9.1.2Windows 7 x642012-02-212012-02-213
6478Foreign tables not displayed9.1.21) Windows 7 pro, 2) Ubuntu2012-02-202012-02-202
6465postgresql-pltcl refuses to compile with 9.1, and FreeBSD does support threaded python9.1.2FreeBSD2012-02-182012-02-206
6464Installer (postgresql-9.1.2-1-windows-x64.exe) doesn't work9.1.2Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, x86, 64 bit machine2012-02-182012-04-092
6463tables can have at most 1600 columns8.4.10ubuntu2012-02-182012-02-182
6462rpmbuild fails during regression tests on SMP ARM machines9.0.6Fedora fc152012-02-172012-02-203
6461"-t" deletes primary key9.1.2Windows XP2012-02-172012-02-195
6460routine my_log2 use incorrect data type ?9.1.2Windows Server 2008 64 bit2012-02-172012-02-183
6459logging_collector=off but log_filename set inhibits logoutpu9.1.1All2012-02-142012-02-205
6458LIKE different to =9.1.2Windows XP2012-02-142012-02-142
6457Regexp not processing word (with special characters on ends) correctly (UTF-8) 9.0.6CentOS 5.x2012-02-142012-02-156
6456no password9.0.6windows xp2012-02-132012-02-272
6455Wrong match of ipsell dict.9.1.0Ubuntu2012-02-132012-02-131
6454Latest x64 msi does not recognize admin account9.1.2Windows 7 home=202012-02-122012-02-132
6453auto_explain produces bad json output9.1.2Any2012-02-122012-02-122
6452psql: can't change client encoding from the command line 9.1.2Win XP Pro SP32012-02-112012-02-153
6451problem while installing gridsql9.0.6redhat linux2012-02-092012-10-114
6450PQexec stuck.2012-02-092012-02-103
6445PreparedStatement.setObject(1,java.util.String)8.4.3Windows XP2012-02-082012-02-082
6444Postgresql crash8.4.10Debian 6 Squeeze, 64bit2012-02-082012-02-094
6440Window function in WHERE evaluated after agregate9.1.1Linux2012-02-082012-02-082
6438I have reinstalled postgresql a couple times and now the postgresql service will not start.9.1.2Windows 7 64bit2012-02-082012-02-082
6436ecpg processed wrong variable name for host value of struct at EXEC SQL INSERT9.1.2CentOS 6.22012-02-072012-02-071
6435Problemas con la instalacion9.1.2win 7, win xp 32bit2012-02-062012-02-061
6434Wishlist: SHA-512 ("$6$" salt) for crypt()9.1.2Debian GNU/Linux2012-02-062012-02-061
6433Pg Admin Cant open8.3.0windows Xp SP 32012-02-062012-02-093
6432does not begin the installer9.1.2Windows 7 Ultimate sp1 64bit jp=3DJapanese2012-02-062012-02-061
6430Wal Segment Size is 128GB9.0.0Linux2012-02-032012-02-032
6429i cannot complete installation due to a forgotten password9.1.2<br>=C2=A0 Windows 7<br>2012-02-022012-02-022
6428pg_restore -l not consistent with function comments9.1.2Any2012-02-012012-02-011
6427Installation stack builder error9.1.2Windows 2008 server R2 SP12012-02-012012-02-022
6426Complex query runs 10 times longer with "LIMIT 20"9.1.2Debian Linux2012-02-012012-02-027
6425Bus error in slot_deform_tuple8.4.5linux2012-02-012012-02-0924
6424Possible error in time to seconds conversion9.1.2Windows 7 - 64bits2012-02-012012-02-025
6423max_standby_streaming_delay does not work9.0.6Redhat 5.5 x86_642012-01-312012-01-312
6422User without any priviledges on a table can lock the table from other users in some cases9.1.2Linux2012-01-312012-01-311
6421Revoke column level privilage9.1.2Mandriva 2011 64 bit2012-01-302012-02-013
6420Incorrect description of Postgres time system9.1.2Any2012-01-302012-01-312
6416Expression index not used with UNION ALL queries9.1.2Debian Sqeeze2012-01-292012-01-304
6413pg_relation_size wont work on table with upper case chars8.4.9Linux - Debian Squeeze2012-01-282012-01-284
6412psql & fe-connect truncate passwords9.1.2Linux (Fedora)2012-01-282012-10-1716
6411Backend process' crash when a foreign table is used in a dependent subquery on select clause9.1.2Linux 3.0.0-14-generic #23-Ubuntu SMP Mon Nov 21 22012-01-262012-01-262
6410Windows say a unpleasant warning when stop a pgsql service9.1.2Windows Server 2008 R22012-01-262012-01-261
6409[NPGSQL]Fail to cast Int64 to System.Data.Common.DbParameter9.1.2Windows 7 Ultimate2012-01-262012-01-261
6408comment fixes, updates, etcUnsupported/UnknownNetBSD2012-01-252012-01-303
6407Crash on queries to gin index with multiply values9.1.2Linux (Debian)2012-01-232012-02-026
6406Included pgAdmin does not have .sql file extension mapped9.1.2Windows 7 x642012-01-232012-01-232
6405postgres account not created during unattended install9.1.2Mac OS X 10.72012-01-202012-01-201
6404postgres account not created during unattended install9.1.2<br>&nbsp; Mac OS X 10.7<br>2012-01-202012-02-046
6402Installer hung and wouldn't work again9.1.2Window 72012-01-192012-01-191
6401IS DISTINCT FROM improperly compares geomoetric datatypes9.1.2Centos 6 x86_642012-01-182012-08-276
6400function arguments not accepted9.0.6Windows Server 2007 SP22012-01-182012-01-203
6399knngist sometimes returns tuples in incorrect orderUnsupported/UnknownNetBSD2012-01-162012-01-206
6398Your site is down9.1.2OSX2012-01-132012-01-133
6397I am getting error on CIFS with fsync parameter on9.0.4Cent OS2012-01-132012-01-132
6396PgFoundry is down9.1.2Windows2012-01-132012-01-132
6395Invalid XPath expression9.1.2FreeBSD 92012-01-122012-01-123
6394Transacciones concurrentes8.4.0Linux (Centos)2012-01-112012-01-112
6393cluster sometime fail under heavy concurrent write load9.0.6Linux Ubuntu2012-01-112012-01-125
6392leak memory while restore/load dump9.0.6FreeBSD/Linux2012-01-112012-01-113
6391insert does not insert correct value8.4.1CentOS2012-01-102012-01-116
6390maximum data limit of Postgres.Unsupported/Unknownlinux2012-01-102012-01-102
6389Fsync failed while creating DB9.0.4CentOS2012-01-102012-01-133
6388I can not install postgre Sql8.4.10windows XP2012-01-072012-01-092
6387eror9.1.1windows xp=202012-01-072012-01-092
6386PITR never find a consistent recovery point9.0.0CentOs2012-01-062012-01-082
6385extract epoch at timezone returns wrong value9.1.2Windows Vista Professional2012-01-062012-01-082
6384pg_types_date.h does not exist9.1.2<br>=A0 Mac OS X<br>2012-01-062012-01-063
6381Incorrect greediness behavior in certain regular expressions9.1.1x86_64-pc-linux-gnu2012-01-062012-01-062
6380dropdb gives error while loading shared libraries: 62012-01-042012-01-052
6379SQL Function Causes Back-end Crash9.1.2OSX 10.6.82012-01-042012-01-048
6378exceeding memory usage while creating index in pg- x86_642012-01-042012-01-043
6377some notice on the manual page8.4.10any2012-01-042012-01-103
6376Cannot prepare a "CREATE TABLE" statement, error message is unhelpful9.1.2Linux &amp; Win322012-01-042012-01-042
6375tsearch does not recognize all valid emails9.1.1Debian 4.4.5-82012-01-032012-06-073
6372Error while creating database with fsync parameter as on incase of CIFS9.0.4Cent OS2012-01-022012-08-2712
6371Installation process9.1.2Windows 7 x862012-01-022012-01-092
6370manual does not discuss transactional DDLUnsupported/Unknownnot applicable2012-01-022012-01-032
6368Missing pg_config9.1.2Kubuntu Linux 10.102011-12-302011-12-313
6367Missing pg_config9.1.2Kubuntu Linux 10.102011-12-302012-01-092
6366ECPG connection Memory Leak when using Host Variables9.1.1openSUSE 11.4 (AMD CPU, x86_64bits)2011-12-302012-01-052
6365Memory leak in insert and update9.1.2Win XP SP2 x86; Linux Debian 2.6.32 kernel x642011-12-292011-12-305
6364The URL for the page listing user groups is unresponsive.9.1.2Mac2011-12-282012-01-092
6363pgp_sym_encrypt() broken between 8.4 and 7 Pro 64-bit2011-12-282011-12-314
6362pg_ctl register puts wrong slash in9.0.5Windows XP, 2008R2, possibly others2011-12-282011-12-282
6360with hold cursor, cause function executed twice and wrong results 9.0.5linux 2.6.18-128.7AXS3=202011-12-272012-01-094
6359excessively inlining subquery leads to slow queries9.1.2Ubuntu linux2011-12-262012-01-092
6357cant download9.1.2Mac OS X 10.6.82011-12-242011-12-252
6353If there is invalid line in pg_hba.conf, DB start fails without any nofice and no logs in pgstartup.9.0.6Centos 5.72011-12-222011-12-223
6352Getting signal 7: Bus error8.4.9CentOS 5.7 on OpenVz (2.6.32-042stab044.11)2011-12-222011-12-222
6351ERROR: btree index keys must be ordered by attribute9.0.6openSUSE2011-12-212011-12-233
6350Delete a role which is still in use9.1.1NetBSD2011-12-212011-12-212
6349Cannot install on 32 bit platform9.1.2Windows 7 32 bit2011-12-212011-12-212
6348PROBLEMAS DELETE9.1.2win linux2011-12-212011-12-212
6347Reopening bug #60859.1.2Ubuntu 10.04.32011-12-192012-02-035
6346unsubscribe doesn't workUnsupported/Unknownunix2011-12-192011-12-192
6345"forget the password for reinstallaion"9.1.2window 72011-12-192011-12-192
6344Trouble with plperl9.1.2Linux Debian2011-12-182011-12-192
6343PGTYPES library missing qualifiers9.1.1NetBSD2011-12-162011-12-182
6342libpq blocks forever in "poll" function8.4.8SUSE SLES 10 SP4 64 BIT2011-12-162012-01-1920
6341Packaging - virtual provides "postgres" without version8.4.10Red Hat Enterprise Linux 52011-12-152011-12-267
6340to_timestamp() miscalculates9.1.1Ubuntu 11.102011-12-152011-12-236
6339Startup Script Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS8.4.9Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS2011-12-152011-12-151
6338Startup Script Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS8.4.9Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS2011-12-152011-12-151
6337Startup Script8.4.9Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS2011-12-152011-12-153
6336SQL stored procedure returing 'int' calling into SRF does not raise error ...9.1.2OSX2011-12-142011-12-152
6335Weird planner decision with exists (a join b) condition9.0.4Linux Ubuntu2011-12-142011-12-157
6334initdb not working2011-12-142012-03-274
6333pgAdmin 14.1 - Listbox stupidities2011-12-132011-12-131
6331Cross compile error/aborts. Works if '--disable-spinlock' is used8.4.9Linux (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.5.2-8ubuntu4)2011-12-122011-12-134
6330Incorrect select results when using mutually exclusive conditions for nullable column with index9.0.4Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS2011-12-072011-12-073
6329ODBC ANSI driver psqlODBC v09.00.0310.19.0.3Windows XP2011-12-062011-12-072
6328Wrong error message for insert-sql9.0.0windows server 2008 R22011-12-062011-12-062
6327Prefix full-text-search fails for hosts with complicated names9.1.1Linux2011-12-052011-12-065
6326SELECT ARRAY(SELECT ...) syntax and array[] results doesn't work9.1.1Linux2011-12-052011-12-054
6325Useless Index updates8.3.16Linux2011-12-042011-12-066
6318pg_dump for non-template languages is broken9.1.1Linux (RHEL 3)2011-12-022011-12-033
6317sequence error for pg_dump 9.0.1Centos 5.52011-12-022011-12-132
6316function search_path causes set_config() is_local = true to have no effect9.1.1Ubuntu2011-12-022011-12-023
6315FETCH NEXT :next ROWS ONLY fails9.1.1linux2011-12-012011-12-016
6314The like command does not handle a long string of special chars8.4.5OpenSuSE 11.4 64-bit2011-12-012011-12-024
6313Deadlock reporting contains not enought details8.3.16Linux2011-12-012011-12-012
6312Test bugUnsupported/UnknownLinux2011-12-012011-12-011
6311Performance degradation after upgrade9.1.1Linux Redhat2011-11-272011-11-273
6310Startup Script9.1.1Mac OS X2011-11-252011-11-262
6309ECPG pre-processor issue8.4.9Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation release 6.12011-11-252011-12-193
6308Problem w. encoding in client9.1.1Windows 7 64-bit2011-11-252011-12-025
6307intarray extention gin index does not work with Hot standby9.1.1Linux2011-11-242011-11-297
6306sql parser: weird behaviour when selecting tablename.'name' from a table8.4Windows XP2011-11-242011-11-242
6305cann't reinstall postgresql8.4ubuntu 10.042011-11-232011-11-252
6304initdb fails with loale ko_KR.eucKR9.0.5HPUX 11.31 ia642011-11-222011-11-294
6303ROW_NUMBER()9.1.1Linux CentOS release 5.5 64 bit2011-11-212011-11-233
6302Certificate lookup fails for users with /dev/null as home directory9.1.1Gentoo Linux2011-11-202011-12-036
6301extra space in psql variable expansion8.4.9Linux2011-11-182011-11-196
6300duplicate key value violates unique constraint9.0.4Linux x86_642011-11-182011-11-2514
6299pg_dump, pg_dumpall - Problem with the order of backup functions9.0, 9.1Linux, Windows2011-11-172011-11-197
6296High level backend-write activity on db9.0.5Linux RedHat2011-11-162011-11-173
6295Update fails on empty concatenated strings8.4.9Ubuntu 10.04 LTS2011-11-162011-11-163
6294character 0xefbd9e of encoding "UTF8" has no equivalent in "BIG5"9.1.1Debian Squeeze2011-11-162011-11-162
6293JDBC driver performance9.1Linux2011-11-152012-02-024
6292java.sql.PreparedStatement.setNull() throws PSQLException8.4Linux2011-11-142011-11-162
6291Xid epoch is not updated properly9.0.5Ubuntu 10.042011-11-132011-11-143
6290converting interval from weeks to days9.1.1Ubuntu2011-11-102011-11-113
6289help us8.1centos2011-11-102011-11-113
6288Is ALTER ROLE set client_encoding broken in 9.1?9.1Linux Ubuntu2011-11-102011-11-116
6287Unexpected protocol character during authenticationdon't knowLinux2011-11-042011-11-042
6286Table Partitioning - SQL/MED - interaction broken9.1.1Linux2011-11-032011-11-047
6285PreparedStatement#executeUpdate gets syntax error on apostrophe9.1.1Windows 72011-11-032011-11-032
6283About the behavior of indexscan in case there are some NULL values.9.1.1RHEL5.52011-11-022011-11-023
6282psql.exe cannot recognize specific 2byte SJIS character9.1.1Windows XP2011-11-022011-11-084
6281need to remove??Windows 72011-11-012011-11-0620
6280adminpack.sql not found after postgresql-contrib has been installed9.1.1SUSE 11 SP12011-11-012011-11-012
6279quoting needed for column name with non ascii chars9.0Windows 72011-10-312011-11-015
6278Index scans on '>' condition on field with many NULLS9.0Linux2011-10-312011-10-317
6277Money datatype conversion wrong with Russian locale9.1.1Windows2011-10-292011-10-315
6275Horrible performance regression8.4.9Ubuntu 11.042011-10-282011-11-027
6274documentation on pg_attribute.atttypmod9.1any2011-10-272011-10-312
6273Install Error9.1.1Windows Server 20032011-10-272011-10-282
6271psql -f reporting unexpected syntax errors on first command8.4.9Gentoo Linux 64bit2011-10-262011-10-263
6270Invalid string comparison if the string contains '+' or '-' sign.9.0.4GNU/Linux (Ubuntu 10.10)2011-10-252011-10-252
6269Anomaly detection8.3.3Mac OS X Version 10.6.82011-10-252011-10-2914
6268multiple update with on cascade9.1.1Mac OS X 10.6.82011-10-252011-10-252
6267Wrong results in pg_database_size9.0.4Linux 2.6.32-52011-10-252011-10-254
6266Create temp tables on Slave9.1Centos 5.52011-10-242011-10-256
6265Installation failure at the very beginning9.1.1-1 win 64Windows 7 - 642011-10-232011-10-252
6264Superuser does not have inherent Replication permission9.1.1Debian2011-10-212012-01-1515
6263\l causes core dump with large database9.1.1 64-bitRed Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.4 (Tikanga)2011-10-202011-10-205
6262while installing postgis in make install leavingdirectory8.4Linux2011-10-202011-10-202
626135.9. C-Language Functions9.1win 7 prof /642011-10-192011-10-212
6260not accept password9.0.4Mac LION2011-10-172011-10-183
6259Collation Error with Citext fields9.1.1CentOS release 5.4 (Final)2011-10-172011-10-172
6258Lock Sequence8.4.9Ubuntu 10.04 - Kernel 2.6.32-342011-10-172011-10-188
6257Lock Sequence8.4.9Ubuntu 10.04 - Kernel 2.6.32-342011-10-172011-10-171
6256loading small file eats all memory and crashes system9.11Arch Linux2011-10-152011-10-165
6255Unable to Install (Binary, One Click Installer9.1.1<br>=A0 Windows 7<br>2011-10-152011-10-254
6254COPY ... TO .. CSV sometimes doesn't escape strings9.0.5CentOS 5.42011-10-132011-10-132
6253JDBC driver: getIndexInfo() returns quotes around quoted column names9.0Windows 72011-10-122011-10-192
6252After drop the default database 'postgres', I can not create a database by 'createdb.exe'9.0.5Windows XP SP22011-10-122011-10-134
6251cannot create roles that can actually login8.4ubuntu2011-10-112011-10-123
6249Segmentation fault in VirtualXactLock()2011-10-112011-10-112
6248Stack Builder fails9.0.5 and 9.1.1Windows XP2011-10-102011-10-103
6247Freeswitch will crash after 2-3 days within odbc connection9.2devLinux hermes 2.6.38-11-generic #50-Ubuntu SMP Mon Sep 122011-10-102011-10-126
6246character encoding for 64 bit9.1Windows server 20082011-10-102011-10-149
6245one click Installer problemlatestwin 7 64 bit2011-10-072011-10-071
6244Ordering Problem9.0.3Centos 5.52011-10-072011-10-124
6243Strange result of to_date function9.1.1WinXP sp32011-10-072011-10-192
6242ERROR: unexpected CASE WHEN clause: 3338.4.4FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE2011-10-072011-10-083
6241JDBC: blob doesnot work with bytea9.1any2011-10-062011-10-192
6240About - postgreswdinit.sql9.0.4Linux2011-10-052011-10-052
6239Looking for a technical contact point for PostgreSQL compatibility issue on Windows82011-10-042012-09-016
6238ECPG converts "long long" to long on Windows9.1.1Windows XP2011-10-032011-10-199
6237Hang during install database initialization9.1.1Windows Vista2011-10-032011-10-044
6236Query execution bug9.0.0.1Windows2011-09-302011-09-302
6235Delete fails with ON DELETE rule on inherited table9.1.1Windows 7 x642011-09-302011-10-013
6234Memory leak from PQexec8.2.4Windows 82011-09-282011-10-044
6233pg_dump hangs with Access Violation C00000058.4.8Windows 72011-09-282011-10-0714
6232hstore operator ? no longer uses indexes9.1.1Linux Debian, amd642011-09-282011-09-296
6231weird to_timestamp behaviour with out of range values9.1.1linux x86_642011-09-282011-10-025
6230strange changes in behavior of string functions9.1Windows x642011-09-282011-09-282
6229Postgresql crashes after: LOG: statistics buffer is full8.1.3Suse2011-09-272011-09-273
6228Failed to set permissions on the installed files8.2Windows Server 2008 R22011-09-272011-10-193
6227No arguments for COPY OIDS and HEADER9.1 and allN/A2011-09-272011-09-283
6226Broken foreign key stored on database (parent deleted with children still readable, BUG#6225 Update)2011-09-262011-10-067
6225Child table with a missing parent key which no exists in a complex trigger/cascade schema9.1.0"PostgreSQL 9.1.0 on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, compiled2011-09-262011-09-261
6224Installation Error of dotconnect for postgre SQL Professional4.95.170.0Windows 7 64bit2011-09-262011-09-262
6223Installation with service account9.*Windows Server 20082011-09-262011-09-262
6222Segmentation fault on unlogged table9.2devLinux hermes 2.6.38-11-generic #50-Ubuntu SMP Mon Sep 122011-09-262011-09-268
6220Flagstaff8.4.8Ubuntu Natty2011-09-232011-09-242
6219date_part() function producting incorrect year9.0.4 64bitWindows 7 SP 1 64bit2011-09-212011-09-212
6218TRAP: FailedAssertion("!(owner->nsnapshots == 0)", File: "resowner.c", Line: 365)9.2NetBSD2011-09-212011-09-268
6217to_char() gives incorrect output for very small float values9.1.0Windows XP2011-09-202011-09-2011
6216Calling PQconnectdbParams from C++ with a char**9.1.0Debian GNU/Linux2011-09-202011-09-257
6215ODBC - ovelflow with the OIDs - Large Objects8.4Opernsuse 11.32011-09-202011-10-192
6214can't change Column COLLATEPostgreSQL 9.1CentOS release 5.42011-09-192011-09-205
6213COPY does not work as expected in a plpgsql function9.0linux x86_642011-09-192011-09-265
6212PREPARE(pseudotype) should be blocked off9.0OSX2011-09-162011-09-164
6210Description of PQconnectdbParams in documentation9OS X2011-09-162011-09-161
6209Invalid subquery is accepted within a IN() clause9.1beta3Linux2011-09-162011-09-162
6208crash when c: occupied by removable drive8.4.7Windiws XP 32-bit2011-09-162011-09-183
6207fali to get lock on parent table after two consecutive updates to the same row in child table9.1.0Windows XP2011-09-152011-09-152
6206The reset button is always blocked in case of error in the backup file.9.1Windows 72011-09-142011-09-152
6205ERROR: temporary tables cannot specify a schema name9.1.0OpenBSD-current/amd642011-09-142011-09-218
6204Using plperl functions generate crash9.1.0WinXP sp32011-09-142012-04-2015
6203Building libpq with Visual Studio 9.0 error9.1.0Windows XP SP3 x322011-09-142011-09-142
6202type of union column selection bug9.0.4Win7x642011-09-102011-09-222
6201Windows User Log Off Causes Backend Exception 0xC00001429.0.4Windows XP Pro SP32011-09-092011-09-134
6200standby bad memory allocations on SELECT9.0.4Ubuntu 10.042011-09-082012-02-0228
6199Can't install datatype hstore9.1 rc1Ubuntu Oneiric2011-09-062011-09-063
6198init-po fails for plperl due to invalid xsubpp path (contains ExtUtils)9.0.4, 9.1-rc1Linux2011-09-042011-09-045
6196Install Error9.0.4Windows XP2011-09-022011-09-042
6195Cannot install any of the installers - TEMP or VC++ ErrorsallWindows 7 64 bit SP12011-09-022011-10-192
6194Cannot install any of the installersallWindows 7 64 bit SP12011-09-022011-09-0511
6193The one-click installer failed to unpack9.0.4Windows 7 64 bit2011-09-012011-09-153
6192Incorrect result from operator "overlaps"9.0.4Debian/Sid2011-09-012011-09-013
6191One click installer fails9.0.4-1Windows 72011-09-012011-09-063
6189libpq: sslmode=require verifies server certificate if root.crt is present9.0.4Linux2011-08-312011-08-311
6187Select query stuckPostgreSQL8.0.1i686-pc-linux-gnu2011-08-302011-08-302
6186out of memory while analyze9.0.4/8.4.8Linux Debian testing 32bit2011-08-302011-09-0110
6185Segmentation fault with NULL string columns8.4.8Ubuntu 10.04.03 LTS (x86_64)2011-08-302011-08-305
6184Inconsistencies in log messages8.4.8All2011-08-302011-08-301
6183FATAL: canceling authentication due to timeout9.1rc1RHEL62011-08-292011-08-303
6182/etc/init.d/postgresql-8.4 is incomplete for chkconfig8.5.3<br></blockquote><div><br>I&#39;m guessing you mea==A0 SuSE Linux 11<br>2011-08-292011-08-303
6181concat_ws() incompatibility with MySQL9.1 RC1 (x86)Windows 7 (64bit)2011-08-292011-08-292
6179"service postgresql-9.0 stop" does not stop postgresql server9.0.4CentOS 6.0 x86_642011-08-262011-08-262
6178date_trunc : interval units "week" not supported contradicts documentation8.4Windows Vista2011-08-252012-08-152
6177Size field type TEXT9.1rc1Windows 72011-08-252011-08-255
6176pg_dump dumps pg_catalog tables9.0.4Centos 5.62011-08-252011-08-253
6175Service name should be fixed9.1RC1Windows7 x642011-08-252011-08-251
61738.3.14 and 8.3.15 do not work on Win2k3x648.3.14Windows Server 2003 x64 Enterprise Edition2011-08-222011-08-221
6172DROP EXTENSION error without CASCADE9.1RC1Windows72011-08-212011-08-228
6171Sockets Issue8.1.23CentOS/RHEL2011-08-202011-08-225
6170hot standby wedging on full-WAL disk9.0.4GNU/Linux Ubuntu 10.04 x86_642011-08-202011-08-255
6169a non fatal error occured during cluster.... problem with environment variables8.4.8WindowsXP2011-08-192011-08-252
6168db_link may generate additional unformatted log entries in stderr9.1 Beta 3Linux2011-08-192011-08-193
6167pg_dump fails on table lock8.3.10Linux2011-08-182011-08-184
6166configure from source fails with 'This platform is not thread-safe.' but was actually /tmp perms9.0.4Linux (CentOS release 5.0 (Final))2011-08-172011-08-227
6165documentation bug in plpgsql-declarations.html and plpgsql-statements.html (or plpgsql parser bug)9.0.4N/A2011-08-172012-08-154
6164Flashing dialog9.0Mac OSX 10.6.82011-08-162011-08-164
6163Installation9.0Windows XP2011-08-152011-08-151
6162initdb : Windows username isn't escaped8.2.3Windows 72011-08-142012-08-152
6161Not enough memory error in psql with UTF8 console9.0.4Windows 7x642011-08-122011-08-163
6160Sources from git repository not compile.9.2WinXP sp2 + Mingw2011-08-122011-08-132
6159Can't create unlogged table9.1beta3linux x86_64 archlinux2011-08-112011-08-113
6158documentation error (grammar/typo)9.0.4n/a2011-08-102011-08-102
6156Function returns refcursor which not returns values it gives <unnamed portal>1.6.2Win Xp2011-08-092011-08-091
6155literal definition of arrays with double qoutes leads to error8.4.5Gentoo 4.4.4-r2 p1.3, pie-0.4.5 64-bit2011-08-082011-08-093
6154wrong result with nested left-joins8.4.5Linux 2.6.36-gentoo-r52011-08-082011-08-0911
6153possible typo in the local_preload_libraries documentation9.0Debian sid2011-08-052011-08-062
6152possibly wrong display of pg_settings.enumvals for default_transaction_isolation9.0Debian sid2011-08-052011-08-053
6151documentation claims that default value for log_timezone is "unknown"9.0Debian sid2011-08-042011-08-052
6150commit_delay should have unit ms0.9Debian sid2011-08-042012-08-145
6149My table is empty but pg_relation_size(name) returns 39 MB9.0.4open SUSE Linux2011-08-042011-08-042
6148unterminated CSV quoted field8linux2011-08-042011-08-041
6147Changing search_path between invocations of a function ignored by 2nd invocation of function9.0.4Ubuntu 10.04 x86 32 and 64 bit2011-08-042011-08-041
6146COLLATE in ORDER BY not working with column names defined with "AS"9.1beta3Ubuntu 11.04 64 bit2011-08-032011-08-062
6145Drop View hangs on lock8.4Linux2011-08-032011-08-032
6144Postgres ignores locale's p_cs_precedes and n_cs_precedes settings8.4.8Debian/testing2011-08-032011-08-031
6143connection problem9.0.1 windowswindowsxp 22011-08-032011-08-064
6142error while opening pdadmin9.0.1 windowswin-xp-22011-08-032011-08-112
6141PG Admin's SQL editor can't handle large files9.0Windows2011-08-022011-08-032
6140PostgreSQL Server Service Not Starting8.3.12Windows Server 2003 R2 SP22011-08-022011-08-044
6139LIMIT doesn't return correct result when the value is huge8.2+Any2011-08-022011-08-023
6138Install failed8.4OSX Lion2011-08-012011-08-012
6137apt-get install postgresql doesn't save conf files8.04Ubuntu 10.04, 11.042011-07-312011-07-311
6136Perfomance dies when using PK on 64-bit field9.0.4FreeBSD 8.2 64 bit2011-07-312011-08-015
6135I wander in the backup of the bank, Portuguese generation of characters, atmosphere windows xp, post9.0.4windows xp2011-07-312011-07-311
6134pg_restore failed with "corrupt tar header"9.0Windows 7 (32-bit)2011-07-292011-07-292
6133-lpq frees unallocated memory on exit8.4.8 + 9.0.4Centos X86_64 5.5 & 6.02011-07-272011-07-272
6132Cannot install rpm files9.0<br>=A0 Fedora 15<br>2011-07-272011-07-273
6131Query Returning Incorrect Results9.0.4Windows 7 64-bit2011-07-262011-07-263
6130TOAST tables bug restoring to PostgreSQL 5.62011-07-262011-07-262
6129The installation fails with the error message: "Unable to write inside TEMP environment path"9.0.4 (32 bit)Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)2011-07-222011-07-221
6128A boolean variable doesn't evaluate properly in an IF conditional...8.3Windows XP2011-07-212011-07-223
6127pg_restore failing: unexpected message type 0x58 during COPY from stdinpg_dump (PostgrCentOS release 5.6 (Final)2011-07-212011-10-2510
6126CC parameter in to_char() behaves incorrectly9.0.4Debian 6.02011-07-212012-08-075
6124overlaps8.3.7FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE-p32011-07-202011-07-203
6123DELETE fails if before trigger causes another trigger to UPDATEHEAD and 9.0.4Linux (probably doesn't matter)2011-07-192011-07-195
6122Installation fails: "database cluster initialisation failed"9.0.4Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion)2011-07-192011-07-192
6121error msg feature request for initial server taskspgAdmin 1.12.3Windows2011-07-172011-07-202
6120Problem running post-install step in Mac OS X Lion (GM)9.0.4Mac OS X 10.7 (GM)2011-07-172011-08-206
6119Postgres ODBC Install.msi8.2.21windows xp2011-07-152011-07-212
6118Server doesn't listen8.4Windows server 20032011-07-142011-07-143
6117psql -c does not work as expected. a documentation bug? a program bug?8.4.8CentOS 5.5 (64-bit)2011-07-132012-08-035
6116Not able to drop user if S/he has permission on tablespace9.0Fedora 142011-07-132011-07-203
6115Two similar object giving slightly different results8.4.8(Debian 4.4.5-8) 4.4.5, 32-bit (Squeeze2)2011-07-122011-07-122
6114Bad pathPG ADMIN 1.12.2Win2k3, Win2k82011-07-122011-07-122
6113SET DATESTYLE='European' does not set datestyle output correctly9.0.4Gentoo Linux2011-07-122011-07-122
6112heuristic for empty parent tables that are members of inheritance trees9.0.3Linux2011-07-112011-07-182
6111ftell mismatch error9.0Windows 72011-07-112011-07-112
6110pg_hba.conf samehost does not work9.0.2Windows 7 Ultimate 32/642011-07-112011-07-182
6107Invalid bug9.0Win XP SP32011-07-102011-07-101
6106JAR File has no source attachment9.0Win XP SP32011-07-102011-07-113
6105Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute9WinXP SP32011-07-102011-07-112
6103Do not allow installation on Mac OS X Lion (GM)9.0.4Mac OS X 10.7 GM2011-07-082011-07-092
6102JDBC BIND Source IP AddressJDBC 8.3Windows2011-07-082011-07-122
6101ALTER TABLE hangs with AccessExclusiveLock9.0.4Debian i686 2.6.32-5-686-bigmem2011-07-082011-07-093
6099Does pgcluster support hibernate?8.3linux2011-07-082011-07-092
6097Server crash when enabling custom_variable_classes9.0 9.1betaLinux/Freebsd2011-07-082011-07-083
6096ECPG set precision of double value to 14 digits8.4.5Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.52011-07-082011-07-183
6095Misleading error message: INSERT has more expressions than target columns9.1beta2x86_64 Linux2011-07-082011-07-082
6094Streaming replication does not catch up when writing enough data9.1-beta2Debian GNU/Linux 6.0.2 "Squeeze"2011-07-072011-07-072
6092specific casting required for gist indexing of bigint9.0.4CentOS 5.52011-07-052011-07-064
6091Information8.4.7linux debian 6.0.12011-07-052011-07-063
6090Connection problem9Windows Server Standard SP22011-07-052011-07-052
6089error in documentation: incorrect string literal for SSL mode; 'disabled' vs 'disable'allall2011-07-042011-07-052
6088copy to stdout cannot be stopped with kill(pid) or pg_terminate_backend8.4.7Freebsd2011-07-022011-07-036
6087Unnest with multidimensional arrays9.0Linux2011-06-302011-06-302
6086Segmentation fault9.0.4FreeBSD 8.2 (64 bit)2011-06-302011-07-269
6085pg_upgrade fails when unix_socket_directory != /tmp9.0.3RHEL 5.4 Linux 2.6.18 x86_642011-06-292011-07-163
6084When Updating Tables with Select Into8.4Windows Server 20032011-06-292011-06-303
6083psql script line numbers incorrectly count \copy data9.0.4Debian GNU/Linux (amd64)2011-06-292011-07-054
6082server segfault - pg_stat_reset_shared(null)9.0.4Debian GNU/Linux (amd64)2011-06-292011-07-125
6081trigger CRUD log entries, or documentation not clear that triggers do not log8.4Fedora 14 x86_642011-06-292011-07-122
6080information_schema.columns.column_default contains NULL inconsistently9.0.3Gentoo2011-06-282011-07-057
6079Wrong select result9.0.4Windows2011-06-282011-06-294
6078borrar usuario9.041windows 72011-06-262011-06-282
6077documentation on PQfmod for numeric data types9.1beta2any; documentation issue2011-06-242011-06-241
6076Unexpected "Security Definer / invoker" interaction9.1 (beta2)Linux Debian 64bit2011-06-242011-06-243
6075mergejoin early termination estimates bug or defficiency9.0.3Red Hat 4.4.1-2, 64-bit2011-06-222011-06-221
6074postgresql service script8.4.4Centos 5.62011-06-222011-06-234
6073VPATH build fails in src/backend/replication for src tarball, repl_scanner.c not found9.1beta2Solaris2011-06-222011-06-221
6072VPATH build fails in src/backend/port for src tarball, errcodes.h not found9.1beta2Linux, Solaris2011-06-222011-06-222
6070how db is stored9.0.4win20032011-06-212011-06-212
6069C function returns NaN when part of an SQL function9.0.4FreeBSD 8.1 64 Bit2011-06-202011-06-222
6068automatic analyze runs endlessly9.1beta1Linux2011-06-182011-06-194
6067In PL/pgsql, EXISTS(SELECT ... INTO...) fails9.0.4Linux2011-06-172012-08-175
6066Bad string in German translation causes segfault (user-triggerable)9.1, 9.0, 8.4any2011-06-172011-06-269
6065FATAL: lock 0 not held9.0.4üLinux version 2.6.21-uc0 on ARM processor2011-06-172011-06-172
6064!= NULL, <> NULL do not workPostgreSQL 9.0Windows XP (server) Ubuntu 10.4 (Client)2011-06-172011-12-0114
6063compatability issues8.4windows 72011-06-172011-06-303
6062psql terminates on auto-complete9.0.1Darwin Kernel Version 10.7.0: Sat Jan 29 15:17:16 PST2011-06-152011-06-163
6061Progresql.exe memory usage using HOLD cursor.9.0.4Windows 2008 R22011-06-152011-06-164
6060does not work -z option of pg_basebackup9.1 beta2Linux2011-06-152011-06-152
6059Out of tree build fails using Make 3.829.0.4AIX 5.3 and Mac 10.6.72011-06-152011-06-151
6058psql password prompt9.1 beta2Windows 7 642011-06-142011-06-141
6057regexp_replace & back references9.0.4Windows2011-06-142011-06-142
6056sorting issues8.4Ubuntu 10.42011-06-132011-06-144
6055connection refused8.3.5Solaris 102011-06-082011-06-082
6054Insert to table, which has fkey to table,which is parenttable for another table - error8.4.8CentOS2011-06-072011-06-162
6053Can't do DISTINCT on citext column9.1beta1Windows2011-06-052011-06-162
6052ADD COLUMN - ERROR: tables can have at most 1600 columns8.4.7WIndows 7 pro 64 bit2011-06-042011-06-073
6051wCTE query fail with wrong error text on a table with rules9.1beta1Linux x86_642011-06-032011-06-074
6050Dump and restore of view after a schema change: can't restore the view9.0.4Linux2011-06-032011-10-1422
6049Can't load dumped view with VALUES and ORDER BY8.4.4Linux (Fedora 12)2011-06-022011-06-042
6048TRUNCATE vs TRUNCATE CASCADE: misleading message9.042.6.32-30-server #59-Ubuntu SMP Tue Mar 1 22:46:09 UTC2011-06-022011-06-036
6047prepare p1 as select 'now'::timestamp; then "execute p1" many times, they return the same time9.0.4WinXP 32bit2011-06-022011-06-023
6046select current_date crashes postgres9.1 beta 1Windows 7 64bit2011-05-312011-06-016
6045Compilation of contribs fail9.1betaUbuntu 10.04 2.6.312011-05-292011-05-295
6044Access violation on XML decl with standalone8.4.8Windows2011-05-272011-05-282
6043Compilation PLpgsql Succesful but execution bad9.1 betaUbuntu 10.04 2.6.312011-05-272011-05-286
6042unlogged table with Streaming Replication9.1beta1RHEL5.3 x86_642011-05-272011-06-015
6041Unlogged table was created bad in slave node9.1 betaUbuntu2011-05-262011-06-0822
6040ODBC 64 + SSL Hangs9.03Windows 7 64 bits2011-05-262011-06-162
6039Trying to use server status9.00Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition SP 22011-05-262011-06-162
6038configure warnings on sys/socket.h and netinet/in.h, make fails9.0.4Windows XP 32bit2011-05-252011-06-162
6037error on restarting slave - cp: cannot stat `pg_xlog....`: no such file or ...9.0.3CentOS release 5.3 (Final) - 2.6.18-128.el5xen2011-05-242011-05-252
6036why a REAL should be queried as a string?8.4.4x86_64-pc-linux-gnu2011-05-242011-05-243
6035server crash when executing recursive query (trying to allocate 16 Exabyte memory)9.0.4Debian Squeeze2011-05-232011-05-232
6034pg_upgrade fails when it should not.8.4ubuntu linux2011-05-222011-05-221
6033Nonstandard Install Directory Fails9.0.4-1 x86Windows XP2011-05-212011-05-232
6032server fail to connect9.0window 72011-05-212011-05-232
6031Bug with plpgsql function and RETURNS TABLE8.4Linux (Ubuntu)2011-05-202011-05-202
6030Query Tools bloqueado9.0.3.1windows 72011-05-182011-05-181
6029packaged installer fails to configure ldap9.0.2RHEL 6.0 x86_642011-05-172011-05-171
6028age() function output contracts "months", but not any other units.9.0.4Debian/GNU Linux 62011-05-172011-05-238
6027OLE DB Provider not available9.0windows-7 , 64-bit2011-05-172011-05-232
6026redundant sentences?9.1beta1MacOSX2011-05-152011-05-162
6025psql show password inserted in database restore9.0.4Windows2011-05-132011-05-131
6024pg_dump won't dump ALTERed inherited fields9.0, 8.4Linux2011-05-122011-05-124
6022Postgre84+RHEL6+Veritas file system?8.4RHEL62011-05-112011-06-014
6021There is no difference between default and empty access privileges with \dp9.0.4Debian Squeeze2011-05-112011-05-2611
6020Wrong data type returned after CAST in FROM9.0.3OpenBSD2011-05-102011-06-166
6019invalid cached plan on inherited table9.0.4SLES 11 SP1 and WinXP SP32011-05-102011-05-113
6018ctrl +C cause data inconsistent for sync standby9.1beta1Linux2011-05-102011-05-102
6017COPY from CSV file, WITH CSV HEADER fields order not respected8.4.8Ubuntu Linux 10.102011-05-092011-05-102
6016Documentation makes inappropriate reference to boolean logic9 (all)documentation2011-05-092011-05-102
6015to_hex and negative integer8.3.12Ubuntu Linux on kernel version
6013PostgreSql Lento8.2.10Windows 2003 Server2011-05-072011-05-082
6012Automatically generated sequence number jumps.8.4Windows XP Professional SP22011-05-062011-05-062
6011Some extra messages are output in the event log at PostgreSQL startup8.3.12/9.0.3Windows XP and Vista2011-05-062011-05-074
6010booting problem9.1 beta1snow leopard2011-05-062011-05-122
6008Can't contact Tom Lane :)8.4.8FreeBSD2011-05-052011-05-052
6007pg_restore -C -d <database> does not behave as expected when dump is done with pg_dump8.4.8FreeBSD2011-05-052011-05-052
6006Will not install9.0.4 Win x64Windows 2008 Server x642011-05-042011-05-056
6005ALTER ROLE ... VALID UNTIL 'infinity' crashes postmaster on a fresh install9.1-beta1Win7 x64 (x86 postgres)2011-05-042011-05-126
6003Cannot have a constraint foreign key on master class with inheritance9.0.3Gentoo Linux2011-05-032011-05-042
6002French character show garbled8.3.5AIX2011-05-022011-05-062
6001date_trunc is not timezone aware9.0Windows 72011-05-012011-05-022
6000error de xp sp32011-04-292011-05-073
5999Postgresql using Excel 2010 Powerpivot1.12.2Windows 72011-04-292011-04-292
5998CLUSTER and "ERROR: missing chunk number 0 for toast value"8.3.5Debian Etch2011-04-292011-04-292
5997[queryplan] PostgreSQL is sorting the query results when the result can only be 1 item.8.4.7Linux2011-04-292011-04-292
5996CURRENT_TIMESTAMP uses often undesired TRANSACTION_TIMESTAMP, instead of STATEMENT_TIMESTAMP9.0.3Solaris2011-04-282011-05-113
5995connection pooling not working8.4ubuntu2011-04-272011-04-284
5994Can't excute DBI->connect to oracle by client sitePostgreSQL 8.4.x86_64_unknonwn_linux_gnu2011-04-262011-05-1110
5993pg_size_pretty overflow8.4windows 72011-04-242011-04-252
5992The database cluster initialisation failedpostgresql-9.0.Win 72011-04-212011-05-103
5991Bug restore .backup9.0.3-1-windowsWindows 72011-04-202011-04-202
5990100% CPU reached8.4Windows Server 20032011-04-202011-04-213
5989Assertion failure on UPDATE of big valuegit masterLinux2011-04-202011-04-2518
5988CTINE duplicates constraintsgit masterLinux2011-04-202011-04-255
5987Rows created by WITH (INSERT ... RETURNING) are not visible to the rest of the query9.1-alpha5Win7 x642011-04-192011-04-192
5986pg_dump output is not ordered8.3.14Many2011-04-192011-05-074
5985CLUSTER ... USING can fail with ERROR: index xxx does not belong to table yyy9.1a5Win7 x64, also seen on Debian2011-04-182011-04-205
5984Got FailedAssertion("!(opaque->btpo_prev == target)", File: "nbtpage.c", Line: 1166)8.4.4 and 8.4.7Linux 2.6.18-194.32.1.el5 #1 SMP Mon Dec 20 10:52:422011-04-182011-06-015
5983creating accounts9.0Windows Seven 64-bit2011-04-152011-04-172
5982recursive type crashes postgres9.1.alpha5Windows XP SP32011-04-152011-04-1512
5981Attempt to install language pltcl fails on 64-bit installation9.0.3Winders Server 2008 R2 Standard2011-04-152011-04-152
5980Installation can't running9.0.3-2Windows 72011-04-152011-05-112
5979postgres service cannot be started if database is located in NAS8.4.7windows server 20082011-04-142011-04-152
5978Running postgress in a shell script fails8.4.6Ubuntu 10.42011-04-132011-04-132
5977Crash on delete8.3.1Linux 2.4.322011-04-132011-04-132
5976Corrupted pages on the production database9.0.3Red Hat 4.1.2-48, 64-bit2011-04-132011-04-134
5975Incorrect result from mod function with cast8.3.11RedHat EL 5.62011-04-132011-04-132
5974UNION construct type cast gives poor error message9.0Mac OS X2011-04-122011-04-2119
5973erreur SERIAL 49.0.3windows 72011-04-122011-04-122
5972Update with subquery: erroneous results for foreign key field9.0.3CentOS 5.52011-04-122011-04-123
5971NpgSql link doesnt work9.0Windows 72011-04-112011-04-123
5970intersect and collation on types9.1.alpha5Windows XP SP32011-04-102011-04-122
5969ecpg can't see sqlca9.0.3FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE2011-04-082011-04-092
5968DOCUMENTATION: SELECT synopsis omits RETURNING keyword9.1aplha5x86_64 Linux2011-04-072011-04-116
5967Db maintainace8.3.5Linux2011-04-072011-05-186
5966extract(epoch..) function error8.3.0 b.1400windows nt2011-04-062011-04-202
5965PostgreSQL crashes during connection8.3.9Windows 72011-04-062011-04-253
5964doc bug -- copy does not take "format" literal9.0.3Linux (ubuntu 10.10 server 64-bit)2011-04-032011-04-032
5963make -j4 check fails9.1alpha5x86_64 Linux2011-04-022011-08-224
5962Problem Acessing Network Path8.3win 72011-04-012011-05-112
5961JDBC Driver acceptURL does not check 'jdbc:postgresql:'9.0 Build 801All Operating Systems2011-03-312011-04-014
5960No rule to make target 'libpq.a', needed by 'all-static-lib'8.4.6Windows 7 with Msys/MinGW2011-03-302011-04-055
5959pg_restore --use-list does not always work with a pg_restore generated TOC file9.0.0Linux / kernel
5958Connection error when authentication is kerberos8.4.6windows xp sp3,redhat Enterprise 52011-03-302011-03-301
5957createdb with description and md5 auth forces to provide password twice9.0.3Ubuntu 10.102011-03-302011-09-062
5956quiero crear una base de datos -E LATIN1 en la version 8.48.4ubuntu 10.042011-03-292011-04-082
5955One-click installer does not escape password9.0OS X2011-03-282011-03-281
5953pgadmin sql-query text pad doesn't work9.0.2-1-win-x84windows 7 enterprise SP12011-03-262011-07-274
5952SetRWConflict assertion failure9.1develNetBSD2011-03-262011-04-058
5951ERRO NO INICIO DA INSTALACAO9.0.3-2WINDOWS 7 X642011-03-252011-03-272
5950backend terminating after altering table9.0.3archlinux x86_642011-03-252011-03-285
5949ODBC driver. Binding Arrays of Parameters9.3windows 72011-03-252011-03-251
5948JDBC wrond insert of timestamp datapostgresql90Linux Fedora 142011-03-252011-03-252
5947Error while running query7.4Ubnato2011-03-252011-03-252
5946Long exclusive lock taken by vacuum (not full)8.4Linux2011-03-252011-05-0230
5945serial repetition Error!8.4ubuntu 11.042011-03-252011-03-302
5944COPY FROM doesn't work with international charactersN/AN/A2011-03-232011-10-279
5943jdbc client doesn't omit pg_toast_temp tables from schema views2011-03-242011-03-241
5942pg_trgm.sql has cyclic dependency on type gtrgm creation9.0.3Linux2011-03-232011-03-232
5941i don t understand8.4windows 72011-03-222011-03-223
5940Creating a foreign key on an empty table locks table8.4 / 9.0Ubuntu2011-03-222011-03-221
5939About bytea9.0Win7 x642011-03-222011-04-013
5938PostgreSQL Installer outputs log file with superuser password in clear text9.0.3<br>=A0 Microsoft Windows (all variants, 32 and 64 bit)<br>2011-03-222011-03-245
5937initdb: FATAL error: could not open relation with OID 26088.4.7GNU/Linux 2.6.38 (Debian)2011-03-212011-03-227
5936Cannot connect to Server1.8.2Windows Vista Business2011-03-192011-03-192
5935Log lotation not working for default log format9.0.3CentOS Release 5.52011-03-172011-03-174
5934postgresql.conf: optional equal sign8.4debian squeeze2011-03-162011-03-173
5933database restore error8.3linux2011-03-162011-03-162
5932CLUSTER doesn't update n_dead_tup9.0Linux2011-03-152011-09-066
5931password when setup9.0WIN72011-03-152011-03-213
5930Increasing log level to debug5 database not working9.0windows server standard2011-03-152011-03-152
5929ERROR: found toasted toast chunk for toast value 260340218 in pg_toast_2603393428.4.7PostgreSQL 8.4.7 on i486-pc-linux-gnu, compiled by GCC2011-03-152011-03-176
5928PD_ALL_VISIBLE flag incorrectly set warning messages8.4.4CentOS2011-03-152011-03-152
5927PostgreSQL8.28.2Windows Server 20082011-03-112011-03-295
5926information schema dtd_identifier for element_types, columns, parameters views inconsistent9.0.3Ubuntu 9.0.42011-03-112011-06-097
5925Files corrupted9.0Windows Server 20032011-03-112011-03-112
5924bug or feature?8.3.14 - 9.0.3Linux2011-03-112011-03-113
5923Build problem9.1 alpha 4Windows 72011-03-102011-03-113
5922Add-on installation error.9.0Windows 72011-03-102011-03-102
5921pg_dump asks for password8.3.8windows 2008 server (64 bit)2011-03-092011-03-102
5920SQL function are probably "overoptimized"9.0.1linux2011-03-082011-03-082
5919released zipped files have problem9.0.3windows XP2011-03-082011-03-143
5918SummarizeOldestCommittedSxact assertion failure9.1develNetBSD2011-03-082011-03-086
5916PGAdmin crash9.0.0-1-linuxFedora 142011-03-052011-03-083
5915OldSerXidAdd inflates pg_serial too much9.1develNetBSD2011-03-042011-03-0811
5914locking error in heap_fetch9.1develNetBSD2011-03-042011-03-043
5913invalid page header8.0.2WINDOWS XP2011-03-042011-03-042
5912Etc/GMT time utc offset error8.3.1 and 8.4.7FreeBSD 7.3 and Ubuntu 102011-03-032011-03-032
5911pg_notify() function only works when channel name is lower case9.0.3Slackware Linux Kernel
5910Function pg_get_expr throwing error for non superuser9.0.2RHEL-5 32 bit2011-03-032011-03-032
5909Function pg_get_expr throwing error for non superuser9.0.2RHEL-5 32 bit2011-03-032011-03-031
5908PgOleDb returns values without the digits after the dot.9.0.3Windows XP SP32011-03-022011-03-032
5907ODBC % bug9.0.1-1Windows XP2011-03-022011-03-032
5906assertion failure in AtCleanup_Portals9.1develNetBSD current2011-03-022011-03-036
5905segfault on pg_terminate_backend8.4.3CentOS 4.72011-03-012011-03-025
5903Turkish encoding problem9.0.2Windows Server 2008 R2 x642011-03-012011-06-014
5902pl/pgsql plans are not invalidated on discard all9.0.3Fedora 132011-02-282011-03-014
5901Delayed Write Failed8.4.1Microsoft Windows XP Embedded Version 2002 Service Pack2011-02-282011-02-282
5900Coredump on executing query8.4.1FreeBSD 7.3-STABLE amd642011-02-252011-02-252
5899Memory corruption when running psql9.0.3Ubuntu 9.102011-02-242011-03-087
5898Nested "in" clauses hide bad column names9.0.3Ubuntu 10.102011-02-222011-02-225
5897INSTALACAO9.0Windows XP2011-02-222011-03-032
5896When server cannot be started, first it says that it couldn't be started and then Server Started8.3.14-1Red Hat 5.3 Enterprise2011-02-212011-02-284
5895Ability to match more than just CN in client certificate9.0.3Linux amd642011-02-202011-03-053
5894Rules' behaviour when SERIAL data types are used8.4.4RedHat Centos2011-02-182011-02-182
5892Restart Failed after WAL restore8.3.7Windows2011-02-172011-02-171
5891Unique index is not unique8.4.5FreeBSD 7.32011-02-172011-03-032
5890malloc error8.4.1Mac OSX 10.6.62011-02-162011-02-162
5889"Intersects" for polygons broken8.4Linux2011-02-162011-03-117
5887EXPLAIN returns more than 1000 rows when table is empty8.4.7Ubuntu 10.102011-02-152011-03-033
5886pgbench usage9.0.2unbuntu 8.02011-02-152011-02-152
5885Strange rows estimation for left join8.4.4Linux2011-02-152011-02-165
5884i cant select entire array values8.4.7centos 5.52011-02-142011-02-144
5883Error when mixing SPI_returntuple with returning regular HeapTuple8.4.7ubuntu lucid2011-02-142011-02-175
5882last_value of sequence on replicated properly9.0linux2011-02-112011-02-112
5881postgres query tuning9.0.2unbuntu 8.02011-02-112011-02-112
5880Rounding error when copying a REAL numeric value to DOUBLE PRECISION8.4.5linux x642011-02-102011-02-112
5879PostgreSQL can not load my data folder8.4Windows XP2011-02-102011-02-112
5878BTREE_BUILD_STATS causes 'make check' to fail8.4.7Ubuntu 10.04 LTS2011-02-102011-02-183
5877problem with wild char used in where clause8.3.5Solaris2011-02-102011-02-104
5876Incorrectly reported column value9.0.3CentOS release 5.5, i6862011-02-102011-02-113
5875can not make a backup9.0.3.1xp windows2011-02-092011-02-092
5874pg_dumpall CREATE DATABASE statements 'missing' parameters8.4.7Windows 7 64-Bit2011-02-092011-03-032
5872Function call in SQL function executed only once8.4.5Debian 6.0 - Linux 2.6.32-5-amd642011-02-082011-02-082
5871database connecting failed8.3.1Windows XP professional service pack 32011-02-082011-03-032
5870Cannot get the first popup window during install8.4.1-2Vista Home Premium with SP22011-02-082011-03-032
5869postgresql corrupts unquoted non-ascii chars in column aliases8.4.5Windows 72011-02-082011-03-045
5868Client ignores X.509 subject alternative name9.0.1Linux amd642011-02-072011-02-071
5867wish: plpgsql print table for debug9.03Linux2011-02-072011-03-0314
5866Binary replication - default port9.0.3 BitnamiLinux Debian2011-02-042011-02-042
5865Problem regarding Postgresql installation and ODBC driver installation in 64 bit Windows Vista OSVersion 9.0.3-1Windows Vista2011-02-042011-03-032
5863help message report 5433 as default port9.0.3Windows 32bit2011-02-022011-03-034
5862Postgres dumps core upon a connection attempt9.0.3Linux (Fedora 14, kernel 2.6.35-10-74), 64-bit2011-02-022011-02-0914
5861lo_import and lo_export methods not working from the client side if database is at remote9.0.2Window XP2011-02-022011-03-032
5860initdb failing with could not create directory "C:/Program Files ": File exists error8.3/ 9.0Windows 20032011-02-022011-02-021
5859XML result in line and column8.4.7Windows 72011-02-012011-02-013
5857pg_restore --clean dropping type too soon8.4.6Ubuntu 10.102011-01-312011-03-113
5856pg_attribute.attinhcount is not correct.8.4.5Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.52011-01-312011-02-032
5855pgstat wait timeout9.0.1Debian GNU Linux - stable2011-01-282011-01-282
5854base64 decode returns bytea and no text9.02CentOS 5.52011-01-282011-01-283
5853when the walsender cannot exit when reboot slave computer9.0.1Linux 642011-01-272011-01-272
5852Function date_trunc is not IMMUTABLE8.3CentOS2011-01-272011-01-273
5851ROHS (read only hot standby) needs to be restarted manually in somecases.9.0.2 x86_64CentOS release 5.5 (Final) | 2.6.18-194.17.1.el5 #1 SMP2011-01-272011-03-0410
5850UPDATE statement fails when using aliases9.0.2Win7 x642011-01-262011-01-262
5849Stats Collector Frozen - Autovacuum Not Working Anymore8.4.4 32 bitWindows 7 Professional 64 bit2011-01-262011-01-313
5848Between operator issue8.1.22Centos 5.52011-01-252011-01-253
5847pg_restore: [archiver (db)] COPY failed: ERROR: invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8": 0x968.2windows2011-01-252011-01-313
5846Segfault Postgresql Built with --lib-libedit-preferred9.0.1Mac OS X 10.6.62011-01-242011-01-254
5845Postgres does not seem to handle unquoted upper cased object identifiers9.0.2Windows 2008 R2 (64bit)2011-01-242011-01-252
5844maverick9.0Ubuntu 10.102011-01-242011-01-312
5843documentation error9.1all2011-01-192011-03-032
5842Memory leak in PL/Python when taking slices of results8.4.6x86_64-pc-linux-gnu (Ubuntu 10.04.1)2011-01-182011-03-172
5841rank()+1 fails, 1+rank() succeeds9.0.1Ubuntu 10.102011-01-172011-01-214
5840Updating arrays using subscripted assignment results in uninitialized values8.4.5Mac OS X 10.6 and Debian Lenny2011-01-152011-01-172
5839pgAdmin makes bad query for creating a table when default value specified9.0.2Windows 7 32 bit2011-01-152011-01-155
5838tables of the same name in different schemas9.0.2Win7 642011-01-142011-01-143
5837PQstatus() fails to report lost connection9.0.2FreeBSD2011-01-142011-03-1125
5836Enum Support Functions don't work on empty tables8.4Centos2011-01-132011-01-132
5835PL/Python crashes9.0.2Ubuntu Linux2011-01-132011-01-174
5834Planner - cost for hash scan too small8.4.6WinXP sp22011-01-132011-01-132
5833error9.0.2win7 ultimate2011-01-122011-01-121
5831Splitting string into char array with string_to_array does not work9.0.1Ubuntu/Linaro 4.4.4-14ubuntu52011-01-112011-01-113
5830Cannot connect to the server8.4windows 72011-01-112011-01-112
5829No buffer Space Available(maximum connection reached?) from postgres edb driver8.4 ASWindows 2003 server SP22011-01-112011-01-142
5827no consigo instalarlo9.0.2-1windows 72011-01-102011-03-032
5823launchd execution9.0.2-1MacOSX 10.6.62011-01-102012-06-215
5820FATAL: could not access file "libpqwalreceiver": No such file or directory9.0.2RedHat Enterprise 5.4 64 bit2011-01-072011-01-103
5819Translation Error of initdb's zh_CN.po9.0.2Windows XP Service Pack 32011-01-072011-01-072
5818initdb lose the single quote of locale9.0.2Windows XP Service Pack 32011-01-072011-04-203
5817Language problem...any, so farWindows 72011-01-052011-01-062
5816index not used in function8.3.7linux2011-01-052011-01-148
5815connecting to Atllassian products8.4windows2011-01-052011-01-062
5814documentation bug8.1.21Scientific Linux 52011-01-052011-03-119
5813Cross Database Access in the same server using DBlink9.0.2Windows 72011-01-052011-01-062
5812ecpg problem with array of varchar when using dimension name with length > 129.0.1linux CentOS 5.42011-01-042011-01-082
5811Installation error9.0.2Win XP 322011-01-022011-01-032
5810non-accessible hardlink creation was attempted by: postgres (fsuid 115)8.4Ubuntu 10.102011-01-022011-01-023
5809bigserial duplicate value8.4windows xp2011-01-022011-01-127
5808Remove PgOleDB from Stack Builder9.0.2Windows 7 32 bit2010-12-312011-01-052
5807psql fails to launch with "Cannot read termcap database; using dumb terminal settings. Aborted"9.0.2Linux Ubuntu 10.042010-12-292013-07-1114
5806Julian Date routine miscalculates.8.4 + 9.0Linux 64bit2010-12-292010-12-292
5805"not determine data type" for params in comments8.4Ubuntu Linux2010-12-292010-12-312
5804Connection aborted after many queries.9.0.2OS X 10.6.5, Ubuntu 10.042010-12-292010-12-297
5803Not can backup9.0.2windows2010-12-292010-12-303
5802configure script does not check for perl devel files8.4.6Linux / Debian Lenny 5.0.62010-12-282010-12-318
5801characters not encoded properly for column names9.0.2Windows XP2010-12-232011-01-039
5800"corrupted" error messages (encoding problem ?)9.0.2 64bitsWindows 7 64bits2010-12-212011-09-2921
5799failed to find conversion function from unknown to text8.4.3GNU/Linux 64bit2010-12-212010-12-212
5798Some weird error with pl/pgsql procedure8.4.4FreeBSD 7.22010-12-212011-06-1417
5797Strange bug with hstore8.4.4Freebsd2010-12-202010-12-274
5796Problem with history-files1.12.1Windows XP2010-12-202010-12-272
57959.0.2 PDF needs editing8.4+ incl 9.0Fedora 14 / Debian Squeeze2010-12-202010-12-207
5794'explain' fails, but executing sql is ok.9.0.2Mac OS X Server 10.6.52010-12-192010-12-192
5793tsquery error8, 9Linux2010-12-182010-12-192
5792INSTALLER FAILS!!!8.4, 9.0Windows XP2010-12-172010-12-183
5791Tables are not viewing through pgadmin8.3linux2010-12-172011-01-208
5789asking password9.0.1.1windows xp2010-12-132010-12-132
5788I can drop table , with other user's table8.4.5centos 5.52010-12-102010-12-112
5787Privileges to start system services8.3Windows XP2010-12-072010-12-072
5786Cannot start pgsql8 application with Previleged account (Admin account)pgsql8Windows Server 20032010-12-062010-12-062
5784CREATE INDEX USING GIN complains about array containing null values yet none exist8.4Linux2010-12-052010-12-2711
5783plpythonu bool behavior change9.0.1Linux Ubuntu 10.042010-12-052010-12-053
5782No UUID support with one-click installer PostgreSQL 9.0.1 64-bit for Windows9.0.1 64-bitWindows 2008 R2 64-bit2010-12-032010-12-031
5781unaccent() function should be marked IMMUTABLE9.0.1Mac OS X 10.6.42010-12-022010-12-277
5780Case insensitive regular expressions8.4.5Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS2010-12-012010-12-011
5779Large INSERT transaction with FOREIGN KEY constraints exhausts available RAM9.0.1Ubuntu 10.042010-12-012010-12-142
5778pgAdminIII 1.12.1 Japanese Translation File9.0.1Windows XP2010-12-012010-12-012
5777Server crash with function out params returned as record9.0.1windows 72010-12-012010-12-012
5776Unable to create view with parameter in PL/pgsql9.0.1Debian unstable2010-11-302010-12-1410
5775DBLINK Connection String Truncation9.0.1Cent OS 52010-11-292010-11-292
5774VACCUM & REINDEX kills production environement8.3.7openSUSE 10.3 (X86-64) - Kernel \r (\l).2010-11-282010-11-298
5773DEBUG: reaping dead processes DEBUG: server process (PID 10007) was terminated by signal 11: Segme9.0.1<br>=A0 Ubuntu<br>2010-11-262010-11-2817
5771C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\8.3\Data is not accessible.8.3XP Professional SP32010-11-262010-11-293
5770Foreign key violation after insert9.0.1Scientific Linux 5.5 (RHEL)2010-11-252010-11-263
5769Problem with SPI_getvalue9.0.1Linux2010-11-252010-11-254
5768Inefficiency of large offsets should be mentioned on SELECT documentation page9.01N/A2010-11-252010-11-304
5767Memory Leak9.01Windows Server 20082010-11-252010-11-263
5766regexp \y doesn't work properly when a word starts on ends with a UTF-8 char9.0.1Windows 7 64-bit2010-11-242010-11-242
5765pg_dump fail to find upper case table name8.4.4Linux2010-11-242011-03-116
5764installation error (incomplete process)8.0.0Windows 72010-11-232010-11-242
5763pg_hba.conf not honored9.0.1Arch Linux (latest)2010-11-232010-11-306
5762ecpg1.8.3linux - Centos 5.32010-11-222010-11-292
5761In 'dblink' function connection string truncated8.3.12Fedora release 14 (Laughlin)2010-11-222010-11-295
5759Autovacuum cost limit trends to 1, using default config8.4.4RHEL5.32010-11-192010-11-202
5758Error during backupPostgreSQL 8.4Windows 20032010-11-192010-11-192
5757PL/PGSQL composite variable field error reporting9.0.1Debian unstable2010-11-182010-11-183
5756postgres eat up all memory(2GB memory)8.3windows server 20082010-11-182010-11-182
5755Query Optimzer Bug8.4.4RedHat2010-11-162010-11-173
5754CTE optimization fails to account for side effects8.4+All2010-11-152010-11-163
5753Existing Functions No Longer Work9.0Windows2010-11-132010-11-1813
5752installer does not give proper os privileges on folders9.0.1Windows 2008 R2 (64bit)2010-11-132010-12-212
5751pg_restore does not work correctly with BLOBs8.4.5Ubuntu2010-11-122010-11-122
5750dropping objects owned by user fails9.0.1Ubuntu 9.102010-11-122010-11-122
5749Case sensivity of names of sequences.9.0.1Windows XP2010-11-112010-11-112
5748Invalid oidvector data during binary recv9.0.1Linux2010-11-112010-11-1521
5747TimeStamps too far into the future are invalid8.3OSX2010-11-102010-11-103
5746/etc/init.d/postgresql-9.0 status returns the wrong value9.0.1CentOS2010-11-102010-11-112
5745geometry bug?8.4.5windows xp pro sp32010-11-102010-11-104
5744Debugging doesn't work in version 8.3.12 on windows.8.3.12Windows XP2010-11-062010-11-182
5743Regexp engine fails to case-insensitively match multi-byte codepoints8.4.3Windows, Linux2010-11-042010-11-042
5742cannot alter column8.3.11windows xp sp32010-11-032010-11-072
5741syslog line length8.4solaris2010-11-022012-01-049
5740contrib/spi/moddatetime.c doesn't work with timezones.8.4.5Linux2010-11-022010-11-048
5739postgresql will not start9.0.1-2Arch Linux2010-11-012010-11-023
5738btree index search bug9.01Winxp2010-11-012010-11-012
5737LIKE and ILIKE strange behaviour8.3.11NetBSD2010-10-312010-11-012
57369.0.1 segmentation fault (sig11) during long-lived update9.0.1Linux2010-10-302010-11-054
5735pg_upgrade thinks that it did not start the old server9.0Windows Server 20032010-10-302010-11-1113
5734autovacuum_enabled input should be validated, standardized. 2010-10-302010-10-301
5733Strange planer behaviour with inherited tables9.0.1Windows XP 322010-10-302010-10-312
5732parsing of: "WHERE mycol=123AND ..."8.3 and HEADLinux and OS X2010-10-282010-10-3011
5731postmaster sometimes dumps core when handling local connections8.4.5FreeBSD 7.32010-10-272010-10-272
5730The database cluster initialization failed9.0.1-1Vista2010-10-272010-10-272
5729psql stopped after invalid surrogate pairVersion 9.0.1-1Mac OS X 10.6.42010-10-272010-10-272
5728Unexpected behavior comparing result of age() to an interval8.4Windows2010-10-262010-10-273
5727Indexes broken in streaming replication9.0.1Ubuntu 10.04 x86_64 2.6.32-22-server #33-Ubuntu SMP2010-10-262010-10-267
5726Re: BUG #5723: Can not start postgres after install9.0.1Ubuntu 10.102010-10-262010-10-261
5725server couldn't start when installing on liveCD8.4Ubuntu 10.102010-10-252010-10-269
5723Can not start postgres after install9.0.1Ubuntu 10.102010-10-252010-10-253
5722vacuum full does not update last_vacuum statistics9.0.1x86_64-pc-linux-gnu2010-10-252011-02-279
5721EnterpriseDB linux one-click installer missing 11/RHEL 5.5 32-bit & 64-bit2010-10-232010-11-123
5720Bug for PQescapeByteaConn (libpq)9.0.1Linux kernel 2.6.272010-10-222010-10-236
5719Constraint ProblemPostgreSQL8.3.1Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]2010-10-212010-10-223
5718Cannot start postgres (FATAL: invalid cache id: 19)9.0.1FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE #0: Mon Jul 19 02:36:49 UTC 2010 2010-10-202011-05-055
5717Domain as array of numeric/varchar does not respect limits9.0.1linux2010-10-192010-10-191
5716Regression joining tables in UPDATE with composite types9.0.1Ubuntu 10.042010-10-192010-10-193
5715man pages missing after compiling PostgreSQL 9.0.1 sources on OS X OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard2010-10-182010-10-185
5714TZ pattern error on to_timestamp8.4.5Ubuntu Server 10.04. LTS2010-10-172010-10-174
5713lo_export9.0Windows 72010-10-162010-10-172
5712pg_dump for one table specified schema9.0Windows 72010-10-162010-10-172
5711input out of error with haversine formual8.4Linux2010-10-152010-10-153
5710lock requires unintuitive privileges8.4.5Ubuntu2010-10-142010-10-141
5709PostgreSQL server 8.4.5 does not compile with gcc
5708configuration php.ini8.3windows 72010-10-122010-10-202
5707Cross compilation for windows is broken9.0.1Linux (Fedora 12)2010-10-122011-03-107
5706Install error 1935 (Microsoft Visual C++ 2005)Version 8.4.5-1Windows 7 64-bit home premium2010-10-122010-10-122
5705btree_gist: Index on inet changes query result9.1Linux2010-10-112011-03-057
5704not correct restrictions plperlu8.1CentOs 52010-10-112010-10-133
5703Streaming replication: FATAL: bad buffer id: 09.0.1linux2010-10-112010-10-113
5702pg fails to use a conditional index even the where clause matches the condition9.0linux 64 bit2010-10-092010-10-116
5701CREATE TABLE ERROR9.0.1Windows 72010-10-092010-10-092
5700double-quoting column names8.4.3Linux Redhat2010-10-082010-10-082
5699Postgres runs only under default user.9.0.1windows2010-10-082010-10-114
5698pg_dump (8.3.11) does not consider constrains8.3.11, 9.0.1Windows2010-10-082010-10-113
5697Infinite loop inside PQexecStart function8.3.5Linux RH ES52010-10-072010-10-074
5696cannot upgrade to XP2010-10-072010-10-076
5695select into duplicates oid when using order by int8.3.11Debian Linux (amd64)2010-10-072010-10-072
5694Postgres ODBC SQLTables is not working correctly8.3.4Windows2010-10-052010-10-142
5693how to restore data from data folder8.1windows2010-10-052010-10-052
5692fatal error8.4Ubuntu Lucid 10.042010-10-042010-10-042
5691Documentation typo ?9.0Any2010-10-042010-10-052
5690pg_upgrade fails9.0Windows XP2010-10-032010-10-127
5689UPDATE locks index before table resulting in deadlock8.4.4CentOS 5.52010-10-022010-10-022
5688ALTER TABLE ALTER col TYPE newtype fails if col is named in an UPDATE OF col trigger9.0.0Windows XP 32-bit2010-10-012010-10-022
5687RADIUS Authentication issues9.0.0All2010-09-302010-10-1515
5686Problem connecting to server8.4.4-1<br>=A0 Windows XP<br>2010-09-302010-10-052
5685Installer Error9.0.0-1Windows XP2010-09-292010-10-019
5684pg_restore does not restore schemas8.3.11i686-redhat-linux-gnu2010-09-292010-10-042
5683Service path incorrectly configured9.0.0Windows7 x642010-09-292010-10-043
5682Postgres Service crashes with exception 0xC00001358.3.7Windows2010-09-292010-10-146
5681Using set returning function as subrequest can result losing rows in result set8.4.4FreeBSD 7.22010-09-282010-09-282
5680Failure to start: too many private dirs demanded9.0.0Gentoo Linux2010-09-272010-09-286
5679pgAdminIII 1.12.0 hangs9.0.0Windows 7 64-bit Intel Core i7 - 8GB RAM.2010-09-262012-02-109 is needed for pgadmin39.0CentOs2010-09-252010-09-275
5677missing library9.0<br>=A0 Ubuntu 10.10<br>2010-09-252010-09-282
5676When creating a trigger an dummy argument is inserted.9.0.0Ubuntu 10.04 x642010-09-242010-09-243
5675out of memory at request size 32Mb8.4.4Linux 2.6.26 i6862010-09-242010-09-243
5674initdb failed if path contains symlink9.0.0 (32bit)Windows 7 (64bit)2010-09-242010-09-287
5673Optimizer creates strange execution plan leading to wrong results8.4.4Windows 72010-09-232010-09-246
5672Can't input julian days BC8.4.4Ubuntu2010-09-222010-09-222
5671ERROR: out of memory8.4windows server 2003 r22010-09-212010-09-232
5670installer crashes9.0Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 4 (Nahant Update 4)2010-09-212010-09-213
5669server process was terminated by exception 0xC00000059.0Windows Vista2010-09-212010-09-2318
5668initdb failed to create postgres database9.0Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server2010-09-212010-09-214
5667install failure9.0.0.Windows 7, 64 bit2010-09-202010-09-286
5666Pgadmin restore or back up database dont apper9.0.1Opensuse 11.32010-09-202010-09-262
5665VPATH catalog/schemapg.h9.0.0linux2010-09-202011-01-3013
5664index "idx000_mytable19" contains unexpected zero page8.3.11suse 10 Linux omu #1 SMP Fri Sep2010-09-202010-09-202
5662Incomplete view8.4Windows Vista2010-09-192010-09-225
5661The character encoding in logfile is confusing.9.0 RC1Windows XP SP3 Japanese2010-09-162010-09-195
5660Can't start db service if specify effective_io_concurrency9.0 RC1Windows XP SP3 Japanese2010-09-162010-09-185
5658'at time zone {timezone description}' can't recognize many time zone abbreviations.8.3, 8.4.4Ubuntu 8.04 , Ubuntu 10.042010-09-152010-09-152
5657wrong entry in sql_features9.0rc1Windows2010-09-142010-09-145
5656parameter 'client_min_messages' accept values not listed in enumvals9.0rc1Windows2010-09-142010-09-148
5655Composite Type Handles Null Incorrectly8.4.4linux 2.6.33-sabayon (gentoo)2010-09-142010-09-152
5654Deferred Constraints don't work8.4.4Linux (Ubuntu 10.04.1)2010-09-132010-09-143
5653Error reading the C:/Program Files/PostgreSQL/8.4/data/postgresql.conf"8.4.0-1Windows2010-09-122010-09-138
5652Optimizer does wrong thing with partitioned tables8.4.4Red Hat Linux 5.5, 64b2010-09-102010-09-1712
5650Postgres service showing as stopped when in fact it is running9.0 RC1Windows XP2010-09-092010-10-147
5649strange (probably bugged) explain analyze output8.4.4FreeBSD 7.22010-09-082010-09-082
5647COPY TO does not respect the [standard_conforming_strings] setting9.0 beta4win XP2010-09-072010-09-083
5646missing chunk number 0 for toast8.3Linux2010-09-072010-09-074
5645Query Optimizer fails when it encounters an unsatisfiable part of a query8.4.4tested under Linux (Ubuntu 10.4) and Windows (7)2010-09-062010-09-072
5644Selecting ROW() in variable with 9.0 not compatible with 8.49.0RC1linux2010-09-052010-09-178
5643ecpg program doesn't process WHENEVER NOT DATA FOUND8.4.4FreeBSD 8.12010-09-052010-09-073
5642pg_upgrade does not handle shared libraries for language handlers9.0 RC1CentOS 5.52010-09-042010-09-088
5641Can not create any python language9.0<br>=A0 Windows 7 professional 64 bit<br>2010-09-022011-01-0614
5640ODBC driver installed but not found8.4.4Windows 7 Pro 64 bit2010-09-022010-09-075
5639Compile fails on heap9.0beta4Mac OS X 10.6.42010-09-022010-09-022
5638disagreement of argument name9.0RC1MacOS X2010-09-022010-09-022
5637JDBC driver method setClob always uses getAsciiStream()8.4Windows XP SP32010-09-022010-09-032
5636extra "(" or missing ")" 2010-09-022010-09-021
5634timezone/trigger issue8.3Windows xp 32 bit2010-08-302010-08-302
5633an empty row with null-like values in not-null field9.0 beta 4windows 7 professional2010-08-302010-09-032
5632won't unistall properly8.4.4-1Windows 2000 Pro2010-08-292010-08-312
5631psql dumps core during command editing8.4Solaris 102010-08-272010-08-314
5630CREATE INDEX does not use schema search path8.3.11Debian Sqeeze2010-08-272010-08-272
5629ALTER SEQUENCE foo START execute a RESTART8.3.11Linux2010-08-262010-09-0815
56289.0beta4 failed automatic crash recovery9.0b4 (32bit)Windows 7 (64bit)2010-08-242010-08-246
5627Can not install on POSReady 20098.3.4Windows Embedded POSReady 20092010-08-232011-11-0911
5626Parallel pg_restore fails with "tuple concurrently updated"8.4.4Centos 5.5 64bit2010-08-182010-08-258
5625PostgreSQL fail to install files in data folder.8.4.4,9.0 beta4Windows 7 Ultimate RUS2010-08-182010-08-181
5624Getting error while taking the backup of database from remote machine8.3.0.112Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.5 (Tikanga)2010-08-182010-08-182
5623xml2 and uuid-ossp contribs fail to compile9.0b4Debian GNU/Linux Lenny2010-08-182010-08-195
5622Query failed: server closed the connection unexpectedly8.4.4Ubuntu 10.04 LTS i3862010-08-172010-08-198
5621Insufficient locking of dependent objects9.1develOSX 10.6.42010-08-172010-08-172
5620PostgreSQL won't accept the word "user" as a valid column name9.0b4Ubuntu Linux 10.04 64-bit2010-08-142010-08-143
5619restore won't work with files transferred with NFS8.4.4Linux2010-08-132010-08-132
5618restore won't work with files transferred with NFS8.4.4Linux2010-08-132010-08-132
5617pg_restore behaves unexpectedly on 'invalid' command line8.4.4Windows 7 (x86)2010-08-132010-08-132
5616psql Doesn't Change Log files on \c8.4Mac OS X 10.6.42010-08-122010-08-134
5614Varchar column (with DEFAULT NULL) stores 'UL' value instead of null8.3.11Debian (Linux 2.6.26-1-686-bigmem #1 SMP i686 GNU/Linux)2010-08-122010-08-166
5613cannot delete8.4vista2010-08-112010-08-134
5612Database Integrity8.4Ubuntu2010-08-112010-08-113
5611SQL Function STABLE promoting to VOLATILE8.4.4Windows XP 32 bit and Red Hat 5.4 64 bit2010-08-102010-08-1217
5610Extremely slow bulk insert performanceAS8.4.464-bit Linux 2.6.18-164.6.1.el52010-08-102010-08-102
5609Exclusive Locks & Permission8.3.7Ubuntu 8.042010-08-092010-08-094
5608array_agg() consumes too much memory9.0beta4Windows 7 (32bit)2010-08-092010-08-146
5607memmory leak in ecpg8.4.4Suse 102010-08-062010-08-114
5606DEFERRABLE and DEFERRABLE INITIALLY DEFERRED are the samePostgreSQL9.0b4WinXP2010-08-062010-08-068
5605round(attr_name,int) works bad8.4.4Gentoo 64 bit (PSQL 8.4.4), Fedora 12 32 bit (PSQL2010-08-062010-08-063
5604Setting NOT NULL on inherited column turns to real column in dumpTested 9.0, 8.3Ubuntu Lucid 10.042010-08-062010-08-112
5603pg_tblspc and pg_twoface directories get deleted when starting up service8.3.11Red Hat Enterprise 5.32010-08-052011-01-195
5602Recovering from Hot-Standby file backup leads to the currupted indexes9.0beta3Debian 5.0.32010-08-052010-08-1317
5601cannot create language plperl;9.0 beta 4Win 7 64 bit2010-08-052010-08-104
5599Vacuum fails due to index corruption issues8.2.9-1Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition2010-08-042010-08-0617
5598Compatibility modes8.4Windows XP2010-08-042010-08-044
5595Documentation is not installs from VPATH build.9.0 beta4Ubuntu Linux 9.04 (2.6.31-22 x86_64)2010-08-032010-09-2417
5594Nested views working on same set of data on 8.1.21 but not on 2.6.18-194.8.1.el5xen #1 SMP x86_642010-08-032010-08-032
5593Nested views working on same set of data on 8.1.21 but not on 2.6.18-194.8.1.el5xen #1 SMP x86_642010-08-032010-08-031
5592list of integer undefined behaviorshead 8/1/10OSX2010-08-022010-08-0311
5591Creating and using databasespostgresql-8.4.Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service2010-08-022010-08-022
5590undefined shift behaviorhead 8/2/10OSX2010-08-022010-08-038
5589psql dies with bad free() in libedit9.0beta3OS X2010-08-022010-08-023
5588I use a lot of the "INHERITS", results of tests found that the performance is very low.8.4.4windows2010-08-022010-08-122
5587Installer non-default file association problem8.4.4.1Windows XP SP32010-08-012010-08-092
5586network installation8.4.4windows 72010-08-012010-08-092
5585SSL problems with long COPYs8.4.4FreeBSD 8.02010-08-012010-08-019
5584Module unfound8.4.4Windows2010-07-302010-07-312
5583dblink connection error8.4.3x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu2010-07-302010-07-302
5582check constraints get merged to often with multiple inheritance9.0beta3, 8.4.4linux (64 bit)2010-07-302010-07-301
5581Fail to start.9.0 beta 3windows XP Professional2010-07-302010-07-302
5580Installation throws exception8.4.1.2Windows2010-07-302010-07-302
5578postrgesql database crash8.3.8-1windows 20002010-07-302011-12-235
5577Boolean operation should not be Complete boolean evaluation8.4.xWINDOWS-XP2010-07-292010-07-291
5576Boolean operation should not be Complete boolean evaluation8.4.xWINDOWS-XP2010-07-292010-07-292
5574PANIC on hot-standby: heap_update_redo9.0beta3RedHat Linux (2.4.21-53.ELsmp)2010-07-272010-07-273
5573How can i add field inbetween in the table while creatingVer 8.4.1Windows 72010-07-272010-07-273
5572Error Trying to connec from Crystal Reports to Sever PostgreSQL8.2.17CentOS 5.42010-07-262010-07-262
5571global hash %_SHARED is not declared as global in the new versionv9.0beta3Linux2010-07-262010-07-273
5570global hash %_SHARED does not work in the new versionv9.0beta2Linux2010-07-232010-07-232
5569Select in trigger don't retrive true record8.4.3 build1400Windows 2008 Web2010-07-232010-07-232
5568will not install8.4.4-1 WindowsWindows XP SP32010-07-222010-07-222
5567will not install8.0.15AIX 7.12010-07-222010-07-239
5566High levels of savepoint nesting trigger stack overflow in AssignTransactionId8.3.11Debian GNU/Linux 5.02010-07-192010-07-2317
5565ERROR : syntax error at or near ")"8.4.1XP XP22010-07-192010-07-192
5564Odd behavior with aggregate_func(DISTINCT foo ORDER BY foo)9.0beta3Windows XP 32-bit2010-07-172010-07-182
5563Odd behavior with aggregate_func(DISTINCT foo ORDER BY foo)9.0beta3Windows XP 32-bit2010-07-172010-07-234
5562icon "terrestrial globe" much too big8.4opensuse 11.22010-07-162010-07-232
5561Tsearch across schemas8.2Ubuntu 9.042010-07-132010-07-132
5560pg_dump generates invalid DDL9.1develRed Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.1 (Tikanga)2010-07-132010-07-132
5559Full SSL verification fails when hostaddr provided8.4.4Gentoo Linux i386, kernel 2.6.342010-07-132011-02-0626
5558Problema com Bytea (BRASIL)9.0Windows XP2010-07-132010-07-132
5557Problema com Bytea9.0Windows XP2010-07-132010-07-143
5556"cannot drop active portal" and "ERRORDATA_STACK_SIZE exceeded" lead to server crash9.0 beta3WinXP 32-bit2010-07-122010-07-136
5555ALTER TABLE ONLY ... SET NOT NULL on parent prevent prior inherited tables from being restored8.4.4Mac OS X2010-07-122010-07-153
5554PostgreSQL 8.4.0 doesn't update my table8.4.0Linux Debian 4.3.3-13 64-bit2010-07-122010-07-122
5553Repeating the keyword DECLARE in the CREATE FUNCTION statement9 beta 2Windows XP2010-07-122010-07-122
5552incorrect returned value of time8.3unix2010-07-122010-07-123
5549Feature: plpgsql should allow DECLARE cursor FOR EXECUTE '...'8 and 9n/a2010-07-092010-07-123
5548ERROR: invalid attnum ## for rangetable entry on EXPLAIN VERBOSE, not on EXPLAIN9.0beta2Windows XP 32-bit2010-07-092010-07-095
5547not able to connect to postgres through the oracle using Linux ODBC driver for Postgres8.4Linux2010-07-082010-07-097
5546not able to connect to postgres through the oracle using8.4Linux2010-07-082010-07-092
5545permission denied on delete8.4Fedora 132010-07-082010-07-082
5544Bug while loading the csv file into the table8.3Centos2010-07-082010-07-082
5543Poor performance - Index scan backwards not used for order by desc with partitioned tables8.4.4Linux x86-642010-07-062010-07-274
5542Query optimization problem9.0Win7 x642010-07-062010-07-093
5539Generally incorrect planner estimations on join with UNION ALL8.4.3FreeBSD 7.22010-07-042010-07-092
5537Makefile.darwin broken9.0beta2Darwin x86_64 (MacOS 10.6.4)2010-07-022010-07-022
5536Disputing output for some Geometric types8.4.4Linux2010-07-022010-07-032
5535Backslash in condition for LIKE statement is not seen8.3.8MacOSX, Linux2010-07-012010-07-013
5534IS DOCUMENT predicate errors instead of returning false9.0beta2Linux 2.6.31-14-generic #48-Ubuntu SMP2010-07-012010-07-023
5533PQexecParams in Binary Mode returns incorrect value for float48.4.3Ubuntu 10.042010-07-012010-07-023
5532Valid UTF8 sequence errors as invalid9.0 trunkOS X2010-06-302010-07-065
5531REGEXP_ REPLACE causes connection drop8.1.18RedHat Linux 4.1.2-462010-06-302010-07-015
5530Default cost of crypt causes poor decisions8.4.4Linux - Ubuntu - Lucid Lynx - 2.6.31-19-generic2010-06-292010-06-292
5527Website escapes way too much9.0beta2Mac OS X2010-06-282010-06-282
5526postgre can't start because of .s.PGSQL.5432.lock8.4.0linux2010-06-282010-06-282
5524SQLSTATE exception thrown from exception handling block prevents plpgsql function from compiling9.0 Beta 2Windows XP Professional SP22010-06-252010-06-252
5520PG unable to find java stored procs without input parameters8.4.4OS X 10.4.132010-06-222010-06-292
5519uuid-ossp files missing from contrib rpm8.4.4Centos 52010-06-212010-06-212
5518MS crash - can duplicate every time8.4Windows XP SP32010-06-212010-06-212
5516Memory grows up problem8.3,8.2,8.1Linux,Windows2010-06-212010-06-213
5515Memory grows up problem8.3,8.2,8.1Linux,Windows2010-06-212010-06-211
5514no relation entry for relid X8.4.4GNU/Linux2010-06-202010-06-212
5513High availability with Postgres8.3.1Centos2010-06-202010-06-202
5512Password error message8.4.4Windows XP2010-06-182010-06-202
5511Handling of case in Username and database names are inconsistant.8.4.4Ubuntu 10.042010-06-182010-06-213
5510ODBC database 8.4.2 not working on windows 7 32 bit8Windows 72010-06-182010-06-212
5509PostgreSQL fail to show table names containing "8.1.9Fedora Core release 62010-06-172010-06-172
5508wrong type of argument9.0beta2MacOS X2010-06-172010-06-172
5507missing chunk number 0 for toast value XXXXX in pg_toast_XXXXX8.3.8Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.3 (Tikanga)2010-06-142010-06-156
5506Error in the grammar of de joins8.4Ubuntu 9.042010-06-142010-06-142
5505Busted referential integrity with triggers8.4.4Kubuntu 9.102010-06-142010-06-154
5504cache lookup failed for function8.4.4 and 8.4.3Linux2010-06-132010-06-143
5503error in trigger function with dropped columns8.4.3Linux 2.6.18-1642010-06-132010-06-184
5502Preparing an array return Bug8.3Window2010-06-132010-06-172
5501PostgreSQL JDBC Driver has inappropriate import8.4.4Linux2010-06-122010-06-122
5500SPI_execute_plan_with_paramlist SPI_ERROR_TRANSACTION with savepoint9.0 beta 2Windows XP 32-bit SP22010-06-112010-06-113
5499SQL syntax bug8.4Windows Xp2010-06-112010-06-112
5498PgAdmin III write to file adds carriage return8.1.7Linux2010-06-102010-06-122
5497plpythonu gives cache lookup error9.0beta2Debian Linux2010-06-092010-06-103
5496Link does not open though wish to use following site8.4windows xp2010-06-092010-06-092
5495RI/FK on self and inherited table8.4.4Scientific Linux 5.5 (RHEL)2010-06-092010-06-093
5494pg_dump dependiences sequence problem8.4.1Windows XP2010-06-082010-06-082
5493Character Encoding is not happenning properly8.3.8Suse Linux 102010-06-082010-06-082
5492Query performs slowly and sequence corrupted8:4.3x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu2010-06-072010-06-093
5491Queries performing slowly8.4.3x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu2010-06-072010-06-082
5490Using distinct for select list causes insert of timestamp string literal to fail8.4.1Windows XP 32-bit2010-06-042010-06-0732
5489SELECT ... RETURNING INTO ... in ecpg8.3.11CentOS 5.42010-06-032010-06-042
5488pg_dump does not quote column names -> pg_restore may fail when upgrading8.3 / 8.4all2010-06-032010-06-1379
5487dblink failed with 63 bytes connection names9.0beta1Linux2010-06-012010-06-013
5485Microsoft VC++ exception during postgres instalation8.4.1, 9.0.0Windows 72010-05-312010-05-313
5484sum() bug8.4.4FreeBSD 7.32010-05-302010-06-026
5483PQescapeStringConn behaviour ??8.3.5 and 8.3.8Centos 5.42010-05-292010-05-292
5480Autovacuum interferes with operations (e.g. truncate) on very large databases8.4.4CentOS 5.52010-05-282010-05-305
5479PosgreSQL Documentation does not mention OPEN8.4HP-UX2010-05-282010-05-282
5478ILIKE operator returns wrong resultPostgreSQL 8.4.Ubuntu 10.042010-05-282010-05-2810
5477CREATE DOMAIN NOT NULL constraints not always enforced for INSERT with subquery8.4Linux (Debian and Red Hat)2010-05-282010-05-308
5476sequence corruption8.3.4CentOS (Redhat 5.4)2010-05-272010-05-282
5475Problem during Instalation8.4.4-1Windows 2003 Server2010-05-262010-06-0918
5474Installation8.0.2.1Windows XP2010-05-262010-05-262
5473problema para reinstalar postgresqlpostgresql 8.4windows xp2010-05-252010-06-092
5472Postgres hard crash in ...WHERE <bigint_col> IN (SELECT * FROM (VALUES (<int_value>),...) AS t(col))8.4.3Windows, Linux2010-05-252010-05-256
5471Postgres License Url is Misspelled8.4Win322010-05-252010-05-253
5470EXTRACT(epoch from ...) missing last digit8.4.2Red Hat 4.1.2-46 (64-bit)2010-05-242010-05-242
5469regexp_matches() has poor behaviour and more poor documentation8.4any2010-05-242010-06-0317
5468Pg doesn't send accepted root CA list to client during SSL client cert request8.4Ubuntu 10.04, but affects all2010-05-212010-05-2729
5467wrong classification at index9.0beta1MacOS X2010-05-202010-05-202
5466Asia/Novosibirsk timezone problem8.4.4Windows 2003 R22010-05-192010-05-2010
5464ecpg on 64bit system converts "long long" to "long"8.4.4Linux2010-05-192010-05-206
5463incorrect password when downloading/installing8.3.11 or 8.4.4Windows 7 Starter2010-05-192010-05-192
5462Can't intall onclick installer from EnterpriseDB8.4Windows XP SP22010-05-172010-05-172
5461Cross-compilation PostgreSQL on armpsql-8.4.1CentOS 2.6.182010-05-172010-05-172
5460Search path not being used in function return type8.4.3Solaris x86 64 bit2010-05-132010-05-133
5459Unable to cancel query while in send()8.3.8Redhat EL 5.1-64 bit2010-05-112010-05-315
5458Permission check is skipped by inheritance9.0beta1Linux (maybe ALL)2010-05-112010-05-112
5457dblink_connect now restricts non-superusers to password8.4FreeBSD 7.22010-05-112010-05-113
5455two PGTYPES_NUM_OVERFLOWs9.0beta1MacOS X2010-05-092010-05-092
5452Server core dumps coming out of recovery mode8.2.16Solaris 10 x862010-05-062010-06-153
5451pg_restore doesn't close input .tar archive8.4.xWindows2010-05-062010-05-105
5450system lacked sufficient buffer space, or because a queue was full, could not perform the operation8.1.5Window xp(sp2)2010-05-062010-05-104
5449"elements" are not parameter9.0beta1MacOS X2010-05-052010-05-052
5448psql \set does not terminate if variable is referenced recursively8.4.3Ubuntu linux 10.042010-05-052010-05-108
5447VPATH install postgres.bki9.0beta1linux2010-05-032010-05-138
5446extra dot9.0beta1MacOS X2010-05-032010-05-032
5444Database Backup Restore - Out of memory problem8.3Windows Server 20032010-04-302010-05-012
5443Undetected deadlock situation8.3.7CentOS2010-04-302010-06-0315
5442Postgres crash when closing a "/console" mstsc session8.4.1Windows 2003 Enterprise2010-04-292010-04-293
5441Why Not?????8.4windowsxp2010-04-292010-04-292
5439Table crash after CLUSTER command8.3.3Linux2010-04-262010-05-044
5438Bug/quirk in ascii() function8.0-8.4all2010-04-262010-04-264
5437Production db down8.3linux RHEL 52010-04-232010-04-234
5436PostGIS 1.5.1 causing postmaster 8.3 crash on index creation8.3 + 8.4Windows XP2010-04-232010-04-232
5434select from xpath_table gives wrong results8.4.3KUbuntu2010-04-222010-04-223
5433pg_dump (8.4.3) copy database failure!8.4.3OpenSuSE and XP2010-04-222010-04-223
5432pg_dump (8.4.3) copy database failure!8.4.3OpenSuSE and XP2010-04-222010-04-221
5431CREATE USER is not case sensitive, but psql command line arguments are8.4Ubuntu 9.102010-04-192010-04-194
5430initdb fails due to permissions of /usr/share/pgsql8.4.3-2PGDG.el4CentOS 42010-04-192010-04-219
5429Driver issue8.1.9Windows2010-04-192010-04-204
5428Discrepency in remainder on mod function.HEADDebian2010-04-162010-04-173
5427Using CASE in plpgsql causes 'ERROR: cache lookup failed'8.4.2Ubuntu 9.042010-04-162010-04-163
5424Not able to Install8.4.2-1Windows Vista2010-04-152010-04-162
5423problems installing postgresql-8.4 deleted folder / .s.PGSQL.lock not initiate the connecti8.4<br>=A0 linux 9.10<br>2010-04-152010-04-154
5422problems installing postgresql-8.4 deleted folder / .s.PGSQL.lock not initinot initiate the connecti8.4linux2010-04-152010-04-152
5421pg_attribute broken8.1.8debian 2.6.18-6-6862010-04-142010-04-143
5420pg_attribute broken8.1.8debian 2.6.18-6-6862010-04-142010-04-152
5419Default parameters in PLPGSQL functions skipping every other value in pgAdmin view8.4.2Ubuntu 9.10 kernel linux 2.6.31-20-generic2010-04-132010-04-143
5418psql exits after using tab-completion with error message8.4.3Mac OS X 10.6.32010-04-132010-04-1510
5417intarray adds <@ operator which breaks infromation_schema.referential_constraints8.4.2 - 9.0linux2010-04-132010-04-282
5416int4inc() is wronggit head Apr 12n/a2010-04-132010-05-318
5414pg_dump failure from database 8.4.3 to and openSuSE 11.12010-04-132010-04-132
5412Crash in production SIGSEGV, equalTupleDescs (tupdesc1=0x7f7f7f7f, tupdesc2=0x966508c4) at tupdesc.c8.4.3Fedora Core 10,
5411\copy do not work with dot "." in query8.4.3OpenSuse 11.2: Linux tivv #1 SMP2010-04-092010-04-102
5408Failed to connect to the database8.0.0XP Professional SV22010-04-082010-04-083
5405Consol and utf88.4.3windows 72010-04-072010-04-071
5404Mirrored pgadmin GUI2010-04-082010-04-081
5403Missing left parenthesis.8.4.2FreeBSD 7.22010-04-022010-04-023
5401make: *** [pg_rman] Error 18.4fedora122010-04-012010-04-012
5400Columns count mismatch in RULE with subquery8.4.1Linux2010-03-312010-03-312
5398psql gives syntax error on .sql files with UTF-8 BOM8.4Mac OSX 10.5.82010-03-312010-03-311
5397powertop reports excessive wakeups8.4.2Ubuntu 10.5 beta2010-03-302010-03-312
5395UPDATE on shutdown overwrites table8.4.3Windows Server 2003 R22010-03-302010-03-313
5394invalid __declspec for PG_MODULE_MAGIC8.3.10win322010-03-272010-04-076
5393Installer sets superuser password if passwords don't match8.4Windows2010-03-262010-04-098
5392Query OptimizationPostgreSQL8.4.064 red hat - linux2010-03-262010-03-293
5391coding issues displaying server messages8.4Ubuntu Lucid2010-03-252010-04-083
5390pg_dump does not check/include additional schema dependencies when writing schema/search path8.3.5, othersLinux/RHEL5.22010-03-252010-03-252
5389Column order on dump/reload broken from defined setof function8.3.5, othersLinux2010-03-252010-03-293
5386HBA rejection error message incorrect8.4.3Linux2010-03-242010-03-242
5385gd disallows agg function in subselect of update8.4.2ubuntu amd642010-03-202010-03-203
5384pg_dump hard-codes use of /tmp8.4.2openSUSE 11.22010-03-192010-03-192
5383Problemas con GROUP BY8.4.2Debian 52010-03-192010-04-082
5380error in xlog8.0.3RHEL 32010-03-192010-03-202
5379Adding hunspell-ko dictionary for full-text search doesn't work8.4Ubuntu Linux 9.10 and Gentoo Linux2010-03-182010-03-181
5378Little inaccuracy in the manual8.4.2Windows 72010-03-182010-03-182
5377group by problem8.3.10debian2010-03-182010-03-183
5374NULLed SERIAL improperly dumped8.1.18Linux 2.6.182010-03-122010-03-132
5373Crash at the first time system bootuppostgresSQL 8.4windows xp2010-03-122010-03-122
5372insert into fails with integer expression type char error8.3.9debian linux2010-03-122010-03-123
5371Error 193: 0xc18.4Windows XP Pro2010-03-112010-03-122
5370Shortcut for currently connected users8.3.9Ubuntu2010-03-112010-03-124
5369can't install it8.4Win XP2010-03-092010-03-092
5367TEMP TABLES with ON COMMIT DELETE ROWS and different pg_stat features8.4.2Linux 2.6.18-1642010-03-092010-03-092
5366Stackbuilder doesn't work8.4Windows2010-03-092010-03-092
5365pg_ctl start gives error8.3.5SunOS 5.10 Generic_139555-08 sun4u sparc2010-03-082010-03-114
5364citext behavior when type not in public schema8.4.2Linux, Win72010-03-052010-06-037
5362WARNING could not determine encoding8.3linux ubuntu 9.10 server2010-03-042010-03-133
5361KOI8U issue8.4Ubuntu server 9.10 (Karmic)2010-03-042010-03-042
5360system column named "text"8.4.2Fedora Core 82010-03-032010-03-032
5358Throwing unexpected ERROR8.4.2Windows Vista 64bit2010-03-022010-03-058
5357PGAdmin: SQL Query Editor does not (always) open files8.2.11Windows2010-03-022010-03-023
5356citext not acting like case insensitive search8.4.2Windows 2008 R2 Server, Windows 7 x642010-03-012010-03-015
5355locale incorrectly comma-separates "(null)"8.3.6Linux2010-03-012010-03-012
5354Type timestamptz doesn't allow to store time zone8.1.x 8.2.xWindows, Linux2010-03-012010-03-035
5353Bug in procedure When you modificate tableanyany2010-03-012010-03-012
5352Bug in PL/PgSQL "SELECT .. INTO" statement parseranyany2010-03-012010-03-013
5351compiling with --disable-shared is broken (patch included)8.4.2 (+others)FreeBSD (generic problem)2010-02-282010-03-035
5348Postgres crashes with index on xpath_string8.4.2Windows XP2010-02-272010-03-075
5347initdb does not work when a data directory has been deleted8.4.2Windows 7 64-bit2010-02-262010-02-264
5346PostgresSQL ODBC 64 bits download8.2Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bits2010-02-242010-02-252
5345non-administrator users cannot create databases with special encoding8.3.9-0lenny1Debian Linux 5.0.42010-02-242010-02-254
5344pg_restore some foreign keys missing8.1.11RedHat Linux2010-02-232010-02-242
5343Documentation error for pg_dump8.3linux2010-02-232010-02-233
5342ErrorPostgreSQL DataWindows Xp2010-02-232010-02-233
5341problema al iniciar pgadmin8.4.2Windows Vista2010-02-232010-02-232
5340Requirement of different syntax on different OS1.10.1windows 72010-02-222010-02-222
5339Version of Perl detected incorrectlymaster 0f50d482CentOS 5.4 (Linux kernel 2.6.18)2010-02-222010-02-2320
5338PG_DUMP fails due to invalid adnum value8.3.9Windows 2008 Server Enterprise2010-02-222010-03-016
5337PostgreSQL install fails with 1603 error8.2.15Windows 20032010-02-192010-02-191
5335GUC value lost on exception8.4.2OS X2010-02-182010-02-181
5334Version 2.22 of Perl Safe module breaks UTF8 PostgreSQL X2010-02-182010-02-2215
5333psql returns 0 on error8.4Ubuntu Karmic Koala2010-02-182010-02-182
5332Installation weirdness8.4.1FreeBSD 6.32010-02-172010-02-173
5331Integer overflow in tmie counter8.3Windows Server 20082010-02-172010-02-173
5330No CREATE SYNONYM command8.4.2Linux2010-02-172010-02-172
5329postmaster fails to start because of an erroneous pg_hba.conf, but doesn't output any error8.4.2Fedora 12 on x86_642010-02-162010-02-174
5328GIN index with fastupdates=on provide wrong result on bitmap scan8.4.1linux kernel v 2.6.182010-02-162010-02-162
5327postgresql gives checksum error when upgrading 8.2.6 binaries to 8.2.14 in windows.8.2.14windows 20032010-02-152010-02-244
5326The 2nd update of a table which has foreign keys is blocked.8.4.2Linux x862010-02-152010-02-173
5325Timestamp w/ timezone + interval not functioning correctly8.4.2Windows XP2010-02-122010-02-132
5324Server not starting8.4windows XP SP22010-02-122010-02-122
5323plperl and plperlu interaction segfaults8.3.9Linux2010-02-112010-02-127
5322Time to perform vacuums8.2.3linux debian2010-02-102010-02-114
5321Parallel restore temporarily deadlocked by autovacuum analyze8.4.2Linux2010-02-092010-02-1013
5319recursion in the triggers8.4.2Windows XP2010-02-082010-02-093
5318Inconsistent PHP pg_result_error_field PGSQL_DIAG_SOURCE_FUNCTION across instalations8.4.2Sun Solaris 10 x862010-02-062010-02-158
5317no puedo instalarlo8.4.2-1windows xp2010-02-052010-02-062
5316not handled error in inherit queries8.2.11Ubuntu2010-02-052010-02-051
5315Unlisted keyword WINDOW8.4.2Gentoo Linux2010-02-052010-02-052
5314Error in nested composite types in plpgsql.8.3/8.4<br>=C2=A0 any<br>2010-02-042010-02-258
5312I NEED HELP8.4Windows Vista2010-02-042010-02-046
5311Won't install.8.3.9-1Windows XP2010-02-032010-02-031
5310"NOT FOUND" throws "GetData to Procedure return failed." in stored functions8.4Windows XP Professioanl2010-02-032010-02-033
5308How to disable Case sensitivity on naming identifiers8.4.2Ubuntu 9.102010-02-022010-02-0517
5307Crash in AllocSetAlloc8.3.7Linux2010-02-022010-02-023
5306psql: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: BC8.4.1Linux/Redhat2010-02-022010-02-023
5305Postgres service stops when closing Windows session8.3.9Windows 2003 Server Standard x642010-02-012010-08-207
5304psql using conninfo fails in connecting to the serverHEADRHEL5.12010-02-012010-02-0523
5303Upgrade failure due to sever.key permissions8.3Ubuntu 8.042010-01-292010-01-302
5302WIN1252 encoding causes server memory leak8.4.2x86_64 GNU/Linux 2.6.18-92.el52010-01-292010-01-304
5301difference of behaviour between 8.3 and 8.4 on IS NULL with sub rows of nulls8.3Linux2010-01-292010-01-292
5300Bug on Mac OS X 10.6 and Postgres OS X 10.62010-01-292010-01-291
5299unable to start postgres service8.3.5HP 11.312010-01-292010-01-292
5298emedded SQL in C to get the record type from plpgsql8.4.2Red Hat Linux AS 42010-01-282010-01-283
5297Add XATMI C API8Linux2010-01-262011-04-269
5296crash when two 'add column' diagrams are open1.10windows xp2010-01-262010-01-263
5295Function OUT parameters names and data types skewed with IN parameters8.3.8-2Fedora 10 Linux 64-bit2010-01-222010-01-242
5294Sorts on more than just the order-by clause8.4.2Red Hat ES 5.42010-01-212010-01-237
5293constant function (date_trunc) is repeatedly evaluated inside loop8.4.2Linux2010-01-202010-01-204
5292Corrupted installer8.3Windows2010-01-202010-01-214
5291Password change restrictions8.4.2Linux RedHat 5.32010-01-192010-01-202
5290Simple loop with insert into and check to avoid duplicate values fails8.4.2Windows Vista2010-01-192010-01-2516
5289Unpredictable error in plpgsql function loop8.3.3, 8.4.2Windows Vista2010-01-192010-01-191
5288Restoring a 7.4.5 -Fc dump using -j 2 segfaults (patch included)8.5devel, 8.4Debian Sid2010-01-192010-01-198
5287ispell dict erroneously returns lexeme on all prefix+suffix cross products8.4.2Linux (2.6)2010-01-182010-01-181
5286pgAdmin will put table and field names in apostrophes which then must be used for accessing them8.4.2windows server 2003 std2010-01-182010-01-183
5285contrib\xml2 package's xpath_table functionpostgresql-8.3solarias2010-01-182010-01-212
5284Postgres CPU 100% and worker took too long to start; cancelled... Systemdown8.3.3FreeBSD7.0.22010-01-182010-01-267
5283Missing "base/1/ON" file during initdb8.4.2Slackware Linux
5281Timestamp fields not inserting from 8.3 to 8.48.3 and 8.4Linux2010-01-152010-01-154
5278Postgres hangs / crashes every day8.0.6Windows Server 2003 Standard 32 Bit2010-01-142010-01-155
5277plperl can't get args properly8.4.2PostgreSQL 8.4.2 on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, compiled by GCC2010-01-142010-01-144
5276pg_ctl reads data directory on -D instead of postgresql.conf directoryh8.4.2Ubuntu 9.102010-01-142010-01-142
5275validate_exec in port/exec.c only reads u/g/o, not ACLs8.4.2Ubuntu 9.102010-01-132010-01-146
5274[PL/PgSQL] EXECUTE ... USING variable expansion8.4.2Linux2010-01-132010-01-145
5273Unexpected function behavior/failure8.4.2Linux2010-01-122010-01-133
5272PL/Python SELECT: return composite fields as dict, not str8.4.2Linux2010-01-112010-03-294
5271pg_dump: schema with OID 22519 does not exist8.3.9Gentoo Linux2010-01-112010-01-112
5270escape warning even with standard behavior8.4Windows XP Professioanl2010-01-092010-01-102
5269postgres backend terminates with SIGSEGV8.4.2Debian Lenny 2.6.30-bpo.1-amd-64 kernel2010-01-092010-01-1413
5268PQgetvalue incorrectly returns 08.4.1Vista2010-01-072010-01-0811
5267initdb fails on AIX: could not identify current directory8.4.2AIX2010-01-062010-01-1117
5266erros no servidor web8windows xp2010-01-052010-01-062
5265incomplete startup packet8.3.8Linux2010-01-052010-01-052
5264could not create shared memory segment: Invalid argument8.4ubuntu 9.102010-01-052010-01-052
5263Query execution fails with "ERROR: FULL JOIN is only supported with merge-joinable join conditions"8.4.2Windows, Linux (Fedora/CentOS)2010-01-052010-01-054
5261Invalide page headerpostgresql-8.1centos 52010-01-042010-01-042
5260Postgre crashed unexpectedly8.3.9Windows 2008 Server Enterprise2010-01-042010-01-042
5259the table name double8.0RHEL52010-01-042010-01-044
5258Unique and foreign key constraints fail on columns with reserved names, but not check constraints8.4.2Mac OS 10.62010-01-042010-01-047
5257wrong results of SUBSTRING with SQL regular expressions8.4.2GNU/Linux x86_642010-01-022010-01-023
5256Error al abrir postgre8.0windows xp2009-12-292009-12-302
5255COUNT(*) returns wrong result with LEFT JOIN8.5alpha3NetBSD 5.0.12009-12-252009-12-254
5254can't drop a table8.3Windows XP2009-12-232009-12-243
5253installer fails to populate data directory8.4.2-1Windows XP Pro SP32009-12-232009-12-233
5252postgresql-8.3.5.tar.gz does not exist any more8.3.5Linux2009-12-212009-12-212
5251compilation fails in 32-bit mode8.4.2OS X 10.6.22009-12-202009-12-213
5250Tutorial examples(pre-compiled) not present with precompiled binary version of PostgreSQL.8.4.1Windows 72009-12-172010-02-1923
5249PGUSER has to be set in the console for PSQL to authenticate8.4.1 bld1400Windows & 32 bit2009-12-172009-12-193
5248Cannot find SSLEAY32.dll problem. XP SP32009-12-172009-12-1812
5247postgres.exe not updating8.3.9.9343windows XPpro SP32009-12-162009-12-172
5246Misleading/inconsistent SQLSTATE behavior8.1.18Fedora Linux 122009-12-162009-12-1712
5245Full Server Certificate Chain Not Sent to client8.4.1Solaris 102009-12-152010-05-272
5244Attempting to rollback to a savepoint after receiving an error with state 55000 the process hangs8.3.8Linux2009-12-152009-12-165
5243Segmentation fault when sending null to crypt();8.4.1, 8.3.8CentOS 5.42009-12-142009-12-142
5242ODBC driver v8.4.1 crashed8.4.1Windows XP2009-12-142009-12-1613
5240Stable Functions that return a table type with a dropped column fail8.4.1Debian Linux, amd64 2.6.302009-12-112009-12-156
5239Recursive complex query8.4Windows XP SP 22009-12-102009-12-102
5238frequent signal 11 segfaults8.4.1Debian Lenny 5.0.3 x86_64. Kernel:
5237strange int->bit and bit->int conversions8.4.1GNU/Linux x86_642009-12-092009-12-125
5236Aparent bug in ecpg8.4.1Suse 102009-12-082010-01-082
5235Segmentation fault under high load through JDBC8.4.1FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE #0 Generic kernel i3862009-12-072010-01-1424
5234ALTER TABLE ... RENAME COLUMN change view definition incorrectly8.3.8Debian GNU/Linux 5.0.3 (lenny) + testing2009-12-062009-12-1014
5233delete wrong doing with subquery where condition8.1.11SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP2 (x86_64)2009-12-042009-12-043
5232plpythonu s=s.op() raises an exception8.4.1Debian, amd642009-12-032009-12-196
5231SELECT DISTINCT poorly implemented vs SELECT ... GROUP BY8.3.8Ubuntu 4.2.42009-12-032009-12-033
5230Limit operator slows down8.3.8Centos 52009-12-032009-12-043
5229Queing requests when not using psql8.3 & 8,4Vista 642009-12-032009-12-033
5228Execution of prepared query is slow when timestamp parameter is used8.3.8Centos 52009-12-032009-12-031
5227please add a divide operator for intervals8.4doesn't matter2009-12-022009-12-034
5226Limit operator slows down8.3.8Centos 52009-12-022009-12-023
5225create table: cast necessary for constant??8.41HP-UX2009-12-022009-12-039
5224After upgrading from vista to windows 7, postgres services are missing8.4.1<br>=A0 Windows 7<br>2009-12-022009-12-026
5222failed to run initdb: 1!8.3.1-1Windows XP Fundamentals for Legacy Pc`s SP32009-12-012009-12-023
5221errors converting string to utf88.2 / 8.4linux ubuntu 9.102009-12-012009-12-013
5220regexp fails on punctuation characters8.3linux2009-11-302009-11-302
5219Segfault in to_tsvector8.4.1Centos5.2 -- Linux 2.6.18-92.1.10.el5 #1 SMP i686 athlon2009-11-292009-11-293
5218Easy strategic feature requests8.4.1Windows2009-11-282009-11-309
5217(new) error with VB 6.0 SP 6 and psqlODBC$ Vista (but does not matter) same on XP, ...2009-11-272009-12-042
5216pgFouine 1.1 not working correctly, when LC_MESSAGES is "es_ES.UTF-8"8.4.1Ubuntu 9.102009-11-272009-12-015
5215Error in PgAdmin8.4.1Windows XP Prof.2009-11-262009-12-032
5214Permission troubles for views8.4.1Gentoo Linux2009-11-262009-11-262
5213copy command gives error8.3.5AIX2009-11-252009-11-252
5212incorrect resource manager data checksum in record at ...8.1.11RHEL %.22009-11-242009-11-243
5211invalid password8.3vista2009-11-242009-11-252
5210error in intidb process when installing on japanese8.2Windows 20032009-11-232009-12-083
5209error in intidb process when installing on japanese machine which is in japanese domain8.2.Windows 20032009-11-232009-11-231
5207unable to start postgresql server services8.4.1windows xp pro sp32009-11-212009-11-274
5206wal_sync_method in stock postgresql.conf may be wronganyany2009-11-202009-11-243
5205Cannot ADD CONSTRAINT ... FOREIGN KEY...8.4.1Linux (Ubuntu 9.10)2009-11-202009-11-232
5204ODBC connection NOT working08.04.0100Windows 7 64-bit2009-11-202009-11-212
5203Rule affecting more than one row is only fired once, when there is no reference to the row.8.2Linux2009-11-202009-11-232
5202Rule affecting more than one row is only fired once with LIMIT 18.2Linux2009-11-202009-11-232
5201insert select gives bogus error message8.3Kanotix, Debian based2009-11-202009-11-212
5200Use of min suffix in autovacuum_naptime ignored8.3.8RedHat Enterprise 5.42009-11-192009-11-214
5199Window frame clause wrong (?) behaviour8.4.1Windows XP2009-11-192009-11-193
5198Plain dump: wrong field order for inherited tables8.3.8Debian2009-11-192009-11-192
5197JDBC: selecting oid results in Exception8.2.14Linux2009-11-192009-11-203
5196Excessive memory consumption when using csvlog8.3.8Linux redhat 5.3 x86_642009-11-182009-11-193
5195PKI Certificate Authentication Implementation8.1.4Linux RedHat 5.32009-11-182009-11-182
5194fire IDispatch Error #3015 when run PutCollect() in ADO8.4.1Ubuntu 9.10 accessed by Vista Home basic2009-11-172009-11-192
5193should "select * from ab limitkkk" cause a syntax error?8.4.1Windows XP2009-11-172009-11-172
5192--disable-integer-datetimes changes timestamp comparison behavior8.4.1Linux 2.6.28-hardened-r9-bitshelter #6 SMP x86_642009-11-162009-11-163
5191now() returns same value from Perl.8.3.7Windows2009-11-162009-11-163
5189Postgres Crash when trying to ts_stat a empty tsvector8.4.1Ubunut Linux 9.10 (2.6.31-14)2009-11-152009-11-152
5188Inheritance: bug or feature?8.3.8Win XP2009-11-152009-11-152
5187odbc driver not returning time zone8.4.1windows2009-11-142009-11-141
5186Not install daemon8.4.1Opensuse 11.22009-11-142009-11-144
5185postgres error "invalid page header in block xx of relation "pg_proc_proname_args_nsp_index"8.3.1Aix 5.3 64bit2009-11-132009-11-253
5184default tablespace owner is not dumpedCVS HEADLinux2009-11-132009-11-147
5183Wrong select results using multicolumn gin indexes8.4.1Debian Linux (architecture amd64)2009-11-122009-11-134
5182query with deferents results8.3.5Fedora 642009-11-122009-11-123
5181query with deferents results8.3.5Fedora 642009-11-122009-11-121
5180How to get only User created tables by using SQLTables() in ODBC8.3.3Fedora102009-11-122009-11-233
5179Installation fails8.3Windows vista ultimate 64 bit2009-11-112009-11-112
5178make check fails because of locale en_AU.US-ASCII8.4.1Mac OSX 10.5.82009-11-102009-11-117
5177Concurrency problem in AbstractJdbc23PooledConnection8.3.8Linux2009-11-102009-11-182
5176database recovery produces infinite loop8.1.18Debian 2.6.18-6-6862009-11-102009-11-103
5175Unable to configure psqlodbc-08.04.01008.3.8Debian Linux2009-11-102009-11-192
5174[minor] directories symlinked into base/ are not recursively removed8.4.1Linux2009-11-082009-11-093
5172ecpg - cursor with regexp containing '.*/' fails to compile with gcc8.4.1Fedora 11 (Linux
5171Composite type with array does not translate in plpythonu8.4FreeBSD2009-11-062009-11-125
5170Source files missing8.4.1Windows XP2009-11-062009-11-062
5169cannot login to server8.4Linux Fedora 82009-11-052009-11-051
5168cannot login to server8.4Linux Fedora 82009-11-052009-11-055
5167Alternative to USE of MSSQL8.4Windows2009-11-052009-11-054
5166readdir() failure on Mac OS-X is HFS "feature"8.4.1Snow Leopard OS-X 10.6.1 (64 bit)2009-11-052009-11-066
5165Poor performance with Left-join where right side does not exist8.37linux2009-11-042009-11-057
5164COPY command: invalid byte sequence 0x808.1 and 8.3Linux2009-11-042009-11-042
5163Admin can't connect and won't use port 54328.4.1Vista Home Premium2009-11-042009-11-054
5162Admin can't connect and won't use port 54328.4.1Vista Home Premium2009-11-042009-11-041
5161tome nota del siguiente error un error ha ocurrido 99908_02_0400windows xp2009-11-032009-11-052
5160complex query parsing bug1.8.4Vista2009-11-022009-11-032
51598.4.1 Segmentation fault8.4.1CentOS release 5.4 (Final)2009-11-022009-11-027
5157Hash index not concurrency safe8.4.1Linux2009-10-312009-11-016
5156Problem compiling postgresql-8.5alpha28.5a2GNU/Linux2009-10-312009-10-312
5155Error compiling postgresql-8.5alpha28.5a2GNU/Linux2009-10-312009-10-312
5154ERROR: cannot assign non-composite value to a row variable8.3.5Linux2009-10-312009-11-014
5153Problem configuring postgresql-8.5alpha2 with SSL8.5a2GNU/Linux2009-10-302009-10-302
5152Exporting databases with pg_dump changes 'bigserial' to 'bigint'8.3.7 and 8.4.1Microsoft Windows2009-10-302009-10-302
5151autovacuum process segfaults when max_fsm_pages are too low8.1.15CentOS release 4.8 (Final)2009-10-302009-11-186
5150math bug8.2.6i686-pc-linux-gnu2009-10-302009-11-017
5149Can't untar the src code file8.4.1Mac X Snowleopard2009-10-292009-11-013
5148Email to bounces:8.1.xGentoo2009-10-292009-10-302
5147DBA can not access view8.4.0WindowsXP 32bit2009-10-292009-11-0211
5146After granting all select privelges on view to user, who still can not select the view8.3.3linux 322009-10-292009-10-292
5145Complex query with lots of LEFT JOIN causes segfault8.3.8Linux 2.6.27-14 (Ubuntu Interpid)2009-10-282009-10-3016
5144Issue changing password8.3Windows 20002009-10-282009-10-283
5143psql \df doesn't recogize patterns8.4.1PLD Linux x86_642009-10-282009-10-285
5142C++ Redistributable installation unnecessary8.4.1-1Windows2009-10-282009-10-281
5140initdb crashes8.3.8Solaris 102009-10-272009-10-312
51392pc behaves differently on 8.3 and
5138Failed to get System metrics for terminal services:878.0Window Xp2009-10-272009-10-272
5137Upgrade policy clarification8.3.8Debian, Mac OS X2009-10-252009-10-263
5136Please drop the string literal syntax for CREATE FUNCTION ...8.4.1Ubuntu2009-10-242009-10-2610
5135sorting order8.3.5AIX2009-10-222009-10-222
5134initdb fails with return code 18.3.5AIX HP2009-10-222009-10-222
5132Invalid Function8.3.1CentOS 5.22009-10-222009-10-223
5131The pgsql will lost8.0.0linux x86_642009-10-222009-10-223
5130Failed to run initdb:1anyWin XP Pro SP22009-10-212009-10-236
5129LIMIT not correct.8.3.8Linux2009-10-212009-10-213
5128Returning nested composite types in plpython8.4FreeBSD2009-10-202009-11-092
5127AbstractJdbc2Connection#doRollback should throws Exception if connection is closed8.3.7CentOS 5.12009-10-202009-10-216
5126convert_to preventing index scan8.3.8-1fedora 11 i586 (32bit)2009-10-192009-10-228
5124visualizacion de registros8.3windows xp proffeional2009-10-162009-10-172
5123bug in window function "last_value"8.4.1-x86_64RHEL5-x86_642009-10-162009-10-167
5122Subqueries - inner select statement bug8.2Vista2009-10-162009-10-164
5121Segmentation Fault when using pam w/ krb58.4.1Fedora 112009-10-152009-10-1618
5120Performance difference between running a query with named cursor and straight SELECT8.3.xFreeBSD 6.22009-10-152009-10-157
5117Table type Function Bug when column dropped8.4 (maybe all)Linux2009-10-152009-10-152
5116could not determine encoding for locale8.4.1Solaris 92009-10-142009-10-142
5115ADD UNIQUE table_constraint with expressionPostgreSQL 8.4.Linux vlD-kuci 2.6.28-15-generic #52-Ubuntu SMP Wed Sep2009-10-142009-10-145
5114database initializationanyWin XP Pro SP22009-10-142009-10-172
5113Postgres not scanning indexes8.4.1redhat 5.32009-10-132009-10-134
5112Segmentation fault on ts_stat with empty words8.4.1Debian Linux (architecture amd64)2009-10-132009-10-131
5111Segmentation fault, if to_tsvector returns empty row to ts_stat8.4.1x86_64 Debian 5.0.32009-10-132009-10-132
5110lower() function8.3.8Ubuntu2009-10-132009-10-132
5109Error installing edb_apachephp.bin8.4Open SuSE 11.1 64-Bit2009-10-122009-10-121
5108plpgsql function name conflict with table alias8.4.1Windows XP2009-10-122009-10-135
5107Lock never released8.3RHEL 52009-10-092009-10-133
5106Relationship between two tables8.3Window2009-10-092009-10-092
5105"Select Into Strict" does not throw NO_DATA_FOUND8.4.0Windows XP SP22009-10-082009-10-083
5104tsearch parser mislead8.3.8Linux Ubuntu 9.042009-10-082009-10-082
5103"pg_ctl -w (re)start" fails with custom unix_socket_directoryHEADLinux2009-10-082010-02-2311
5102Silent IN (list of strings) failure to detect syntax error when list is linewrapped8.3.8Ubuntu 8.04 x86_642009-10-072009-10-088
5101Off-by-one error in bitncmp() in src/backend/utils/adt/network.c8.4.1(+earlier)all2009-10-072009-10-082
5100Help me!!I want cause : "invalid page header in block xxxx",i need support to repair and avert8.3.1Window xp2009-10-072009-10-071
5099When MetaData is acquired, it becomes an SQL error.8.4.1FreeBSD 6.02009-10-072009-12-083
5098Levenshtein with costs is broken8.4.1Linux x86_64 (Ubuntu 9.04)2009-10-072010-01-073
5096Error installing edb_apachephp.bin8.4<br>=A0 OpenSuSE 11.1<br>2009-10-042009-10-106
5095pg_statio_xxx_sequences does not work8.3.5, 8.4.1Red Hat EL 52009-10-022009-10-022
5094bad result in dblink_get_result when async command sending8.4any2009-10-022009-10-022
5093Prepared query gives different PGresult than exec'd equivalent8.4.1Linux i686 2.6.18-128.7.1.el52009-10-022009-10-022
5092to_ascii(); ascii() don't work with bytea8.4Windows 20032009-10-022009-10-022
5091sqlDescribeCol incorrectly setting null flag for projection of a view8.4.1windows2009-09-302009-09-301
5090erro8.4Windows XP2009-09-302009-10-022
5089not supported plpsql8.4.0.1windows XP Embeded2009-09-302009-10-033
5088community account not workinganyany2009-09-302009-09-302
5087Submitted bug reports not showing up in a timely manner (or at all)anyany2009-09-292009-09-2912
5086Install doesnt work8xWindows 7 professional2009-09-292009-09-292
5084Query gives different number of rows depending on ORDER BY8.3.7Linux 2.6.24-23-generic2009-09-282009-09-2910
5083Problem create account.8,3Vista2009-09-272009-10-042
5082I can't get logfile( achive )8.4.0opensuse 10.22009-09-252009-09-282
5081ON INSERT rule does not work correctly8.3.7FreeBSD 7.22009-09-252009-09-288
5080test tablespace failure8.4.1OS X 10.6.02009-09-242009-09-252
5079postgres killed by signal 11 when executing xslt_process function from xml2 contrib module.8.4.1FreeBSD 5.4 or Centos 5.32009-09-242009-09-272
5078returns setof functions fails after table structure altered8.4.1Fedora Core 112009-09-242009-09-242
5077Corrupted Table8.4.0Ubuntu 64 bit2009-09-232009-09-243
5076LEFT OUTER JOIN and WHERE madness8.3.8Windows2009-09-232009-10-013
5075Text Search parser does not identify xml tag when attribute name's contains underscore8.4.0All2009-09-232009-11-176
5074segmentation fault in autovacuum8.4.1Red Hat 52009-09-232009-09-232
5072User trying to drop an internally dependent object crashes server8.5develAll2009-09-222009-09-222
5071abbrev() bug with IPv68.3.7Debian Lenny 64Bit2009-09-222009-09-282
5070Drop <schema> cascade fails on OS X, 10.6.12009-09-212009-09-212
5067vacuum problem8.1Linux Red HAT2009-09-192009-09-192
5066plperl issues with perl_destruct() and END blocks8.4.1darwin2009-09-192009-09-2821
5065pg_ctl start fails as administrator, with "could not locate matching postgres executable"8.3.7, 8.4.1Windows Server 2003 R22009-09-192009-11-2026
5064not-null constraints is not inherited8.5dev, 8.4.1Windows XP, RHEL 5.22009-09-182009-09-182
5063MS Access crashes by quiting after linking tables with PostgreSQL8Windows2009-09-182009-09-259
50628.4.1 compile fails on debian can't find libdl8.4.1Linux Debian Debian 4.1.2-252009-09-172009-09-194
5061pg_autovacuum is not in 8.4 Version8.4Suse 11.12009-09-162009-09-162
50608.2 bin install8.3Gentoo/Debian Linux2009-09-162009-09-172
5059Planner ignores estimates when planning an IN () subquery8.4.1Centos5.22009-09-162009-09-175
5058[jdbc] Silent failure with executeUpdate()8.2.14Linux2009-09-152009-09-265
5057Binaries missing8.2.14Windows2009-09-152009-09-152
5056SQLDescribeColW for function returning a result set incorrectly setting sql_nullable8.4.1windows2009-09-152009-09-152
5055Invalid page header error8.3.6Centos 5.2 32 bit2009-09-142009-09-169
5054PDO -> Query returns "" from Boolean type field, if it has false value.8.3windows XP SP32009-09-142009-09-155
5053domain constraints still leak8.5develFreeBSD2009-09-142009-09-2111
5052lost history8.4.1Linux2009-09-132009-09-134
5051SQLNumResultCols returns 0 for common table expression8.4.1windows2009-09-122009-09-121
5050text to timestamp failure8.4.1MacOS 10.6.12009-09-122009-09-134
5049query crashing backend with TRAP: FailedAssertion8.4.0Debian lenny2009-09-112009-09-122
5048psql: \g doesn't redirect COPY TO STDOUT, but redirects next query8.4FreeBSD2009-09-102009-09-102
5047Not able to connect from Informatica8.3.7Linux Rhel 5.02009-09-102009-09-142
5046java developer8.4windows2009-09-092009-09-142
5045java developer8.4<br>=A0 windows<br>2009-09-092009-09-092
5044error: message type 0x5a arrived from server while idle8.4.0linux 2.6.252009-09-092009-09-092
5043Stored procedure returning different results for same arguments8.2.0Linux (RHEL 4.4)2009-09-082009-09-095
5042Update numeric within a rule8.1.10Windows XP2009-09-062009-09-162
5041Changing data_directory problem8.4Ubuntu 9.102009-09-062009-09-063
5040Latest version of PostgreSQL's JDBC driver is not available in Maven's central repository8.4Debian GNU/Linux 5.02009-09-062009-09-063
5039'i' flag i in regexp_replace ignored for polish letters8.3.7Windows XP2009-09-052009-10-234
5038WAL file is pending deletion in pg_xlog folder, this interferes with WAL archiving.8.3.7Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition2009-09-052013-04-1717
5037jdbc bug \uffff8.3.7Linux2009-09-042009-09-142
5036Advisory locks have unexpected behavior8.4Windows XP and RHEL2009-09-042009-09-084
5035cast 'text' to 'name' doesnt work in plpgsql function8.3.6Linux2009-09-042009-09-087
5034plperlu problem with gethostbyname8.3.7Linux Fedora 102009-09-032009-09-064
5033Fallback using Warm Standby8.4HP-UX2009-09-032009-09-042
5032unexpected syntax error for plpgsql function returns table8.4.0CentOS 5.3 (Linux)2009-09-032009-09-038
5031DATE_TRUNC returns the wrong value when specifying MONTH8.4.0Ubunto Linux2009-09-022009-09-035
5030Problem on "RETURN QUERY EXECUTE" when a column is dropped from a table8.4.0Linux Ubuntu 9.042009-09-022009-09-022
5029Download TroubleunknownWindows XP2009-09-012009-09-012
5028CASE returns ELSE value always when type is "char"8.3.7Linux2009-09-012009-09-0464
5027SQL query error?8.3.5ALT Linux2009-09-012009-09-022
5026No buffer space available error. Does any other solution exist other than changing windows paramete8.4Windows 20032009-09-012009-09-011
5025Aggregate function with subquery in 8.3 and / 8.3.1Red Hat 4.1.1-522009-08-312009-09-0211
5024Aggregate function FROM subquery8.4.0 / 8.3.1Red Hat 4.1.1-522009-08-312009-08-311
5023pg_relation_size() is not case sensitive8.3.7Linux2009-08-312009-08-314
5022unkown winsock error 100618.4Windows Server 20082009-08-282009-08-302
5021ts_parse doesn't recognize email addresses with underscores8.3.7win322009-08-282009-10-236
5020Stackbuilder not functioning8.4WinXP2009-08-282009-08-282
5019Nao funciona8.3Vista 64 bits2009-08-272009-09-028
5018Window function alias8.4.0Linux2009-08-272009-08-273
5017unsigned packages in RHEL4 8.3 packages8.3.7redhat enterprise linux2009-08-272009-08-272
5016dlltool error in libecpg_compatdll.def8.5 Alpha 1Windows XP (mingw)2009-08-272009-08-286
5015MySQL migration wizard does not start8.4Windows2009-08-262010-02-209
5013Error in psqlodbc configuration8.4Solaris x862009-08-262009-08-282
5012mailing list VERP addresses not sender-verifiable8.4FreeBSD2009-08-262009-08-2615
5011Standby recovery unable to follow timeline change8.4.0-1Centos 5.32009-08-252009-08-2710
5010perl iconv function returns ? character8.4.0Debian testing/unstable2009-08-252009-09-068
5009Loss of information8.1.11CentOS5.3 Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL2009-08-252009-08-253
5008Server Startup Problem - When server is configured for SSL8.4.0Windows XP with SP32009-08-252009-08-2710
5007could not reattach to shared memory8.3.6Windows 2008 Server Standard2009-08-252009-09-065
5006Backend crashed after select with subselect in where cluase8.4.0Windows Server 2003 R2 service pack 22009-08-242009-08-242
5005unique constraint considers nulls to be equal8.3.7Win XP2009-08-232009-08-242
5004pg_freespacemap make a SegFault8.3.7Debian Etch2009-08-212009-08-245
5003setup error8.4.0-1Windows XP2009-08-212009-08-282
5001can not prepare for where $1 is null8.3.3linux2009-08-212009-08-212
5000Optimizer does not use function-based index for an order by8.2.13Linux2009-08-202009-08-202
4999select 'a' < 'A' is true, but should be false . . .8.4.0 to 8.2.13Linux and XP2009-08-202009-08-2618
4997Expression evaluation rules8.3.7Windows 2003 Server2009-08-202009-08-204
4996postgres.exe memory consumption keeps going up8.3.7Windows XP x64 / Windows 7 x642009-08-192009-08-2717
4994Silent Installationpostgresql-8.2Win XP Prof SP22009-08-182009-08-193
4993memory issue with array_agg8.4.0linux2009-08-182009-08-195
4992"BEFORE DELETE" trigger puts the database in an inconsistent state8.4.0Linux2009-08-182009-08-182
4991problem with ODBC driver 8.41.82Windows2009-08-182009-09-235
4990JDBC batch insert blocks8.3.6 8.3.7 8.4Redhat Linux 5.32009-08-172009-08-172
4989Fatal Error8.3Windows XP2009-08-172009-08-173
4988Installer fails when creating password8.7.3.1Windows XP2009-08-172009-08-172
4987registered in pg_type by a wrong table name8.4.0Windows XP Professional(32bit)2009-08-152009-08-162
4986Connecting problemPostgreSQL 8.2WINDOWS 20032009-08-142009-08-141
4985LIMIT documentation is insufficient8.4.0XP Pro Sp32009-08-132009-08-142
4984One click Installation error.8.4.0-1Windows Server 20032009-08-132009-08-172
4983PostgreSQL build fails8.4HP-UX2009-08-122009-08-122
4982Wrong result of cartesian product when function result included in where clause8.4.0, 64 BitMac OS X 10.5.82009-08-122009-08-122
4981Dblink issue8.3.3Windows xp2009-08-122009-08-121
4980Dblink issue8.3Windows xp2009-08-122009-08-133
4978"too many private dirs demanded" error during postgres startup8.3.7Linux (RHEL 5.3)2009-08-122009-08-122
4977post installation failed8.3.7-1RHEL 5.32009-08-122009-08-123
4976pgadmin - reconnect to drop database8.4.0Windows XP Pro SP32009-08-122009-08-142
4975Not properly installed during the installation comes out an alert8.4.0Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition KN Service Pack 22009-08-122009-08-182
4974Equivalent of "= ANY" and "BETWEEN" not observed by planner.8.3Ubuntu 8.102009-08-122009-08-123
4973number precision or scale lost when altering table column8.3.3linux2009-08-112009-08-112
4972RFE: convert timestamps to fractional seconds8.3.7Linux2009-08-102009-08-107
4971Backend crash while doing nothing...8.3.5Windows XP2009-08-092009-08-182
4970Broken link in manual8.4N/A2009-08-072009-08-103
4969ajuda8.4Windows XP2009-08-062009-08-092
4968Uma ajudapostgre 8.4Windows XP2009-08-062009-08-062
4967polygon @> point incorrect for points close to shared borders8.3.7Linux Open Suse 11.0 + 11.12009-08-062009-08-064
4966wrong password.....8.0vista home premium2009-08-052009-08-066
4965missing tests in tools/fsync/test_fsync.c8.4.0Linux2009-08-052009-08-103
4964return value does not agree with documentation8.3linux2009-08-052009-08-052
4963Selecting timestamp without timezone at timezone gives wrong output8.3.7Gentoo2009-08-042009-08-043
4962Pre-existing shared memory block is still in use8.3.6Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 32009-08-042009-08-143
4961pg_standby.exe crashes with no args8.4.0Windows XP/20002009-08-032009-11-0520
4960Unexpected timestamp rounding8.3.7Windows XP2009-07-312009-08-015
4959unable to install/start service8.4.0Windows2009-07-312009-08-103
4958Stats collector hung on WaitForMultipleObjectsEx while attempting to recv a datagram8.3.7Windows 2003 EE SP22009-07-312012-09-0625
4957search_path and pg_dump -T switch8.3Any2009-07-312009-07-312
4956Array Construct array() returning blank result8.4Windows Vista Ultimate2009-07-312009-07-312
4955ECPG produces incomplete code8.4Windows XP2009-07-302009-08-052
4954very slow query with 2 statements8.3 and 8.4Windows XP2009-07-292009-07-292
4953Crash with xml functions8.4.0Mac OS X 10.5.82009-07-292009-07-314
4952commit_delay ignored because CountActiveBackends always returns zero8.4.0Linux 2.4.21-15.0.3.ELsmp2009-07-292009-07-292
4951installation dir wrong for libpq compilation8.4.0Win XP Pro Sp32009-07-282009-07-294
4950Problem in Job scheduling in Advanced postgre sqlAdvanced 8.3 R2Windows xp2009-07-282009-07-303
4949NOT IN is prohibitive slower than the rewrite for medium to large sets8.3.7Debian GNU/Linux2009-07-282009-07-297
4948getting error while vacuuming the database8.4.0Linux (CentOS release 5.3)2009-07-282009-07-283
4947libpq PQntuples should return 64-bit number8.4.0Win XP Pro Sp32009-07-282009-07-282
4946bug - libiconv-2.dll8.3windows2009-07-282009-08-062
4945Parallel update(s) gone wild8.3.6 8.3.7 8.4Redhat Linux2009-07-272009-07-309
4944Problems with using \set variables as strings in select statements8.3.7Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope2009-07-272009-07-273
4943getting error while vacuuming the database8.4.0Linux (CentOS release 5.3)2009-07-272009-07-271
4942edb_apachephp.bin error8.4Suse linux ES 10.22009-07-272009-07-271
4941pg_stat_statements crash8.4.0windows 2008,20032009-07-242009-07-279
4940Performance regression between 8.2 and 2.6.18-128.el5 #1 SMP Wed Dec 17 11:41:38 EST 20082009-07-242009-07-241
4939error query result8.4.0linux-32 bit2009-07-242009-07-245
4938upgrade to 8.4 issue8.3Windows Vista2009-07-232009-07-243
4936Bad result for SQL query8.4.0Ubuntu2009-07-232009-07-232
4935Weird input syntax for intervals, part 28.4Linux2009-07-232009-07-232
4934regression in IN with joins in subselect8.4.0Mac OS X 10.52009-07-222009-07-235
4933ts_rewrite() causes segfault when query with more than one node becomes empty8.3.7Mac OS X 10.5.72009-07-222009-07-282
4932Upgrade 8.2.13 -> 8.4.0 - Kerberos option missing8.4.0FreeBSD 7.22009-07-222009-07-224
4931An error occured executing the Microsoft VC++ runtime installer8.4.0-1Windows XP - SP32009-07-212009-08-092
4930Missing attributes8.3.3Linux2009-07-212009-07-212
4929Corrupted pg_class, possibly truncate/rollback related8.3.1Linux 2.6.18-53.1.14.el5 #1 SMP x86_64 GNU/Linux2009-07-202009-07-215
4927psql does "spoil" the query before sending it to server8.4.0Linux2009-07-172009-07-184
4926too few pathkeys for mergeclauses8.4.0Linux x86_642009-07-162009-07-177
4925"select ... for update" doesn't affect rows from sub-query8.3.7 and 8.4.0Archlinux and Gentoo 8.3.7, Gentoo 8.4.02009-07-162009-07-304
4924pg_restore hangs, does nothing8.4.0Windows XP Pro SP32009-07-152009-07-152
4922Segmentation fault on high-loaded server (+coredump backtrace)8.3.5CentOS 5.2 x86-642009-07-152009-07-152
4921ltree @> ltree[] operator shouldn't fail if ltree[] is empty8.3.6linux/centos 5.32009-07-152010-02-2410
4920need case-insensitive searchesallWindows 2008 Server2009-07-142009-07-143
4919CREATE USER command slows down system performance8.3.7, 8.4.0Any2009-07-142009-09-0123
4918Weird input syntax for intervals8.4Linux2009-07-132009-07-164
4917NULLs Last as a Global Option8.3Linux [Ubuntu 9.04]2009-07-122009-07-132
4916wish: more statistical functions (median, percentiles etc)8.4Linux2009-07-102009-07-127
4915installation failure: Failure to set permissions on the installed files8.0.0Windows XP2009-07-102009-07-104
4914uuid_generate_v4 not present in either source or yum/rpm8.4Red Hat 5.32009-07-092009-07-168
4913Row missing from primary key index8.3.7Debian Lenny2009-07-092009-07-1013
4912server core dumps on xslt_process with empty param string8.4rc2Linux
4911Cannot assign a value to a member of a nested composite type.8.4Windows, Linux2009-07-092009-07-091
4910pg_restore fails on linux but success on win, buffer dirty8.3.7Gentoo 2.6.14 hardened2009-07-092009-07-092
4909wish: easier way to configure RAM allocation8.4Linux2009-07-082009-07-081
4908escaping and dollar quotes: "ERROR: unterminated string"8.3.7Debian Lenny2009-07-082009-07-095
4907stored procedures and changed tables8.2.11Gentoo2009-07-072009-07-105
4904mapping between security ids and account name missing8.3.7windows xp service pack22009-07-072009-07-071
4903Sugestion a db modele like mysql workbrench8.4Opensuse 11.12009-07-062009-07-072
4902Subquery in VALUES referencing a CTE8.4.0Linux2009-07-052009-07-062
4901Column name "window" breaks pg_dump/pg_restore8.4.0Linux (Debian Unstable)2009-07-052009-07-066
4900Query planner misses obvious optimization on ordered UNION DISTINCT8.4.0Windows2009-07-052009-07-051
4899Open parenthesis breaks query plan8.4.0Windows2009-07-052009-07-067
4898Graphical Query Builder Scrolling Constraints1.10.0windows xp2009-07-022009-07-032
4897PostgreSQL 8.3.7 crashes on Win2003 logoff8.3.7.1Windows Server 2003 SP22009-07-012009-07-062
4895OneClickInstaller dont appreciates Client_Encoding and also listen_addresses='*'8.3.7-2Windows / Linux2009-06-302009-06-302
4894[patch] documentation bug on 'include' directiveCVSN/A2009-06-292009-07-027
4893Grants on inherited tables checks before constraint exclusion see, that table not needed8.3.7-0, 8.4rc1Linux 2.6.27-11-generic x86_64 GNU/Linux2009-06-292009-06-292
4892postmaster died and didn't restart8.4 beta2Windows XP SP32009-06-282009-06-304
4891postgresql-8.3-604.jdbc4.jar - failed to load manifest8.3Windows Server 20082009-06-282009-06-282
4890Allow insert character has no equivalent in "LATIN2"8.4 RC1Windows XP2009-06-272009-07-145
4889Accent Sensitive8.4All2009-06-272009-06-282
4888Removed brackets from Check Constraints expressions8.3.7Debian 4.0 (etch)2009-06-262009-06-262
4887inclusion operator (@>) on tsqeries behaves not conforming to documentation8.3.1, 8.3.7Linux 2.6.20 FC5 i686, Linux 2.6.27 FC10 i6862009-06-262009-06-261
4886Password Crash8.3.7Windows XP2009-06-262009-06-262
4885OneClickInstaller dont work8.3.7windows xp2009-06-262009-06-261
4884Misleading error message7.4.5RedHat Enterprise 5.32009-06-252009-06-264
4883tar xf fails on NFS4 mountsAllLinux2009-06-252009-07-0215
4882One-click installer crashes with certain service account passwords8.3.7Windows XP Professional, SP32009-06-252009-06-252
4881KDE 4.2 not running any more when installing one click installer from Enterprise DB8.4 RC1Linux Kubuntu 9.04 Jaunty2009-06-252009-06-252
4880gcc (4.4) + double precision differences8.3.7 + 8.4.RC2Linux2009-06-252009-06-251
4879bgwriter fails to fsync the file in recovery mode8.4devRHEL5.1 x86_642009-06-252009-06-3086
4878function age() give a wrong interval8.2.4, 8.3.6linux2009-06-252009-06-255
4877LDAP auth allows empty password string8.3.7FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE-p12009-06-242009-06-242
4876author of MD5 says it's seriously broken - hash collision resistance problems8.3.7-1windows XP Pro SP32009-06-242009-06-257
4875/etc/init.d/postgresql status shows postmaster is stopped when executed as user8.1.11CentOS 5.32009-06-232009-06-293
4874vacuum doest work8.1Debian Sarge2009-06-232009-06-243
4873docs: no link from dml-update to sql-update8.3n/a2009-06-232009-06-232
4872Geometric function problem8.2.5Linux2009-06-222009-06-232
4871Cannot install with 1-click installer8.4RC1Windows 7 x64 RC2009-06-222009-06-221
4870don't start service8.3windows xp de 32 bits2009-06-222009-06-292
4869No proper initialization of OpenSSL-Engine in libpq8.4rc1Linux c1170lx 2.6.24-23-generic #1 SMP Wed Apr 12009-06-222009-06-2324
4868no levanta el servidor8.3Windows Xp2009-06-212009-06-211
4866ECPG and BYTEA8.3.7Windows Vista2009-06-192009-06-233
4865replace function returns null8.2.7Linux2009-06-192009-06-192
4864rc1 not installs on Windows8.4rc1WinXP sp22009-06-192009-06-191
4863postgresql.conf typo in log_line_prefix8.4 RC1Windows2009-06-192009-06-191
4862different results in to_date() between 8.3.7 & 8.4.RC18.4 RC1Fedora 10 i3862009-06-192009-06-2415
4861Incorrect log_line_prefix default value in postgresql.conf8.4rc1Windows2009-06-182009-06-197
4860Indexes gone after restore8.4rc1Windows2009-06-182009-06-188
4855Explain errors on drop table if exists8.3.7Windows XP Pro Sp32009-06-162009-06-163
4854Problems with replaying WAL files on Warm Standby8.3.6Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4 (Nahant Update 6)2009-06-152009-06-1610
4853millisecond is incorrect?8.3.7RedHatEnterpriseLinux ES32009-06-152009-06-152
4852PostgreSQL ODBC driver doesn't work8.3.7Windows Seven2009-06-152009-06-152
4851DEBUG: Error 2888: Executing the TextStyle view failed8.3.7windows server 2003 Ent2009-06-122009-06-121
4850install of PostGIS password error8.3.7.1Win XP Pro SP32009-06-102009-06-101
4849intermittent future timestamps8.3.5Linux (CentOS 5.2)2009-06-102009-06-105
4848Encoding is incompatible with template database8.4Windows XP2009-06-102009-06-102
4847Encoding is incompatible with template database8.4Windows XP2009-06-102009-06-101
4846Error reading file: confignewestWindows XP2009-06-102009-06-104
4845cash_in is broken for lc_monetary = 'ja'8.4dev, 8.3.7Windows XP2009-06-102009-06-102
4843non standard use string literal warning in RAISE WARNING8.4beta2Windows2009-06-082009-06-082
4842Doesn't installone click for wwindows2009-06-072009-06-072
4841like and trim queries8.3.6windows/fedora2009-06-062009-06-063
4840Different output from Transform function when used in a function vs. directly8.3.7Windows XP Professional2009-06-042009-06-042
4839cannot start Postgre server on Windows XP SP38.4 Beta 2<br>=A0 Windows XP service 3<br>2009-06-042009-06-042
4838Database corruption after btree_gin index creation8.4beta2Linux amd64 2.6.24 (Debian 4.0)2009-06-042009-06-127
4837initdb segv's if getpwuid fails8.3Non-Windows2009-06-032009-06-032
4836Losing data8.3.1Windows Server 2003 SP22009-06-032009-06-044
4835psql server crashes when using non-existing functions8.3.7Linux (Gentoo Hardened 2008 / x86 - 32bit)2009-06-032009-06-033
4834"pg_ctl stop -m fast" fails to stop database8.3.7CentOS 5.22009-06-022009-06-022
4833Can't start service8.2.4<br>=A0 Win XP Home<br>2009-06-022009-06-022
4830operator does not exists8.3windows 20032009-05-292009-05-292
4829nth_value does not allow window frame8.4.0-lb2-windowindow 20002009-05-282009-05-282
4828Fault a foreign keyPostgreSQL8.3.7Windows XP 2002 SP22009-05-282009-05-282
4827install8.1.4windows xp sp22009-05-282009-07-083
4826Cannot install Postgresqlpostgresql-8.3Windows XP Home Edition2009-05-272009-05-292
4825Before installation the server not running8.3.7-1Windows2009-05-272009-05-282
4824KRB5/GSSAPI authentication fails when user != principal8.4beta2Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.32009-05-262009-05-2817
4823problems downloading8.2.9-1.zipwindows2009-05-252009-05-252
4822xmlattributes encodes '&' twice8.4devLinux, Windows2009-05-252009-06-096
4821LIKE '%_' fails8.3-8.4all2009-05-232009-05-242
4820PostgreSQL service won't start after using Tuning Wizard8.4 beta 2Windows XP SP2 32-bit2009-05-212009-05-212
4819Ordering big tables by indexed columns is very slow.8.3.7Open SuSE 11.1 AMD Athlon 64 X22009-05-212009-05-222
4817Dump of 8.3 hstore not restorable to 8.4 (RECHECK)8.4beta2Gentoo Linux2009-05-202009-05-264
4816NOT IN clause, doesn't work8.3.5x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, compiled by GCC gcc-4.3.real2009-05-202009-05-203
4815max_connections setting has no impact8.3.4Windows2009-05-192009-05-192
4814Segmentation fault when using indexed prefix FT search8.4 SNAP 17MAYLinux2009-05-172009-05-182
4813Database can not be initialized8.3.7.1Windows XP2009-05-172009-05-172
4812statistics not available on tables containing only hstore column8.3.6SUSE Linux2009-05-152009-05-194
4810Complex Contains, Bad Performace.8.3.7Linux SuSE 11.02009-05-152009-05-173
4809Missing Expected Operator8.3.7Linux OpenSuse 11.02009-05-152009-06-022
4808Rules on system catalogs are allowed but not executed.8.3.6Ubuntu 8.102009-05-122009-05-134
4807problema para bd8.3debian lenny 5.02009-05-122009-05-133
4806Bug with GiST index and empty integer array?PostgreSQL8.3.7Windows XP2009-05-122011-01-095
4804ERROR out of memory on select bytea field legth about 120Mb8.3.3Windows 2003 Server R2 64bit2009-05-092009-05-092
4801Performance failure: 600 MB written to each WAL log8.2.13FreeBSD 7.22009-05-082009-05-095
4800constraint_exclusion could be smarter with bool conversion8.3.6rhel52009-05-082009-05-082
4799BitMapAnd never works with gin8.3.6rhel52009-05-082009-05-081
4798BitMapAnd never works with gin8.3.6rhel52009-05-082009-05-082
4797Uninstall : impossible to delete some files (base...)8.3Vista SP12009-05-082009-05-083
4796Recovery followed by backup creates unrecoverable WAL-file8.3.7-0lenny1Linux (debian lenny)2009-05-062009-05-1643
4795Solaris odbc Core Dump on Column NULL valuepostgres 8.0.3SunOS 5.92009-05-062009-05-061
4794server closed the connection unexpectedly8.3.3Debian
4793Segmentation fault when doing vacuum analyzesnapshot/beta164bit arch Linux2009-05-052009-05-056
4792odd behavior revoking perms on an owned table8.2.7gentoo linux2009-05-052009-05-053
4791NULL value in function causes reproducible segmentation fault8.3.7-0lenny1Debian GNU/Linux 5.0.1 stable (fully updated)2009-05-052009-05-054
4790ENUM word not recognized!8.3Server Linux and client Windows2009-05-042009-05-042
4789ERROR 22008 on timestamp import8.3.7[FREEBSD] amd64-portbld-freebsd7.1, compiled by GCC cc2009-05-012009-05-015
4788bug in string comparison8.4beta1openSUSE 11.12009-05-012009-05-012
4787Hardlink (ln) causes startup failure with bizarre "timezone_abbreviations" error8.3.7FreeBSD 7.12009-05-012009-05-029
4786Solution for: PostgreSQL server did not start (NET HELPMSG 3534)8.3.xWindows XP 32bit2009-05-012009-05-011
4785Installation fails8.3.7-1Windows XP2009-04-292010-02-1913
4783new syntax in tablefunction - not output cells8.4WinXP2009-04-262009-04-262
4782pljava.dll version mismatch8.4beta1windows2009-04-252009-04-251
4781Error de Windows Installer8.3.7-1Windows 20002009-04-252009-04-251
4780Aggregate functions are unaware of LIMIT clauses in SELECTs8.3.7SuSE Linux 10.32009-04-242009-04-242
4779LIMIT/OFFSET behavior change (possibly related to Top-n)8.3.7Linux tat 2.6.27-gentoo-r7 #1 SMP Fri Jan 2 08:50:09 EST2009-04-242009-04-243
4777pg_restore is done in alphabetical order by schema8.3.7Windows 2003 server2009-04-232009-04-232
4775why?8.2.9Red Hat Linux 5.02009-04-232009-04-232
4774Bug with use execute+xml+xml_encode_special_chars8.3.5Linux app 2.6.18-92.1.1.el5.028stab057.2 #1 SMP Mon Jul2009-04-222009-05-134
4773Logging error8.1Cent OS2009-04-222009-04-222
4772The server is hanging8.3.1Fedora 92009-04-222009-04-253
4771Postgres wont start8.3.7Vista2009-04-222009-04-245
4770Error initializing slon in command line and hence running Slony8.3.7Windows Vista2009-04-212009-04-212
4769xmlconcat produces invalid xml values -> data corruption8.3.7Ubuntu 8.10 and 9.042009-04-212010-02-252
4768FATAL:could not reattach to shared memory:4878.3.7Windows 2008 x642009-04-212009-04-227
4767create operator - negator doesn't work8.3.x 8.4.b1Debian Lenny2009-04-212009-04-212
4766i cant setup a program8.3.7-1Windows XP Professional2009-04-212009-04-211
4765GIST box Segfaulting on Inserts8.3.5RHEL5 x642009-04-212009-04-213
4764error -7 in like translate8.3win server 20032009-04-202009-04-201
4763postgres service unstable, even during install8.4-beta1Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP22009-04-172009-05-2222
4761service not starts8.4.0-1b1win XP SP12009-04-172009-04-171
4760unexpected syntax error with CREATE DATABASE8.4-beta1Windows XP2009-04-162009-04-162
4759RETURNS TABLE not supported in pgAdmin8.4beta1Windows XP2009-04-162009-04-162
4758deadlock.c:9448.4beta1Linux 2.6.25-gentoo-r82009-04-162009-04-162
4757to_timestamp returns incorrect result8.3Ubuntu 8.102009-04-112009-04-112
4756Installationproblems8.3Windows xp2009-04-112009-04-112
4755lost graphical relationship between tables in DbVis w/ new PG release8.3.7OS X 10.4.112009-04-102009-04-102
4752sourceline in pg_settings indicates wrong numberPostgreSQL 8.4dRed Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.1 (Tikanga)2009-04-092009-04-104
4751Incorrect pg_dump output when dropping not null in inherited table.8.3.7FreeBSD 7.12009-04-062009-04-062
4750UPDATE called from PL/pgSQL failed when there is ON UPDATE DO INSTEAD NOTHING rule8.2.13Linux2009-04-062009-04-062
4749trigonometric functions broken8.3.7Linux2009-04-052009-04-053
4748hash join and sort-merge join make different results8.3.7GNU/Linux x86_642009-04-032009-04-0411
4747Some type names accepted in place of column name.8.4develGNU/Linux (Ubuntu Hardy)2009-04-012009-04-012
4746relation with OID #### doesnot exists8.3.6-1Windows XP SP22009-04-012009-04-011
4745Errors in installing add-ons for xp2009-04-012009-04-012
4744Windows 2008: FATAL: could not reattach to shared memory: 4878.3.7Windows Server 2008 Standard SP12009-04-012009-04-033
4743potential bug between int and uint8.3.6Linux2009-03-312009-03-312
4742wrong resultset instead of syntax error8.3.0linux2009-03-312009-03-312
4741Domain constraint violation with trigger8.3.7i686-redhat-linux-gnu, compiled by GCC gcc (GCC) 4.1.22009-03-302009-04-022
4739strange behavior of EXTRACT(quarter from INTERVAL)8.3.7GNU/Linux x86_642009-03-282009-03-284
4738Cannot reconnect to shared memory8.3.7WinXP, Vista2009-03-272009-04-092
4736Mediawiki by PostgresPostgreSQL8.3.6Linux Debian2009-03-262009-03-264
4734warning: oosp/uuid.h: present but cannot be compiled8.3.7OS X 10.5.62009-03-252009-03-251
4733Feature request: add plpy.query_plan(...) to plpythonu8.xN/A2009-03-252009-03-251
4732Help me8.2dunno2009-03-252009-03-252
4731compile with -fast fails on ld: duplicate symbol _PGP_S2K_TYPE in pgp.o and pgp-mpi-openssl.o8.3.7OS X 10.5.62009-03-252009-03-254
4730Vacuum full verbose analyze "deadlock"8.3.6Debian 4.3.1-12009-03-242009-03-257
4728segfault with window function partition involving subquery8.4develGNU/Linux (Ubuntu Hardy)2009-03-242009-03-254
4727Unable to drop table for cache lookup failed for relation8.3.6Windows Server 2003 R2 SP22009-03-242009-03-244
4726pg_dumpall -f doesn't report error when file can't be opened8.3.7Windows Vista2009-03-232009-03-232
4725conflict with f-secure8.3Windows xp2009-03-222009-03-232
4724Array index out of bounds8.3.7Linux2009-03-222009-03-233
4723I deleted the pg_xlog paste whwn i wanted to delet the pg_log paste8.3Windows XP2009-03-222009-03-222
4722I deleted the pg_xlog paste whwn i wanted to delet the pg_log paste8.3Windows XP2009-03-222009-03-221
4721All sub-tables incorrectly included in search plan for partitioned table8.3.7RedHat ES 5.22009-03-202009-05-114
4719Convertion of Data from MSSQL to PostgresPls Adv Srv 8.3WinXP SP22009-03-202009-03-202
4718"select +'8:00'::interval;" gives an error8.3.7GNU/Linux x86_642009-03-202009-03-202
4717Installing PostGIS via StackBuilder gives an 'Error opening file' error8.3.7Windows XP2009-03-192009-03-192
4716Error initialiting postgresql8.1.11Linux RedHat2009-03-182009-03-192
4715libpq `PQgetlength' return invalid field length.8.3.7FreeBSD2009-03-182009-03-182
4714Unicode Big5 Conversion8.3All2009-03-182009-03-186
4713Unicode Big5 Conversion8.3All2009-03-182009-03-181
4712Installing problemslatestwindows xp2009-03-172009-03-171
4711no mirror found in country selection for download8.2-9.1.zipwindows2009-03-172009-03-172
4710Bug with sql functions, when using INSERT.. RETURNING .. statmentlast stableCentOS2009-03-172009-03-172
4709dump/restore introduces wrong CHECK constraint for inherited table8.3.6rhel-4-i3862009-03-172009-03-172
4708\d commands7.4.6Linux2009-03-162009-03-163
4707Alter Constraint8.2.3Linux - Red Hat2009-03-162009-03-161
4705Software developer8.3.6-2Windows XP PRO2009-03-142009-03-157
4704syntax error at or near "RETURNING"8.1.4FreeBSD2009-03-142009-03-143
4703Client Encoding Mis match8.2windows2009-03-142009-03-141
4702refusal to compute date_trunc('week', '0001-12-09 BC');8.3.6 and olderGNU/Linux x86_642009-03-132009-03-132
4701(minor) MSI Installer fails on subst drives8.3.6-2Windows XP Home NL (32-bit)2009-03-112009-03-111
4700SIGSEGV with incorrect input to to_char function8.3.6Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 (lenny)2009-03-112009-03-112
4699pg_restore hangs with incorrect file format8.3Windows XP2009-03-102009-03-115
4698psql.exe is exits reporting "out of memory" error8.3.5-2Windows XP Pro, SP32009-03-102009-03-102
4697to_tsvector hangs on input8.3.3Suse 10.x2009-03-062009-03-103
4696update bug8.3.6windows2009-03-062009-03-062
4695update bug8.3windows2009-03-062009-03-061
4694uppercase path cause postgres can't start8.3.6windows xp2009-03-052009-04-032
4693When I use the order by it gets me an error, but if i use it without order by it's a correct query.8.3.0Suse 102009-03-042009-03-042
4692VACUUM: write to WAL gets very slow and seems redundant8.2.7FreeBSD 6.32009-03-042009-03-041
4691Installation error8.2Windows Embedded Standard2009-03-042009-03-045
4690an select query is not using the indexPostgreSQL 7.3i686-pc-linux-gnu2009-03-042009-03-043
4689Expanding the length of a VARCHAR column should not induce a table rewrite8.3.5Linux 2.6.18-6-amd642009-03-042009-03-057
4688Bug in cache.last stableCentOS2009-03-032009-03-049
4687PostgreSQL website won't let me registern/a (web page)n/a2009-03-022009-03-021
4686There is not enough memory to complete this operation8.3.5Windows Server 20032009-03-022009-03-021
4684lastval in function8.3.6linux2009-02-282009-03-037
4682Control-\ segfaults psql8.3.6Debian 5.02009-02-272009-02-272
4680Server crashed if using wrong (mismatch) conversion functions8.3.6Linux Debian Lenny2009-02-272009-02-279
4679invalid UTF-8 byte sequence detected near byte 0xa3 + postgresql8.1red hat linux 92009-02-272009-02-272
4678codepage UTF8 crashes psql8.3.5 / 8.3.6XPSP2, 2003, XP SP3, W7 Beta2009-02-272011-11-083
4677memory growth>8.0linux2009-02-262009-02-274
4675FATAL: could not reattach to shared memory8.2.11Windows Vista2009-02-242009-02-242
4674Unable to open lob8.3.6Linux2009-02-242009-02-263
4673pl/PgSQL: Bug, when updating changed composite types.8.3.6<br>=9A i686-redhat-linux-gnu<br>2009-02-232010-03-013
4672undefined symbol: check_encoding_conversion_args8.3.6Linux2009-02-232009-02-233
4671Cluster Initialisation Fails on FreeBSD8.3FreeBSD 7.02009-02-222009-02-222
4670Cannot get domain constraint names from psql8.3.3FreeBSD 7.12009-02-222009-02-222
4669pg_dump reports error about multiple rows8.3.6Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.22009-02-202009-02-202
4668Windows installer package8.0Windows XP2009-02-202009-02-213
4667pg_standby error on Solaris 10 SPARC 64 bin8.3.5Sun Sloaris 10 SPARC 64 bit ( SunOS 5.10)2009-02-192009-02-196
4666error al exportar shp a postgispostgres 8.2win 2003 server2009-02-192009-02-191
4665pgAdmin: non checking PG version on vacuum8.3.5/8.3.6windows XP SP2 rus / Ubuntu 8.04 x86_642009-02-192009-02-192
4664\o does not allow successive output to be appended8.1.16SLES, OpenSuse2009-02-182009-02-181
4663I am unable to download the manuals from site8.2Windows Xp2009-02-172009-02-183
4662make failed using MinGW under WinXP8.4Windows XP SP32009-02-162009-04-132
4661Installation8.3.5Linux (Ubuntu 8.10)2009-02-162009-02-195
4660float functions return -08.3.3Fedora 82009-02-162009-02-162
4659Can't configure static postgresql with static openssl8.3.6Windows XP (SP2) on Mingw322009-02-162009-02-161
4658copy problem8.3Linux2009-02-162009-02-173
4657mod() makes a mistake in calculation in v8.38.3.6 on x86_64Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.1 (Tikanga)2009-02-162009-02-162
4656Indexes not used when comparing nextval() and currval() to integers8.3.6Debian Linux Lenny (testing)2009-02-162009-02-164
4655Spelling mistake in windows installer8.3Windows2009-02-142009-02-141
4654not accepting password for user8.3windows xp2009-02-142009-02-142
4653zero with negative sign returned on round(sin) function8.3.5x86_64-pc-linux-gnu (ubuntu 4.3.2-1ubuntu11 )2009-02-132009-02-132 upate8.3win xp2009-02-132009-02-131
4651Postgresql connection error with PHP 5.PostgreSQL Xp2009-02-132009-02-132
4650can't specify table schema in CREATE TABLE AS8.3.5<br>&nbsp; Linux<br>2009-02-122009-02-122
4649unclear in create trigger - complete example8.3CentOS 5.12009-02-122009-02-122
4648needless deadlock on tables having foreign-key8.1.16Red Hat Enterprise Linux 42009-02-122009-02-1311
4647Geometric functions reorder their parameters randomly8.3.6Linux2009-02-122009-02-122
4646Default password is patently absurd8.2Windows XP2009-02-122009-02-126
4644Urgent8.3Window XP with SP22009-02-072009-02-071
4642EXECUTE work incorrectallFreeBSD2009-02-052009-02-052
4641Wrong estimates for multi-column conditions8.3.5Linux2009-02-052009-02-051
4640Drop leading zero in EXECUTEallFreeBSD2009-02-052009-02-054
4638Bug with Geometry in Array8.3.5Windows2009-02-032009-03-035
4637FATAL: sorry, too many clients alreadyplus 8.3windows xp2009-02-032009-02-032
4636dump/restore of table inheritance fails with serial colums8.3.5osx 10.5 and linux2009-02-022009-02-021
4635postgres.exe crash when RAISE NOTICE during debugging of PL/pgSQL function in PgAdminIII8.3.5WinXP SP2 32-bit2009-02-022009-02-276
4633Bug in PL/PgSQL "SELECT .. INTO" statement parserPostgreSQL 8.3CentOS2009-01-272009-01-272
4632Duplicate7.4.19Debian 42009-01-272009-01-282
4631Hibernate Restriction bigint~~bigint8.3XP professional2009-01-272009-01-273
4630Null-pointer dereference on FreeBSD / PowerPC in PageIsPrunable ()8.3.5FreeBSD 7-STABLE2009-01-272009-01-271
4629PL/pgSQL issue8.3.5Windows XP2009-01-262009-02-025
4628services doesn't startPostgreSQL PlusWindows7 Beta Ultimate2009-01-262009-01-262
4627FORGET MY PASWORD8.3.5WINDOWS2009-01-262009-01-262
4626postgresql recovery problem8.1.11CentOS 5.22009-01-232009-01-232
4625ECPG: Memory allocation for binary data is wrong8.3.5Linux (Ubuntu 8.10)2009-01-232009-02-022
4624pg_restore8.3Windows Server 20032009-01-232009-01-231
4623%s pattern broken in PGTYPEStimestamp_defmt_asc2009-02-022009-02-021
4622xpath only work in utf-8 server encoding8.3.5Linux, Ubuntu 8.102009-01-222009-02-083
4621Password is shown on the terminal8.2Windows XP2009-01-192009-01-192
4620Unexpected(doc'd) side effects of using serial and rules8.3.5Ubuntu Linux2009-01-182009-01-193
4619pg_ctl reports strange error message when be executed on non executable directory8.3.5Mac OS X 10.5.62009-01-162009-01-162
4618nolock changes first column name of query result set to 'nolock'8.3.5 build1400windows xp2009-01-162009-01-164
4617JDBC Drivers 8.2/8.3 return no ResultSet8.3 & 7.4FreeBSD2009-01-152009-01-173
4616Create Database with another encoding as the encoding from postgres8.3Suse 2.62009-01-152009-01-152
4613intarray_del_elem returns an invalid empty array (for nullif comparison)8.3.1Debian Linux (kernel 2.6.8)2009-01-132009-01-143
4612lc_numeric setting ignored8.3.5Ubuntu 8.102009-01-122009-01-144
4609Installer cannot start postgresql service succesfully8.2+Windows 72009-01-122009-01-121
4608postgresql.conf and other .conf not created8.3.5Windowns XP Professional SP32009-01-092009-01-091
4607Site bug0none2009-01-092009-01-091
4605Role Privileges don't show up in PGAdmin8.3.5Windows XP2009-01-082009-01-081
4604Instalation error: Failed to run initdb: 255!8.2 -> 8.3.5Vista Ultimate SP12009-01-082009-01-081
4603float4 error7.4ubuntu linux server2009-01-072009-01-072
4602child processes inherit database socket8.3linux2009-01-062009-01-062
4601Data saving and opening problem8.1.4linux2009-01-052009-01-062
4599bugfix for contrib/dblink module8.3.5all2008-12-312009-01-032
4598flaw in hashCode() method implementation of Connection class in postgresql-8.3-604.jdbc3.jar8.3Mac OS X (OS not relevant, I'm using the thin JDBC2008-12-302009-01-072
4597Can't join the mailing lists!8Linux2008-12-302008-12-301
4596information_schema.table_privileges is way too slow8.3.5Linux Ubuntu 8.102008-12-242008-12-2910
4591postgres.exe more than 150 processes runned8.1Windows XP pro sp22008-12-212008-12-222
4589Postgressql database server 8.3 service fails to start (NTSTATUS code exception 0xC000000D )8.3Windows 2003 Server2008-12-192008-12-191
4588post gres installation problem8.3windows 2003 standard edition with sp22008-12-182008-12-181
4586Supporting of Binary instead Bytea for Primary Keys8.3Windows2008-12-172008-12-1712
4585out parameter name cuases disruption in custom aggregate?8.3.xsolaris/linux2008-12-162008-12-163
4584PostgreSQL service doesn't start8.3.5-2Windows XP professional2008-12-162008-12-162
4583Db stop8.1.4Windows 2003 Server SP22008-12-162008-12-161
4582Renaming sequences and default value8.3.5Windows xp2008-12-152008-12-174
4581Difficult uninstall8.3.1Windows XP SP22008-12-152008-12-154
4580select substring ('a' from '(b)?(a)') returns null8.3.5Linux2008-12-152008-12-152
4579to_char & utf88.2 & 8.3Windows XP2008-12-142008-12-141
4578Not releaseing memory from PQmakeEmptyPGresult when calling PQisBusy8.3.5CentOS release 5.2 (Final)2008-12-122008-12-122
4576Postgres Windows service crashes8.3.5.2German XP Pro SP 32008-12-112008-12-111
4575All page cache in shared_buffers pinned (duplicated by OS, always)8.3.5, 8.3.4Linux (CentOS 5.2 2.6.18-92.1.10.el5)2008-12-112008-12-118
4574LIKE fails on non-varying character with no wildcards8.3.5Mac OS X 10.42008-12-092008-12-092
4573download problem8.2.4-1Windows Vista2008-12-092008-12-093
4572Incorrect error message when using wrong password with hostssl8.3.x,8.2.xLinux2008-12-092008-12-092
4568sporadic error doing COUNT(*) on empty table8.1.4-1.3<br>&nbsp; Suse Linux<br>2008-12-082008-12-156
4567Clustering on GIST INDEX clobbers records in table intermittently8.3.5Numerous2008-12-072008-12-084
4566pg_stop_backup() reports incorrect STOP WAL LOCATION8.3.4FreeBSD 6.22008-12-052009-01-1615
4565nextval not updated during wal replication, leading to pk violations8.3.5Debian, 2.6.24-19 kernel2008-12-052008-12-107
4564multi threaded queries corrupt client when server debugging levels are hi8.3Debian Lenny2008-12-052008-12-082
4563Translation of errors.8.3.5MacOS X, FreeBSD, whatever2008-12-052008-12-063
4562ts_headline() adds space when parsing url8.3.4Debian etch2008-12-032009-01-156
4560bug 45288.3RC2debian2008-12-022008-12-022
4559performance issue7.4.19FreeBSD 6.32008-12-022008-12-192
4558Error 255!8.3.5Vista Ultimate2008-12-022008-12-021
4557win32 roll back after install half way to find postgres account existed.8.2 and aboveXP home edition2008-12-022008-12-021
4554download crashes8,3.5windows xp2008-11-302008-12-012
4553HOLD cursors not materializing results fully8.3-8.4all2008-11-292008-11-292
4551Implementation of the "line" type..8.3OS X2008-11-282008-11-284
4550ecpg problem with copy command and hostvar8.3.5QNX 6.32008-11-252008-11-263
4549ecpg produces code that don't compile8.3.5QNX 6.32008-11-252008-11-266
4548Documentation Contradiction for 2.6.24-19-server i686 RHEL52008-11-242008-11-243
4547sort columns in \d8.3.5any2008-11-232008-11-248
4544Wiki user update errorN/AN/A2008-11-212008-11-211
4539to_char(to_timestamp('...','....')) returns the wrong result8.2.11Centos 52008-11-192008-11-202
4538shared memory8.5.3.1Mac os x2008-11-182008-11-192
4537role8.2.11debian 4.12008-11-172008-11-182
4536raise doesn't add end of line8.3.5Windows XP2008-11-172008-11-183
4535Foreign Key Constraints are not respected8.3.5Windows XP2008-11-172008-11-171
4533Plpgsql complex type failure8.3.5FreeBSD 7.0 Stable2008-11-162008-11-224
4529lc_messages in config ignored8.3.*windows xp sp2 eng + rus mui2008-11-132008-11-204
4528(rounding?) error with some timezone names8.3.4Debian2008-11-132008-11-132
4527Prepare of large multirow insert fails without error8.3.4Debian Linux 2.6.18-6-686-bigmem2008-11-132008-11-133
4526Problem with sorting order by clause and null values(space) in the beginning og a string8.3.4linux2008-11-122008-11-122
4525substring with this pattern works in 8.3.1; does not work in
4523TO_CHAR function : the ".US" format returns incorrect value8.3.3i686-redhat-linux-gnu2008-11-122008-11-122
4522autovacuum working send SIGUSR1 to the wrong pid8.3.4Linux 2.6.242008-11-122008-11-124
4520Cases where a forign key constraint is not inforced and when it is incorrectly inforced.8.3.4Linux Debian 2.6.18-6-amd642008-11-112008-11-112
4519deadlock on commit8.1.5 & 8.3.3Windows2008-11-102008-11-101
4516FOUND variable does not work after RETURN QUERY8.3Windows2008-11-062009-02-0516
4515UPDATE strange behavior8.3.5Debian GNU/Linux2008-11-062008-11-062
4514Pi division error8.3.3Linux2008-11-062008-11-063
4513VACUUM FULL fails with "out of memory" error8.3.1Red Hat Linux 2.6.20-1.2320.fc5smp i6862008-11-052008-11-053
4512PostgreSQL crash on update command8.3.5Windows XP sp32008-11-052008-11-052
4510memory leak with libpg.dll8.1.x, 8.2.xwindows xp (client), linux (postgres server)2008-11-052008-11-053
4509array_cat's null behaviour is inconsistent8.3.4Windows Server 2003 SP22008-11-032009-01-087
4508bug #4389 could not reattach to shared memory8.3Vista (windows 2008)2008-10-312008-10-311
4503failed to run initdb: 1!8.3.4Vista Home Premium2008-10-292008-10-291
4502pgAdmin Display Refresh Rate cannot be less that 7 secsEDB OS X 10.4.112008-10-292008-10-292
4501postgresql.conf datestyle option doesn't work8.3Gnu/Linux ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS2008-10-292008-10-291
4497array of user defined domains can't be passed to function8.3.4Windows XP SP32008-10-252008-10-252
4496Memory leak in pg_dump.c?Latest cvsError in source code2008-10-242008-10-3110
4495Memory leak in procarray.cLatest cvsError in source code2008-10-242008-10-241
4494Memory leak in pg_regress.cLatest cvsError in source code2008-10-242009-01-085
4493Memory leak in informix.cLatest cvsError in source code2008-10-242008-10-252
4491regression in gist indexes8.3.4Fedora 9/Gentoo/Mac OS X2008-10-222008-10-273
4490Installation error8.2.3Win XP Profesional SP22008-10-222008-10-221
4489Installation error8.2Win XP Profesional SP22008-10-222008-10-221
4488jdbc : DatabaseMetaData.getPrimaryKeys no result2008-10-212009-01-014
4487CLUSTER does not take account of VACUUM statistics8.3BSD2008-10-202008-10-202
4486CSV feature request8.3Windows XP2008-10-202008-10-232
4483setAutoCommit false shouldn't be necessary for fetchSize to work8.3Mac OS X2008-10-162008-10-172
4482Segfault error 48.3Centos 64bit2008-10-162008-10-212
4481Big text insert/update using functions failed8.2.5Ubuntu Linux 7.04, Kernel 2.6.20-15-server2008-10-152008-10-212
4479Incorrect TSearch2 results when inserting after deleting8.3.4OS X 10.5.52008-10-152008-10-235
4478= operator in connection with CASE looks like loose some functionality (bug or feature?)8.3.4OpenSuSE Linux2008-10-142008-10-212
4465GROUP BY is not to SQL standard8.3.4Windows XP2008-10-102008-10-1612
4463unique constraint error8.3.4centos 5.2 x642008-10-102008-10-101
4462Adding COUNT to query causes massive slowdown8.3.3Ubuntu x86 8/042008-10-092008-10-157
4461Should avoid create tblspcs in system location8.3.3Ubuntu Hardy 8.04.12008-10-092008-10-093
4458Website slow, inaccessiblefirefox 2freebsd2008-10-082008-10-086
4455Valid SSL certificate reported as expired8.3.3Linux
4454LC_MESSAGES and LC_NUMERIC not working on Windows8.3.4WinXPSP32008-10-072008-10-082
4451initcap() function capitalizes incorrectly8.3.1Mac OS X 10.5.42008-10-062008-10-064
4450Postgres do not ask for passord8.2linux2008-10-052008-10-065
4449allows "pg_ctl restart" to terminate idle processes8.3Gentoo GNU/Linux 2008.02008-10-052008-10-051
4448postgres won't start with latest stable kernel8.3.1-15.1SUSE11.02008-10-032008-10-033
4447install failed to start; libintl3.dll was not found8.3.4Win2k3 server sp12008-10-022008-11-243
4446Full text search cannot start with an apostrophe8.3.4Windows XP SP22008-09-302008-10-012
4445Atomic transaction problem8.2.0Sun-Solaris2008-09-302008-09-302
4444Wrong formated pdf manual8.3.4Linux dorlov-laptop 2.6.24-19-rt #1 SMP PREEMPT RT Thu2008-09-302008-09-302
4443Dblink wrong output on triggerPostgreSQL 8.3.Ubuntu 8.04 AMD642008-09-302008-09-302
4441Error in postgres Installing8.0.1Linux2008-09-302008-09-302
4440positioned_load in pos_newload failedV8.1.4Windows XP + sp32008-09-292008-09-291
4438regexpression gives the error by working with [8.3.3, 8.3.4Linux Suse 10.32008-09-272008-09-272
4437Breaking referential integrity with a trigger8.3.4Multiple2008-09-252008-09-252
4436(E'\\' LIKE E'\\') => f8.3.3Linux x86-642008-09-242008-09-265
4435pg_ctl start doesn't detach when run via SSH8.3.3<br>&nbsp; Ubuntu Hardy 8.04.1 LTS<br>2008-09-232008-09-244
4434Error inserting into view - unrecognized node type: 3138.3SuSE 10.3 64-bit2008-09-232008-09-245
4433entries like "host all all ..." should not be allowed or trigger a warning8.2.4Linux2008-09-232008-09-233
4431cannot pg_restore from pg_dump --format=c8.3.3Linux (fc9)2008-09-222008-09-222
4428renaming tables, columns and fk cheks problem8.3.1Win XP SP22008-09-202008-09-202
4425cannot pg_restore from pg_dump --format=c8.3.3Linux (fc9)2008-09-182008-09-181
4424Change PostGreSQL Password Affects8.1Windows Server 2003 R22008-09-182008-09-181
4423Impementing replication via pgadmin8.2Windows Xp2008-09-182008-09-181
4422select ... where ... NOT EXISTS / NOT IN8.2.4Centos 42008-09-172008-09-172
4421convert_to() should be immutable8.3.3Linux2008-09-172008-09-197
4420Problem Finding unique text entries8.3.3Windows XP2008-09-172008-09-171
4418Memory leak in query planner8.3.3Ubuntu Hardy 8.04.12008-09-162008-09-164
4417Foreign keys do not work after altering table/column names8.3.1SUSE Linux2008-09-152008-09-155
4416Between operator is not working as expected8.2.6Linux2008-09-132008-09-142
4414PQescapeByteaInternal very slow/inefficient8.3.3Mac OSX, linux2008-09-102008-09-102
4413LEFT JOIN not working as expected8.3.3Ubuntu Heron2008-09-092008-09-093
4412Check constraints cannot be added to the table for fields that are mixed case8.0.15Gentoo Linux2008-09-092008-09-093
4411One click install broken8.3MacOS10.52008-09-082008-09-082
4410Indexes not seen right away8.3.3Linux2008-09-072008-10-066
4409postmaster service is stoppedpg3linux2008-09-072008-09-082
4407Bug in PQexecPrepared when using an integer primary key that does not start at 18.3.3 build1400Windows2008-09-072008-09-072
4406silent install error8.3.1Windows XP2008-09-062008-09-061
4405Valid certificate reported as expired8.3.3Linux2008-09-062008-09-061
4404Installation Appears to work service fails8.1Windows XP Proffesional (x64)2008-09-062008-09-061
4402Column expansion: date comes wthout a cast8.3Windwos XP Professional 32 Bit2008-09-052008-09-062
4401concurrent updates to a table blocks one update indefinitely8.3.1CentOS release 52008-09-042008-09-052
4400initdb doesn't work with partition D:8.3.3Windows xp Professional2008-09-042008-09-041
4399List of Servers Cleared1.8.4 rev: 7358osX2008-09-042008-09-042
4398Backslashes get escaped despite of backslash_quote=off8.3.3 /b1400Windows XP2008-09-042008-09-055
4397crash in tab-complete.c8.3.3OSX Leopard2008-09-032008-09-088
4396Trigger event fired "UPDATE" when "DELETE" happening via foreign key8.3.3RHEL5.2 x86_642008-09-032008-09-035
4395internal account lookup faulurepostgresql-8.3.Windows Vista2008-09-032008-09-031
4393failed toget system metics for terminal services:878.0windows 20032008-09-022008-09-024
4392initdb doen't work with options -U username and -W8.3.3windows server 2003(or vista)2008-09-012008-09-011
4391initdb doen't work with options -U username and -W8.3.3windows server 2003(or vista).2008-09-012008-09-011
4389FATAL: could not reattach to shared memory (key=1804, addr=018E0000): 4878.3.3-1any 8.3.*2008-09-012008-09-044
4387UNION in Crosstab - missing rows8.2.9Windows 20032008-08-292008-08-291
4386UNION in Crosstab - missing rows8.2.9Windows 20032008-08-292008-08-291
4384jdbc driver not workingpostgresql 8.2windows Xp2008-08-282008-08-282
4383operations in a certain row makes server process terminate with signal 117.4.19CentOS release 4.6 (Final)2008-08-282008-08-293
4382there is an exagerate increase of execution times putting a 'case' condition in this update8.1.11linux2008-08-272008-08-271
4381Postgresql daemon won't stay in the foreground8.3.3FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE-p32008-08-272008-08-275
4380Comparison of OLD and NEW columns in trigger does not always work8.3.3WinXP SP22008-08-272008-08-272
4379failt to get system metrics fot terminal services : 87PostgreSQL 8.0windows xp2008-08-272008-08-272
4377casting result of timeofday() to timestamp fails in some timezones8.3.3Fedora 72008-08-262008-09-066
4376Running as a database8.2WindowXP2008-08-262008-08-261
4375pg_dump documentation, -Z option8.3.1Linux2008-08-252008-08-262
4374pg_restore does not restore public schema comment8.3.3Windows2008-08-252008-09-056
4372TO_DATE with ISO week and day8.3.3Windows2008-08-222008-08-222
4371Foreign Key constraints not working with ODBC8.3.3Linux2008-08-222008-08-222
4370connectby method8.3.0Linux2008-08-222008-08-222
4369connectby method8.3.0Linux2008-08-222008-08-221
4368problem with jdbc postgresqlpsql 8.2.4windows xp2008-08-212008-08-252
4365Need 24x 7 monitoring software for Postgresql8.3Sus 102008-08-202008-08-212
4364type of "" does not match that when preparing the plan8.3.1FreeBSD 7.02008-08-192008-08-191
4363ts_query bug8.3.3Redhat Linux2008-08-182008-08-181
4362Casts from base types to composite types don't work.8.3Linux2008-08-172008-08-172
4361ODBC Driver 08030200 Hangs ExcelODBC DriverVista2008-08-162008-08-172
4357SERIAL pseudotype and related SEQUENCE object8.3.2win32 x862008-08-152008-08-153
4355TOKMAXLEN=10 to short for token strings8.3.1HP-UX 11 64bit2008-08-142008-08-142
4354Text Type converted to Memo8.3.1Windows xp SP22008-08-142008-08-143
4352Service fails to start when moved from domain to workgroup8.3Windows 2003 Server2008-08-132008-08-131
4351Full text search performance8.3.3Linux Red Hat 5.12008-08-112008-08-123
4350'select' acess given to views containing "union all" even though user has no grants8.2.9linux-2.4 and windows XP2008-08-112008-08-1416
4345ERROR: OUT OF MEMORY8.2Linux2008-08-072008-08-072
4344initdb -L timezone directory8.3.3windows2008-08-072008-08-113
4343upper, lower, initcap do not work with umlaute? (important!)2008-08-072008-08-071
4342upper, lower, initcap do not work with umlaute?8.2? not sureubuntu2008-08-062008-08-073
4341planner doesn't using index for = operation8.3.3Debian 2.6.18-6-amd64 #1 SMP Sun Feb 10 17:50:19 UTC2008-08-062008-08-062
4340SECURITY: Is SSL Doing Anything?7.3Any2008-08-042008-08-2034
4339The postgreSQL service stops abnormally8.3.3Windows 2003 Server2008-08-042008-08-064
4338Order by seems to trim some characters before sort8.2.9linux2008-08-022008-08-022
4337psql -c case insensitive 2008-07-312008-08-012
4336Strange behaviour for to_ascii8.2.3windows xp2008-07-302008-07-312
4335Error w/ PostgreSQL & EnterpriseDB Stack Builder8.3Windows XP2008-07-302011-11-144
4332ERROR: invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8": 0xc38.3.3Mac OS X 10.5.42008-07-292008-07-292
4331Postgres Installer doesn't provide complete library files8.3.3Windows XP2008-07-292008-07-291
4330Bonjour connections ignore hba config METHOD and always trusted8.3.1Mac OS X 10.4.112008-07-282008-07-284
4329Transaction model changed?8.0.17Red Hat Enterprise Linux 42008-07-282008-07-282
4328help in creating database encoded with LATIN18.3.1fedora core 92008-07-282008-07-293
4327Primary key not refresh after cascaded deleted8.3.1Linux Debian2008-07-272008-07-282
4324Default value for a column is not returned in select when column has not been explicitly set8.3.3Linux2008-07-252008-07-263
4322Problems with field not updatable8.2.6WIN XP2008-07-232008-07-295
43218.3 installer shortens allowable BASE_DIR path length?8.3windows2008-07-222008-08-123
4320Describe table on 8.2.9 server fail8.3.3Ubuntu Linux 8.042008-07-222008-07-224
4319lower()/upper() does not know about UNICODE case mapping8.3.1SuSE Linux (kernel 2.6.13-15.11-default)2008-07-212008-07-2510
4317problem with comparision of datatype date8.3.1Window Server 20032008-07-182008-07-186
431613 seconds to complete SELECT * FROM pg_catalog.pg_attribute8.3.3Linux2008-07-182008-07-181
4315message encoding is error,not show chinese8.3.3.1winxp/20032008-07-182008-07-181
4313Strange optimizer behaviour8.3.1, 8.3.3Linux2008-07-172008-07-172
4312Installation fails8.3.3Windows 2003 Server2008-07-172008-07-185
4307INSERT fails with primary key contraint8.3SuSE Linux Enterprise Server2008-07-152008-07-174
4306TSearch2 stemming, stop words and lexize behaviour inconsistent8.3.1RHEL5 and MacOSX 10.42008-07-142008-07-141
4303insufficient privileges8.2Windows xp2008-07-142008-07-163
4296Server crashes by restoring database8.[debian etch]2008-07-112008-07-156
4295DELETE WHERE Conditionall VersionsOpen SuSe Linux 112008-07-112008-07-112
4294XML support: name() xpath function not working8.3OSX, Linux (RHEL5)2008-07-102008-08-236
4292directory pg_clog never cleaned8.3.3, 8.1.8Debian x86_64, Debian i6862008-07-102008-07-102
4291Inheritance fails on column suppression8.3.3Windows XP2008-07-102008-07-102
4290wrong double subselect with aggregate function8.3.3Linux2008-07-092008-07-094
4289drop owned by report ERROR: cache lookup failed for relation 163908.3.3linux2008-07-092008-07-098
4287Will not boot2.3.0MAC OSX 10.5.42008-07-082008-07-092
4286ORDER BY returns inconsistent results when using LIMIT on a integer column set to default values8.3.3Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04.1)2008-07-082008-07-145
4284Optimizer chooses bad plan with LEFT join8.3.3Windows XP and 20032008-07-052008-07-051
4281some types of errors do not log statements8.3.3Windows 20032008-07-052008-08-267
4279Bad codepage in our web-site8.3.3Windows XP2008-07-042008-07-041
4278pg_dump data outputs when run from command prompt in unreliable8.3.3 WindowsWindows XP SP22008-07-042008-07-041
4277Feature request inet type cast numeric valuesn/an/a2008-07-012008-07-013
4276Feature request aggregate indexesn/an/a2008-07-012008-07-082
4275Multicolumn subquery expression not allowed on both sides of IS DISTINCT FROM8.2.9openSUSE Linux 10.3, x862008-07-012008-07-034
4274uuid returns duplicate values8.3.3windows xp sp32008-06-292008-08-2421
4272No password can CREATE & DROP database!!8.2 & 8.3Server Fedora3 ,client WIN-XP2008-06-292008-06-291
4271dropped columns conflict with returning rules8.3.1linux2008-06-292008-08-205
4267initdb fails8.3Windows XP SP32008-06-262008-06-2815
4266regress test: could not dump unrecognized node type: 9258.3.3QNX2008-06-262008-06-267
4265PostgreSQL fails to compile8.3.3QNX2008-06-262008-06-262
4264Optimizer fails to use hash_aggregate when appropriate.8.3.3Linux (CentOS)2008-06-252008-06-264
4260Cannot even install product8.3.3Windows XP2008-06-242008-06-241
4259I don't understand this query2005Windows 2003 Server2008-06-232008-06-232
4257about unicode extend8.3gentoo linux2008-06-212008-06-214
4255could not write to log file: Bad file descriptor8.3.3.1windows 2003 svr sp2+updates2008-06-202008-06-201
4254wont let me install it says account name already used or somthing8.2Windows XP2008-06-182008-06-181
4253to_tsvector: error with some configurations8.3.3Mac OS X 10.5.32008-06-182008-06-182
4252SQL stops my graic cardsSQL 2.8Vista SP12008-06-182008-06-183
4250subquery in query8.1,8.2,8.3Linux2008-06-172008-06-172
4247(Possible) SQL miscontruct not flagged8.1.13Linux x86-642008-06-172008-06-172
4245Product Name...8.0Windows2008-06-172008-06-172
4244ALTER TABLE ... NO INHERIT problem8.3.3RedHat Linux 5.22008-06-172008-06-172
4243Idle in transaction8.2.7 and 8.3.1Linux 2.6.18-53.1.14.el52008-06-172008-06-172
4242Not able to open the Postgre sql8.2linux(ubuntu)2008-06-162008-06-161
4238pg_class.relhasindex not updated by vacuum8.2.5Linux 4.1.12008-06-132008-06-1310
4235docu wrong for sqlerrmc[70]8.3.1Linux CentOS 5.12008-06-122008-06-122
4234VACUUM dies in without error in a PGAgent job8.2.5Linux 4.1.12008-06-122008-06-121
4233Unable to install postgresql-8.3.3 into WindowsXP, an installer error8.3.3Windows XP2008-06-122008-06-121
4232CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY8.2.5Redhat Linux 4.1.12008-06-102008-06-103
4231Interval silent seconds 32-bit wraparound when given as text8.3.1CentOS 4.6 x86_64 (custom-compiled Linux kernel2008-06-092008-06-092
4230No mapping between account names and security IDs was done8.3Vista2008-06-082008-06-081
4229Page header error7.4.5Linux 2.6.172008-06-072008-06-072
4226PG_CTL fails to strip admin rights before running postgres8.2.7Win2k3R2SP22008-06-062008-06-061
4224issue with LIMIT and ORDER BY8.2.5red hat 4.1.1-522008-06-052008-06-053
4222ERROR: cache lookup failed for relation8.3.1Window XP2008-06-052008-06-064
4220delete statement deleted too many rows8.3.1Linux (RHEL 5)2008-06-042008-06-055
4219fseeko test failure in configure script8.3.1Sparc Solaris 10 - 08/07 release2008-06-042008-06-0612
4218PGOPTIONS not documented for psql<=8.3Documentation2008-06-012008-06-012
4216Index scan goes wrong with crosstype comparison and between in one statement8.3.1debian etch 4r32008-05-302008-05-312
4214Bug at installaing SERVER R22008-05-302008-05-301
4213Problem at installing this version8.1.11Serveur 2003 R22008-05-302008-05-301
4212Documentation re upgrading8.3.1Fedora 72008-05-302008-06-052
4210signedness of pointer targets8.3.1OSX 10.5.22008-05-292008-05-291
4209openSSL undefined symbols.8.3.1OSX 10.5.22008-05-292008-05-292
4208Server crashes on insert into gist index8.2.6Linux {hostname removed} 2.6.18-53.1.13.el5 #1 SMP Mon2008-05-292008-05-294
4207EXTRACT function8.1.5Windows XP and Linux Redhat2008-05-292008-05-292
4206function xpath gives wrong results8.3.1Windows XP SP22008-05-282008-05-281
4205Unable to restore database8.0windows xp2008-05-272008-05-271
4204COPY to table with FK has memory leak8.3.1Debian Linux2008-05-272008-05-272
4203perform dblink() in begin/exception returns wrong SQLSTATE code8.2.6 and 8.3.1Linux2008-05-272008-05-274
4201Instalation fails8.3.1Windows Vista Home Premium2008-05-272008-05-271
4200Regexp character classes not UTF8-compliant8.3.1Linux Ubuntu Hardy2008-05-262008-05-292
4199Can't connecto to server with pgAdmin after installation8.2.7Windows Vista Home Premium Russian2008-05-262008-05-262
4198The bugreport form has an encoding problemn/aWindows XP2008-05-262008-06-056
4197Unsubscribe to the mailing list8.2Windows2008-05-262008-05-261
4196Backend crash possible with psql8.3.1Wind