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Not Our Bug
Bug IDDescriptionPG VersionOS First MessageLast MessageMessage Count
15620pgAdmin IV pgAgent multi-schedule jobs messed up view of schedules11.1Windows 10 x642019-02-042019-02-052
15607Automatic Database Backup shows status Failed9.5.0Windows Server 20122019-01-242019-01-252
15581CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS error11.1Debian 92019-01-092019-01-103
15575Using RDS upgrade option from 9.6 to 10.4 Upsert will not insert records but complete successfully10.4RDS (on AWS)2019-01-042019-01-053
15574Upgrading postgis broke pg_dump10.6RHEL 7.62019-01-042019-01-041
15570Vacuum analyze ERROR: MultiXactId XXXX has not been created yet -- apparent wraparound10.6Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS (linux)2018-12-312019-01-0511
15564Setup sets wrong data type for value in Windows Registry11.1Windows 10 Pro x642018-12-242019-01-295
15562The application server could not be contacted11.0Windows2018-12-212018-12-211
15553"ERROR: cache lookup failed for type 2" with a function the first time it run.11.1Windows 2012 R22018-12-142018-12-205
15505pgadmin 411.1win 102018-11-142018-12-052
15504pgadmin 411.1win 102018-11-142018-11-141
15496The application server could not be contacted11.1Windows 102018-11-112018-11-112
15487undefined symbol: geod_polygon_init11.0RHEL72018-11-062018-11-062
15483Installation pgadmin4 on Fedora 2911.0Fedora 292018-11-022018-11-021
15459no connection to the server9.6.8debian2018-10-262018-10-262
15443Connection loss error come occasionally9.5.9RHEL 7.22018-10-192018-10-203
15429psql requires '-h localhost' to run basic commands10.5Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS2018-10-122018-10-143
15410pgAdmin4 Failed to launch9.6.10Windows 102018-09-282018-10-012
15405Pgadmin UI not working9.6.10Windows 102018-09-262018-10-013
15381Facing the issue to enable query profiler option on Postgres Eterprise Manager tool version 10 Enterprise2018-09-122018-09-132
15364PgAdmin 4 crash10.5Windows 102018-09-062018-09-062
15340FATAL ERROR: The application server could not be contacted.10.5 Windows 10 2018-08-182018-08-202
15330Can't restore backup file9.6.9Win102018-08-162018-08-162
15269Can't reassign bg color to server group once it was done previouslyUnsupported/UnknownWindows 10 64bits2018-07-092018-08-072
13662Base Directory Slashes are FORWARD9.3.9Windows2015-10-022015-10-0511
13654how can i solve "cannot initialize shared memory"9.4.4mac 10.10.52015-09-302015-10-014
13646Upgrading existing db from 9.2 to 9.4.4 not working using postgresql-setup.9.4.4Fedora 22, Linux burtha-f22 4.1.6-200.fc22.x86_642015-09-282015-09-283
13640Delete isn't using available Index Only Scan9.3.9Linux2015-09-252015-09-252
13630initdb - symbol BC error9.4.4Solaris 10 u102015-09-212015-09-223
13622unsafe use of relative rpath libpq.5.dylib9.4.0Mac OS X 10.112015-09-162015-11-116
13593ERROR: cannot find xlog functions9.4.4Ubuntu 12.042015-08-272015-08-283
13534Pgadmin crash when changing font9.4.4Mac/Yosemite2015-08-032015-08-032
13503json_to_hstore does not works with backslash-quote in json value9.4.1Windows2015-07-162015-07-162
13497Build with dtrace fails9.4.4FreeBSD 10.12015-07-132015-07-273
13438Restore using GUI client - Data Not Loading9.4.2windows2015-06-122015-06-156
12756performance issues with xml-data9.3.6Debian2015-02-102015-02-102
12141PostgreSQL cannot be started 9.0.0Windows 20032014-12-042014-12-054
11551copy and paste issues in pgadmin SQL editor9.3.4Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS, 64-bit desktop edition2014-10-012014-10-022
11528Max Index Keys9.3.4Windows 2008 server2014-09-302014-09-3010
11520Cannot uncheck to set false9.4beta2Linux2014-09-292014-09-302
11454plperl apt problem9.1.11deb2014-09-192014-09-191
11399CreateUser error when upgrading9.0.16Windows 2008 R2 2014-09-112014-09-122
11365denied apache cgi connect9.3.5centos6.32014-09-072014-09-088
10322yum update fails on postgresql9.0.15rhel 5.102014-05-142014-05-141
10184OpenSSL Vulnerability9.0.0Windows2014-04-302014-04-302
9897Wrong Julian Date through ODBC8.4.20Server @ LINUX, Client @ WIndows2014-04-072014-04-095