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Bug IDDescriptionPG VersionOS First MessageLast MessageMessage Count
17124Psql prompting for a password13.3Oracle Linux2021-07-272021-07-274
17123ALTER TABLE ... NO INHERIT leaves orphaned statistics behind10.16Any2021-07-262021-07-263
17122panic on prepare with subsequent pg_advisory_lock() and pg_advisory_xact_lock_shared()13.3Ubuntu 20.042021-07-232021-07-267
17118ALTER TABLE doesn't discard redundant UNIQUE constraints as CREATE TABLE will13.3Debian 13.3-1.pgdg100+1 (Docker Image)2021-07-212021-07-211
17117FailedAssertion at planner.c14beta2Linux supersix 5.4.0-39-generic #43-Ubuntu SMP Fri2021-07-212021-07-224
17116Assert failed in SerialSetActiveSerXmin() on commit of parallelized serializable transaction13.3Ubuntu 20.042021-07-202021-07-276
17115psqlODBC Unicode(x64) driver treats a boolean field as text13.3Windows 10 19092021-07-202021-07-222
17114postgresql odbc driver compilation12.7solaris 11.42021-07-192021-07-222
17113Assert failed on calling a function fixed after an extension reload13.3Ubuntu 20.042021-07-182021-07-193
17112Sequence number is not restored when the stored procedure ends abnormally13.3Windows 10 Pro2021-07-162021-07-163
17111Database created, cannot be created, but reported as inexist12.7CentOS2021-07-152021-07-176
17110[FEATURE REQUEST] Log all plans for a query instead of just showing the most optimal plan11.10debian92021-07-152021-07-152
17109Fail to evaluate boolean expression properly2021-07-152021-07-153
17107pspg packages not properly signedUnsupported/UnknownCentOS 72021-07-152021-07-163
17106Renaming system types is possible and it potentially leads to a crash13.3Ubuntu 20.042021-07-152021-07-153
17105Repo-file pgdg-redhat-all.repo contains invalid option "failovermethod"12.7Centos 82021-07-142021-07-152
17104memory leak11.5Linux redhat 72021-07-132021-07-142
17103WAL segments are not removed after exceeding max_slot_wal_keep_size13.3CentOS 7.62021-07-132021-07-2020
17102Running "create or replace language plperl" gives error13.3Gentoo2021-07-122021-07-122
17101Inconsistent behaviour when querying with anonymous composite types13.3Debian (docker)2021-07-122021-07-125
17100undefined reference to `pg_qsort and pq_xxx13.3CentoS 8.32021-07-122021-07-122
17099Problem with EXECUTE and JSON2021-07-112021-07-123
17098Assert failed on composing an error message when adding a type to an extension being dropped14beta2Ubuntu 20.042021-07-092021-07-112
17097FailedAssertion at initsplan.c14beta2Linux supersix 5.4.0-39-generic #43-Ubuntu SMP Fri2021-07-092021-07-096
17096Cannot reinstall after uninstalling PostgreSQL on Windows 10 Pro for Workstations13.3Windows10 Pro for Workstations2021-07-092021-07-091
17095./configure fails thread_test.c when run under TSAN14beta2Arch Linux2021-07-082021-07-083
17094FailedAssertion at planner.c14beta1Linux supersix 5.4.0-39-generic #43-Ubuntu SMP Fri2021-07-082021-07-096
17093invalid primary checkpoint record13.3Alpine2021-07-082021-07-123
17092SELECT using LIMIT clause without ORDER BY fails when parallel query is on13.3Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS (Kernel 5.4.0-65 x86_64)2021-07-072021-07-071
17091Cannot install with EDB installer when username contains diacritics13.3Windows 102021-07-072021-07-084
17089"ERROR: invalid memory alloc request size ..." occurs when updating a fixed number of records13.3Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Pro for Workstations2021-07-072021-07-094
17088FailedAssertion in prepagg.c14beta2Linux supersix 5.4.0-39-generic #43-Ubuntu SMP Fri2021-07-072021-07-0910
17085Should be able to create an index without referential checking when ON DELETE NO ACTION13.3Linux2021-07-062021-07-076
17084Wrong results of distinct node.13.3Linux2021-07-062021-07-063
17083[PATCH] PostgreSQL fails to build with OpenLDAP 2.5.x13.3Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS2021-07-062021-07-1015
17082Status code: 404 for 82021-07-022021-07-042
17081Segmentation fault on _PG_init() in a session_preload_library2021-07-022021-07-023
17080Postgre is used on the DBeaver13.3Windows2021-07-022021-07-021
17079btree_gin and type coersion combination doesn't work13.3Linux2021-07-012021-07-012
17078Timeout issue in getting large amount data in Dot Net application using cursors10.14AWS Postgres RDS2021-06-302021-06-301
17077about three parameters in postgresql 13.313.3CentOS7.62021-06-302021-07-177
17076Server crashes on composing an error message about invalid modulus for a new table partition14beta2Ubuntu 20.042021-06-282021-06-295
17075Cannot commit when autoCommit is enabled11.12Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (7.8 version)2021-06-282021-06-283
17074PQsocket() truncate hande on win6413.3windows 64 bit2021-06-282021-06-282
17073docs - "Improve signal handling reliability"14beta2any2021-06-252021-07-259
17072Assert for clogGroupNext failed due to a race condition in TransactionGroupUpdateXidStatus()2021-06-242021-06-289
17071ORDER BY gets ignored when result set has only one row, but another one gets added by rollup()12.6Debian Buster2021-06-232021-06-245
17070Sometimes copy from ingnores transaction12.1Windows Server 20162021-06-232021-06-231
17068Incorrect ordering of a particular row.10.15Ubuntu2021-06-222021-06-227
17067FailedAssertion at castNodeImpl14beta1Linux supersix 5.4.0-39-generic #43-Ubuntu SMP Fri2021-06-212021-06-218
17066Cache lookup failed when null (unknown) is passed as anycompatiblemultirange14beta1Ubuntu 20.042021-06-202021-07-2722
17065pg_restore never returns even on simple situations (maybe I just don't understand something)13.3linux centos 7.52021-06-192021-06-202
17064Parallel VACUUM operations cause the error "global/ contains incorrect checksum"14beta1Ubuntu 20.042021-06-182021-06-2816
17063repmgrd_upstream_reconnect getting more13.3Alpine2021-06-182021-06-223
17062Assert failed in RemoveRoleFromObjectPolicy() on DROP OWNED policy applied to duplicate role14beta1Ubuntu 20.042021-06-172021-06-2317
17061Impossible to query the fields of the tuple created by SEARCH BREADTH FIRST BY .. SET ..14beta1Fedora 332021-06-172021-07-064
17060ERROR: column "rownum" does not exist11.12Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (7.8 version)2021-06-162021-06-244
17059postgresql 13 version problem related to query.13.0RHEL 8.32021-06-152021-06-2210
17058Unable to create collation in version 13.13.3Windows 102021-06-132021-06-223
17057Unexpected error: ERROR: unsupported target type: 013.1different linux versions2021-06-102021-06-113
17056Segmentation fault on altering the type of the foreign table column with a default14beta1Ubuntu 20.042021-06-102021-06-1411
17055Logical replication worker crashes when applying update of row that dose not exist in target partiti13.3Ubuntu 18.04.42021-06-102021-06-1217
17054Memory corruption in logical replication worker when replicating into partitioned table13.3Ubuntu 18.04.42021-06-102021-06-113
17053Memory corruption in parser on prepared query reuse13.3Linux 5.12 (Arch Linux)2021-06-092021-06-092
17052Incorrect params inferred on PREPARE (part 2)13.3Windows + wsl2 + docker2021-06-082021-06-083
17051Incorrect params inferred on PREPARE13.3Windows 10 + WSL2 + Docker2021-06-082021-06-085
17050cursor with for update + commit in loop12.7Red Hat 4.4.7-232021-06-082021-06-083
17049what is the parameter wal_consistency_checking default value ?13.3CentOS7.62021-06-042021-06-052
17048about trace_locks parameter problem13.3CentOS7.62021-06-042021-06-052
17047502 ERROR The request could not be satisfied12.7windows2021-06-042021-06-042
17046Upgrade postgres 11 to 13 version13.1RHEL 8.32021-06-032021-06-032
1704514 Beta Tighten up allowed names for custom GUC parameters breaks PostgREST14beta1All2021-06-022021-06-024
17044installation of postgresql from the pgdg repository conflicts with Fedora's python gdal13.3Fedora F33 and F342021-06-022021-06-021
17043Full text search - to_tsvector treating a full stop wrong13.3Mac and Ubuntu2021-06-022021-06-021
17042Concurrent Modifications of PostgreSQL Function Can Corrupt Database13.3Debian Bullseye/Buster2021-06-012021-06-014
17041repository version 13 is empty13.2gLinux2021-05-312021-05-311
17040file not found13.3Windows 102021-05-282021-05-281
17039Won't Upgrade - Repo Error11.12Raspian 102021-05-272021-05-271
17037ST_Azimuth used with geography produces results not in accordance with documentation11.11windows 10 pro 21H12021-05-262021-05-262
17036generated column cann't modifyed auto when update14beta1CentOS 7.7 x642021-05-262021-05-2715
17035assert after commit13.3docker alpine2021-05-262021-05-278
17034Creating aggregate function based on array_append now results in "function does not exist" error14beta1Windows 102021-05-252021-05-272
17032wrong password cause double connect and double error13.3docker alpine2021-05-252021-05-265
17030ERROR: cannot decompile join alias var in plan tree introduced in pg14beta114beta1Windows Server 2019 64 bit2021-05-222021-05-258
17028Publish PGP Keys on 3rd party domains (enable out-of-band verifications)Unsupported/UnknownAll2021-05-192021-05-191
17027Deprecate 1024-bit DSA PGP Keys (Disallowed by NIST since 2011)Unsupported/UnknownAll2021-05-192021-05-191
17026Deprecate 1024-bit DSA PGP Keys (Disallowed by NIST since 2011)Unsupported/UnknownCentOS72021-05-192021-05-191
17024ERROR: column c.relhasoids does not exist at character 24512.5CENT OS - 72021-05-192021-05-194
17023wal_log_hints not configured even if it on13.2Alpine2021-05-192021-05-208
17022SQL causing engine crash13.3Amazon Linux 22021-05-192021-05-213
17020meta command psql \reset does not clear the query buffer13.3Centos 72021-05-182021-05-205
17018Two versions of the same row of records are returned in one query9.6.21CentosLinux release 7.4.1708 ( Core)2021-05-182021-05-181
17017Two versions of the same row of records are returned in one query9.6.21CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core)2021-05-182021-05-204
17016Cannot sync pgdg-common repo with reposync due to failed signature checkUnsupported/UnknownCentOS 72021-05-182021-05-213
17015trigger + array + 'md5' -> 'domain kernel: pid ... (postgres), uid ..., was killed: out of swap spacUnsupported/UnknownFreeBSD2021-05-172021-05-172
17013All RH6 repos are missing repomod.xml.asc files.10.7RHEL62021-05-142021-05-172
17009create temporary table with like option using same name as persistent table does not create indexes12.5Debian x642021-05-142021-05-144
17008pg_dump doesn't dump a sequence with bigint type12.6ubuntu 20.042021-05-132021-05-139
17007server process (PID XXXX) was terminated by signal 11: Segmentation fault12.2RHEL 7.52021-05-132021-05-156
17006Process watcher window doesnt appear13.2Windows 102021-05-132021-05-131
17005Enhancement request: Improve walsender throughput by aggregating multiple messages in one send11.7Oracle Linux Server release 7.92021-05-132021-05-228
17003signature could not be verified for pgdg-common10.0CentOS 72021-05-112021-05-112
17002GPG signature is missing in many redhat repos.11.10Redhat 8.22021-05-102021-05-113
17001YUM repository seems to be missing .asc fileUnsupported/UnknownCentOS2021-05-072021-05-073
16997parameter server_encoding's category problem13.1CentOS7.62021-05-072021-05-117
16995Need repository key to access old distributions from
16993Query Planner does not use index for EXISTS-query on a large table with all equal foreign key values13.2Windows 102021-05-052021-05-067
16991regclass is not case sensitive causing "relation does not exist" error13.2any2021-05-042021-05-045
16990Random PANIC in qemu user context11.11qemu-arm-static chrooted raspios inside ubuntu2021-05-022021-05-045
16989parameter track_commit_timestamp's category problem13.1CentOS7.62021-04-302021-04-302
16988Spurious "SET LOCAL can only be used in transaction blocks" warning using implicit transaction block12.2Windows 102021-04-292021-05-025
16986reindex error on ltree index12.6Ubuntu 20.04.22021-04-292021-05-022
16985ModifyWaitEvent function does not have pgsocket fd and void *user_data arguments13.2docker alpine2021-04-272021-04-283
16984any version i install it says database cluster initialization failed10.16windows 102021-04-262021-04-262
16982pg_rewind cannot deal with configuration files (postgresql.conf) located outside data directory13.2Centos7/8, RHEL7/8, SUSE12/152021-04-232021-04-282
16981pg_dump errors out with incompatible option set but empty tar dump file is created as result13.2Centos7/8, RHEL7/8, SUSE12/152021-04-232021-04-231
16980invalid memory alloc request size11.11CentOS Linux release 7.7.1908 (Core)2021-04-232021-04-243
16979WITH RECURSIVE SQL crashes v13.x13.2Ubuntu2021-04-232021-04-232
16978Nested CTEs give ERROR in v1313.2Ubuntu2021-04-232021-04-235
16977SET LC_TIME TO local_variable don't work13.2Windows 102021-04-222021-04-222
16976server crash when deleting via a trigger on a foreign table12.6ubuntu 18.042021-04-212021-05-2121
16975Not able to integrate and run Pgroonga Text search module11.2windows2021-04-202021-04-201
16974memory leak13.2docker alpine2021-04-202021-04-235
16973Backward compatibility: pg_restore: [archiver] unsupported version (1.14) in file header10.16Ubuntu 20.04 LTS2021-04-202021-04-213
16972parameter parallel_leader_participation's category problem2021-04-202021-04-2210
16971Incompatible datalayout errors with llvmjit13.2Fedora2021-04-192021-04-204
16970pgrouting_11-3.1.3-1.rhel8.x86_64.rpm is not signed13.2NA2021-04-192021-04-192
16969INSERT of multiple rows into GENERATED ALWAYS AS IDENTITY column with DEFAULT value is broken.13.2Debian 102021-04-172021-04-172
16968Planner does not recognize optimization13.1Linux Mint 19.32021-04-162021-05-1510
16967Extremely slow update statement in trigger13.2Linux & Windows2021-04-162021-04-234
16966Nested loop joining across tables with varchar -> bpchar cast always scans varchar table first13.2Ubuntu 20.04 LTS2021-04-152021-04-164
16965Select query fails with ERROR: XX000: could not find pathkey item to sort13.2Ubuntu 20.042021-04-152021-04-152
16964Quadratic performance degradation of INSERT and ADD CONSTRAINT for intarray/GIST EXCLUDE CONSTRAINT13.2Linux2021-04-152021-04-154
16963Wrong command in C:\Program Files (x86)\PostgreSQL\10\pg_env.bat11.10Windows 102021-04-152021-04-151
16962Conflicting Request Error Installing pgAudit12.0RedHat 82021-04-132021-04-142
16961Could not access status of transaction13.2CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (Core)2021-04-132021-06-056
16960Illegal reflective access operation13.2Windows2021-04-122021-05-314
16959Unnesting null from string_to_array silently removes whole rows from result11.7Ubuntu (and also Red Hat)2021-04-112021-04-193
16958"Invalid reference to FROM-clause entry for table" when qualifying columns in "on conflict .. where"13.2Docker on Windows2021-04-092021-04-116
16957initdb.exe initialize a database cluster has stopped working13.2windows 2016 server2021-04-092021-04-113
16956psql won't load command history12.6kubuntu-18.04.2, docker postgres:12-alpine2021-04-082021-04-083
16955Replication port problems12.5centos 082021-04-082021-04-082
16954After install postgresql.service activates but does not activate postgresql@11-main.service11.2Ubuntu 18.04 on WSL22021-04-082021-04-081
16953OOB access while converting "interval" to char13.2Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS2021-04-072021-04-129
16952PG admin errors out when connecting via ssh because it can't get pg_settings10.5Debian2021-04-032021-04-042
16951pg_restore segfaults on custom format piped from a different version of PG10.16Linux2021-03-312021-04-019
16950Query Planer make wrong plan with CTE and foreign table13.2OpenSuse 15.22021-03-312021-03-311
16948Packages not signed13.2SLES 15SP22021-03-302021-03-312
16947Missing signatures on some packages13.2SLES 15SP22021-03-302021-03-301
16946It may be that the content of the document is missing13.2centos2021-03-302021-03-302
16945where value in (null) set results inconsistent11.5Windows 102021-03-282021-03-293
16944when creating postGIS 2.5.4 extension for PostgreSQL10 is missing10.15SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP52021-03-262021-03-261
16943Permanent restart of the cluster after "EXECUTE 'alter subscription ... refresh publication' "11.11Debian 102021-03-252021-03-251
16942Misleading error message on denied permission for column in table13.0OpenSUSE2021-03-242021-03-241
16941ECPG add support for const void*13.1RHEL 72021-03-232021-03-243
16940ERROR: unrecognized parameter13.2Ubuntu 20.042021-03-232021-03-245
16939Plural interval for negative singular13.2alpine2021-03-232021-05-0120
16938Duplicate records with same Primary Key13.2Ubuntu2021-03-222021-03-222
16937CentOS 7 gdal32-libs-3.2.2-13 package proj72 dependency issue - should be proj8013.2CentOS 72021-03-222021-03-221
16936psql: \c service= not working13.2Linux Debian 10.8 on amd642021-03-222021-03-232
16935Unable to provide map= option when combining clientcert=verify-full with some auth mechanisms13.2GNU/Linux2021-03-212021-03-211
16933[build-system] libpq doesn't check for every names of zlib12.2Windows 102021-03-182021-03-181
16932Database Crash with : ERROR: cache lookup failed for type 010.11Windows2021-03-182021-03-203
16931source code problem about commit_ts13.2Linux2021-03-182021-04-118
16929The Enterprise DB installer file is available as binary and not as .dmg file for 12.612.6macOS Catalina2021-03-162021-03-192
16928pg_restore --clean/-c occurs ERROR for partitioned range table13.1CentOS 7 x86_642021-03-162021-03-161
16927Postgres can`t access WAL files13.2Windows Server 20192021-03-152021-03-2429
16926initdb fails on Windows when binary path contains certain non-ASCII characters13.1Windows 102021-03-142021-03-155
16925ERROR: invalid DSA memory alloc request size 1073741824 CONTEXT: parallel worker12.6CentOS Linux 8 Kernel: Linux 4.18.0-240.1.1.el8_3.2021-03-122021-03-185
16924Backup and Restore fails for Generated Columns in Declarative Partitioning13.2Ubuntu 20.042021-03-122021-03-162
16923Timestamptz always returns utc time when resultformat is in binary format.12.3Windows 102021-03-112021-03-113
16922In cascading replication, a standby server aborted when an upstream standby server promoted13.2Red Hat Enterprise Linux 82021-03-112021-04-024
16921small memory leak13.2ubuntu2021-03-112021-03-113
16920Can't compile PostGIS with MingW64 against PostgreSQL 14 headUnsupported/UnknownWindows MINGW642021-03-112021-03-2033
16919Unexpected precision loss in NUMERIC type during text cast, math operations13.2Ubuntu 20.04.2 (x86_64), Linux kernel 5.4.02021-03-102021-03-114
16915use psql have error "could not change directory to "/root": Permission denied"13.0CENTOS 72021-03-042021-03-041
16914Regression test of the worker_spi fails if USE_MODULE_DB environment variable is set.Unsupported/UnknownCentos 72021-03-042021-03-058
16913GENERATED AS IDENTITY column nullability is affected by order of column properties13.2Debian 8.3.0-62021-03-042021-05-1511
16912pg_dump 11 does not respect --quote-all-identifiers within function bodies11.11Linux2021-03-032021-03-054
16911"permission denied" error deleting rows as superuser from a table owned by a non-superuser13.2Windows 7 x64, Ubuntu 18.04 x642021-03-032021-03-034
16910I can't install postgresql13.2MacOs Big Sur2021-03-032021-03-082
16909On update (not insert) the attisdropped flag is set for tables which are recreated with the same col13.2Linux 5.8.0-44-generic #50~20.04.1-Ubuntu S2021-03-022021-03-024
16908Postgres (12) allows you (re)-attach partitions that violate Foreign Key constraints?12.6Unix2021-03-012021-04-303
16907Performance issue after big table drop and recreate10.15NAME="Ubuntu" VERSION="18.04.3 LTS (Bionic Beaver)2021-03-012021-03-011
16905Dropping and recreating a large table with 5 indexes slowed down query performance10.15Ubuntu 10.15-0ubuntu0.18.04.12021-03-012021-03-022
16904Dropping and recreating a large table with 5 indexes slowed down query performance10.15Ubuntu 10.15-0ubuntu0.18.04.12021-03-012021-03-012
16902FileOpen in pgadmin 4 V5.02021-03-102021-03-101
16899PGDG yum repo for RHEL8 is broken13.2RHEL8 and compatibles2021-02-262021-02-261
16897gssenc request slow connection12.6client Windows 10, postgresql server Ubuntu2021-02-252021-02-2510
16896pg_standby: Missing reference when building on Windows13.2Windows 102021-02-242021-02-263
16895Multicolumn GiST index returns incomplete results13.2Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)2021-02-242021-02-241
16894PANIC: WAL contains references to invalid pages9.6.20Oracle Linux Server 7.62021-02-242021-03-0610
16893JDBC Error13.1CentOS2021-02-242021-03-012
16891pg_dump: Error message from server: SSL SYSCALL error: EOF detected11.8Linux2021-02-232021-02-232
16889Suboptimal behavior related to join condition12.3Ubuntu 20.042021-02-232021-02-262
16888Reoccurring group by clauses makes system slower12.3Ubuntu 20.042021-02-232021-02-232
16887Group by is faster than distinct12.3Ubuntu 20.042021-02-222021-02-232
16886string equivalence predicate causes system slowdown12.3Ubuntu 20.042021-02-222021-03-012
16885PostgreSQL upgrade to 12+ changes hash join to slow nested loop13.2Amazon Linux 22021-02-222021-02-228
16884Failed to load additional SQL modules into the database cluster13.2Windows 10 PRO2021-02-222021-02-221
16882Terminating connection due to administrator command10.15Ubuntu2021-02-222021-02-221
16880running into 2 error when trying to install12.5OEL 8.32021-02-212021-02-211
16879Delayed standby does not connect to primary on startup13.2Linux, Debian 102021-02-212021-02-211
16878Not highlighting search results13.2OsX2021-02-202021-02-201
16877Problem during installation , fatal error13.2MacOs Big Sur 11.2.12021-02-202021-02-202
16874Postgres Server crashes at commit13.2Windows 2012 R22021-02-192021-03-226
16873CREATE SUBSCRIPTION command hangs (Cross version logical replication) Wait event LibPQWalReceiverRec13.2CentOS72021-02-192021-02-192
16871Insert with wrong key field, causing later crash of DB.12.6linux2021-02-172021-02-172
16870ADD COLUMN IF NOT EXISTS with GENERATED ALWAYS AS IDENTITY can cause duplicate sequence12.6Ubuntu 20.04.12021-02-172021-02-172
16869GROUP BY on primary key unnecessarily triggers a full table scan13.2macos 10.14.62021-02-162021-02-192
16868Cannot find sqlstat error codes.12.4RDS and EC22021-02-152021-02-1811
16867savepoints vs. commit and chain2021-02-152021-02-199
16866pg_basebackup Windows Server 201612.0windows2021-02-152021-02-163
16865Regression: GIN Negated prefix search returns results that contain the search term13.1Debian2021-02-132021-02-168
16864cache lookup failed for relation 12559.6.6Astra linux2021-02-132021-02-131
16863Assert failed in set_plain_rel_size() on processing ~* with a long prefix2021-02-122021-02-125
16862Unexpected result of checking for null "IS NOT NULL" in function12.5Windows 102021-02-122021-02-125
16861Undefined behavior in power_var_int under the address sanitizer when exponent is INT_MIN13.2Linux2021-02-112021-03-092
16860Documentation: GUC Parameters are not explained13.1all2021-02-102021-02-124
16859PostGIS 30 and 31 installation on SLES15 SP2 missing package SFCGAL or gmp12.0SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP22021-02-102021-05-257
16858clang10-devel packages are missing in SLES15 SP2 in general12.0SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP22021-02-092021-07-166
16857Postgres Installer fails when user inserts slash / in password field13.1Win 10 - 64bit2021-02-072021-02-071
16856Crash when add "_RETURN" rule on child table12.5ubuntu 20.042021-02-062021-02-064
16855No partition pruning when using partitions with custom hash function13.1Ubuntu 13.1-1.pgdg18.04+12021-02-052021-03-023
16854initdb fails on ReFS and FAT32 file systems13.1Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows Server 20192021-02-052021-03-227
16853Materialized view not behaving in fully MVCC-compliant way12.4macOS2021-02-042021-02-041
16852Latest postgres:10-alpine Docker image error10.15Linux/amd642021-02-032021-02-031
16851Master DB was unreachable and both master,slave entered into Standby while performing the switchover9.6.1Linux2021-02-032021-02-032
16850Inaccuracy in the documentation in the wal_receiver_status_interval parameter descriptionUnsupported/Unknownany2021-02-022021-02-021
16849index and table data inconsistency12.2centos 72021-02-022021-02-022
16848psqlodbc_13_00_0000-x64 used for Linked Server is displaying linked server password in the DSN logs13.1Windows2021-02-012021-02-011
16847Problem with reinstalling Postgres. Data folder9.6.20Windows2021-02-012021-02-011
16846"retrieved too many tuples in a bounded sort"13.1Gentoo x86_642021-01-312021-02-1512
16844Relation mapping file "global/" contains invalid data9.6.0Windows Server 2012 R22021-01-282021-01-295
16843pg_upgrade from 12.5 to 13.1 with extension plperlu failed13.1OpenSuse 15.22021-01-282021-02-0114
16842pg_dump uses seek calls on pipe files: suggesting adding a flag to disable seek calls13.0SuSE 152021-01-282021-01-284
16841psql -- \d tablename , displays "Error : column c.relhasoids does not exit"13.1centos 72021-01-282021-01-285
16840Rows not found in table partitioned by hash when not all partitions exists13.1Ubuntu 182021-01-272021-01-286
16838notice is not displayed with in function12.0windows 102021-01-272021-01-282
16837Invalid memory access on \h in psql13.1Ubuntu 20.042021-01-262021-01-274
16836performance drop while query information_schema since switch from postgres 10 to 1212.3Linux2021-01-252021-01-251
16835btree index does not work for where clause using 'foo%'11.9aurora postgres 112021-01-222021-01-225
16834where-in: if the nested query fails, the parent query returns all the records11.9x86_64-pc-linux-gnu2021-01-222021-01-225
16833postgresql 13.1 process crash every hour13.14.14.209-160.339.amzn2.x86_64 #1 SMP Wed Dec 16 222021-01-222021-05-1715
16832Interrupted system call when working with large data tables13.1macOS Big Sur v. 11.0.12021-01-212021-01-222
16831Idle postgres processes on Linux consumes huge amount of memoryUnsupported/UnknownSuse Linux2021-01-202021-01-213
16830Start of standby server never happens11.10Windows 2012 R22021-01-192021-01-191
16829Postgresql-12 service is not starting with SSL enabled in centos 712.5linux centos 72021-01-182021-01-182
16828duplicate results when using ** recursive expression in JSON path13.1Windows 10, CentOS 82021-01-172021-01-173
16827macOS interrupted syscall leads to a crash13.1macOS 11.02021-01-152021-05-3111
16826Regex in substring(... from ..) wrong13.1Mac and Ubuntu2021-01-152021-01-152
16825When building on Windows, cl /? retrun 'x64' not AMD64 and the build does not create x64 environment13.1Windows2021-01-152021-01-2311
16824Planner chooses poor path on query with Merge Join and pagination13.1Alpine Linux (Docker container)2021-01-132021-01-164
16823Unreachable code13.1openbsd2021-01-132021-01-173
16822Unable to launch setup12.5Windows2021-01-132021-01-182
16820PG will have a deadlock when multiple rows are updated concurrently10.13linux2021-01-132021-01-132
16819Bug Installation13.1windows 10 - 64 bit2021-01-122021-01-121
16818progress reporting ALTER TABLE ADD UNIQUE12.5Debian Stretch (9.13)2021-01-112021-01-113
16817kill process cause postmaster hang11.8euleros v2r7 x86_642021-01-112021-01-255
16816Unexpected escaping of html output12.5Ubuntu Linux 20.042021-01-082021-01-082
16815Unable to use the X448 an X25519 elliptic curves.13.1CentOS82021-01-082021-01-114
16814Invalid memory access on regexp_match with .* and BRE13.1Ubuntu 20.042021-01-072021-01-082
16813error to solve the problem "Windows could not stat file - over 4GB"13.1Windows 10 64 bit2021-01-072021-01-082
16812Logical decoding error12.3Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS2021-01-072021-01-155
16811Severe reproducible server backend crash13.1Ubuntu 18.04 LTS AND macOS Catalina 10.15.72021-01-062021-02-036
16809Package postgresql96-9.6.20-2PGDG.rhel7.x86_64 is not signed9.6.20Linux2021-01-062021-01-062
16808Postgres Windows installer fails with unknown error and terminates11.10Windows 8.12021-01-062021-01-133
16807Assert failed in postgres_fdw/estimate_path_cost_size with an empty foreign table13.1Ubuntu 20.042021-01-052021-02-056
16806postgresql10 rpm is installed in the wrong directory10.15SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP52021-01-052021-01-074
16805"ALTER TABLE ... ADD COLUMN IF NOT EXISTS ... PRIMARY KEY" fails if column exists and is the primary12.5Ubuntu 20.042021-01-052021-01-053
16804substring() function returns "negative substring length" error when using a large length argument13.1MacOS 10.15.72021-01-042021-01-047
16803create a table only one text/varchar column, storage options toast_tuple_target doesn't work11.10CentOS7.62021-01-042021-01-042
16801Invalid memory access on WITH RECURSIVE with nested WITHs13.1Ubuntu 20.042021-01-022021-02-2618
16799postgresql log issue(last completed transaction was at log time)12.5debian 102020-12-312020-12-314
16798SQL Error10.0Windows 102020-12-302020-12-301
16797EXTRACT(EPOCH FROM timestamp) is not using local timezone12.5Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS2020-12-302021-01-018
16796Issue While passing null as value during procedure/Function Call from Groovy12.364-bit Operating system2020-12-292020-12-291
16795Can't give "grant execute on pg_start_backup to .."13.1CentOS Linux release 7.9.20092020-12-282020-12-283
16794BEFORE UPDATE FOR EACH ROW triggers on partitioned tables can break tuple moving UPDATEs13.1Linux2020-12-282021-01-285
16793Libxml2 contains a null pointer dereference flaw in xpath.c12.5docker image alpine2020-12-282020-12-282
16792silent corruption of GIN index resulting in SELECTs returning non-matching rows11.10Debian Buster x86_642020-12-272021-07-2551
16791Compile error with new ICU 68.2 for 10.1510.15Gentoo Linux2020-12-252020-12-252
16790Integer overflow not detected with <<13.1Ubuntu 20.042020-12-232020-12-233
16789Wrong order by output13.1Linux (OpenSuse TumbleWeed)2020-12-222020-12-222
16788Postmaster started then shmem_exit(1) is called. database system is starting up10.9Ubuntu 18.042020-12-222020-12-221
16787ODBC driver (libpq.dll, psqlodbc30a.dll, psqlodbc30w.dll) issues13.1Windows2020-12-222020-12-223
16785Postgresql shutdown during initial pg_prewarm prewarming causes Pg to get stuck12.5Ubuntu Linux2020-12-212020-12-225
16784Server crash in ExecReScanAgg()13.1Ubuntu 20.042020-12-212020-12-273
16783pg_rewind: option -c does not work when configuration files are outside data directory13.1Centos7/8, RHEL7/8, SUSE12/152020-12-212020-12-222
16782initdb coredump post-bootstrap initialization12.0Centos 7 (Linux 3.10.0-229.el7.x86_64)2020-12-202020-12-202
16780Inconsistent recovery_target_xid handling across platforms13.1Windows2020-12-182020-12-236
16779psql -e not showing queries13.1Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS2020-12-182020-12-183
16778Problem: nothing provides needed by gdal30-libs-3.0.4-2.sles12.x86_6411.10SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP52020-12-182020-12-181
16776The database cluster initialisation failed13.1windows102020-12-152020-12-152
16775Problem building with Kerberos (--with-gssapi) support on Windows12.5Windows 102020-12-142020-12-153
16774PostgreSQL clean build MINGW64 gcc but initdb fails, cannot find startadress CreateProcessAsUserA13.0Windows 7 64-bit2020-12-142021-03-166
16773GSSAPI + Msys2/mingw64 + setenv() issue.12.0Windows MSYS2/MINGW642020-12-142020-12-154
16772Options --disable-triggers in combination with --superuser does not have the expected result13.1CentOS 7.8.2003 (x86_64)2020-12-142020-12-143
16771Server process killed by signal 9, after recovery drop tablespace failed11.8euleros v2r7 x86_642020-12-112020-12-252
16770PostgreSQL software V11 does not eliminate this recheck_on_update option?11.10CentOS7.62020-12-102020-12-102
16768PostgreSQL 12.5 - INSERT ON CONFLICT succeeds on data INSERT but does nothing on UPDATE12.5Linux Mint 20 (Ulyana)2020-12-092020-12-094
16767Silent dropping of CONSTRAINT... UNIQUE12.5Debian Stretch (9.13)2020-12-082020-12-124
16766PGAdmin4 Browser : Autocomplete not working10.15Linux Ubuntu 18.04.03 LTS2020-12-072020-12-071
16765db1st: while creating EDMX model Npgsql.PostgresException: 42703: column d.adsrc does not exist12.5windows 10 pro2020-12-072020-12-072
16764wal sender exits abnormally which cause wal receiever exits twice11.8Suse linux 11.3 x86_642020-12-062020-12-061
16763CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS fails with "relation exists"11.2Linux2020-12-042020-12-043
16762Tables are not visible13.1windows102020-12-042020-12-041
16761BUG Cannot install last pg_activity. The package not signed11.10CentOS/RedHat 7.92020-12-042020-12-162
16760Standby database missed records for at least 1 table12.3CentOS72020-12-022020-12-106
16759Estimation of the planner is wrong for hash join11.8Linux2020-12-022020-12-186
16758create temporary table with the same name loses defaults, indexes12.5macOS / docker-debian / CentOR2020-12-012020-12-175
16757setting archive_timeout to 900 doesn't generate new wal files13.1Ubuntu 18.042020-12-012020-12-011
16755A specification or a bug? Digit drop on CAST from DOUBLE PRECISION to NUMERIC.12.4Windows 102020-12-012020-12-012
16754When using LLVM and parallel queries aborted all session by pg_cancel_backend.13.1Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.8 (x86-64)2020-12-012020-12-086
16753'expected 2-element int8 array' error while getting data using query with subquery12.5Windows, Linux2020-11-302020-11-302
16752ODBC driver makes the input SQL query invalid13.0Windows 10 x642020-11-302020-11-301
16750VACUUM sporadically fails to access pgstat on Cygwin2020-11-292020-11-292
16749EXPLAIN only shows filtering from the first query in a union chain when using distinct on.12.2macOS Big Sur (11.0.1)2020-11-272020-11-272
16748postgis30_13 installation broken13.1CentOS 82020-11-272020-11-271
16747Unexpected behaviour of the overlaps function11.8Windows2020-11-262020-11-264
16746[PG12.5 psql] Password ignored by connect meta-command12.5Centos2020-11-262020-11-294
16745delete does not prune partitions on declarative partitioned table13.1Ubuntu2020-11-252020-11-267
16744ts_headline behaves incorrectly with <-> and proximity operators12.3runs on AWS RDS2020-11-242020-11-254
16743psql doesn't show whole expression in stored column12.5CentOS 72020-11-242020-11-2511
16741Error: subplan "SubPlan 1" was not initialized13.1Debian2020-11-232020-11-294
16740Conflicting installations12.0Ubuntu 19.102020-11-232020-11-243
16739Temporary files not deleting from data folder on disk10.8Centos OS 7.6 Version 02020-11-232020-11-257
16738Migration from 12th to 13th version. pg_upgrade error (relation "pg_catalog.pg_pltemplate")12.5CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (Core)2020-11-212020-11-212
16737error running compiled C program with connection to Postgres13.1Mac iOS Big Sur2020-11-212020-11-212
16736SCRAM authentication is not supported by this driver13.1Windows 102020-11-212020-11-265
16733insert into on conflict(pk) do nothing error violates not-null constraint12.3centos82020-11-202020-11-202
16732pg_dump creates broken backups12.4Ubuntu 16.042020-11-202020-11-2515
16731pgAdmin v4.28 Will not load13.1Windows 102020-11-192020-11-202
16730Create table like with inheritance and self referencing index10.15PostgreSQL 10.15 (Ubuntu 10.15-1.pgdg20.04+1) on2020-11-192020-11-215
16726Invalid input syntax is not a useful error message13.0Linux2020-11-182020-11-197
16725PG Admin 4 not loading due to Mime mistmatch13.1Windows 102020-11-182020-11-202
16722PG hanging on COPY when table has close to 2^32 toasts in the table.11.9debian2020-11-162021-03-2428
16721ERROR: could not load library "/usr/pgsql-11/lib/": /usr/gdal32/lib/ 7.92020-11-162020-11-233
16717ERRORDATA_STACK_SIZE exceeded after 5 times of the same command11.9debian stretch2020-11-132020-11-132
16716postgresql11-devel pckage from Refreshing service 'spacewalk' complains about missing11.10SUSE Linux Enterpirse Server 12 SP52020-11-132020-11-132
16714INSERT ON CONFLICT DO UPDATE fails to infer constraint if it's not at top-level partition11.2Gentoo Linux2020-11-132020-11-1911
16713Can't load server11.9Azure Hosted (so the version is 11.x)2020-11-122020-11-122
16712Wrong Sub-Query Record Filtering13.0seems any (tested on Ubuntu 18.04 and macOS 10.15)2020-11-122020-11-122
16711Access violation exception when call procedure13.0Windows 102020-11-122020-11-121
16710Deprecated timezone13.0*2020-11-112020-11-112
16708Please add some more restrictions to the default systemd unit files13.0Linux/systemd2020-11-102020-11-117
16707Memory leak12.4Debian2020-11-092021-04-1721
16706insert into on conflict(pk) do update error violates not-null constraint12.3centos82020-11-092020-11-107
16705Triggers deferred during commit callback are not executed10.10Linux2020-11-062020-11-063
16704Segmentation Problem - SSL SYSCALL error: EOF detected13.0PostgreSQL 13.0 (Debian 13.0-1.pgdg90+1) on x86_642020-11-052020-11-065
16703pg-dump fails to process recursive view definition13.0Ubuntu 20.042020-11-052020-11-069
16702inline code and function : when use dynamic name for rowtype, there is some bug!12.4CentOS 7.7 x642020-11-052020-11-096
16701PostGreSQL Error : could not open relation with OID 2610Unsupported/UnknownWindows Server 2012 R2 X642020-11-052020-11-052
16700Child table dependency loss after moving out of and back into the inheritance tree9.6.18Linux2020-11-042020-11-042
16699PostgreSQL failed to run "timetz" test on release and debug configuration with MSVC on windows13.0Windows Server 20162020-11-032020-11-032
16698Create extension and search path13.0Linux2020-11-032020-11-038
16697timetz regression test seems to have a false failure12.4Linux debian-vm 4.19.0-12-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.192020-11-032020-11-032
16696Backend crash in llvmjit13.0FreeBSD 12.12020-11-022021-07-2214
16695pg_hba_file_rules NULL address and netmask13.0FreeBSD 112020-11-022020-11-035
16694Server hangs in 100% CPU loop when decompressing a specific TOAST Postgis linestring13.0Ubuntu 18.042020-11-012020-11-029
16693Weird behaviour of function uuid_generate_v5() when used in a trigger12.4Windows 10 (64 bits)2020-10-302020-10-302
16692Postgres process using 100 percent CPU11.0UBUNTU 20.42020-10-302020-10-314
16691Autovacuum stops processing certain databases until postgresql rebooted12.3Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS2020-10-292020-12-3013
16690database connection aborted with a signal 9 when query is run on MacOS Catalina12.1Various, see note.2020-10-292020-10-305
16689timetz test fails 2020-11-0112.4openSUSE-Tumbleweed2020-10-292020-10-292
16688psql removes only LF without CR at end of backquotes on windows.9.5.5Windows2020-10-282020-10-285
16686GCC C++ depends on libintl for some STL, even if PostgreSQL was not build with NLS support13.0Ubuntu 20.042020-10-242020-10-241
16685The ecpg thread/descriptor test fails sometimes on Windows13.0Ubuntu 20.042020-10-242020-10-245
16683explain plan format xml produces invalid xml13.0Ubuntu 20.042020-10-232020-10-234
16682The pg_user_mapping table saves the plaintext password12.0linux2020-10-222020-10-233
16680Crash database with sefault 1110.5Debian stretch 9.11. Core version: 4.9.0-11-amd642020-10-212020-10-212
16679Incorrect encoding of database name13.0Linux2020-10-202020-10-202
16678The ecpg connect/test5 test sometimes fails on Windows13.0Windows2020-10-192020-10-268
16677pgcrypto.pgp_key_id() thinks that a PGP message containing multiple packets is a full keyring.12.4Pop!_OS (Ubuntu derivative) 20.042020-10-162020-10-172
16676SELECT ... FETCH FIRST ROW WITH TIES FOR UPDATE SKIP LOCKED locks rows it doesn't return13.0OS X2020-10-162020-10-2110
16675VALUES not working for CITEXT11.7x86_64-pc-linux-gnu2020-10-162020-10-162
16674The idle connection get created automatically11.3Windows2020-10-162020-10-196
16673Stack depth limit exceeded error while running sysbench TPC-C12.4Ubuntu 182020-10-152020-10-225
16672Postgres user passwords are corrupted during migration13.0Windows 10 64bit 10.0.18363 Build 183632020-10-142020-10-155
16671"generated always as" is ignored when updating table through view13.0macOS 10.132020-10-142020-10-274
16670pgstattuple ERROR: relation "sql_implementation_info" does not exist13.0CentOS82020-10-142020-10-142
16669cant install postgresql13-server to rhel 613.0rhel 62020-10-142020-10-141
16668libgeotiff16 missing in PostgreSQL-Common11.9CentOS 72020-10-132020-10-132
16667COMMIT AND CHAIN does not udpates database metrics ie. xact_commit12.4RHEL 7.82020-10-122020-10-123
16666Slight memory leak when running pg_ctl reload11.8SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86_64)2020-10-122020-10-124
16665Segmentation fault13.0docker-alpine-postgres-13 image2020-10-102020-11-0621
16664Problem running django9.5.0OS X2020-10-092020-10-093
16663DROP INDEX did not free up disk space: idle connection hold file marked as deleted11.9CentOS 72020-10-092020-11-1111
16662pgbench: error: client 418 script 0 aborted in command 5 query 0: ERROR: invalid page in block 483013.0CentOS 7 X86_642020-10-082020-10-093
16661Changing columns after the rule is created leads to an error when the RETURNING is used12.4Debian2020-10-082020-10-082
1666064-bit build fails when run on a subst drive9.6.19Windows2020-10-072020-11-023
16659postgresql leaks memory or do not limit its usage13.0postgres:13-alpine in docker on Linux 5.4.642020-10-072020-10-183
16658HSTORE typecast exception is XX000 - inconsistent with the other cast exceptions (22xxx)13.0Ubuntu Linux 20.042020-10-062020-10-061
16657Index not reflecting update when date to timestamp comparison operation used in index scan13.0Linux2020-10-062020-10-072
16656Last update to PyGreSQL in Postgres repo drop python 2.7 support10.14Centos Linux 72020-10-062020-10-061
16655pg_dump segfault when excluding postgis table13.0Debian Buster2020-10-052020-10-0711
16654aarch64 can not install postgres12 because of file not exist12.4centos82020-10-052020-10-051
16653Regression in CTE evaluation13.0Ubuntu Linux 20.042020-10-042020-10-044
16652SELECT pg_reload_conf(); returning true despite loading config has failed11.4CentOS Linux 72020-10-032020-10-032
16651could rename global.tmp to global.stat due to permission denied11.8windows server 20122020-10-022020-10-021
16648Using postgres:12.4-alpine docker image, get 12.2 when running postgres -V command inside container12.4alpine (docker)2020-09-302020-09-302
16647ts_lexize with dict_voikko no longer works as of PostgreSQL 13.013.0Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.22020-09-302020-09-303
16646systemctl stop postgresql-12 stuck12.4centos 82020-09-302020-09-301
16645pg_upgrade does not mark template1 as a system database13.0Windows 10 64bit2020-09-302020-10-065
16644null value for defaults in OLD variable for trigger13.0CentOS, MacOS2020-09-292020-10-2610
16643PG13 - Logical replication - initial startup never finishes and gets stuck in startup loop13.0Ubuntu 20.042020-09-292020-11-2751
16641Postgresql driver 42.2.15 and 42.2.16 has problems connecting to AWS RDS Postgresql database10.7AWS RDS Serverless2020-09-292020-10-023
16640Documentation table formatting issue13.0Linux Mint 202020-09-282020-09-303
16639Syntax error in pgsql when executing local \copy instead of SQL copy13.0Linux x64 or Windows 64bit2020-09-282020-09-282
16638Some tables in the database cannot be opened9.6.12Ubuntu2020-09-272020-09-272
16637Postgressql throws exception 'relation already exists' when trying to execute partition from code12.0Mac OS2020-09-262020-09-262
16636Upper case issue in JSONB type11.0Windows 102020-09-252020-10-015
16635Query Optimizer - Performance optimization for the UNION function13.0Ubuntu 20.042020-09-252020-09-251
16634Conflicting names of indexes for partitioned tables12.4Ubuntu 182020-09-242020-09-254
16633Foreign data wrapper mysql-fdw issue11.9Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)2020-09-242020-09-241
16632Not a bug, just a typo13rc1win102020-09-242020-09-243
16631postgres_fdw tries to insert into generated columns12.4Debian (as &quot;docker pull postgres:latest&quot;)2020-09-232021-07-158
16630TupleDesc reference leak: TupleDesc 0x7fad89c9c928 (16386,-1) still referenced13rc1Linux2020-09-232020-09-233
16629Repo Error During Upgrade11.7Raspian OS 102020-09-232020-09-231
16628Hostame and string connection functions9.5.0Linux2020-09-222020-09-242
16627union all with partioned table yields random aggregate results11.4Linux2020-09-222020-09-2811
16625Query Optimizer - Performance bug related to removal of unnecessary aggregate function12.3Ubuntu 19.102020-09-192020-09-214
16624Query Optimizer - Performance bug related to predicate simplification13rc1Ubuntu 20.042020-09-182020-09-258
16623JSON select query result is getting differed when we change DB version9.6.2Linux - Red Hat 4.8.52020-09-182020-09-182
16622pg_dump produces erroneus ALTER TABLE statement for a table with an inherited generated column12.4Ubuntu-20.042020-09-182020-09-295
16621Unexpected Foreign Key Constraint Violation when Creating New Child Partition12.4postgres:12.4 Docker Container (Mac OS)2020-09-162020-09-161
16620Autovacuum does not process certain databases after migration from postgresql 1012.3Linux2020-09-162020-10-055
16619Amcheck detects corruption in hstore' btree index (ver 2)13beta3Ubuntu-20.042020-09-162020-09-165
16618XX000: cache lookup failed for function11.9Windows 102020-09-162020-09-161
16616Segmentation fault when use explain12.418.04.5 LTS (Bionic Beaver)2020-09-152020-09-152
16615Cannot determine type of Date for "is null" expression13beta3Mac OS X2020-09-132020-09-144
16614Stale temporary objects makes vacuum ineffective when 1 million transactions remain9.5.23Linux2020-09-102020-09-1213
16613Built in suppress_redundant_updates_trigger() trigger not supressing redundant updates12.4Windows 102020-09-092020-09-093
16611devel package installation issue.When tried to installed the PostgreSQL 11.0 version ecpg not get11.0Linux Red Hat 72020-09-092020-09-092
16610server process was terminated by signal 11: Segmentation fault12.2Debian 82020-09-092020-09-091
16606V 4.25: unable to drop database10.14ubuntu 18.04 desktop 64bit2020-09-032020-09-032
16605PostgreSQL recovery startup process waiting and blocking to application queries10.5OEL 6.92020-09-022020-09-144
16604pg_dump with --jobs breaks SSL connections12.4Ubuntu 20.042020-09-012020-10-179
16603Permission issue12.4Linux and Windows2020-09-012020-09-012
16602Installation fails with Windows user name "ABC -def".12.3Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.18363 Build 183632020-08-312020-08-312
16601Restore Issue13beta3windows 102020-08-282020-09-019
16600Postgres can't upper lower diacritic character of Croatina alfabet12.3Win 10 Pro (sys&amp;input locale hr;Croatian cp:852)2020-08-282020-08-282
16599Version v4.25 is bad11.6Linux Red Hat 4.8.5-11 64-bit2020-08-282020-08-282
16598SharedFileSetCreate doesn't handle PathNameCreateTemporaryFile failure correctly12.4Ubuntu2020-08-272020-08-271
16597postgres_fdw: types in statically defined FOREIGN TABLE are not honored11.9Alpine Linux v3.12 (in Docker)2020-08-272020-08-271
16596Windows12.4Windows 102020-08-272020-08-271
16595Reads fail with "lost saved point in index" error after writes11.6Linux2020-08-272020-08-275
16594DROP INDEX CONCURRENTLY fails on partitioned table with a non helpful error message.12.3Ubuntu2020-08-262020-09-0113
16593pg_upgrade make corrupt UK indexes9.6.19centos72020-08-252020-08-275
16592websearch_to_tsquery() returns queries that don't result in expected matches12.4Ubuntu 20.042020-08-252020-08-303
16591Having problem installing PostgreSQL in windows 1012.4Windows 102020-08-242020-08-241
16590jdbc driver archives are 0 byte filesUnsupported/UnknownWindows 102020-08-242020-08-243
16589Regression when using ADD UNIQUE+ADD FOREIGN KEY in same query in 13 beta13beta3OpenBSD-current2020-08-212020-08-222
16588Unable to delete database due to still connection9.6.19Windows 10 Pro version 19092020-08-212020-08-211
16587Error when download9.6.19Windows2020-08-202020-08-201
16586deduplicate_items=true can be configured for numeric indexes13beta3Debian Stretch (9.13)2020-08-202020-09-023
16585Wrong filtering on a COALESCE field after using GROUPING SETS12.4x86_64-pc-linux-gnu2020-08-192020-08-2112
16584could not create relation-cache initialization file "global/pg_internal.init.2002": No space left9.6.18linux 64 bit2020-08-182020-08-182
16583merge join on tables with different DB collation behind postgres_fdw fails12.4debian 10.52020-08-172020-08-196
16582Logical index corruption leading to apparent index scan infinite loop11.5Centos 72020-08-142020-08-174
16581Corrupted debian repository11.9Debian (stretch)2020-08-132020-08-132
16580PostgreSQL PassTheHash Protocol Design Weakness Detected - vulnerability10.10RHEL2020-08-122020-08-122
16579In some areas of UTC+8, "CST" in the log is recognized as the wrong time zone when importing these12.0N/A2020-08-122020-08-122
16578When making an insert, the database goes to recover mode12.3Centos2020-08-122020-08-122
16577Segfault on altering a table located in a dropped tablespace13beta2Ubuntu 20.042020-08-092021-01-1422
16576Creating a connection using psycopg2 results in "zombie" ccapiserver.exe processes on Windows12.3Windows Server 20192020-08-072020-08-071
16575Linux Mint 20, ulyana won't update postgres as described12.3Linux Mint 20 , ulyana2020-08-072020-08-112
16574Error in configuration of pgadmin4-server (amd64 4.24) on Debian version 10.511.7Linux serveur 4.19.0-9-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.19.112020-08-052020-08-051
16573pgbouncer 1.14 addition to EL6 breaks installation11.0CentOS 6.102020-08-042020-08-102
16572pgadmin change column order12.2Windows2020-08-042020-08-053
16571"time with time zone" type can input '00:00:00+1559'::time with time zone13beta2all2020-08-032020-08-032
16570Collation not working12.3Windows / Linux2020-08-032020-08-0610
16569Document "59.2. Built-in Operator Classes" have a clerical error9.5.0all2020-08-032020-08-042
16568pg_upgrade failed from 9.3 to 6.72020-08-012020-08-022
16566Consistently link latest repo RPM release to pgdg-redhat-repo-latest (ref #16074)12.3CentOS 8/RHEL 82020-07-312020-07-313
16565Systemd service file does not create /var/run/postgresql directory across reboot12.3Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.62020-07-312020-08-134
16564Can't start the service postgresql@11-main.service11.2Debian2020-07-302020-07-302
16561timestamp with time zone microseconds inconsistently recorded correctly and incorrectly9.5.9Windows 10 x642020-07-292020-07-307
16560Strange behavior with polygon and NaN13beta2Linux2020-07-292020-07-292
16559ERROR: canceling autovacuum task CONTEXT: automatic analyze of table pg_catalog.pg_attribute12.3Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 8.0 (Ootpa)2020-07-292020-07-291
16558`AND FALSE` increases planning time of query on 2 tables with 1000 partitions to more than 7 seconds12.3Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS2020-07-282020-07-316
16557getProcedureColumns() function returns columns, when there is no existing Stored Procedure in the DB12.2Windows2020-07-272020-09-024
16556The database cluster initialisation failed - Win 10 postgresql 12.3 version installation error12.3Windows 102020-07-272020-08-073
16555Postgresql is not LTO ready12.3Linux2020-07-262020-07-262
16554Consistent sequence gaps occuring next day10.7Linux GNU2020-07-252020-07-253
16553now() function marked PARALLEL RESTRICTED whereas transaction_timestamp() is PARALLEL SAFE11.8Linux2020-07-232020-07-232
16552In Setup wizard, Locale "Spanish, Spain" present twice12.3Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 20H2 (build 19042.388)2020-07-222020-07-221
16550Problem with pg_service.conf9.6.11Windows 7 x64 Pro/Ultimate2020-07-212020-07-2415
16549"CASE" not work properly , the function works properly on PostgreSQL 9.6.812.1Linux2020-07-212020-07-236
16548Order by on array element giving disparity in result12.2Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS2020-07-212020-07-215
16547ECPG can't CALL the procedure which has INOUT parameter11.8Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.102020-07-212020-08-224
16545COALESCE evaluates arguments to the right of the first non-null argument12.3docker@ubuntu20.042020-07-162020-07-162
16544How to identify trigger is called from the node where row is created?12.3Debian2020-07-162020-07-162
16543Package conflicts due to missing llvm-toolset-7-clang >= 4.0.1 and proj70 >=
16542High CPU Usage12.0Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS Server2020-07-152020-07-153
16541Timestamp allowing greater than max documented value?9.6.16CentOS72020-07-142020-07-142
16540Possible corrupted file?11.8Windows Server 20122020-07-142020-07-143
16539About pg_logdir_ls() function and pg_ls_logdir()function12.1CentOS7.72020-07-142020-07-142
16537could not connect to database although database is running12.3Parrot GNU/Linux 4.102020-07-132020-07-133
16536Segfault with partition-wise joins11.8any2020-07-132020-07-144
16535Implementing Autonomous Transactions in Postgresql11.0unix2020-07-102020-07-115
16534autovacuum_autoanalyze not working on latitude(earth) expression12.3Windows 10 x64 / Ubuntun 20.04 x642020-07-102020-07-124
16533Planner optimisation : range predicate not propagating to joined tables12.3Linux2020-07-102020-07-101
16532Contact and "en_NZ.UTF-8"12.0Ubuntu2020-07-092020-07-091
16531listen_addresses wide open?10.6CentOS 72020-07-082020-07-099
16530pgAdmin 4 Query Tool not loading/visualizing the data12.3Windows 102020-07-082020-07-081
16529Installation error/bug9.5.21CentOS 7.72020-07-072020-07-092
16528Analytical function with Over clause for ARRAY datatype is not working properly11.8Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS2020-07-062020-07-062
16527Valgrind detects an invalid read in brin_revmap_data with non-index page13beta2Ubuntu 20.042020-07-042020-07-043
16526pg_test_fsync in v12 doesn't run in Windows12.3windows 20192020-07-032020-07-1610
16525=?UTF-8?B?UHJvYmzDqG1l?= de connexion serveur2020-07-032020-07-031
16524PgAdmin for macbook users creates an overlay on the UI which disables all functionality of PgAdmin11.8MacOS Catalina2020-07-032020-07-031
16523The wal logs fill the disk and are not cleaned up10.13linux2020-07-022020-07-021
16522No anti-violent cracking mechanism10.13linux2020-07-012020-07-012
16521n_distinct_inherited does not affect child partitions when set on main partition13beta1Windows2020-06-302020-07-024
16520Deleting from non-existent column in CTE removes all rows12.3debian:buster-slim2020-06-302020-06-303
16519SET SESSION ROLE in plpgsql requires string literal.10.12Ubuntu 18.042020-06-302020-10-217
16518DBA on several PostgreSQL versions10.12Ubuntu2020-06-302020-06-301
16517Fast Shutdown sometimes is not working if we use logical decoding.11.8Linux2020-06-292020-06-291
16516when testing jit get terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_function_call'12.3Centos 7.8.2003, redhat 7.8, sles 12 sp52020-06-292020-07-014
16515Core dump in libgdal3012.3Linux2020-06-282020-06-281
16514pg_dump v12 puts CREATE SCHEMA public statement into the backup file12.3CentOS 72020-06-262020-06-262
16513Postgresql HA Cluster12.3CentOS82020-06-262020-06-262
16512Character considered as a number by regex but can not convert to numeric12.3Windows 102020-06-262020-07-094
16511Using '= all ( )' with empty table returns true10.7MacOS2020-06-252020-06-252
16510Count Distinct with non distinct column in combination with string constants throws error11.7Unix (bitnami/postgresql:11.7.0 image)2020-06-252020-06-254
16509Unable to change from 32 bit to 64 bit10.9Windows 10 Pro2020-06-252020-06-255
16508using multi-host connection string when the first host is starting fails10.11rhel72020-06-242020-08-175
16507RTRIM function doesnt behave as expected for certain scenarioUnsupported/UnknownLinux2020-06-222020-06-222
16505ssl_crl_file bug?12.3CentOS 7.7 x642020-06-192020-06-191
16504Wrapping query in EXISTS() causes sequential scans of tables12.0Gentoo2020-06-192020-06-192
16503excessive memory consumption.10.10AWS RDS2020-06-182020-06-182
16502EXPLAIN JSON format adds extra quotes around index names12.3Ubuntu 19.102020-06-182020-06-2211
16501Incorrect result. select multi_key_columns_range_partition_table12.2Windows102020-06-182020-07-153
16500SQL Abend. select multi_key_columns_range_partition_table12.2Windows102020-06-182020-07-2814
16499Escape Characters in FTS9.6.0Windows2020-06-182020-06-182
16498The master inserts data successfully when the standby stopped in synchronous stream replication10.12linux2020-06-182020-06-182
16497old and new pg_controldata WAL segment sizes are invalid or do not match11.0RHEL 62020-06-172020-06-3025
16496can't move to next line on Query Editor12.1Windows 102020-06-172020-06-172
16495pgAdmin4 repo problem9.6.18Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.8 (Maipo)2020-06-162020-06-161
16494cant use row['field name']12.3Windows2020-06-152020-06-152
16493posgresql has no entry in Volume Shadow Copy Service10.0windows 102020-06-122020-06-121
16492DROP VIEW IF EXISTS error12.3Linux/Docker2020-06-122020-06-1517
16491PostgreSQL will not install unless a local account is used12.3Windows 10 Pro 64-bit2020-06-122020-06-121
16490We cannot able to access production database remotely9.6.0Windows2020-06-112020-06-111
16489Cannot strictly compare arrays in jsonb_path_query call that uses vars12.1macOS 10.142020-06-112020-06-111
16488psql installation initdb12.3blackarch linux2020-06-092020-06-165
16487EXPLAIN produces JSON with duplicate "Workers" arrays12.1Any2020-06-082020-06-093
16486Prompted password is ignored when password specified in connection string13beta1Ubuntu 18.042020-06-082020-11-1117
16485array_recv causes binary COPY to not work between postgres instances with arrays of custom types12.2Ubuntu 18.042020-06-082020-06-081
16484pg_regress fails with --outputdir parameter13beta1linux, windows2020-06-082020-06-138
16483pg_ctl -D $PREFIX/var/lib/postgresql start13beta1Termux2020-06-062020-06-072
16482Input as table type to function is getting failed10.10windows 10 enterprise2020-06-052020-06-051
16481Stored Procedure Triggered by Logical Replication is Unable to use Notification Events12.3Windows 102020-06-052020-06-129
16480Spool query with results.10.9Linux2020-06-052020-06-052
16479Error installing pg-admin311.6Deepin2020-06-042020-06-042
16478Unable to edit and delete for certain row manually using db beaver10.6Linux Ubuntu2020-06-042020-06-043
16477Unable to edit and delete for certain row manually using db beaver10.6Linux Ubuntu2020-06-042020-06-041
16476pgp_sym_encrypt_bytea with compress-level=6 : Wrong key or corrupt data10.13Debian 102020-06-032020-07-2721
16475mess up my laptop12.3Mac2020-06-022020-06-021
16474Foreign key issue12.2Windows 102020-06-012020-06-014
16473Marked as broken because of SQLSTATE(08006),ErrorCode(0)10.8CentOS 6.92020-06-012020-06-035
16472Bug in to_timestamp ?Unsupported/Unknownwindows 102020-06-012020-06-024
16471Unable to install postgis30_1212.2Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.62020-05-292020-05-291
16469High unicode character mangled on write and read with ODBC driver11.7Ubuntu 18.042020-05-292020-05-291
16468Doc: release note 13, missing GUC enable_groupingsets_hash_disk13beta1Any2020-05-282020-06-034
16467XX000 fun9.6.17Red Hat 4.8.5-392020-05-272020-05-282
16466Valgrind detects an invalid read in dblink_open() with a cursor inside a transaction13beta1Ubuntu 18.042020-05-272020-05-284
16465Inconsistent results from comparison of row value expressions12.2Debian 12.2-2.pgdg100+1 (Docker)2020-05-272020-05-273
16464Unable to restore database backed up with pg_dump into sql that contains expression based index12.3Centos 62020-05-262020-05-262
16463Sporadic SSL handshake failures in Windows client9.5.10Client: Windows Server 2012 R2 Server: Centos72020-05-262020-05-262
16462Update Statement destructive behaviour with joins9.6.2MAC OSX2020-05-262020-06-023
16461Segfault in autovacuum process9.6.10Linux - Ubuntu 14.04 - 64bit2020-05-252020-08-184
16460Error when executing REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW WITH DATA;12.3macOS 10.14.62020-05-252020-07-204
16459YUM pgdg11-updates-debuginfo repository missing repodata/repomd.xml for RHEL8*11.8RHEL 82020-05-252020-07-282
16458pg_restore lists data in corrupted backup files without checking if data exists10.12Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS2020-05-252020-05-251
16457Implicit signed integer truncation or sign change at sortsupport.c:6012.3ubuntu 18.042020-05-242020-05-241
16456Implicit unsigned integer truncation at multixact.c:262612.3ubuntu 18.042020-05-232020-05-252
16455Broken RPMs python-ldap2pg postgresql11-devel11.8RedHat/CentOS 7.8 and 7.92020-05-212020-05-211
16454Mixed isolation levels inside transactions12.2Linux2020-05-212020-05-215
16453Not able to load a 10gb file.12.3Windows 102020-05-192020-05-193
16452pgp_sym_encrypt_bytea with compress-level=6 : Wrong key or corrupt dataUnsupported/UnknownDebian 102020-05-192020-05-191
16451.psql_history file shows clear text password.10.12linux2020-05-182020-05-182
16450Recovery.conf file shows clear text password.10.12linux2020-05-182020-05-182
16449Log file and the query field of the pg_stat_statements table display clear text password.10.12linux2020-05-182020-05-194
16448Remote code execution vulnerability10.12linux2020-05-182020-05-183
16447The query field of the pg_stat_activity table displays the clear text of the password.10.12linux2020-05-182020-05-182
16446ERROR: virtual tuple table slot does not have system attributes on insert to partitioned table12.2Debian 10.32020-05-182020-05-181
16444Vacuum writes the table twice12.3Debian2020-05-172020-05-171
16443Too much memory usage on insert query12.3Debian2020-05-172020-05-174
16442terraform provider postgresql 9.0.0/9.4/12.3/current/latest fail12.3windows2020-05-152020-05-162
16441Cannot multi-insert into generated column with DEFAULT value12.3macos2020-05-152020-05-204
16440pg_basebackup intermittently hangs waiting for input unless run with --checkpoint=fast option10.9Linux 4.9.219-1.ph2 x86_64 (VMware Photon OS 2.0)2020-05-152020-05-154
16439can not read table info for greenplum 69.6.18windows 102020-05-152020-05-163
16438Installation failure at the end when Use Unicode UTF-8 worldwide language support.12.3WIndows Server 2019 Essential, Windows 10 Home2020-05-152020-05-151
16437The dump is stored with error in creating VIEW statement.12.2Ubuntu 18.042020-05-142020-05-143
16436Functions with input parameter table type failing from application10.10Windows 10 Enterprise2020-05-142020-05-142
16435regexp_split_to_table different behavior in 9.2 and 12.212.2Windows2020-05-132020-05-153
16434some data lost11.5Ubuntu 11.5-3.pgdg18.04+1) on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu,2020-05-132020-05-131
16433Information disclosure via log file9.5.0website2020-05-132020-05-132
16432ECCN code for PGAdmin 3 and 4Unsupported/Unknownall2020-05-132020-05-132
16431Trigger not allowing new data insert12.1REHL 7.52020-05-132020-05-131
16430Sequence with cache > 1 makes it increment by number specified as cache12.2Alpine (container)2020-05-122020-05-126
16429PgAdmin4 is installed but not able to connect to the Azure Database for Postgres11.7Windows2020-05-112020-05-111
16428pg_ctl unusable after standard install12.2MacOs Catalina2020-05-112020-05-182
16427pgsql_tmp - temp files not released10.5Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.10 (Sant2020-05-102020-07-135
16426In active/hot standby mode, create database and drop template databases cause standby restart failed11.5SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86_64)2020-05-092020-05-093
16425Possible error in full join12.2Windows 102020-05-082020-05-082
16424COPY Command fails for CSV formath10.6Linux Unix2020-05-082020-05-082
16423Sequential Scan on query after reindex was done12.2Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)2020-05-082020-05-081
16422psqlodbcUnsupported/UnknownWindows 82020-05-072020-05-071
16421Table Rapid Growth due to tuple accumulation10.10Windows2020-05-072020-05-071
16420problem running into post install step while installation.12.2windows 64 bit2020-05-072020-05-114
16419wrong parsing BC year in to_date() function12.2Windows 10x642020-05-062020-05-074
16418postgis23_96 dependency proj49 missing now pgdg94 default to disabled9.6.16Centos 72020-05-062020-05-061
16417Unable to connect to server11.7Windows 102020-05-052020-05-051
16416unable to start the server with pg_CTL12.2Mac os2020-05-052020-05-063
16415Postgres 11.6 CentOS docker image needs a repo update11.6CentOS2020-05-042020-05-042
16414Backend process blocked for 120s until kernel killed it12.2Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS2020-05-042020-05-041
16413Broken Dependency pgadmin4-web to pgadmin4-python3-psutil11.7Fedora Core 312020-05-042020-05-041
16412Make postgres rpm repository and packages compatible with new modular package system12.2Linux, Centos 82020-05-032020-05-031
16411Problem while running postgre sql on my Laptop10.12Windows 72020-05-022020-05-022
16410=?iso-8859-1?Q?initialisat?= =?iso-8859-1?Q?ion_cluster_base_donn=E9e_=E0_=E9chou=E9e?=2020-05-032020-05-031
16409404 Error link9.6.15centos 62020-05-012020-05-011
16408We are facing issue while taking the backup using pgbackrest 2.22 version10.11CentOS 6.92020-05-012020-05-012
16407Column mismatch12.2Docker2020-05-012020-05-012
16406can't find public key for PostgreSQL RPM Building Project <>11.0centos72020-04-302020-04-301
16405Exception P0004 not caught in EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS10.0AWS Aurora2020-04-302020-04-303
16404PostgreSQL 12.2: Database restore does not accept the EEST time zone.12.2CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core)2020-04-302020-05-044
16403set_bit function does not have expected effect11.0Linux2020-04-292020-04-305
16402No se puede instalar pgadmin412.0kubuntu 20.042020-04-292020-04-303
16401Minor misspelling for hint in Swedish12.2Fedora 312020-04-292020-04-292
16400IN (query) allows for reference to column that doesn't exist12.2Mac OS2020-04-292020-04-292
16399Ldap authentication bug10.12Windows Server 20122020-04-282020-04-292
16398Installation process fails if StackBuilder is selected.12.2Windows 102020-04-282020-05-062
16397pgdg-redhat-repo-latest.noarch.rpm producing duplicate entries9.6.0Centos 72020-04-282020-04-281
16396Parallel Union queries seem to treat NULL values differently12.2Mac 10.15.32020-04-272020-04-273
16395error when selecting generated column in a foreign table12.2Ubuntu 18.042020-04-272020-04-293
16394Conflicting package postgis versions 2.5 and 3.011.7RedHat/CentOS 7.72020-04-272020-04-271
16393PANIC: cannot abort transaction, it was already committed11.5AIX2020-04-272020-05-054
16392Unable to logon12.2Windows 102020-04-262020-04-272
16391Failed to initdb to use non-cluster storage12.2ArchLinux2020-04-262020-04-261
16390Regression between 12.2 and 11.6 on a recursive query : very slow and overestimation of rows12.2Linux/Ubuntu2020-04-252020-04-252
16389OOM on CTE since version 1212.2Centos 7, Linux 3.102020-04-252020-04-252
16388Different results when bitmap scan enabled/disabled11.7Ubuntu2020-04-242020-04-253
16387postgres12-* packages not in yum repo12.2CentOS Linux release 7.7.19082020-04-242020-04-241
16386drop contraint in inherited table is missing in pg_dump backup10.12centos 72020-04-242020-04-244
16385Postgres YUM repo broke9.5.0Redhat EL 62020-04-232020-04-242
16384having trouble while installation12.2windows2020-04-222020-05-063
16383Query planner has (potentially very) wrong predicted row count for some group bys12.2macOS 10.14.62020-04-222020-04-221
16382pgdg-redhat-repo-42.0-9 has two sections with the same name - causing issuesUnsupported/UnknownCentOS 72020-04-202020-04-212
16381create table in pgAdmin4 but unable to use it in SQL12.0win102020-04-202020-04-202
16380documentation: host[no]gssenc vs. address/IP-address/IP-mask fields12.2Documentation2020-04-192020-05-2613
16379configure with krb5 in centos6 will compile without linking to library com_err and krb5Unsupported/UnknownLinux2020-04-192020-04-192
16378Invalid memory access on interrupting CLUSTER after CREATE TEMP TABLE12.2Ubuntu 18.042020-04-192020-04-203
16377select stuck when use order by and limit 1 if order-by-field has one index and result has no records11.6Centos 7.62020-04-182020-04-182
16376ALTER SYSTEM incorrectly quotes empty list11.0Linux2020-04-172020-04-183
16375Error in pgAdmin 4.20 when trying to script a function to Query ToolUnsupported/UnknownWindows 10 Pro2020-04-172020-04-172
16374I can't directly change owner from my created database to my created user.10.10centos2020-04-172020-04-172
16373Behavior of Temporary table creation10.11MacOS2020-04-172020-04-195
16372POSTGRES_DB docker-compose12.2ubuntu2020-04-172020-04-171
16370pgadmin broken12.2Ubuntu2020-04-172020-04-212
16369Segmentation Faults and Data Corruption with Generated Columns12.2CentOS 8, Red Hat 8, Mac OS X 10.14.62020-04-152020-04-1810
16368Incorrect function inlining in the presence of a window function12.2Gentoo Linux2020-04-152020-04-168
16367Fail yum update some packages. Example postgis25_1111.7RedHat/CentOS 7.72020-04-152020-04-162
16366unable to install pgadmin4Unsupported/UnknownCentOS 7.72020-04-152020-04-162
16365recieve smart shutdown after system start9.5.7Debian GNU/Linux 8.8 (jessie)2020-04-152020-04-152
16364ICACLS error when installing under system context "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" ie installing with SCCM12.2Windows 102020-04-152020-04-274
16363Memory increases for each table accessed until connection is closed12.2Ubuntu Linux 19.042020-04-142020-04-177
16362yum repo: duplicated definition12.2CentOS72020-04-142020-04-141
16361[pgadmin-v4.20] Empty error message when you try to generate table create script12.2MAC2020-04-142020-04-212
16360[pgadmin-v4.20] error string indices must be integers12.2MAC2020-04-142020-04-141
16359Server error message: ERROR: memory exhausted12.1Ubuntu Server 18.042020-04-132020-04-132
16358formas web site sql10.12data2020-04-132020-04-131
16357Incorrect rounding for negative arguments in to_timestamp()9.6.17Linux 5.0.0, Ubuntu 18.04.12020-04-112020-04-111
16356Can't perform json operations on casted text in where clause when a join is used. WHERE is too early12.2Win102020-04-102020-04-103
16355(packaging) [pgdg12-source] is used multiple times in /etc/yum.repos.d/pgdg-redhat-all.repoUnsupported/UnknownRHEL 82020-04-102020-04-112
16354No geos 3.8.1 package for RHEL 812.2CentOS 82020-04-092020-04-225
16353pg_isready timeout is ignored11.7docker postgres:11-alpine (x64)2020-04-092020-04-092
16352Data corruption in few tables9.6.13Docker image postgres:9.6.132020-04-082020-04-153
16351PostgreSQL closing connection during requests with segmentation fault10.12Ubuntu 18.042020-04-082020-04-0911
16350pgcenter expects postgresql12-libs on postgresql 1111.7CentOS 72020-04-082020-04-083
16349pgbouncer missing from repo9.6.17Linux2020-04-082020-04-112
16348Memory leak when parsing config12.2Arch Linux2020-04-072020-04-084
16347pgbadger is missing in the repo11.7CentOS 72020-04-072020-04-082
16346pg_upgrade fails on a trigger with a comment12.2Ubuntu 18.042020-04-062020-04-084
16345ts_headline does not find phrase matches correctly12.0Ubuntu 18.04.32020-04-052020-04-092
16344json_agg slow performance vs jsonb_agg, truncate table for master table with remote partition12.2PostgreSQL 12.0 on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, compiled2020-04-052020-04-051
16343Build problem: "Could not find debug or release binaries"12.0Windows 10 Home2020-04-042020-05-214
16342CREATE TABLE LIKE INCLUDING GENERATED column order issue12.2Debian Buster2020-04-032020-04-095
16341Installation with EnterpriseDB Community installer in NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM context not possible9.6.17Windows Server 20162020-04-032020-04-2711
16340lo_manage() crashs DB instance11.7RHEL 7.72020-04-032020-04-033
16339[Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'python': 'python'12.2Centos 82020-04-032020-04-031
16338casting interval '24h' to time returns '00:00:00' instead of '24:00:00'12.2Arch Linux, Ubntu2020-04-022020-04-022
16337Finnish Ispell dictionary cannot be created12.2Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.12020-04-022020-04-146
16336Undefined symbols since upgrade of VS to 2019.5.2, and other issues12.2Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2019.5.22020-04-022020-04-063
16335Installing plr12 fails due to package conflicts12.2OracleLinux 7 (=RHEL7)2020-04-022020-04-021
16334We recently upgraded PG version from 9.5 to 10.10 and system performance is not so good10.10Centos 72020-04-022020-04-021
16333position() function not equivalent to strpos() function when comparing citext9.6.17Windows 102020-04-012020-04-056
16332The xmltable function returns 'comment()' as unusable xml appended together and having no xml tags11.6Windows 102020-04-012020-04-012
16331segfault in checkpointer with full disk12.2CentOS2020-04-012020-04-014
16330psql accesses null pointer in connect.c:do_connect12.2Arch Linux2020-03-302020-04-018
16329Valgrind detects an invalid read when building a gist index with buffering12.2Ubuntu 18.042020-03-292020-11-0215
16328Generated column and inheritance: strange default error12.2Ubuntu 18.042020-03-292020-03-291
16327Too many files in pg_replslot folder12.2Windows2020-03-292020-03-303
16325Assert failure on partitioning by int for a text value with a collation12.2Ubuntu 18.042020-03-282020-04-089
16324bad cost estimates for generic query plans11.7CentOS 7.72020-03-272020-03-273
16323CREATE TABLE AS SELECT with unknown column type12.0windows2020-03-272020-03-272
16321Memory leaks in PostmasterMain12.2Linux2020-03-272020-03-304
16320GSSAPI Error12.2Mac2020-03-262020-03-277
16319Changes in config files9.5.0ubuntu2020-03-262020-03-262
16318The default tablespace of a table and index is not inheriting the tablespace of database11.6Ubuntu2020-03-262020-03-263
16317max_wal_size does not remove WAL files, cause "no space left"10.10suse2020-03-252020-03-267
16316The application has lost the database connection:12.2mac os 10.152020-03-242020-03-253
16315Installing as SYSTEM generates error when icacls command runs10.10Windows 10 18092020-03-242020-03-262
16314Database Cache Hit Ratio (Warning)9.6.0Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.6 (Maip)2020-03-242020-03-276
16313[2528] ERROR: column pd.adsrc does not exist at character 8912.2window 102020-03-242020-03-242
16312How to get last modified timestamp of password change for user in postgresql.9.6.11Linux2020-03-232020-03-242
16311Zero sized WAL archive logs on DAS12.1Centos 7.62020-03-232020-03-231
16310Database Cluster Initialization failed while installing postgres11.7Windows2020-03-222020-03-254
16309Postgres's ISO 8601 date output is not compliant11.6docker2020-03-202020-03-202
16308pg_restore: [archiver (db)] could not execute query: ERROR: unrecognized configuration parameter "i9.5.15Linux2020-03-182020-03-184
16307pgdg11-updates-debuginfo YUM repository missing RHEL releasever directories11.7RHEL2020-03-182020-03-312
16306cluster error12.2windows2020-03-172020-03-252
16305Application Stack Builder downloads MacOS JDBC binary12.2Windows10 October 2018 Update Ver.18092020-03-172020-03-243
16304ECPG won't accept input from STDIN11.5AIX2020-03-162020-03-233
16303A condtion whether an index-only scan is possible includes a wrong12.2Debian 10.32020-03-162020-03-186
16302too many range table entries - when count partition table(65538 childs)12.2CentOS 7.7 x642020-03-142020-03-2012
16301unable to connect to server12.2windows 642020-03-142020-03-143
16300Text line order corruption with COPY command12.2Windows Server 2019 64bit2020-03-122020-03-135
16299pg_subscription_rel inconsistency post create database from template with disabled subscription12.1Ubuntu2020-03-122020-03-121
16298the repo files have an unnecessary alphabet and it is effecting the parsing of the repo fileUnsupported/Unknownlinux/centos2020-03-112020-03-112
16297Typo found in latest version of 72020-03-112020-03-112
16296broken /etc/yum.repos.d/pgdg-redhat-all.repoUnsupported/Unknowncentos2020-03-112020-03-112
16295parsing error in pgdg-centos10-10-2.noarch.rpm/pgdg-redhat-all.repo10.10centos72020-03-112020-03-112
16293postgres segfaults and returns SQLSTATE 0800611.7Ubuntu 16.042020-03-102020-03-3113
16292query tools screen hangs10.0windows 102020-03-102020-03-102
16291Installation10.12Window 7 32 bit2020-03-102020-03-102
16290Unable to run \set AUTOCOMMIT off11.6Linux2020-03-102020-03-102
16289no installation data folder, launch deamon12.2OSX 10.15.32020-03-092020-03-102
16288application_name from client's primary_conninfo not set in pg_stat_replication on master12.2Ubuntu 18.042020-03-092020-03-093
16287'Server doesn't listen' after setting 'timezone' to "America/Detroit US/Michigan"Unsupported/UnknownWindows 7 Embedded Standard SP12020-03-062020-03-062
16285bt_metap fails with value is out of range for type integer12.2Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS2020-03-022020-03-1116
16284Pg_dump is not working and PostgreSQL APP no longer available11.4Qnap 4.4.12020-03-022020-03-026
16283crash on create index segmentation fault10.12Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS2020-02-282020-05-2112
16282Avoid sql-injections at identifiers12.2Docker alpine edge2020-02-282020-02-281
16281LN() function inaccurate at 1000th fractional digit12.2Ubuntu 18.04.22020-02-282020-03-017
16280dead tuples (probably) effect plan and query performance11.6Centos 7.42020-02-272020-03-177
16279Permissions doc incorrect for pg_buffercache11.6macOS, also AWS Aurora2020-02-262020-02-286
16278SOCKET ISSUE9.5.19UBUNTU 16.04 LTS2020-02-262020-02-264
16277xmlelement allows invalid XML characters when XML version is set to 1.010.7Ubuntu2020-02-252020-02-265
16276Server crash on an invalid attempt to attach a partition to an index12.2Ubuntu 18.042020-02-252020-03-109
16275we are facing error as psycopg2.errors.ProgramLimitExceeded: row is too big: size 24520, maximum12.0windows 102020-02-252020-02-252
16274Repeated Libraries in Mac11.7Mac Os Catalina Version 10.15.12020-02-242020-02-289
16273InitDB Memory leak12.1centos72020-02-232020-02-232
16272Index expression can refer to wrong attributes if index is created via CREATE TABLE LIKE11.7Ubuntu 18.042020-02-212020-09-137
16271rebuild PostgreSQL using --with-libxml9.5.3CENT OS - 72020-02-212020-02-211
16270Repository URL is wrong12.2SLES122020-02-212020-03-182
16269psql: error while loading shared libraries10.10CENT OS - 72020-02-202020-02-202
16268SPI_getvalue requires IsTransactionState but TextDatumGetCString of SPI_getbinval - not!12.2Docker alpine edge2020-02-202020-02-202
16267Have problems to connect with localhost in all versions can you help me to solve this12.2wiindows 102020-02-192020-02-191
16266Server crash on SELECT event_trigger-returning function12.2Ubuntu 18.042020-02-192020-02-192
16265psql shows (unfolded) relation name in quotes12.1Linux2020-02-192020-02-192
16264Server closed the connection unexpectedly12.2macOS version 10.15.32020-02-182020-02-204
16263pg_advisory_xact_lock cannot be released9.5.14ubuntu 16.042020-02-172020-02-171
16262pg_advisory_xact_lock cannot be released9.5.18ubuntu 16.042020-02-172020-02-172
16261Not able to start Postgres9.6.11linux2020-02-172020-02-174
16260Repetitive accessing to partitioned table inside transaction causes server process crash12.2Mint Linux 18.32020-02-162020-02-162
16259Cannot Use "pg_ctl start -l logfile" on Clean Install on Windows Server 2012/201612.2Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 20162020-02-142020-02-1611
16258exec_simple_query does not call ProcessCompletedNotifies after CommitTransactionCommand12.2Docker alpine edge2020-02-142020-02-2512
1625712.2 rpm packages size increase vs 12.112.2RHEL62020-02-132020-02-173
16256Checking deferred FK constraints when updating PK is ordrs of magnitude slower than when updating FK12.1Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS2020-02-132020-02-133
16255No respect for 'not materialized' on CTEs with group by12.1Windows2020-02-122020-02-122
16254SQL raises error dsa_allocate could not find 4 free pages10.5CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core)2020-02-112020-02-112
16253Documentation bug relevant2020-02-092020-02-092
16252PL/pgSQL dynamic programming not well suited for working with different schemas12.0Windows 10 183622020-02-082020-02-082
16251::text type casting of a constant breaks query performance12.1Windows 102020-02-082020-02-086
16250As the owner of a database, I can't CREATE EXTENSION postgis;10.5Mac2020-02-072020-02-072
16249Partition pruning blocks on exclusively locked table partition11.5Debian Stretch, RDS2020-02-072020-02-073
16248ALTER SYSTEM quoting of values does not work as expected11.6Ubuntu2020-02-072020-02-072
16247Cast error on integer12.1Windows 7 professional2020-02-062020-02-063
16246Need compatible odbc driver to establish connectivity with SAP BOBJ 4.212.1Linux2020-02-062020-02-072
16245proj63 from rhel-7 repo depends on sqlite33, but is not available11.6OracleLinux 72020-02-062020-02-084
16244Ref cursor from PostgreSQL and entity Framework11.6Windows 102020-02-052020-02-052
16243non super user take pg_restore found some errors.10.10suse2020-02-042020-02-042
16242convert_tuple_* not handling missing values correctly12.1any2020-02-042020-02-069
16241Degraded hash join performance12.1Modified postgres:12 docker image (Debian Buster)2020-02-032020-02-059
16240The now() function is populating different date time than expected9.6.9Linux2020-02-032020-02-032
16239It is not possible to upgrade the password from md5 to SCRAM12.1CentOS Linux release 7.7.1908 (Core)2020-01-312020-01-312
16238Function " to_char(timestamp, text) " doesn't work properly10.7Windows 102020-01-302020-01-304
16237When restoring database, backend disconnects or crashes when foreign key is created12.1Mac OS Catalina 10.15.2, EDB Install Image2020-01-282020-01-284
16236Invalid escape encoding12.1linux 5.4.142020-01-272020-01-304
16235ts_rank ignores match and only considers lower weighted vector12.1Linux2020-01-272020-01-283
16234LDAP Query9.5.20RHEL 7.72020-01-272020-02-074
16233Yet another "logical replication worker" was terminated by signal 11: Segmentation fault12.1Ubuntu 18.04.22020-01-262020-01-284
16232Database server connection limit exceeding9.6.9Core OS2020-01-262020-01-262
16231Database server connection limit exceeding9.6.9Core OS2020-01-262020-01-261
16230Boolean column stick to "false" after calling updateRow() on updateable ResultSet12.1linux / platform independent2020-01-252020-01-262
16229PgAdmin 4.17 show message error12.1Windows7 x642020-01-252020-01-251
16228Can connect, but cannot open or use tables in LibreOffice Base 612.1Windows 10 64bit2020-01-242020-01-243
16227Loss database tables automatically in a couple of days11.0Windows2020-01-232020-01-275
16226background worker "logical replication worker" (PID <pid>) was terminated by signal 11: Segmentation12.1CentOS Linux 7 (Core) Kernel: Linux 3.10.0-1062.9.2020-01-222020-01-235
16225EL8 - PGDG postgresql* packages conflict with appstream postgresql packages11.6Oracle Linux 82020-01-222020-01-243
16224Postgresql - First columnName is where clause has be double brackets?10.0Windows 102020-01-222020-01-222
16223Performance regression between 11.6 and 12.1 in an SQL query with a recursive CTE based on function12.1Ubuntu 18.042020-01-222020-02-039
16222[[:print:]] doesn't correctly handle Emoji skin tone modifiers on MacOS11.6MacOS Catalina2020-01-212020-01-213
16221ERROR while importing Plpython , pltcl11.0WINDOWS 102020-01-212020-01-215
16220FTS queries slow for large table when using low "gin_fuzzy_search_limit"12.1macOS Catalina2020-01-202020-01-201
16219EvalPlanQualFetchRowMark segfaults on Updates12.1Ubuntu 18.042020-01-202020-01-202
16218The database cluster initialization failed12.1Windows 102020-01-182020-01-192
16217ECPG call interface && filename of the foo.pgc file for logging11.4SuSE Linux SLES 12 SP42020-01-172020-01-171
16216the result of to_date function with negative year number not same as BC year number12.0centos72020-01-172020-01-175
16215Restore failes if number of workers in postgresql.conf is lower than on source system10.11Linux2020-01-172020-01-175
16214Settings is not copy11.6Gentoo, RHEL2020-01-172020-01-172
16213segfault when running a query11.5linux2020-01-162020-01-173
16212subquery block allows to overwrite table alias defined earlier9.6.16Linux2020-01-162020-01-173
16211Disk space keep rising for originated tablespace of base Database12.0Windows 7 642020-01-162020-01-161
16210Space12.0Windows 7 642020-01-162020-01-162
16209cant install via 82020-01-162020-01-161
16208background worker "logical replication worker" was terminated by signal 11: Segmentation12.1Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS2020-01-162020-01-184
16207localization functions upper() and lower() does not work for text returned by convert_from()12.0Ubuntu 16.04.11 64-bit2020-01-152020-01-152
16206Documentation for PGDATABASE libpq env var is misleading12.1All2020-01-152020-01-151
16205background worker "logical replication worker" (PID 25218) was terminated by signal 11: Segmentation12.1Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS2020-01-152020-01-1612
16204Fail to setup10.11CentOS72020-01-112020-01-135
16203So difficult to set an use postgres11.0Debian Jessie2020-01-102020-01-254
16202Cannot restore database that has materialized view using crosstab (tablefunc)12.1Debian 102020-01-102020-01-103
16201Second column in Range Partition is scanning all the partitions10.5Amazon Linux2020-01-102020-01-102
16200returned data from ESQL/C FETCH is trampling outside assigned memory for CHAR column11.4SuSE Linux SLES 12 SP42020-01-102020-01-105
16199pg_restore stuck on interrupts11.5Linux2020-01-082020-01-216
16198Create extension postgis fails with incorrect version of ogdi9.4.25Centos 7.7.19082020-01-082020-01-081
16197pg_advisory_xact_lock error9.5.12ubuntu 16.042020-01-082020-01-082
16196RPM package for PG 10.11 assumes that all Centos >= 7 use python2-libs, but 7.4 doesn't10.11Centos 7.42020-01-082020-01-081
16195current_schema always return "public"12.1CentOS 7 &amp; Windows2020-01-072020-01-093
16194use postgresql's pg_advisory_xact_lock error9.5.11ubuntu 16.042020-01-072020-01-072
16193Tools menu in pgAdmin is not shown11.2Windows 102020-01-062020-01-182
16192Function to_char(date,'IW') return incorrect value for last days of a year9.6.6Linux2020-01-062020-01-062
16191Errors of division by zero occur in several files.12.1Linux2020-01-062020-01-062
16190The usage of NULL pointer in refint.c12.1Linux2020-01-062020-01-1211
16189The usage of NULL pointer in indexpath.c12.1Linux2020-01-062020-01-062
16188The usage of NULL pointer in rege_dfa.c12.1Linux2020-01-062020-01-062
16187The usage of undefined value in parallel.c12.1Linux2020-01-062020-01-061
16186The usage of undefined value in pgbench.c12.1Linux2020-01-062020-01-062
16185Trigger fires twice and with wrong TG_OP when updating partion key on partitioned table12.1Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS2020-01-032020-01-031
16184Segmentation Fault during update12.1Linux dev-g1-db-synchro.gnb.adm 3.10.0-1062.7.1.el2020-01-022020-01-317
16183PREPARED STATEMENT slowed down by jit12.1Ubuntu 18.042020-01-022020-01-139
16182Error in logs from "renaming temporary statistics"12.1Microsoft Windows 2019 Server2020-01-022020-02-145
16181Error Creating Stored Procedures12.1Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS2020-01-012020-01-023
16180s_lock botteneck when load pg_stat_statements and save=off|on12.1CentOS 7.7 x642019-12-302019-12-302
16179is it reasonable to callback pgss_post_parse_analyze or pg_hint_plan_post_parse_analyze ???11.5linux2019-12-252019-12-263
16178DROP LANGUAGE plpythonu; doesn't actually drop language.11.6Ubuntu 182019-12-232019-12-232
16177pg_event_trigger_ddl_commands() returns empty set for ddl_command_start and "drop table"11.6linux2019-12-222019-12-245
16176NULL value returned by category_sql argument to crosstab() causes segmentation fault12.1FreeBSD 12.12019-12-202019-12-239
16175To migrate MySQL To PostgreSQL11.0Linux2019-12-202019-12-201
16174PostgreSQL 9.6 service can not start after unexpected shutdown9.6.12Windows Server 2016 Standard 10.0.143932019-12-202019-12-201
16173PostgreSQL 9.6 service can not start after unexpected shutdown9.6.12Windows Server 2016 Standard 10.0.143932019-12-202019-12-201
16172failure of vacuum file truncation can cause permanent data corruption12.1Windows/Linux2019-12-192019-12-205
16171Potential malformed JSON in explain output12.1any2019-12-182019-12-182
16170pgadmin 4 won't even start12.1windows 102019-12-172019-12-171
16169Default time output for 24:00 is 00:0012.0Documentation may need clarification.2019-12-172019-12-179
16168Full text search parser prefers "file" over "asciiword"10.5Any2019-12-162019-12-161
16167frontend psql fails 'select * from table' if nrows * ncolumns = 2**32 in a table.12.1CentOS7.7 (1908)2019-12-162019-12-161
16166Caution needs to be expanded9.6.0Documentation2019-12-152019-12-151
16165Query Works fine but spam so many LOG: unrecognized win32 error code: 3812.1Windows Server 20162019-12-142019-12-142
16164Sending shared secret in all low case11.5Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.6 (Maipo2019-12-122019-12-212
16163Seq scan through all the partitions on a partitioned table when joined small, dictionary table.12.1Linux2019-12-122019-12-182
16162create index using gist_trgm_ops leads to panic12.1Ubuntu 16.042019-12-122019-12-1613
16161pg_ctl stop fails sometimes (on Windows)12.1Windows2019-12-112019-12-2129
16160Minor memory leak in case of starting postgres server with SSL encryption12.1Any2019-12-112021-03-2116
16159recovery requests WALs for the next timelines before timeline switch LSN has been reached11.6CentOS 7.6.1810 (3.10.0-957.el7.x86_64)2019-12-112020-01-283
16158Check constraints using SQL functions work incorrectly11.5x86_64 GNU/Linux2019-12-102019-12-104
16157handling of pg_malloc(0)12.1CentOS 7.42019-12-092019-12-103
16156bugs security9.6.0centos2019-12-062019-12-061
16155error when starting pgAdmin (version 4)10.0MacOS 10.15.12019-12-062019-12-061
16154pg_ctl restart with a logfile fails sometimes (on Windows)12.1Windows2019-12-062019-12-1112
16153foreign key update should probably move dependent rows in the case of tuple rerouting12.1debian2019-12-052020-07-133
16152postgresql10-plpython-10.11-2PGDG.rhel7.x86_64 requires an unexistant package10.11CentOS72019-12-052019-12-112
16151startup timing problem12.1fedora 312019-12-052019-12-212
16150UPDATE set NULL value in non-null columns12.0Windows2019-12-052019-12-053
16149Prepared COPY queries always report 0 parameters when described12.1Debian Buster2019-12-052019-12-052
16148Query on Large table hangs in ETL flows and gives out of memory when run in pgAdmin49.5.15PostgreSQL 9.5.15 on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, compiled2019-12-042019-12-054
16147postgresql 12.1 (from homebrew) - pg_restore -h localhost --jobs=2 crashes12.1MacOS 10.15.12019-12-042020-05-206
16146ts_headline does not find phrase matches correctly12.0Ubuntu 18.04.32019-12-042019-12-041
16145Not able to terminate active session11.2Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.6 (Maipo2019-12-032019-12-0615
16144Segmentation fault on dict_int extension12.1CentOS 7.42019-12-022019-12-034
16143PGTYPEStimestamp_fmt_asc() returns the incorrect month when the format specifier %b is used.11.5Redhat and Debian2019-11-292019-11-306
16142host down12.0Kali Linux2019-11-292019-11-292
16141When creating a new DB it's not possible to select German_Switzerland Collation in Definition.12.1Win102019-11-292019-11-291
16140View with INSERT, DO INSTEAD, and ON CONFLICT causes an error12.1Debian2019-11-272019-12-055
16139Assertion fails on INSERT into a postgres_fdw' table with two AFTER INSERT triggers12.1Ubuntu 18.042019-11-272019-12-107
16138Error while installing PostgreSQL12.1Windows2019-11-262019-11-263
16137pg_upgrade fails with an index over nesting function12.1Ubuntu 18.042019-11-252019-11-252
16136Bug with cost calculation and JIT application12.1Ubuntu 18.042019-11-252019-11-252
16135`pgadmin4-web` package fails to update due to missing `pgadmin4-python3-flask-compress`10.11Fedora 302019-11-252019-11-251
16134Assertion fails on CREATE gist INDEX over intarray12.1Ubuntu 18.042019-11-242019-11-242
16133Regexp quantifier issues12.1any2019-11-222019-11-222
16132PostgreSQL 12.1 and PLV8 2.3.13 => PostgreSQL crashes12.1Mac &amp; Ubuntu 18.04 LTS2019-11-222019-11-252
16131pg_upgrade 9 -> 11.6 and a database is missing11.6CentOS Linux release 7.7.1908 (Core)2019-11-212020-01-305
16130planner does not pick unique btree index and goes for seq scan but unsafe hash index works.9.6.15Ubuntu2019-11-212019-11-213
16129Segfault in tts_virtual_materialize in logical replication worker12.1Arch Linux2019-11-212019-11-2240
16128plpython3 missing from F-31-x86_64 download12.1linux2019-11-202019-11-272
16127PostgreSQL 12.1 on Windows 2008 R2 =?utf-8?Q?copy?= =?utf-8?B?IHRhYmxlIGZyb20g4oCYbGFyZ2UgMkdCIGNzduKAmXJlcG9ydCDigJxVbmtu?= =?utf-8?B?b3duIGVycm9y4oCd?=2019-11-202019-11-213
16126Missing the sp_OACreate procedures12.1Windows2019-11-202019-11-204
16125Crash of PostgreSQL's wal sender during logical replication10.11Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS2019-11-182019-11-2817
16124Altering default privileges problem11.5NixOS2019-11-182019-11-182
16123DST not respected for America/Sao_Paulo in `timestamp` function11.5MacOS (Mojave)2019-11-182019-11-184
16122segfault pg_detoast_datum (datum=0x0) at fmgr.c:1833 numrange query10.11Ubuntu &amp; CentOS2019-11-182020-01-1323
1612112 regression: Volatile function in target list subquery behave as stable12.1Gentoo Linux2019-11-182019-11-183
16119pg_dump omits columns specification for matviews9.4.25Linux/Docker2019-11-152019-11-196
16118subsequent to Postgres server 12.1 patch, database won't start12.1FreeBSD 12.12019-11-152019-11-152
16117Server cannot be installed12.0Win 102019-11-152019-11-232
16116function lpad(integer, integer, integer) does not exist11.4Linux2019-11-152019-11-152
16115Package postgresql12-12.1 is not signed12.1centos 82019-11-142019-11-142
16114Repo is broken9.4.24RHEL62019-11-142019-11-172
16112large, unexpected memory consumption12.0linux 2.6.322019-11-132020-04-2316
16111Unexpected query compilation error =?utf-8?B?4oCc?= =?utf-8?Q?negative_bitmapset_member_not_allowed=E2=80=9D?=2019-11-132019-12-053
16110Exporting data from SQL Server to PostgreSQL 12 using a linked server within SQL Server fails12.0Windows 10 (Version 10.0.18362.449)2019-11-132019-11-131
16109Postgres planning time is high across version - 10.6 vs 10.1010.10AWS RDS2019-11-122019-11-138
16108Colorization to the output of command-line has unproperly behaviors at Windows platform12.0Windows2019-11-122019-11-155
16107string_agg looses first item11.5Linux2019-11-112019-11-112
16106Patch - Radius secrets always gets lowercased12.0Centos 72019-11-112019-11-126
16105trying to install pgadmin411.5debian buster2019-11-092019-11-092
16104Invalid DSA Memory Alloc Request in Parallel Hash11.5Debian2019-11-082019-12-2455
16103Initdb does not respect country for language10.10Windows Server 2008 R22019-11-082020-03-1712
16102Table can't be drop on PostgreSQL 10.09 if the table was created from PostgreSQL 10.1010.10suse2019-11-082019-11-083
16101tables in the DB is not available after pg_restore10.10suse2019-11-082019-11-082
16100Cannot access to the sever with the password12.0FATAL: password authentication failed for user &quot;p2019-11-072019-11-083
16099Segmentation fault with - triggers and procedures12.0Ubuntu 19.042019-11-072019-11-074
16098unexplained autovacuum to prevent wraparound10.6RHEL 72019-11-072019-12-298
16097ts_headline fails on text with html style tag12.0Linux. Ubuntu 18 and 162019-11-062019-11-061
16096psql (non-interactive mode) SQL multi-request commands don't report all feedback ?!12.0Centos 7.7.19082019-11-062019-11-062
16095Segfault while executing trigger12.0Modified postgres:12 docker image (Debian Buster)2019-11-052019-11-158
16094Database entering recovery mode12.0OSX2019-11-042019-11-075
16093Facing the clustering issue while installing the postgres in window1011.1Window 102019-11-042019-11-044
16092json[b]_to_recordset and json[b]_populate_record do not read properties with mixed-case names11.5Alpine Linux2019-10-312019-10-312
16091xpath fails to compute "name()", regression12.0Ubuntu Linux 18.042019-10-302019-10-303
16090=?iso-8859-1?Q?Migraci=F3?= =?iso-8859-1?Q?n?= con pg_dump2019-10-302019-10-301
16089Index only scan does not happen but expected11.5CentOS Linux release 7.3.1611 (Core)2019-10-302019-10-306
16088Multiple foreigh keys created on "ALTER TABLE" command12.0RHEL 7.72019-10-292019-10-292
16087Segmentation fault on ALTER TABLE12.0Docker (Debian 12.0-2.pgdg100+1) on OSX2019-10-292019-10-292
16086Cannot connect using psql, however I can connect using pgadmin12.0Linux x86-642019-10-292019-10-296
16085Potential missing version information available for /usr/pgsql-12/lib/ 302019-10-292019-11-063
16084Server couldn't be contacted12.0Windows2019-10-292019-10-292
16083Different Result9.6.15Linux &amp; Windows2019-10-282019-10-282
16082TOAST's pglz_decompress access to uninitialized data, if the database is corrupted.12.0Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18362.418]2019-10-262019-10-314
16081pg_upgrade is failed if a fake cmd.exe exist in the current directory.12.0Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18362.418]2019-10-262019-11-012
16080pg_ctl is failed if a fake cmd.exe exist in the current directory.12.0Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18362.418]2019-10-262019-10-2810
16079Question Regarding the BUG #1606410.10UBUNTU2019-10-252020-12-217
16078Problems starting and running the app stack builder12.0Mac Os 10.152019-10-252019-10-251
16077Sorting of table list depends on platform10.9Mac OS/Linux2019-10-242019-10-242
16076JIT causes huge delays in a complex query. jit=off solves it.12.0Ubuntu 19.102019-10-242021-05-305
16075The favicon of is vague on MacBook Pro with retina display12.0macOS2019-10-242019-10-241
16074Consistently link latest repo RPM release to pgdg-redhat-repo-latest11.0RHEL 82019-10-232019-11-172
16073pg_dump build crashes half way10.10windows 8.1 64 bit2019-10-232019-10-242
16072Two transaction to delete all data, The result is not hopeful10.5&quot;PostgreSQL 10.5 on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, compiled2019-10-232019-10-232
16071Server crashes when 'numeric' data type is used on any plpython Function12.0Windows 72019-10-212019-10-212
16070A double-free bug in interfaces/libpq/fe-secure-openssl.c10.10ubuntu 182019-10-202019-10-214
16067Failed system call was semget11.5MacOS2019-10-192019-10-263
16066Ldap Authentication failure on PostgreSQL 10.1010.10Ubuntu 18.042019-10-182019-10-182
16065The operation nodes in query plans outputted by EXPLAIN have no authoritative definitions.12.0any2019-10-182019-10-202
16064Ldap Authentication failing with pg_hba.conf entry10.10Ubuntu 18.042019-10-172019-10-184
16063Error retrieving data from the server: INTERNAL SERVER ERROR: string indices must be integers12.0Windows 10 (Version 10.0.18352.418)2019-10-172019-10-172
16062pg_restore using ssl certs10.0Ubuntu2019-10-172019-10-172
16060JDBC - badly gets DateOffsetTime value from database12.0Ubuntu2019-10-152019-10-164
16059Tab-completion of filenames in COPY commands removes required quotes11.5Linux2019-10-152019-11-025
16058show session_user shows a not clear error message9.6.12Darwin2019-10-152019-10-162
16057Faulty PK violation10.6OSX and AWS Aurora2019-10-152019-10-151
16056Actually PGADMIN412.0windows ten2019-10-142019-10-142
16055pgAdmin 4 - ERROR: operator does not exist: - oid9.5.4freebsd2019-10-142019-10-142
16054Slowest individual queries10.9Amazon Linux2019-10-142019-10-153
16053Query planner performance regression in sql query with multiple CTE in v1212.0Windows 102019-10-122019-10-303
16052pg_dump --no-comments not working11.5Windows 102019-10-122019-10-122
16051PQgetvalue(res,0,0) is null, PQgetlength(res,0,0) is 1012.0Macos 10.152019-10-112019-10-125
16050Server crash on CREATE TEXT SEARCH DICTIONARY with a wrong AffFile12.0Ubuntu 18.042019-10-112019-10-113
16049log_line_prefix=%a and log_connections - application_name missing9.5.19Debian 112019-10-112019-10-175
16048SQLSTATE 22P05 is not captured in exception clause12.0Windows2019-10-112019-10-112
16047please help my postgress page can't be uploaded perfectly12.0windows2019-10-102019-10-101
16046xpath returns CDATA tag along with the value in postgres 1212.0Windows 72019-10-092019-11-149
16045vacuum_db crash and illegal memory alloc after pg_upgrade from PG11 to PG1212.0Windows 10 64bit2019-10-082019-10-2331
16044Could not send data to serverUnsupported/UnknownWindows2019-10-082019-10-082
16043Duplicate Entry Key Message on postgres11.0Centos 72019-10-072019-10-074
16042incorrect .gitignore file11.5Linux2019-10-052019-10-054
16041Error shows up both in pgAdmin and in Ruby (pg gem) - Segmentation fault12.0Mac OS X Mojave 10.14.62019-10-042019-12-047
16040PL/PGSQL RETURN QUERY statement never uses a parallel plan12.0Official Docker Image, CentOS72019-10-042020-06-125
16039PANIC when activating replication slots in Postgres 12.0 64bit under Windows12.0Windows Server 2019 64bit2019-10-042019-10-1111
16038Alter table - SegFault12.0WinXP (VisualStudio 2013) , Debian11 gcc92019-10-042019-10-104
16037Assertion fails in varbit_out12.0Ubuntu 18.042019-10-042019-10-044
16036Segmentation fault while doing an update12.0PostgreSQL 12.0 (Debian 12.0-1.pgdg90+1) on x86_642019-10-042019-10-0522
16035STATEMENT_TIMEOUT not working when we have single quote usage inside CTE which is used in inner sql10.8Windows 102019-10-032019-10-248
16034`\set ECHO all` doesn't work for \e command11.5All2019-10-022019-10-038
16033segmentation fault when runing update12rc1Ubuntu 18.04.32019-10-022019-10-024
16032pg_basebackup when running on Windows doesn't clean up on failure correctly11.5Windows2019-10-012019-10-074
16031Group by returns duplicate groups11.5Windows 102019-09-302019-10-0819
16030yum update failed due to download the
16029pg_basebackup - At least one WAL file is missing11.5CentOS Linux release 7.7.19082019-09-272019-10-182
16028JDBC currentSchema connection parameter not working for text search configuration10.3Windows 102019-09-262019-09-308
16027Invalid output of to_timestampUnsupported/UnknownCentOS 6.102019-09-262019-09-264
16026default_tablespace in postgresql.conf is used instead of the database's default.10.5redhat 7 64 bits2019-09-262019-10-186
16025pg_default tablespace is removable but not creatable11.5Ubuntu 18.04 LTS2019-09-252019-09-262
16024segfault ip 0000560103865c60 error 4 in postgres9.6.15Ubuntu 18.042019-09-252019-09-286
16023in PgAdmin4.13, unable to recompile functions that have "search_path" set at the function level9.4.0Windows 10 64bit2019-09-252019-09-263
16022to_json on arrays with unusual lower bound is not intuitive11.5Ubuntu2019-09-252019-09-263
16021Can create Pk on partitioned table with foreign table as partition11.5CentOS Linux release 7.3.1611 (Core)2019-09-252019-09-252
16020ICU Collations querys12beta4Windows2019-09-252019-09-265
16019error pg_restore from pg_dump(windows8.1-pgadmin 4.12)9.6.2Centos 7 Windows 8.12019-09-242019-09-242
16018pg_sequence_last_value() doesn't give results for owners11.5osx2019-09-232019-09-234
16017Postgres does not respond non-local connections11.0Windows OS2019-09-222019-09-223
16016deadlock with startup process, AccessExclusiveLock on pg_statistic's toast table11.5Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS2019-09-202019-11-027
16015information_schema.triggers lack of truncate trigger11.4linux2019-09-202019-09-204
16014how to modify column ev_action of pg_rewrite11.4linux2019-09-202019-09-202
16013Unexpected results from bit field query9.6.9Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS2019-09-182019-09-223
16012vacuum full, something weird9.5.3Centos 7.x2019-09-182019-09-182
16011Select * query for sequences does not show all columns in output.11.5Windows2019-09-172019-09-172
16010Unexpected reordering of WHERE clause operations and SELECT list function calls12beta3MacOS2019-09-172019-09-172
16008pgrouting rpm missing in pgdg11.5rhel 6.92019-09-132019-09-131
16007Regarding patch for BUG #3995: pqSocketCheck doesn't returnUnsupported/UnknownLinux (2.6.32)2019-09-122019-09-175
16006Update queries fail on a table having any policy with a function that takes a whole-row var as arg9.5.19Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS2019-09-122019-09-138
16005cannot use \d to get description of table12beta3centos62019-09-122019-09-122
16004New Version pgrouting_96-2.6.3-1 has dependency to postgis25_96 in Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.6 (Maipo2019-09-122019-09-132
16003pg_basebackup failed with error : directory "xxxxxxx" exists but is not empty11.4Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.62019-09-122019-09-136
16002Index size larger than the base table size and growing abnormally.11.0RHEL 72019-09-122019-09-121
16001I'm trying to install postgre SQL using Enterprise DB installer but I'm getting error/11.5Windows 10 Home Single Language x642019-09-112019-09-111
16000PgAdmin 4.12 Internal Server Error11.5Windows 102019-09-102019-09-101
15999jsonb_populate_record fails with array column9.6.15Debian / Windows2019-09-102019-09-102
15998query to return a table column list gives error on a missing foreign data wrapper library11.5Centos 7.6.1810 x862019-09-102019-09-103
15997PgManager giving error while looking a table with PgV1212beta1Windows 102019-09-092019-09-092
15996Unable to install any PosgresSQL version11.5Windows 10 Pro2019-09-092019-09-102
15995VACUUM not working after setting/unsetting of archive_mode = on, wal_level = replica10.8RHEL 7.52019-09-092019-09-093
15994can't run psql11.5Ubuntu 18.042019-09-062019-09-072
15993"CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION" does not clear search_path10.9Debian2019-09-062019-09-273
15992Index size larger than the base table size. Sometime 3 times large11.0RHEL 72019-09-052019-09-094
15991Troubles about Management Tools for Postgre.11.5Windows 7 64 bits2019-09-052019-09-272
15990PROCEDURE throws "SQL Error [XX000]: ERROR: no known snapshots" with PostGIS geometries11.5Ubuntu 18.042019-09-042021-05-1810
15989Cluster unable to open as hot standby after SIGKILL during exclusive backup11.5Centos 72019-09-022019-09-032
15988Improve ANALYZE-statement11.5RHEL2019-08-312019-08-311
15987Improve REINDEX of all indexes of a table at once10.10RHEL2019-08-312019-09-015
15984order of where in() query affects query planer11.5Debian Sid2019-08-292019-09-024
15983pg_dump converts CRLF to LF11.5Mac / Linux2019-08-292019-08-292
15982in v11.5, you cannot script existing views11.4Windows 102019-08-282019-08-312
15981Alter table add column if not exists with constraint fails on constraint11.5Debian2019-08-272019-08-272
15980Installation fails with executing icacls error11.5Windows 102019-08-262019-08-261
15979PG_VERSION , pg_tblspc got deleted automatically & postgres server creased.9.4.4Oracle Linux Server release 6.72019-08-262019-08-272
15978PostgreSQL Importing issue for view in .Net Framework11.5.Net framework2019-08-262019-08-261
15977Inconsistent behavior in chained transactions12beta3Windows2019-08-252019-08-2911
15976Microsoft august patch will trouble postgres installation?11.5Windows2019-08-242019-08-241
15975Copy from large text files on Windows returns "unknown error"11.5Windows 102019-08-232019-08-232
15974Concact with || doesn't work, but function CONCAT () works11.4linux - Red Hat 7.62019-08-232019-08-232
15973Sort by size in import/export dialog10.9Linux2019-08-222019-08-221
15972 - Web Site BugUnsupported/UnknownWindows2019-08-212019-08-212
15971Behaviour of SUBSTR function depending on its arguments10.4Linux2019-08-212019-08-216
15970Db initialization error - initdb.exe and postgres not same version11.5Windows 102019-08-202019-08-201
15969PG12 b3 with LLVM JIT can't load library unresolvd symbol llvm::fatal_error_handler12beta3Linux RedHat 7.62019-08-202019-08-202
15968Create table if not exists throws "relation already exists" while running in parallel transactions9.6.14Linux2019-08-202019-08-201
15967Sequence generation using NEXTVAL() fails on 64bit systems11.5Windows / Linux2019-08-202019-08-219
15965During Backup:- Unable to Perform DDL and DML on postgres DB11.4CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 (Core)2019-08-192019-08-191
15964vacuumdb.c:187:10: error: use of undeclared identifier 'FD_SETSIZE'12beta3kern.version=OpenBSD 6.6-beta (GENERIC.MP) #221: F2019-08-172019-08-2947
15963DB Connection Error at regular time periods9.5.2Linux2019-08-172019-08-171
15962Cannot drop table that previously had a 'serial' columnUnsupported/UnknownPostgreSQL 9.3.9 on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, com2019-08-162019-08-173
15961psql should be able to read password from stdin11.4Amazon Linux2019-08-162019-08-246
15960ON CONFLICT Trying accessing to variables11.3Linux2019-08-152019-08-157
15959'DROP EXTENSION pglogical' while an unused logical replication slot exists causes slot corruption10.6Linux2019-08-142019-08-273
15958All queries return "not enough values to unpack (expected 5, got 4)"11.4Postgres:Amazon RDS instance, probably linux based2019-08-142019-08-141
15957Connection event listener not called during close()Unsupported/Unknownlinux2019-08-132019-08-202
15956Server closed unexpectedly for user-defined base type LIKE char11.4OS X (and CentOS)2019-08-132019-08-132
15955changes in pg_dump from 11.4 to 11.511.5Linux2019-08-132019-08-132
15954Unable to alter partitioned table to set logged11.1Centos72019-08-132019-08-2216
15953performance issues using 11.5-1.pgdg+1 over 11.5-111.5Debian Sid x642019-08-132019-08-142
15952UNIQUE CONSTRAINT does not fulfill its' purpose9.6.14Debian 8.112019-08-122019-08-133
15951 not working11.4Windows 102019-08-122019-08-184
15950pg_freespace.avail is 011.4Windows 102019-08-122019-08-133
15949pg_basebackup failed(PG-12-Beta3)12beta3CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 (Core)2019-08-122019-08-134
15948TRGM gin index is not be taken into account when using like all (array)11.5Mac OS X 10.13 / Ubuntu 18.04 LTS2019-08-112019-08-123
15947Worse plan is chosen after giving the planner more freedom (partitionwise join)11.5Any2019-08-102019-08-144
15946"duplicate key" error on ANALYZE of table partitions in transaction11.5Any2019-08-102019-08-134
15945error while installing11.5windows 102019-08-102019-08-122
15944PostGIS 2.5-2 extension error10.10Window 10 64-bit2019-08-102019-08-101
15943Valgrind-detected error in SlruPhysicalWritePage12beta2Ubuntu 18.042019-08-082019-08-208
15942not working function pg_stat_file11.4Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18362.267]2019-08-072019-08-072
15941Query does not return12beta2Windows 10 19032019-08-072019-08-072
15940json_populate_recordset fails with ERROR: record type has not been registered11.2freebsd2019-08-062019-08-199
15939Postgres database size is growing due to oraphan objectsUnsupported/UnknownRHEL 7.42019-08-052019-08-203
15938Corrupted WAL segment after crash recovery10.9Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS2019-08-012019-08-062
15936user defined data type isn't picking default value11.4CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 (Core)2019-08-012019-08-012
15935Auto increment column changes on error while inserting (violating unique constraint)11.1Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.4.0-96-generic x862019-07-312019-07-312
15934pg_dump output in wrong order if custom operator class is used as subtype_opclass in a range type11.4Linux (Ubuntu 18.04)2019-07-312019-07-313
15933Partition by multiple columns bug11.2Windows, Centos2019-07-302019-07-314
15932Module passwordcheck doesn't reference previous hooks11.4Any2019-07-292019-08-017
15931PSQL in version 7.6 even though I installed PostgreSQL 10Unsupported/UnknownWindows 102019-07-292019-07-291
15930Redact PGPASSWORD environment variable in psql11.4Linux2019-07-272019-07-304
15929logical decoding can not write down the analyse result when the output file is touched.12beta1centos72019-07-272019-10-164
15928Message no longer displaying rows affected with insert and update statements11.4Windows2019-07-262019-07-261
15927PGresult *PQexecParams(..) not work on view10.1freebsd 11.12019-07-262019-07-262
15926TPCH Q18 slow: explain plan with 2 step Hash Aggregate (partial and finalize)12beta2Linux RedHat Entreprise 7.62019-07-262019-07-261
15925Loss of precision converting money to numeric11.4Linux2019-07-262019-07-263
15924Query Execution and variable declaration10.0Windows 72019-07-252019-07-252
15923Prepared statements take way too much memory.11.2Windows, Linux, doesn&#39;t matters2019-07-242019-07-3013
15922Simple select with multiple exists filters returns duplicates from a primary key field11.4Windows 72019-07-232019-07-248
15921invalid regular expression while parsing hunspell affix10.5Ubuntu 18.042019-07-222019-07-221
15920ERROR: deadlock detected10.0ubuntu2019-07-202019-07-201
15919When sorting, does the result show that S > s is correct?11.4CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 (Core)2019-07-192019-07-192
15918Startup of Postgresql10.4windows 102019-07-192019-07-191
15917Runtime Partition Pruning does not seem to work in PG 1111.4Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS2019-07-182019-07-182
15916Confusing upgrade message11.4Debian2019-07-182019-07-282
15915ALTER COLUMN SET DATA TYPE fails with index already exists9.6.14Centos 72019-07-182019-07-182
15914cannot get postgresql to work11.4windows2019-07-172019-07-171
15913Could not open relation with oid on PL/pgSQL method referencing temporary table that got recreated11.4Debian 11.4-1.pgdg90+12019-07-162019-08-152
15912The units of `autovacuum_vacuum_cost_delay` setting should be documented12beta2macOS2019-07-162019-11-057
15911Why no Bcrypt in pg_hba.conf?11.4Lubuntu 18.042019-07-162019-07-177
15910Valgrind-detected error in DecodeTimeOnly12beta2Ubuntu 18.042019-07-162019-08-078
15909Doc for `initdb` on `--data-checksums` says "cannot be changed later", but *can* be in Pg 12.12beta2macOS2019-07-162019-07-184
15908Xpath operations fail10.9Windows2019-07-162019-07-198
15907JSON Select Issue9.6.11Windows 102019-07-152019-07-162
15906Insert ops within a branch of "RETURN QUERY WITH" are not seen by a subsequent SELECT11.4Gentoo Linux2019-07-132019-07-132
15905FATAL: the database system is starting up11.4Windows 64 Bit2019-07-122019-07-134
15904ERROR: argument of LIMIT must not contain variables11.4Mac OS X - High Sierra2019-07-112019-07-125
15903Getting error9.6.14windows2019-07-102019-07-102
15902pgAdmin generates faulty SQL11.4Win 10 x642019-07-092019-07-091
15901Tablespace showing as null in psql and pgadmin11.2Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.32019-07-092019-07-106
15900`executor could not find named tuplestore` in triggers with transition table and row locks12beta2Ubuntu 16.042019-07-082019-07-119
15899Valgrind detects errors on create gist index12beta2Ubuntu 18.042019-07-072019-07-106
15898pg_dump error not able to restore complete dump10.9Rhel 7.12019-07-052019-07-062
15897make failed postgres 11.4 at 32 bit build11.4sles 12.12019-07-052019-07-053
15896pg_upgrade from 10-or-earlier: TRAP: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?FailedAssertion=28=BB!=28meta?= =?ISO-8859-1?Q?d-=3Ebtm=5Fversion?= >= =?ISO-8859-1?Q?3=29=AB?=2019-07-052019-07-187
15895pg_dump execution with OpenSSL encryption from Windows Service application10.4Windows 10 -64 /x642019-07-052019-07-052
15894postgresql 9.5 will not install9.5.18CentOS 72019-07-042019-07-052
15893pg_dump is not working like as postgres version 1011.3CentOS release 6.5 (Final)2019-07-042019-07-198
15892URGENT: Using an ICU collation in a primary key column breaks ILIKE query11.4Linux Mint 19 Tara / Mac OS X 10.13.62019-07-032019-08-129
15891Cannot alter columns and add constraints in one alter statement since 11.4 update11.4MacOS and Ubuntu2019-07-032019-07-032
15890Planner can't use index "(col) where col is not null" for query "where col in ($1, $2, ... $100+)"11.2Linux2019-07-032019-07-033
15889PostgreSQL failed to build due to error MSB8020 with MSVC on windows11.4Windows Server 20162019-07-032019-07-1011
15888Bogus "idle in transaction" state for logical decoding client after creating a slot9.6.14OS X 10.12.62019-07-032019-07-1212
15887An extra "break" instruction causes a bug12beta2all2019-07-032019-07-031
15886I cannot install postgres11.4windows 102019-07-022019-07-053
15885EnterpriseDB Installer upgrade process fails with icacls error9.4.23Windows2019-07-022019-07-052
15884json_object_agg errors on null in field name11.3Gentoo linux (stable)2019-07-022019-08-272
15883Event Trigger Firing Matrix Table is incomplete11.4All2019-07-022019-07-283
15882Select .... UNION ALL11.4windows 10 build 19032019-07-022019-07-023
15881\d name_of_any_table_in_any_database produces ERROR12beta2Mac OS X 10.13.62019-06-282019-06-287
15880ERROR: could not open extension control file "/usr/pgsql-11/share/extension/pgagent.control": No su11.3CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 (Core)2019-06-282019-06-282
15879pgAdmin4.9 can't update table record10.7Windows 10 Home2019-06-282019-06-282
15878Changing two column types in single request raises error that index already exists.11.4Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS2019-06-272019-06-272
15877Cannot CREATE EXTENSION for postgis 2.4 because of missing gdal23-libs ldconfig path10.9Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.6 (Maipo2019-06-272019-06-271
15876A SUGGESTION11.3w102019-06-262019-06-272
15875Unexpected serializable isolation error when INSERTing into a table10.6docker image, postgres:10.62019-06-262019-06-264
15874How to Install Plug-ins on Windows System11.4windows2019-06-262019-06-262
15873Attaching a partition fails because it sees deleted columns11.2Red Hat 4.8.5-112019-06-252019-06-296
15872copy command does not skip special character10.6Windows 102019-06-252019-06-262
15871Regression in 11.4 altering type on column with an index11.4Linux x86_64 (Alpine 3.9)2019-06-252019-06-253
15870You can't see the table after executing the table-building statement with \i12beta2CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 (Core) GCC-4.8.52019-06-242019-06-242
15869Custom aggregation returns null when parallelized11.4Windows 10 / Ubuntu 182019-06-232019-06-255
15868Creating foreign key fails to find data key that exists11.3Debian2019-06-222019-06-221
15867psql \copy from program does not work10.9RHEL/CentOS 6.92019-06-222019-06-223
15866in the frontend login page of pgadmin 4 v4.8 there are several popups "Please login to access"10.3Ubuntu 18.042019-06-212019-06-212
15865ALTER TABLE statements causing "relation already exists" errors when some indexes exist11.4CentOS72019-06-202019-06-2412
15864problems with the instalation of PostgreSQL 10 Pro2019-06-202019-06-201
15863pgAdmin nightmare11.4Windows2019-06-202019-06-202
15861jsonb exists query retuning inconsistent results11.3ubuntu 18.042019-06-202019-06-204
15860Postgresql service does not start when the pg_hba.conf is changed9.6.13Windows Server 20082019-06-192019-06-193
15859Postgres 11 repository is missing extensions11.3Centos 6.92019-06-182019-06-192
15858could not stat file - over 4GB11.3Windows Server 2012 R22019-06-182020-09-1717
15857Parallel Hash Join makes join instead of exists11.3CentOS 72019-06-182019-06-1810
15856The program "postgres" was found by "initdb" but was not the same version as initdb.11.3Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.17763.557]2019-06-172019-06-171
15855Using 'nextval' inside INSERT RULE in case of bulk data insertion.10.8not matter2019-06-172019-06-192
15854postgres wtih Docker: binding port fails with release greater than 9.6.1311.3CentOS 7.6.18102019-06-162019-06-195
15853DROP TABLE CASCADE drops sequence that other tables depend on11.3Arch Linux2019-06-152019-06-175
15852pgAdmin III tool - Password resetUnsupported/UnknownWindows2019-06-142019-06-141
15851Concurrent Refresh of Materialized views not preserving the order of the underlying query10.5Ubuntu 16.04.102019-06-132019-06-175
15850repodata missing from fedora29 public repository9.5.17Linux2019-06-132019-06-131
15849(Document) Generated Columns sample code has a strange expression12beta1(document)2019-06-132019-06-132
15848cluster initialization failed10.3Win 102019-06-122019-06-122
15847Running out of memory when planning full outer joins involving many partitions11.3Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS2019-06-122019-06-143
15846problem with the pgdg repository for fedora-2910.5fedora core 292019-06-112019-06-111
15845The repodata section is missing in the official repo11.0Fedora 292019-06-112019-06-111
15844MIPS: remove .set mips2 in s_lock.h to fix r6 build12beta1Linux2019-06-112019-06-2220
15843Postgresql11 installation fails on Fedora 2911.3Fedora 292019-06-112019-06-111
15842Unable to run a prepared statement using the org.postgresql Java Library10.7Linux (Dockerhub postgres:10)2019-06-102019-06-102
15841Creating new database and collate error12beta1Windows 102019-06-082019-06-081
15840Vacuum does not work after database stopped for wraparound protection. Database seems unrepearable.12beta1Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS2019-06-072019-06-089
15839Using text field for sorting in prepared query leads to wrong result10.6Ubuntu 18.04.12019-06-072019-06-072
15838[contrib] vacuumlo: schema variable checked for NULL three times11.2CentOS 72019-06-072019-06-073
15837Precompiling embedded SQL applications which are created by SJIS character code is failed.11.3Windows 102019-06-062019-06-061
15836Casting 'of' to boolean type should throw an invalid input syntax12beta1linux2019-06-052019-06-133
15835Errors altering data type of the column used in partial exclusion constraint11.3Any2019-06-052019-06-112
15834Cannot install npgsql driver11.3macOS Mojave2019-06-052019-06-114
15833defining a comment on a domain constraint fails with wrong OID10.8Windows 64-bit2019-06-052019-06-1211
15832COPY into a partitioned table breaks its indexes12beta1CentOS 7.4.17082019-06-042019-06-054
15831pgadmin bug: add column and comment failure when you alter table10.7Windows10 Home2019-06-032019-06-052
15830index pg_stat_all_indexes.idx_tup_read statistic error?12beta1Centos 7.x x642019-06-012019-06-012
15829PdAdmin 4 gives a Server error trigger/sql/#110003#/properties.sql with VIEWS11.3Windows 10 Home2019-05-312019-06-013
15828Server crashes inside CloneRowTriggersToPartition12beta1Ubuntu 18.042019-05-312019-06-033
15827Unable to connect on Windows using pg_services.conf using Python psycopg210.8Windows2019-05-312019-07-2623
15826BUG: Where-Clause referring to unknown column in CTE is ignored in Update-statement11.3Fedora Linux2019-05-312019-05-313
15825Setup does not complete11.3Windows 12 64-bit2019-05-302019-05-301
15824Selected execution fails after changed keybinding11.3Mac OSX 10.14.12019-05-292019-05-291
15823application server could not be contacted9.6.064 bit2019-05-292019-05-292
15822Incorrect handling of pending deletes11.3Windows2019-05-282019-05-281
15821Parallel Workers with functions and auto_explain: ERROR: could not find key 3 in shm TOC11.3Debian stretch amd642019-05-272019-06-032
15820Commuting two column make a SubqueryScan node to appear in the plan11.3Alpine 3.92019-05-272019-05-272
15819wrong expression in document of pgbench11.3(Any)2019-05-242019-05-243
15818postgis ST_AsMVT function report [9913] ERROR: Missing libprotobuf-c11.3Centos 72019-05-242019-05-241
15817NO access to any server after changing the pgadmin4 user password11.0Debian2019-05-232019-05-231
15816PostgreSQL 12 Beta 1, pgAdmin 4Unsupported/UnknownXUbuntu 18.042019-05-232019-05-243
15815Upgraded from 9.6.8 > 9.6.12 on AWS Aurora: SELECTs causing segmentation fault9.6.12Amazon Aurora2019-05-212019-05-239
15814pldbgapi error11.3rhel 7.32019-05-202019-05-201
15813PGAdmin 4: The application server could not be contacted10.8Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit 18092019-05-182019-05-181
15812Select statement of a very big number, with a division operator seems to round up.11.3Windows/Linux2019-05-172019-05-179
15810Using custom directory on external HDD gives permission error11.3Debian 10 (buster)2019-05-162019-05-177
15809pgadmin4 installation fails on Fedora 3011.3Fedora 302019-05-162019-05-161
15808ERROR: subtransaction logged without previous top-level txn record (SQLSTATE XX000)10.6Amazon RDS2019-05-162019-09-064
15807pg_upgrade does not account for renaming of system catalog column names10.8CentOS 62019-05-152019-05-153
15806pg_upgrade failure column pg_stat_replication.sent_location does not exist9.6.4CentOS Linux release 7.4.17082019-05-152019-05-151
15805Problem with =?utf-8?Q?low?= =?utf-8?Q?er_function_for_greek_sigma_=28=CE=A3=29?= letter2019-05-152019-05-155
15804Assertion failure when using logging_collector with EXEC_BACKENDUnsupported/UnknownCentos 7.42019-05-142019-09-1140
15803Autocomplete issues in new 11.3 and 9.6.13 psql client11.3Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS2019-05-132019-05-132
15802Comparison of a function returning boolean value using relational (<, >, <= or >=) operator11.3Linux2019-05-132019-05-132
15801pg_stat_database update stats_reset only by pg_stat_reset11.1linux2019-05-132019-05-134
15800Order by random in functions10.8Linux2019-05-132019-05-153
15799Create extension postgres_fdw failed10.6Red Hat 7.62019-05-102019-05-103
15798/usr/pgsql-11/lib/ no version information available11.3Fedora 302019-05-102019-05-101
15797Wrong Execution Plan11.1Linux2019-05-102019-05-102
15796[not a bug actually] vacuumlo - its name is confusing11.2CentOS 72019-05-082019-05-083
15795ERROR: could not find pathkey item to sort10.3Ubuntu 16.042019-05-082019-05-097
15794Defects regarding stored procedure parameters10.7windows 10 Home2019-05-072019-05-072
15793Required Community Version Installs not the customized EnterpriseDB one.9.6.9Windows2019-05-072019-05-084
15792Dependency remains on foreign key constraint when child detached from declarative partition.11.2CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 (Core)2019-05-072019-05-071
15791WalSndCtl->sync_standbys_defined modified too late11.2linux2019-05-052019-05-073
15790User DNS is not finding the PostgreSQL x6411.2Windows 10 Enterprise x642019-05-022019-05-021
15789libpq compilation with OpenSSL 1.1.1b fails on Windows with Visual Studio 201711.2Windows 102019-05-022019-06-2618
15788'pg_dump --create' orders database GRANTs incorrectly11.2Linux2019-05-012019-05-2210
15787Statement logging may consume huge amounts of memory when BYTEA parameters are involved.11.2Windows 10 64 bit, Linux2019-04-302019-04-301
15786Matching version issue between postgres.exe and initdb.exe11.2Windows 10 Pro x64, English version2019-04-292019-04-291
15785create slave through archive log replication11.0linux2019-04-292019-05-023
15784logical replication replicate data of type array for operation insert but update/delete/truncate11.2linux2019-04-282019-04-282
15783Fail to select with a function in FROM clause plus another table10.7Windows 8.12019-04-282019-04-282
15782Error in pgAdmin4.5Unsupported/UnknownWindows2019-04-262019-04-261
15781subselect on foreign table (postgres_fdw) can crash (segfault)11.2docker image postgres:11.22019-04-252019-04-2710
15780Win10 PGS11 installer includes psAdmin3 LTS which does not support PGS1111.2Windows 102019-04-252019-04-251
15779Partition elimination doesn't work as expected when using PARTITION BY RANGE11.2Windows, Centos 6/72019-04-252019-04-285
15778Replication slot peak query cause memory spike at the server when big transaction are running9.6.2x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, compiled by gcc (GCC) 4.8.3 22019-04-242019-04-241
15777Unexpected error in select from view with set-returning function and union11.2Debian 9.82019-04-242019-04-242
15775pg_get_indexdef: could not open relation with OID 1638511.2centos 72019-04-232019-04-231
15774Postgresql installation error with BIGSql9.6.9Windows 72019-04-192019-04-191
15773Cannot Open a sql file directly - have to go to pgadmin, query tool and then choose openUnsupported/UnknownWindows 102019-04-192019-04-191
15772Some messages in log files are in ANSI encoding while server encoding is UTF811.2Windows 102019-04-182019-04-188
15771PgAdmin 4.5 don't listing sequences.10.5Windows 7 64b2019-04-182019-04-181
15770PostgreSQL rpm package got to be impossible to be installed in Amazon Linux 211.2Amazon Linux release 2 (Karoo)2019-04-182019-04-181
15769The database cluster intialisation failed.9.6.5Windows Server 2012 R22019-04-172019-05-2815
15768Removed rpms and now require /etc/redhat-release10.6Amazon Linux2019-04-172019-11-176
15767Export fails 'worker process died unexpectedly' but no error in pg_dump9.6.0linux2019-04-172019-04-172
15766discard plans bug. database CRASH11.1CENTOS 7.X X642019-04-172019-04-172
15765pgdg-redhat-repo-42.0-3 gpgkey entries don't exist in /etc/yum.repos.d/pgdg-redhat-all.repo9.6.12RHEL72019-04-172019-04-171
15764Yum repo/key name mismatch11.2CentOS2019-04-172019-04-172
15763JSON nulls not handled properly9.6.8AWS RDS2019-04-162019-04-165
15762Download URL not found9.6.3Centos 72019-04-162019-04-161
15761ODBC: SQLForeignKeys-ResultSet-Column 'deferrablity'9.6.2Linux2019-04-162019-04-162
15760Error to start PGAdmin 4.511.1Windows Server 2008 Standard2019-04-162019-04-161
15759Lot of idle connection created by "SET extra_float_digits = 3"10.7linux2019-04-162019-04-166
15758regr_* return wrong answers for some valid data11.2Debian2019-04-162019-04-163
15757Problem with the sequences node10.1Linux2019-04-152019-04-152
15756Seemingly inconsistent behavior of SUBSTRING(string FROM pattern FOR escape) function9.5.16Linux, Windows2019-04-152019-04-153
15755After upgrading to 9.6.12 using pg_upgrade, select query does not return the expected results.9.6.12RHEL 7.52019-04-152019-04-177
15754The CentOS RPM for PostgreSQL 11 disappeared and now throws a 404 error11.2centos2019-04-142019-04-152
15753FullText search cannot find bird, rat from birds, rats11.2win 102019-04-142019-04-142
15752Declarative partitions trigger with function attributes - empty attributes list on each partition11.2Debian 4.9.02019-04-142019-07-092
15751Unexpected behaviour at plainto_tsquery funciton11.0win 102019-04-132019-04-132
15750don't have server11.2windows2019-04-132019-04-131
15749ERROR: dsa_area could not attach to segment | FATAL: cannot unpin a segment that is not pinned11.2Linux Ubuntu 16.042019-04-122019-04-122
15748arrow keys doesn't work10.3linux2019-04-112019-04-112
15747Help says 'application_name' property supports 64 characters in a standard built but it's only 6311.2CentOS 7 (PG 11.2 compiled from sources)2019-04-112019-04-113
15746cache lookup failed for function in plpgsql block10.7centos 7, fedora 282019-04-102019-04-124
15745WAL References Invalid Pages...that eventually resolves11.1Amazon Linux 2018.032019-04-092019-05-074
15744Replication slot peak query throwing error for wrong sequence entry for toast chunk9.6.3x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, compiled by gcc (GCC) 4.8.3 22019-04-092019-04-103
15743pg_tblspc Sharing violation with MSSQL, therefore PostgreSQL is running into Timeout at startup11.1Windows 102019-04-092019-04-091
15742Postgres Service is not starting after Windows abrupt Shutdown9.6.7Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard2019-04-092019-04-092
15741ERROR: failed to build any 3-way joins10.6Ubuntu 18.042019-04-082019-05-015
15740Problem with the creation of prodecures, synonyms and packages10.7windows2019-04-082019-04-084
15739PgAdmin4 4.4 does not work with latest psycopg2 (2.8.1)11.2Ubuntu 18.102019-04-082019-04-082
15738_SPI_connected fail11.2alpine 3.92019-04-052019-04-051
15737Unexpectedly Deleting full table when referring CTE (With Clause ) data,in a Subquery in another CTE11.1RHEL2019-04-042019-04-104
15736running bootstrap script ... FATAL: invalid value for parameter "port": ""11.2ubuntu 18.042019-04-042019-04-041
15735postgis extension missing11.2Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.3 (Maipo2019-04-042019-04-045
15734Walsender process crashing when executing SHOW ALL;11.2Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS2019-04-042019-04-156
15733An insert destined at partition created after a column has been dropped from the parent table fails11.2Centos72019-04-032019-04-088
15732Jessie backports removed from network9.6.0Ubuntu2019-04-032019-04-031
15730Using filter function to interpolate data, the length limit of table field is invalid9.6.6RedHat Enterprise linux 7.32019-04-032019-04-031
15729Error 'invalid memory alloc request size' during updating a big xml field11.2Centos 7 64bit2019-04-022019-04-021
15728an index that created with keyword ONLY, when add new partition ,should not be auto created11.2linux2019-04-022019-04-022
15727PANIC: cannot abort transaction 295144144, it was already committedUnsupported/UnknownUbuntu 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.102019-04-022019-04-1246
15726parallel queries failed ERROR: invalid name syntax CONTEXT: parallel worker11.2Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.1 (Maipo2019-04-012019-10-1718
15725pgAgent not working on Another database other than Postgres11.2windows2019-04-012019-04-011
15724Can't create foreign table as partition11.1CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core)2019-03-292019-09-2525
15723Export fails 'worker process died unexpectedly' but no error in pg_dump9.6.1linux2019-03-292019-03-292
157229000x performance regression on query starting PostgreSQL 10 due to bad query plan11.2Linux2019-03-292019-04-043
15721FATAL: dsa_allocate could not find 97 free pages11.2Scientific Linux release 7.42019-03-282019-03-282
15720`executor could not find named tuplestore ABC` in AFTER DELETE trigger referencing OLD TABLE as ABC11.2Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.62019-03-282019-07-096
15719When using reverse proxy in Kubernetes (which terminates TLS) - pgAdmin container often hangs11.2Using Docker container dpage/pgadmin4:4.32019-03-282019-03-281
15718DROP TABLE fails if it's partitioned by a key of a deleted enum11.2All Linux2019-03-282019-03-283
15717Index not used when ordering by left joined table column10.0Windows 102019-03-272019-03-283
15716pgadmin 4.3: row_to_json error11.2windows 10 pro2019-03-262019-03-262
15715UPDATE using "in (subquery for update limit 1)" does not respect the limit in subquery11.2Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS2019-03-262019-03-277
15714plctl extension issue11.2rhel 7.52019-03-262019-03-2611
15713Strange error with specific column name in join11.2WIN72019-03-252019-03-251
15712latency delay for first query execution in PostgreSQL DB 1111.0Windows2019-03-252019-03-252
15711pgadmin install fails with missing python-blinker and python-flast packages11.2RHEL 7.62019-03-212019-03-211
15710ADD COLUMN IF NOT EXISTS adds constraint anyways9.6.10Debian stretch 64bit2019-03-212019-03-223
15709if drop exists syntaxUnsupported/Unknownwindow 72019-03-212019-04-1110
15708RLS 'using' running as wrong user when called from a view11.2linux2019-03-202019-04-296
15707Incorrect timing information in EXPLAIN ANALYZE output11.2Ubuntu 18.042019-03-202019-03-201
15706Support Services page out of date10.5Linux2019-03-192019-03-191
15705psql autocompletion is not always correct with latest libedit11.2OpenIndiana2019-03-192019-03-192
15704Possible causes for calling abort () system call during querying database.9.4.0Wind River Linux
15703Segfault in cancelled CALL-Statements11.2Ubuntu 18.04 / Linux 4.18.0-162019-03-192019-04-177
15702Bug in pgadmin 4.3 for tables with json columns11.1windows2019-03-192019-03-191
15701oracle fdw issue11.2rhel 7.52019-03-182019-03-182
15700PG 10 vs. 11: Large increase in memory usage when selecting BYTEA data (maybe memory leak)11.2Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS2019-03-182019-03-1916
15699PostgreSQL query rewrite don's use the same rewrite rule for the JOIN QUERY.11.2centos 7.x x642019-03-172019-03-171
15698to_char doesn't return expected value with negative INTERVAL10.5Windows 102019-03-162019-04-093
15697Restarting the server because of the error checkpointer11.2Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS2019-03-162019-03-162
15696year field of interval type is not rounded to nearest integer11.2Linux x86_642019-03-162019-03-183
15695Failure to restore a dump, ERROR: operator does not exist: public.hstore = public.hstore10.7Ubuntu 18.04 64bit2019-03-152019-08-122
15694Server crash in EXPLAIN with LATERAL and a partitioned table11.2Ubuntu 18.042019-03-142019-03-142
15693Suggestion on libpq memory management10.7OS X, Ubuntu linux2019-03-132019-03-131
15692infinity loopUnsupported/UnknownCentOS Linux 72019-03-132019-03-135
15691ERROR: XX000: cannot update SecondarySnapshot during a parallel operation10.3Centos linux 7.4.17082019-03-132019-03-132
15690PostgreSQL integration with AD via LDAP and special characters in the password9.6.6RHEL 7.42019-03-132019-03-182
15689Stemming of negation/not operator10.3MacOS and centOS2019-03-122019-03-133
15688psql cannot connect to database which uses TLS nginx reverse proxy with SSL client auth11.1ArchLinux2019-03-122019-03-121
15687incomplete profile operationsUnsupported/Unknownany2019-03-122019-03-121
15686pg_dump: server version: 11.2; pg_dump version: 11.211.2RHEL 6.102019-03-112019-03-113
15685pg_upgrade fails to migrate DEFAULT values that use custom TYPEs or FUNCTIONs11.2Debian GNU/Linux 9.8 (stretch)2019-03-112019-03-112
15684Server crash on DROP partitioned table11.2Ubuntu 18.042019-03-102019-03-114
15682Change default value of checkpoint_completion_target to 0.9 for better performance?11.0Ubuntu 18.042019-03-092019-03-091
15681Change default value of checkpoint_segments to at least 10 for better performance?11.0Ubuntu 18.042019-03-092019-03-091
15680New Versions of pgadmin4 and psqlodbc come with OLD Dlls11.2Windows 102019-03-082019-03-081
15679Partial HASH index takes too much space10.6Amazon RDS2019-03-082019-03-112
15678The postgresql.conf string does not define server behavior (default_transaction_isolation)11.2Debian Stretch2019-03-082019-03-085
15677Crash while deleting from partitioned table11.2CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core)2019-03-082019-06-298
15676FOR UPDATE is not allowed with UNION ALL (and of course with UNION/INTERSECT/EXCEPT, DISTINCT?)11.2all2019-03-072019-03-072
15675upper_inf() always returns false for non-null daterange, tstzrange values10.3Linux2019-03-072019-03-072
15673Stackbuilder SSL error on corporate network that uses SSL interdiction/resigning11.2Windows 102019-03-062019-03-061
15672PostgreSQL 11.1/11.2 crashed after dropping a partition table11.2Ubuntu 18.102019-03-062019-05-0721
15671The copy command does not load all the lines from a .csv file.10.4Debian 4.92019-03-062019-03-062
15670alter table .. add column if not exists ... references ...; adds a FK constraint on each execution11.2Debian 9.82019-03-052019-03-053
15669Error with unnest in PG 11 (ERROR: 0A000)11.2Debian2019-03-052019-03-0718
15668Server crash in transformPartitionRangeBoundsUnsupported/UnknownUbuntu 18.042019-03-052019-03-2620
15667"could not truncate file" error caused deleted rows to become visible10.3Windows Server 2016 Standard2019-03-052019-03-086
15666Seemingly incorrect error reporting/logging for violation of non-null constraint11.2Linux2019-03-042019-03-043
15665ERROR: could not load library "/usr/pgsql-11/lib/"11.1rhel 7.52019-03-042019-03-043
15664A bug with the application Holdem manager 211.2Window 102019-03-032019-03-031
15663set update_process_title =on/off did not take effect11.1linux2019-03-022019-03-022
15662Row update in foreign partition does not move row based on partition key11.2Debian 6.3.0-18+deb9u12019-03-012019-03-044
15661Error connecting to the server9.4.0windows server 2012 R22019-02-282019-03-013
15660pg_dump memory leaks when dumping LOBs11.2Centos 72019-02-272019-02-284
15659missing comment "change requires restart" in postgresql.conf for parameter "data_sync_retry"10.7CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core)2019-02-272019-02-282
15658Window Function in a left join using AS or alias for the cloumn name11.2Debian 92019-02-262019-02-275
15657`session_replication_role = replica` not respected by truncation11.1Mac OS 10.14.32019-02-262019-02-261
15656Not able to login database10.4rhel 7.52019-02-262019-02-272
15655local machines pushed openvpn dns issue9.4.1MacOS2019-02-252019-02-253
15654COPY command not working for 2gb CSV files11.0Windows2019-02-252019-02-267
15653pg_detoast_datum_packed problemUnsupported/Unknownlinux manjaro2019-02-232019-03-099
15652PG Admin 4 - Find and Replace9.5.3Windows 102019-02-222019-02-221
15651Collation setting en_US.utf8 breaking sort order11.0Linux2019-02-222019-02-239
15650oracle_fdw issue11.1rhel 7.52019-02-222019-02-222
15649ERROR: terminating connection due to administrator commandUnsupported/UnknownWind River Linux
15648oracle_fdw extension not able to create11.1rhel 7.42019-02-212019-02-278
15647pgagent file missing10.4Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.4 (Maipo2019-02-212019-02-262
15646Inconsistent behavior for current_setting/set_config10.4(Debian 10.4-2.pgdg90+1)2019-02-202019-02-205
15645\COPY command not printing output in batch mode11.2Linux/Mac2019-02-202019-02-202
15644not able to up the database10.4CentOS Linux release 7.5.18042019-02-202019-02-202
15643Problem using PGAdmin 4.2 to connect to postrgres hot standby9.6.9Linux2019-02-192019-02-192
15642UPDATE statements that change a partition key and FDW partitions problem.11.2Linux2019-02-192019-02-202
15641Autoprewarm worker fails to start on Windows with huge pages in use11.2Windows Server 2019 Standard2019-02-182019-03-1814
15640FATAL: XX000: cannot read pg_class without having selected a database9.6.11Debian GNU/Linux 9.1 (stretch)2019-02-182019-02-189
15639Unable to connect to database with dsn dbiUnsupported/UnknownLinux2019-02-182019-02-181
15638pg_basebackup with --wal-method=stream incorrectly generates WAL segment created during backup10.5CentOS 7.32019-02-162019-02-2212
15636PostgreSQL 11.1 pg_basebackup backup to a CIFS destination throws fsync error at end of backup11.1Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.52019-02-142019-02-2418
15635some files missing11.1rhel 7.52019-02-132019-02-131
15634extension missing11.1rhel 7.52019-02-132019-02-135
15633Data loss when reading the data from logical replication slot9.5.10AWS RDS2019-02-122019-02-122
15632Correctly escaped strings are mishandled in function11.1Windows/Linux2019-02-112019-02-118
15631Generated as identity field in a temporary table with on commit drop corrupts system catalogs11.1Alpine2019-02-112019-04-2923
15630Caused by: Could not detect database11.1Windows2019-02-112019-02-111
15629Typo in Documentation11.0Ubuntu2019-02-112019-02-188
15628Error while installing postgreSQL11.1windows x642019-02-102019-02-101
15627libpq memory leak11.1Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS2019-02-102019-02-103
15626Incorrect version number shown in BigSQL installation10.6Windows 7 64-bit2019-02-102019-02-148
1562510.6.1 Can't Find hstore.10.6Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.62019-02-092019-02-092
15624Sefgault when xml_errorHandler receives a null error->message from libxml210.6Ubuntu Linux 16.04.5 LTS (Xenial Xerus)2019-02-082019-02-084
15622Problem with PgAdmin 4 v4.2 - sorry i did not find a correctly section for this problem10.4Windows 102019-02-072019-02-071
15621Bit-Lock Data Drive Prevents Start of PostgeSQL Window Service10.0Windows 102019-02-072019-02-071
15616extension functionality issues11.0Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS2019-02-012019-02-011
15615pg_upgrade and vacuum_defer_cleanup_age9.4.20Slackware, Debian2019-01-312020-07-022
15610Performance problem of PostgreSQL 11.1 Windows version (EDB created version)11.1Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition (32 CPU)2019-01-292019-01-317
15609synchronous_commit=off insert performance regression with secondary indexes11.1CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 (Core)2019-01-292019-02-1338
15608Index is used for an inherit table but not for the table with the index11.1Windows 10 x642019-01-282019-02-043
15605Unstable regression test "tablespace"11.1Ubuntu 18.042019-01-232019-01-233
15599Segfault at MakeExpandedObjectReadOnlyInternal11.1Ubuntu 18.042019-01-192019-01-193
15588Garbled code when log in10.5win102019-01-102019-01-101
15586Failed to start PostgreSQL Cluster 10-main10.6Ubuntu 18.042019-01-102019-01-101
15584Erro ao iniciar o aplicativo11.1Windows 10 64bits2019-01-102019-01-101
15583PGDUMP windows binaries are out of date11.1windows 72019-01-092019-01-091
15580ALTER TABLE with new column and ADD PRIMARY KEY throws spurious "column contains null values"9.6.2Any2019-01-072019-01-071
15568pg_dump error10.6win server 2012 r22018-12-282018-12-281
15567Wal receiver process restart failed when a damaged wal record arrived at standby.10.5centos72018-12-282019-03-118
15560psql ought to re-check version when re-establishing connections11.1Debian/Irrelevant2018-12-192018-12-191
15557pgadmin4 backup error11.1windows 102018-12-182018-12-181
15556Duplicate key violations even when using ON CONFLICT DO UPDATE11.1CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core)2018-12-172018-12-173
15552Unexpected error in COPY to a foreign table in a transaction11.1Ubuntu 16.042018-12-142018-12-2537
15549DDL with NOT NULL constraint and no default value can break logical replication10.6Linux2018-12-132018-12-131
15547default timezone on servers running while time changed from PDT to PST reverting to UTC.9.6.1CentOS 72018-12-122018-12-125
15543PostgreSQL insert question marks instead of unicode characters10.6mac os2018-12-082018-12-081
15532Access a file segment that does not exist10.2CentOS 7.32018-11-302018-11-301
15531python-sqlobject shipped with EPEL 7 not compatible with PostgreSQL 7.52018-11-302018-11-301
15526configure error for odbc installation - libpq library version >= 9.2 is required10.5RHEL 7.42018-11-282018-11-281
15524Unable to run perl mkvcbuild.pl11.1Windows 102018-11-272018-11-271
15522pg_upgrade from 9.6 to PG 11.1 with postgis 2.4.5 give error undefined symbol geod_polygon_init11.1Rhel 7.52018-11-262018-11-261
15521dsn creation error when trying to test for H2 dataase11.0Windows 102018-11-252018-11-251
15515DatabaseMetadata.getProcedures and getFunctions return objects of either type11.1windows2018-11-212019-05-242
15513PID=0 in pgrowlocks output when using savepoints10.4RHEL 7.52018-11-192018-11-191
15507undefined symbol: geod_polygon_init11.0RHEL72018-11-152018-11-151
15502pg_dump -Fd does not honor umask11.1Debian GNU/Linux2018-11-132018-11-131
15501postgresql 9.6.11 packages missing from rhel6 64bit repos9.6.11RHEL 6 x86_642018-11-132018-11-131
15497An error occurred initializing the application server: Failed to launch application server10.5WINDOWS 102018-11-122018-11-121 ERROR: Failed to connect to database11.1CentOS72018-11-092018-11-091
15493Wrong name of fields/missing fields for the internal statistic11.0CentOS 7.52018-11-082018-11-124
15490The tablespace of an index defined on a partitioned table does not apply to a newly added partition11.0Windows 102018-11-072018-11-072
15489Segfault on DELETE11.0Debian 92018-11-072018-11-088
15488Unexpected behaviour of to_tsverctor and ts_query9.6.8Linux, kernel 4.18.16-arch1-1-ARCH2018-11-062018-11-072
15484Comment on BUG report BUG #15450: postgis 2.4 and postgis 2.5 extention not properly built11.0Centos 7.52018-11-022018-11-021
15481possible not using dependencies statistics when estimate row count for bitmap index scan node10.5Debian 82018-11-012018-11-011
15472Error creating postgis 2.5 extension in postgres 1111.0Oracle Linux 72018-10-302018-10-301
15470Docker image dpage/pgadmin4:3.4 (and latest) fail with non-root user11.0Docker Image2018-10-302018-10-301
15468vacuum command returns ERROR: cannot freeze committed xmax10.4CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core)2018-10-302018-10-301
15465fatal error (the application cannot bhi contacted)9.6.0windows 102018-10-292018-10-291
15456Trigger function using ROW(NEW.*) has wrong columns if table is modified during a session11.0Ubuntu 14.042018-10-242018-10-241
15455Endless lseek9.6.10Ubuntu 162018-10-232018-10-244
15453Installer registers with major version only10.5Windows2018-10-232018-10-293
15450postgis 2.4 and postgis 2.5 extention not properly built11.0linux centos 7.52018-10-222018-10-221
15447Dramatic slowdown in psqlODBC when a debugger is attached to the process10.5Windows 10 X64 18032018-10-192018-10-191
15444Problem running post-install step autostart11.0Windows 10 54bit german2018-10-192018-10-191
15441Repo package are missing for CentOS11.0CentOS2018-10-192018-10-191
15439Script Error11.0Windows 10 x642018-10-192018-10-191
15437Segfault during insert into declarative partitioned table with a trigger creating partition10.5Debian 92018-10-182018-11-0622
15436Using odbc_fdw against DB2 Linux crashes the server10.5Linux (AWS)2018-10-172018-10-171
15433pgagent install question9.6.2win20162018-10-152018-10-151
15431failed to add ltree item to gist index10.5Linux Debian2018-10-152018-10-151
15430partition-wise join only works in combination with pruning on 1 partition11rc1Centos 72018-10-142018-10-164
15426A prior column in a default expression of an xmltable() call does not exist10.5Any2018-10-102018-10-101
15424usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /opt/PostgreSQL/9.6/lib/ when searching for -lecpg9.6.3RHAT 7.32018-10-082018-10-081
15422add column statement with if not exists creates a new foreign key even if the column already exists10.5Docker (postgres:latest) on Ubuntu 14.042018-10-082018-10-081
15419will not launch11beta4windows 102018-10-032018-10-031
15417'ascii' codec can't encode characters10.5linux2018-10-032018-10-031
15416pgadmin10.5Windows 82018-10-032018-10-031
15411Unable to uninstall10.5windows 72018-09-292018-09-291
15409Error reading file C:/Program Files (x86) /PostgreSQL/8.3/data/postgresql.confUnsupported/UnknownWindows-7 x642018-09-282018-10-012
15408Postgresql bad planning with multicolumn gist and search with empty results10.5Ubuntu 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.102018-09-272018-09-274
15407[minor] build depends on $MAKELEVEL being 0 at top Makefile11beta4CentOS 72018-09-272018-09-273
15406Restoring compressed backup across OS error9.6.6CentOS2018-09-272018-09-272
15404extension error10.4CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core)2018-09-262018-09-261
15403segmentation fault error10.4CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core)2018-09-262018-09-262
15402Hot standby server with archive_mode=on keeps initial WAL segments11beta4Linux (CentOS 6)2018-09-262018-09-289
15400perl error10.4cents os2018-09-252018-09-251
15399pgAdmin 4 closes all windows instead of one10.5Windows 102018-09-252018-09-262
15398invalid contrecord length 861 at 159E/A6FFFC4010.4Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS2018-09-252018-09-251
15396initdb emits wrong comment for range for effective_io_concurrency11beta3OSX2018-09-232018-09-234
15394Conflict between recovery thread and client queries on a hot standby replica10.5Ubuntu 18.042018-09-212018-09-211
15392<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2 Final//EN"> <title>500 Internal Server Error</title> <h110.3RHEL2018-09-202018-09-201
15376Postgres sql 9.4.19 pg_upgrade stops with error The source cluster was not shut down cleanly.9.4.19SUSE LINUX2018-09-092018-09-1324
15370eSoftTools OST to PST Converter Software helps users to repair & convert OST file to PST File9.4.220072018-09-082018-09-081
15369Postgres fails to start with default "ssl = true" configuration9.6.10Debian 9.52018-09-072018-09-072
15368using pgadmin 4 to change any characteristic of a numeric field of a table.9.6.1windows 102018-09-072018-09-071
15367Crash in pg_fe_scram_free when using foreign tables10.5OpenBSD 6.3 amd642018-09-062018-09-1133
15363Logging unexpectedly goes to system event log instead of stderr10.3Windows 7 x642018-09-042018-09-053
15361Add column if not exists create duplicate constraint9.6.2Windows 102018-09-012018-09-207
15360Cascade slave cannot continue replication without manual restart after master server crash/restart.9.6.10Linux Ubuntu2018-09-012018-09-011
15359event_trigger via pg_event_trigger_ddl_commands() not returning "CREATE SEQUENCE" command9.6.9windows/linux2018-08-302018-08-303
15358PostgreSQL fails to build on 10.14 when Perl is enabled.10.5macOS 10.142018-08-302018-09-064
15356Inconsistent documentation about CREATE TYPE10.5Windows2018-08-282018-11-204
15355for sonar integration10.5Windows2018-08-282018-08-281
15354pgadmin query tool initization error10.5Windows 8.12018-08-272018-08-271
15352postgresql FDW error "ERROR: ORDER BY position 0 is not in select list"9.6.8Linux2018-08-252018-08-3110
15350Getting invalid cache ID: 11 Errors10.5Fedora 282018-08-242018-09-2015
15348Postgres 8.4 accepte les connexions entrantesUnsupported/UnknownMac OS2018-08-232018-08-252
15347Unaccent for greek characters does not work9.3.18Ubuntu 4.8.42018-08-222018-09-0116
15346Replica fails to start after the crash9.6.10Ubuntu2018-08-222018-08-3135
15337partition modify bug? cann't sync relcache in the same session immediate?10.5CentOS 7.x x642018-08-172018-08-171
15334Partition elimination not working as expected when using enum as partition key10.2Linux (Centos), Windows2018-08-162018-08-2010
15332Job for postgresql-10.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "system10.0RHEL2018-08-162018-08-161
15329postgres segfaults on ALTER DOMAIN ... SET SCHEMA ...10.4Ubuntu 18.042018-08-152018-08-151
15325RHEL 6.10 exists, doesn't support it9.3.0RHEL 6.102018-08-142018-08-141
15315Trigger on foreign data wrapper (MYSQL) does not update columns not in set clause9.6.7Debian Linux 82018-08-072018-08-071
15310pg_upgrade dissociates event triggers from extensions10.4CentOS 72018-08-072018-08-075
15309ERROR: catalog is missing 1 attribute(s) for relid 760676 when max_parallel_maintenance_workers > 011beta2Debian10 64b2018-08-032018-08-1026
15273Lexer bug with UESCAPE10.4Any2018-07-102018-08-076
15270__builtin_isinf conflict when building using clang11beta2RHEL 7.42018-07-092018-09-012
15238Sequence owner not updated when owning table is foreign10.4Debian2018-06-122018-09-2710
14825enum type: unsafe use?10beta4Debian Linux2017-09-222018-09-0848
13793Please implement IP_FREEBIND option9.4.5Linux2015-12-032018-09-106