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Fixed Bugs
Bug IDDescriptionPG VersionOS First MessageLast MessageMessage Count
15614Query plan: buffer stats from workers in child operations discarded.10.4Windows 102019-01-312019-01-313
15603LibPQ doesn't like replication as a valid option11.1Linux2019-01-222019-01-233
15602pg_dump archive items not in correct section order11.1Devuan 2.0 ASCII2019-01-222019-02-055
15597possible bug in amcheck/amcheck_next (or corrupted index?)11.1Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS2019-01-172019-02-073
15578Executing json_populate_recordset with an empty array causes a segmentation fault11.1CentOS Linux release 7.1.1503 (Core)2019-01-072019-01-073
15565truncate bug with tables which have temp table inherited11.1CentOS 7.x x642018-12-242018-12-2716
15555Syntax errors when using the COMMENT command in plpgsql and a "comment" variable11.1CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core)2018-12-172019-01-046
15548Unaccent does not remove combining diacritical characters11.1Ubuntu 18.042018-12-122019-12-0349
15539Deadcode in OpenTableList11.1Linux2018-12-072018-12-072
15525Build failures when compiling Postgres with Make parallelization9.6.11macOS2018-11-272018-11-3014
15520PAM authentication + domain socket -> DNS query for symbolic hostname [local]10.4RHEL 7.42018-11-242018-11-288
15519Casting float4 into int4 gets the wrong sign instead of "integer out of range" error10.5Gentoo Linux 4.14.202018-11-232018-11-2812
15512Creating index on 119 M files table generates error [could not determine size of temporary file "0"]11.1Windows 102018-11-192018-11-192
15495Ldap authentication not working with multiple server in Postgresql 1111.1Oracle Linux 7.52018-11-092018-11-134
15475Views over CITEXT columns return no data11.0OSX 10.14 and Ubuntu 18.102018-10-312018-11-0217
15448server process (PID 22656) was terminated by exception 0xC000000511.0Windows2018-10-222018-11-0810
15435Infinite-recursive SQL procedure can crash a database server11rc1Windows2018-10-172018-10-173
15425DETACH/ATTACH PARTITION bug11beta4CentOS2018-10-102018-10-125
15423A typo in the pg_basebackup11beta4None2018-10-082018-10-084
15395Assert failure when using CURRENT OF with inheritance10.4OSX2018-09-222018-09-264
15378SP-GIST memory context screwup?11beta3Debian2018-09-112018-09-118
15373null / utf-810.5ubu 162018-09-082018-09-218
15343Segmentation fault using pg_dump with --exclude-table if table contains identity column10.5Linux Mint 19 Tara2018-08-202018-08-229
15336Wrong cursor's bacward fetch results in select with ALL(subquery)10.0Ubuntu 18.042018-08-172018-08-178
15324Non-deterministic behaviour from parallelised sub-query10.5macOS High Sierra 10.13.62018-08-132018-09-1438
15321XMLTABLE leaks memory like crazy10.5any2018-08-102018-08-1320
15311Incorrect comparison of the empty array with the value of the custom type from the table field10.4Ubuntu 16.04 LTS2018-08-072018-08-072
15114logical decoding Segmentation fault10.3Ubuntu xenial2018-03-152019-01-3130
14721Assertion of synchronous replication9.6.2CentOS72017-06-292017-07-124
14706Dependencies not recorded properly for base types9.5.7macOS Sierra2017-06-142017-06-1615
14654With high statistics targets on ts_vector, unexpectedly high memory use & OOM are triggered9.5.5Linux2017-05-142017-07-124
14634On Windows pg_basebackup should write tar to stdout in binary mode9.6.2Windows Server 2012 R2 6.3.96002017-04-282017-07-149
14468One byte buffer overlow in quote_literal_cstr()9.6.1All2016-12-162016-12-162
14344string_agg(DISTINCT ..) crash9.6rc1Windows 2012 and Windows 7 64-bit2016-09-292016-10-2630
13936jsonb_object() -> ERROR: unknown type of jsonb container9.5.0Windows72016-02-082016-02-228
13656table inheritance, pg_dump emits same constraint for all inheritors causing errors9.4.4fedora 212015-10-012015-10-0112
13638Exception texts from plperl has bad encoding9.4.4Debian 82015-09-252015-10-0217
13636psql numericlocale adds comma where it ought not9.4.4Linux2015-09-242015-09-258
13631Missing "'" in Table 9-26. to_char Examples9.4.4Mac OS X2015-09-222015-09-222
13617ecpg cannot handle boolean field within a structure9.4.4Linux2015-09-132015-09-173
13589content error9.5alpha2irrelevant2015-08-252015-09-2217
13587Lag Default option does not work with floats and reals9.4.4Linux / Redhat 72015-08-252015-08-263
13579Server crashes after executing plpythonu function9.4.4Debian 4.6.3-142015-08-192015-08-213
13571sql-only extension segfaults backend during creation9.5alpha2Debian jessie x86_642015-08-142015-08-176
13530sort receives "unexpected out-of-memory situation during sort"9.3.4Ubuntu2015-07-312015-08-047
13516no binary output function available for type void 9.0.4Windows 72015-07-232015-07-233
13514PostgreSQL backend process crashes on jsonb_object_agg()9.5alpha1CentOS release 6.42015-07-222015-07-246
13484Performance problem with logical decoding9.4.4Windows 7 64 bits (dev system)2015-07-032015-07-0719
13479Doc contains dead link9.4.4N/A2015-06-302015-06-303
13469Systematic typo in dblink documentation9.4.4OS independent, documentation bug2015-06-252015-08-272
13442ISBN doesn't always roundtrip with text9.4.4Linux think 4.0.0-1-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.0.2-1 (22015-06-142015-08-0226
13427postgres.exe fails to start on Korean Windows Server 2008: cannot perform encoding conversion outsid9.4.3Windows Server 2008 (Korean)2015-06-102015-08-123
13368standby cluster immediately promotes after pg_basebackup from previously promoted master9.4.2Debian 8.0 x86_642015-05-282015-09-0913
13349Recheck logic with index mixed up when used with LATERALUnsupported/UnknownDebian, Mingw-64 Postgresql 9.5 Recheck logic2015-05-252015-05-252
13334PostGIS 2.2 crash in topology (array_contain_compare) Unsupported/UnknownDebian 6 and Mingw-w642015-05-222015-05-233
13224Foreign key constraints cannot be changed to deferrable9.4.1Windows2015-05-032015-05-032
13148Unexpected deferred EXCLUDE constraint violation on derived table9.3.6Windows 7 x64 SP12015-04-242015-05-1711
13143Cannot stop and restart a streaming server with a replication slot9.4.1Windows 2008r22015-04-242015-04-3010
13128Postgres deadlock on startup failure when max_prepared_transactions is not sufficiently high.9.3.6Linux 64bit2015-04-222015-04-234
13126table constraint loses its comment9.4.1Ubuntu 15.042015-04-222015-07-1415
12990Missing pg_multixact/members files (appears to have wrapped, then truncated)9.3.5Ubuntu Linux x86_64 12.04.5 LTS2015-04-062015-05-11113
12918Segfault in BackendIdGetTransactionIds9.4.1RHEL 6.62015-03-302015-04-1012
12885The result of casting a double to an integer depends on the database version9.4.1Windows 72015-03-202015-03-2731
12866Another performance problem with intarray extenstion operators9.3.5Linux2015-03-152015-03-152
12850ANALYZE of big table is taking extreemly much memory9.4.1Ubuntu 14.4 LTS2015-03-112015-03-122
12845The GB18030 encoding doesn't support Unicode characters over 0xFFFF9.3.5Ubuntu Linux2015-03-092015-05-017
12803the download link is wrong.9.4.1Solaris 102015-02-252015-04-303
12379pgbench should hint to pgbench -i9.
11638Transaction safety fails when constraints are dropped and analyze is done9.3.5Linux (RHEL 5)2014-10-102014-10-2919
11555Postgresql 9.3.5CentOS 6.5 *OR* Ubuntu 14.04.12014-10-032014-10-032
11455PQerrorMessage not reset after PQreset9.3.4Linux2014-09-192014-10-295
11207empty path will segfault jsonb #>9.4beta2linux2014-08-182014-08-2119
8676Bug Money JSON9.3.2Centos 6.3 (Final)2013-12-112013-12-277
84709.3 locking/subtransaction performance regression9.3.0Linux2013-09-252015-06-2026
8467Slightly confusing pgcrypto example in docs9.3.0Documentation bug2013-09-232014-03-2012
8408Not exactly correct error messages for failed check in presence of dropped columns.9.2.4Any2013-08-302013-11-073
8399inconsistent input of multidimensional arrays9.3rc1irrelevant2013-08-272014-02-015
8398to_json(''::hstore) gives invalid JSON9.3rc1Ubuntu 10.042013-08-262014-02-013
8365Two documentation suggestions9.2.4Linux2013-08-062014-01-312
8354stripped positions can generate nonzero rank in ts_rank_cd9.2.4OS X 10.8.4 Mountain Lion2013-08-022014-03-2412
8173Inserting heap tuples in bulk in COPY patch return wrong line on failure 999 out of 1000 times.9.2.4SUSE Linux (64-bit)2013-05-212013-05-232
8139initdb: Misleading error message when current user not in /etc/passwd9.2.4RHEL 62013-05-072014-03-2824
7986base backup copy all files from tablespace, not only needed data9.2.3Debian GNU/Linux 7.0 (wheezy)2013-03-232013-03-252
7923PGP secret key with password decryption not working9.2.3Debian/Ubuntu/Solaris2013-03-062013-11-282
7811strlen(NULL) cause psql crash9.2.2Windows 72013-01-152013-01-159
7730intarray representation of empty arrays9.2.1Linux2012-12-052014-01-216
6661out-of-order XID insertion in KnownAssignedXids9.0.7<br>=C2=A0 Linux version 2.6.32-5-amd64 (Debian 2.6.32-41sque=2012-05-222012-06-0816
6635TRUNCATE didn't recreate init fork.9.1.3Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.52012-05-102012-05-112
4162Hotbackup recovery doesn't work in windows8.3.1Windows XP SP22008-05-132008-05-136
3750Invalid frontend message type 1128.3-beta2Windows Server 20032007-11-152007-12-045
2917spi_prepare doesn't accept typename aliases such as 'integer'8.2.1RHEL AS 42007-01-222007-01-221