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Bug ID3995
PG Version8.2.3
OSRed Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4
Opened2008-02-28 05:53:51+00
Reported byKyoko Noro

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Bug reference:      3995
Logged by:          Kyoko Noro
Email address:      (redacted)
PostgreSQL version: 8.2.3
Operating system:   Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4
Description:        pqSocketCheck doesn't return

Hello Support team

I have a problem.May I ask your advice?

Sometimes pqSocketCheck doesn't return and our appication hang.Do you have
any bug report about the problem like this?


2008-02-28 05:53:51+00"Kyoko Noro"BUG #3995: pqSocketCheck doesn't return
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2008-06-03 10:42:01+00"Vivek Gupta"Re: BUG #3995: pqSocketCheck doesn't return
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