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Bug ID16524
PG Version11.8
OSMacOS Catalina
Opened2020-07-03 09:19:05+00
Reported byShaun Conner

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Bug reference:      16524
Logged by:          Shaun Conner
Email address:      (redacted)
PostgreSQL version: 11.8
Operating system:   MacOS Catalina


For a while now, my PgAdmin on Macbook (Catalina version 10.15.5) assumes my
browser (Google chrome Version 83.0.4103.116) has js disabled and thus
creates an overlay which disables all functionality for PgAdmin.  The
workaround for this is to inspect the DOM and disable the following

alertify  ajs-modeless ajs-movable ajs-zoom ajs-out ajs-hidden - the
offending class seems to be alertify, as one removed from the DOM, you are
once again allowed to select datbases, etc.

a class of no-js is applied to the <html>  - Javascript is not disabled on
this machine.  All other macbook users in my org have the same issue,
however, this works properly on Windows machines. As you will imagine, this
creates a very bad user experience, and without reasonable technical
knowledge of front-end development, this leaves many MacOS users unable to
use PgAdmin.

I hope this issue will be added to your backlog and look forward to seeing a
fix in the future.

Kind regards,

Shaun Conner


2020-07-03 09:19:05+00PG Bug reporting formBUG #16524: PgAdmin for macbook users creates an overlay on the UI which disables all functionality of PgAdmin