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Bug ID16431
PG Version12.1
Opened2020-05-13 02:37:55+00
Reported byMatt Whittard

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Bug reference:      16431
Logged by:          Matt Whittard
Email address:      (redacted)
PostgreSQL version: 12.1
Operating system:   REHL 7.5

Hello PG admins,
I have 2 databases created with the below Trigger function code. Working
fine on the first DB I created but on the second no new data can be inserted
if the Trigger is enabled.
Trigger Fires is set to After with INSERT.  If the Trigger is disabled or
deleted new row data can be inserted via ODBC. Trying to understand why on
this new database this is failing
timestamp column is set the same on both database Table Columns (set as
timestamp with timezone).
This will be a high traffic database and need to keep the row data trim -
will increase the limit after find root cause as required by corporate
The tables both have the same configuration with postgresql as the owner
with all grant options.
This configuration was created using pgadmin version 4.18 on both databases,
same server and single instance.
Any ideas on best way to troubleshoot will be greatly appreciated.

Trigger Function Code 
	DELETE FROM call_reporting.public.call_info WHERE timestamp < NOW() -
INTERVAL '30 days';


2020-05-13 02:37:55+00PG Bug reporting formBUG #16431: Trigger not allowing new data insert