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Bug ID16421
PG Version10.10
Opened2020-05-07 11:17:30+00
Reported bybasithmsk

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Bug reference:      16421
Logged by:          basithmsk
Email address:      (redacted)
PostgreSQL version: 10.10
Operating system:   Windows

We have a table with around 20,000 rows and it is updated very often in the
product. Autovacuum seems to be running often for this table and we've
scheduled vacuum to run for this table to be run alone once in every day
using command "VACUUM ANALYZE ". Even with this, we tend to see that the
dead tuples and live tuples of this table alone seems to grow at an
exponential rate (table size reaches nearly 25GB in 10 days). The table's
original size is around 100MB only (Ran VACUUM FULL ANALYZE on the table).
As a result of this, the table's performance becomes affected badly. The
pgsql data folder has been excluded in our AntiVirus (Deep Security agent)
as well. Can I get some help on resolving this issue?


2020-05-07 11:17:30+00PG Bug reporting formBUG #16421: Table Rapid Growth due to tuple accumulation