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Bug ID16412
PG Version12.2
OSLinux, Centos 8
Opened2020-05-03 02:12:24+00
Reported byDmytro

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Bug reference:      16412
Logged by:          Dmytro
Email address:      (redacted)
PostgreSQL version: 12.2
Operating system:   Linux, Centos 8

I am unable to setup automated rpm build for postgres extensions on fedora
copr, because unable to install postgresql12-devel package in chroot
environment (where i have no permissions to modify dnf configuration and
execute "sudo dnf -qy module disable postgresql").

Could you please make your repo and packages compatible with the modular
system? Seems, that this is not hard at all,
Here are some references:

All you need - is to create proper modulemd file and place it to the repo


2020-05-03 02:12:24+00PG Bug reporting formBUG #16412: Make postgres rpm repository and packages compatible with new modular package system