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Bug ID16392
PG Version12.2
OSWindows 10
Opened2020-04-26 22:12:12+00
Reported byEd Grochowski

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Bug reference:      16392
Logged by:          Ed Grochowski
Email address:      (redacted)
PostgreSQL version: 12.2
Operating system:   Windows 10

I am running a synology server with the bundled PostgreSQL. I have modified
the configuration to allow it's use as a networkes database. I do
development locally on MAC OS Sierra and Windows 10 and the Synology. 
Here is the problem: I can access Postgres on Synology with pgAdmin4 thruogh
ssh from Win 10 and Mac until I install postgres locally on Windows. pgAdmin
onn the Mac has no trouble connecting to the Synology db but Windows
initially connects to the server but quicly drops the connection. I have
installed pgAdmin separately and bundled with no difference. When pgAdmin is
running without postgres locally everything works fine. When I reinstall
Postgres and connect to the local database pgAdmin drops the network
This seems like a pgAdmin4 configuration issue but I can't pin it down. I
have tried other versions of pgAdmin4 with the same results. It is not a
database issue but a pgAdmin on Windows 10 issue as again, it works fine on
the Mac.


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