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Bug ID16311
PG Version12.1
OSCentos 7.6
Opened2020-03-23 16:27:25+00
Reported byvamsi krishna

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Bug reference:      16311
Logged by:          vamsi krishna
Email address:      (redacted)
PostgreSQL version: 12.1
Operating system:   Centos 7.6

Hi PG support,
I am having this issue with PostgreSQL 12.1, on Centos 7.6. When I lose
server suddenly, I see a lot of empty zero-sized WAL files in the archive
logs. I have enabled the archive logs on the .conf. This archive log is
present on a DAS LVM disk on the server. Why are there so many empty
zero-sized WAL files in the archive logs, why it did not sync? Is this a
known issue with PostgreSQL, I have seen the same behavior with PostgreSQL
9.6 as well. I have been deleting these zero-sized WAL files or populating
it to 16MB for recovery. What does usually DBA do to tackle these zero-sized
WAL files?
Thanks and best regards


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