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Bug ID16287
PG VersionUnsupported/Unknown
OSWindows 7 Embedded Standard SP1
Opened2020-03-06 18:31:04+00
Reported byFelix Jetzinger jun.

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Bug reference:      16287
Logged by:          Felix Jetzinger jun.
Email address:      (redacted)
PostgreSQL version: Unsupported/Unknown
Operating system:   Windows 7 Embedded Standard SP1

we're using PostgreSQL 9.3 on our Windows 7 Embedded computers. Our new
system goes to Michigin in the USA and so I want to adjust the timezone to
Unfortunately everytime after adjusting the 'timezone' parameter in the
'postgresql.conf' to "America/Detroit US/Michigan" regarding the table
'Table B-6. Time Zone Names for Setting timezone' from your website I can't
connect to the server anymore. Same problem with "America/New_York EST5EDT
SystemV/EST5EDT US/Eastern". Out default setting for it is "UTC" which is
working fine. I also tried "Etc/GMT-5" and "America/Bogota" and they are
working but I need the time settings for Michigan because of ther
daylight-savings time rule. 

Please help me out why the setting "America/Detroit US/Michigan" isn't
working or how I can make it work.

Thank you,


2020-03-06 18:31:04+00PG Bug reporting formBUG #16287: 'Server doesn't listen' after setting 'timezone' to "America/Detroit US/Michigan"
2020-03-06 19:09:13+00Jeff JanesRe: BUG #16287: 'Server doesn't listen' after setting 'timezone' to "America/Detroit US/Michigan"