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Bug ID16234
PG Version9.5.20
Opened2020-01-27 14:55:53+00
Reported bySujith kumar

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Bug reference:      16234
Logged by:          Sujith kumar
Email address:      (redacted)
PostgreSQL version: 9.5.20
Operating system:   RHEL 7.7

Hi Team,

I have a requirement to do authentication through LDAP, the LDAP query
should go to two different LDAP servers with dedicated binding users (
different for two LDAP servers) , if the user is not available in first LDAP
then it should check in second LDAP. But here as per hba file , it won't
work in this model ( If there is no successful search in first hope, it will
throw error). 

So we have to do multiple query in the LDAP query string, how we can do

Sujith Kumar.S


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