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Bug ID16218
PG Version12.1
OSWindows 10
Opened2020-01-18 23:15:51+00
Reported byUzair Irfan

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Bug reference:      16218
Logged by:          Uzair Irfan
Email address:      (redacted)
PostgreSQL version: 12.1
Operating system:   Windows 10

I am supposed to use this program for my university class on database
management. Every time i try to install this program I get his error,
"Problem running post-install step. Installation may not complete correctly.
The database cluster initialisation failed" I was wondering if you knew of
any ways to fix this. I am running windows 10 and have all updates
installed. I also have tried to run it as administrator and nothing seems to
help. I even tried to install version 11 and I got the same error. When
trying to use the application stack builder, it only gives me the option for
"remote server" whereas my classmates get a local server option on stack
Thank you for your help,
Uzair Irfan


2020-01-18 23:15:51+00PG Bug reporting formBUG #16218: The database cluster initialization failed
2020-01-19 01:08:00+00naveen goswamiRe: BUG #16218: The database cluster initialization failed