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Bug ID16133
PG Version12.1
Opened2019-11-22 20:08:55+00
Reported byAndrew Gierth

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Bug reference:      16133
Logged by:          Andrew Gierth
Email address:      (redacted)
PostgreSQL version: 12.1
Operating system:   any

(This started out as an irc discussion on #tcl that spilled over to

SELECT regexp_match('aaa', '(a*)*');
(1 row)

SELECT regexp_match('aaa', '(a*)+');
(1 row)

What seems to be happening here is that in the + case, the engine is doing
one more match, matching (a*) against an empty string at the end of the
input, unlike the * case where the last match of (a*) is against the whole
string. This seems to violate the rules for determining where subexpression
captures line up. (And certainly there is no justification for the + vs. *
quantifier to make any difference here.)

There are a large number of similar cases, but this seems to be the common
factor to all of them so far.


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