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Bug ID16127
PG Version
Opened2019-11-20 13:21:59+00
Reported by

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On Wed, Nov 20, 2019 at 12:42:38PM +0000, PG Bug reporting form wrote:
>The following bug has been logged on the website:
>Bug reference:      16127
>Logged by:          yanliang lei
>Email address:      (redacted)
>PostgreSQL version: 12.1
>Operating system:   Windows 2008 R2
> 驱动器 D 中的卷是 新加卷
>D:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\12>cd bin
>D:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\12\bin>psql -d postgres -U posgres
>用户 posgres 的口令:
>psql: 错误: 无法连接到服务器:FATAL:  password authentication failed for user "p
>D:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\12\bin>psql -d postgres -U postgres
>用户 postgres 的口令:
>psql (12.1)
>输入 "help" 来获取帮助信息.
>postgres=# select version();
>                          version
> PostgreSQL 12.1, compiled by Visual C++ build 1914, 64-bit
>(1 行记录)
>postgres=# CREATE TABLE github_events
>postgres-# (
>postgres(#     event_id bigint,
>postgres(#     event_type text,
>postgres(#     event_public boolean,
>postgres(#     repo_id bigint,
>postgres(#     payload jsonb,
>postgres(#     repo jsonb,
>postgres(#     user_id bigint,
>postgres(#     org jsonb,
>postgres(#     created_at timestamp
>postgres(# );
>postgres=# \timing
>postgres=# set client_encoding='UTF8';
>时间:1.185 ms
>postgres=# set lc_messages=en_us;
>时间:23.467 ms
>postgres=# copy github_events from  'd:\large_events.csv' csv;
>ERROR:  could not stat file "d:\large_events.csv": Unknown error
>----->>>Please note this error!!!

This probably means the PostgreSQL user/process does not have access to
the file, either because it does not exist, lack of privileges, an AV
system blocking the access, or something like that.

I suggest you seach in the Windows Event Log, and various other logs you
might have there.


Tomas Vondra        
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