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Bug ID16105
PG Version11.5
OSdebian buster
Opened2019-11-09 09:46:25+00
Reported byjohannes janssens

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Bug reference:      16105
Logged by:          johannes janssens
Email address:      (redacted)
PostgreSQL version: 11.5
Operating system:   debian buster

# wget -O - | sudo apt-key
add -
--2019-11-09 10:36:54--
Herleiden van (,,, ...
Verbinding maken met
(||:443... verbonden.
HTTP-verzoek is verzonden; wachten op antwoord... 404 Not Found
2019-11-09 10:36:54 Fout 404: Not Found.

gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.


2019-11-09 09:46:25+00PG Bug reporting formBUG #16105: trying to install pgadmin4
2019-11-09 10:01:17+00Tomas VondraRe: BUG #16105: trying to install pgadmin4