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Bug ID16066
PG Version10.10
OSUbuntu 18.04
Opened2019-10-18 19:47:56+00
Reported byYudhveer Kandukuri

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Bug reference:      16066
Logged by:          Yudhveer Kandukuri
Email address:      (redacted)
PostgreSQL version: 10.10
Operating system:   Ubuntu 18.04

Here are the pg_hba.conf entry for ldap.....

host      Tom           Tom          ldap 
ldapserver= ldapbasedn="ou=People,dc=internal,dc=g2llc"
ldapbindpasswd="Test123#" ldapport=389 ldapsearchattribute="uid"

When I am trying to connect to postgresql on remote server, I am getting the
message as no entry for "Tom" in pg_hba.conf file where the postgresql is
running on the remote server.

Already created the user "Tom" in postgresql and also created the user "Tom"
in ldap and also created one more ldap user account "i.e., svc_ldap" in

Not Sure..what else I need to configure to make the Postgresql user to
authenticate with ldap

Thanks and regards
Yudhveer Kandukuri


2019-10-18 19:47:56+00PG Bug reporting formBUG #16066: Ldap Authentication failure on PostgreSQL 10.10
2019-10-18 23:12:23+00Stephen FrostRe: BUG #16066: Ldap Authentication failure on PostgreSQL 10.10