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Bug ID16020
PG Version12beta4
Opened2019-09-25 06:51:55+00
Reported byMarina Garrido Sanchez

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Bug reference:      16020
Logged by:          Marina Garrido Sanchez
Email address:      (redacted)
PostgreSQL version: 12beta4
Operating system:   Windows

When I use a particular ICU Collation query with locale =
'es-ES-u-ks-level1' and deterministic = false for having case- and accet-
insensitive, I can use similiar, like and ilike as the documentation said,
but how can I do a parcial search without this operators?


2019-09-25 06:51:55+00PG Bug reporting formBUG #16020: ICU Collations querys
2019-09-25 20:09:30+00Peter EisentrautRe: BUG #16020: ICU Collations querys
2019-09-26 15:14:31+00Marina Garrido SanchezRe: BUG #16020: ICU Collations querys
2019-09-26 16:28:39+00Peter EisentrautRe: BUG #16020: ICU Collations querys
2019-09-26 16:39:40+00"Daniel Verite"Re: BUG #16020: ICU Collations querys