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Bug ID15939
PG VersionUnsupported/Unknown
Opened2019-08-05 08:15:57+00
Reported bySaka Ram Dewasi

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Bug reference:      15939
Logged by:          Saka Ram Dewasi
Email address:      (redacted)
PostgreSQL version: Unsupported/Unknown
Operating system:   RHEL 7.4

Hi All,

We have SSO based web login portal. Below is the our architecture details.

User---> Load balancer(vADC)---> Tomcat Server 7.0.19(Web Server) ---> Load
Balancer (vADC) --> 
Jboss EAP 6.2(Application Server) --> Postgres 9.3 (Database)

Here Postgres will receive user request from jboss server for login. We
found that each time when users logged out of system orphan objects are
generating which is causing database growth. We checked our database tables
which having column type is OID/bytea. We found that there are only two
tables which is having column type OID/bytea. Surprisingly , These tables
dont have any data(Only two rows in each tables). These tables are not
generating any orphan objects(LO objects). Orphan objects are stored in
pg_largeobjects table. Due to orphan objects, size of pg_largeobject is
growing hence db so. We want to implement trigger based deletion of orphan
objects ( LO objects) . But for that we have to know which application
tables are generating orphan objects. How to identify application tables
which are generating orphan objects. Kindly guide.

Thanks and Regards
Saka Dewasi


2019-08-05 08:15:57+00PG Bug reporting formBUG #15939: Postgres database size is growing due to oraphan objects
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