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Bug ID15927
PG Version10.1
OSfreebsd 11.1
Opened2019-07-26 18:11:08+00
Reported byVladimir Dobrokhotov

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Bug reference:      15927
Logged by:          Vladimir Dobrokhotov
Email address:      (redacted)
PostgreSQL version: 10.1
Operating system:   freebsd 11.1

create temp table ttt(a text)
select * from ttt where a= $1
create temp view vvv as select * from ttt where a= $1
>ERROR: bind message supplies 1 parameters, but prepared statement ""
requires 0

(there are no restrictions on specific commands in the documentation)


2019-07-26 18:11:08+00PG Bug reporting formBUG #15927: PGresult *PQexecParams(..) not work on view
2019-07-26 18:21:44+00Andres FreundRe: BUG #15927: PGresult *PQexecParams(..) not work on view