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Bug ID15914
PG Version11.4
Opened2019-07-17 00:47:22+00
Reported byKellen Park

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Bug reference:      15914
Logged by:          Kellen Park
Email address:      (redacted)
PostgreSQL version: 11.4
Operating system:   windows

I downloaded postgresql and when downloading at the end I got the following
error message: "problem running post-install step. installation may not
complete correctly. The database cluster initialization failed."

It looks like it download and it opens on my browser,  but I can't do
anything. I am already over a week behind in school and this is horrible! I
have un-installed and re-installed over 50 times. I have tried as admin, but
when I get the following errors:
"Error stopping service"
"Error deleting service"
"The data directory (data directory i used) has not been removed."

I looked everywhere on my computer and it looks like the only thing left
behind is the folder, so I delete the folder before trying to re-install. 

I have tried re-installing with a different password, but when I finish
downloading, I still get the same error, and it finishes downloading and
when I sign in it still wants me to use my original password. Seeming as
though it really isn't un-installing fully. I have even cleared my browser
data, and still has the same issue. 

I have looked online and it seems like some people had this issue years ago,
but all the help they had didn't work for me. 

Please help me. I am so beyond frustrated at this point.


2019-07-17 00:47:22+00PG Bug reporting formBUG #15914: cannot get postgresql to work