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Bug ID15775
PG Version11.2
OScentos 7
Opened2019-04-23 03:19:21+00
Reported byPengzhou Tang

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Bug reference:      15775
Logged by:          Pengzhou Tang
Email address:      (redacted)
PostgreSQL version: 11.2
Operating system:   centos 7

Hi, Developers,

I hit this error when running bellow queries concurrently:
1. select pg_get_indexdef('idx_foo'::regclass);
2. drop table foo;

To repo easier, break at set_relation_column_names in session 1 and then run
session 2, error occurs.

Why pg_get_expr() doesn't acquire and hold an AccessShareLock if it needs to
access the relation later.


2019-04-23 03:19:21+00PG Bug reporting formBUG #15775: pg_get_indexdef: could not open relation with OID 16385