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Bug ID15739
PG Version11.2
OSUbuntu 18.10
Opened2019-04-08 02:59:52+00
Reported byJamie Carl

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Bug reference:      15739
Logged by:          Jamie Carl
Email address:      (redacted)
PostgreSQL version: 11.2
Operating system:   Ubuntu 18.10

Installed in server mode using the python wheel package, my current version
of psycopg2 was 2.8.1.  Installing pgAdmin4 succeeded with no errors, but
when expanding servers in the browser tree, I would get the error
"'psycopg2.extensions.Column' object has no attribute '_asdict'". 
Downgrading to psycopg2 library version 2.7.7 and everything starts working.

When installing the python wheel package, the requirement appears to be for
psycopg2>=2.7.7 but I think this should also include <= 2.8.0 or something
(not sure how, I'm a PHP guy).


2019-04-08 02:59:52+00PG Bug reporting formBUG #15739: PgAdmin4 4.4 does not work with latest psycopg2 (2.8.1)
2019-04-08 03:02:42+00Rizwan WangdeRe: BUG #15739: PgAdmin4 4.4 does not work with latest psycopg2 (2.8.1)