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Bug ID15655
PG Version9.4.1
Opened2019-02-25 19:09:50+00
Reported byAnthony Affee

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The following bug has been logged on the website:

Bug reference:      15655
Logged by:          Anthony Affee
Email address:      (redacted)
PostgreSQL version: 9.4.1
Operating system:   MacOS


 The psql command line for MacOS looks to external DNS resolution first.
Once it fails, it then looks to the local machines DNS to resolve hostname.
My instance details for this report is among more than 20 people in my
company with the same if not identical setup as below.

MacOS: Any version but specifically latest release
OpenVPN Server: Latest server release
OpenVPN Client: Tunnelblick latest release
PostgreSQL Server: RedShift Latest release
RedShift Network: Internal/Private Only
Client DNS: Internal AWS DNS Primary server pushed in configuration to
override client


[anthony@Anthonys-Mini ~]$ psql
psql: could not connect to server: Operation timed out
	Is the server running on host
"" ( and
	TCP/IP connections on port 5439?

After the first attempt to connect over the VPN is made, the above error is
given after it hangs for a while. As soon as the error is given and I
attempt to try again, the connection works nearly instantly. As you can see
above, the DNS is resolving the external IP address for this RedShift
instance. Since the local MacOS is pushed an internal DNS resolver, this
clearly is not using the local computers DNS, rather it appears to be using
a hard coded DNS from psql. We use many different apps and technologies and
RedShift with psql is the only DNS issue presented. We need psql to look for
the local machines DNS. Once it connects successfully, MacOS caches this DNS
and it will work for a while without an issue. NSLookup command even works
on the first attempt and displays the correct internal DNS IP for

Here is what the second and successful attempt looks like:

[anthony@Anthonys-Mini ~]$ psql
psql (9.4.1, server 8.0.2)
SSL connection (protocol: TLSv1, cipher: DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA, bits: 256,
compression: off)
Type "help" for help.


Can you help us resolve this? This is a big compatibility issue for
environments that rely on OpenVPN to connect to Cloud technologies.


2019-02-25 19:09:50+00PG Bug reporting formBUG #15655: local machines pushed openvpn dns issue
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