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Bug ID15558
PG Version11.1
Opened2018-12-19 00:28:35+00
Reported byAndy Edwards

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Bug reference:      15558
Logged by:          Andy Edwards
Email address:      (redacted)
PostgreSQL version: 11.1
Operating system:   (irrelevant)

After debugging why notifications weren't getting delivered, I discovered
the following:

# LISTEN "pg/tables/TagNotificationTriggers/tag/_org/1/JSON
NOTICE:  identifier "pg/tables/TagNotificationTriggers/tag/_org/1/JSON
Test/battery/1/lifetimeWh" will be truncated to
"pg/tables/TagNotificationTriggers/tag/_org/1/JSON Test/battery/"

I haven't seen a mention of this channel length limit in any version of the
documentation for NOTIFY.  I wish it were in the documentation, because then
I would have found out about this limit before deciding to use Postgres
notifications, and chosen to use Redis notifications from the beginning.


2018-12-19 00:28:35+00=?utf-8?q?PG_Bug_reporting_form?=BUG #15558: NOTIFY max channel length is undocumented
2018-12-19 00:57:12+00"David G(dot) Johnston"Re: BUG #15558: NOTIFY max channel length is undocumented
2018-12-19 01:28:32+00Andy EdwardsRe: BUG #15558: NOTIFY max channel length is undocumented