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Bug ID15484
PG Version11.0
OSCentos 7.5
Opened2018-11-02 10:37:54+00
Reported byLars Opsahl

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Bug reference:      15484
Logged by:          Lars Opsahl
Email address:      (redacted)
PostgreSQL version: 11.0
Operating system:   Centos 7.5


When I downloading the source code for compiling Postgis 2.5 I got this

configure: WARNING:  --------- GEOS VERSION WARNING ------------ 
configure: WARNING:   You are building against GEOS 3.6.3 
configure: WARNING:   To take advantage of all the features of 
configure: WARNING:   this PostGIS version requires GEOS 3.7.0 or higher.
configure: WARNING:   To take advantage of most of the features of this
configure: WARNING:   we recommend GEOS 3.6 or higher
configure: WARNING:   You can download the latest versions from 
configure: WARNING: 
configure: WARNING: 

When I upgraded from geos36 to geos37 it worked ok.

Is it easy to change this dependency  in the,
to test if the install works ok then ?




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