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Bug ID15433
PG Version9.6.2
Opened2018-10-15 14:53:04+00
Reported by耀彰 許

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Bug reference:      15433
Logged by:          耀彰 許
Email address:      (redacted)
PostgreSQL version: 9.6.2
Operating system:   win2016

Dear Support Team, 
I am sorry maybe I sent wrong person for about my question, but I don't know
how to ask question in postgresql website. Would it be possible to help me
to pass my question to related person.
My question is as listed as below: How can I install postgresql pgagent in
offline environment? We can not connect internet directly , so we try to
find alternative way to solve the question.
Best Regards, Anderson Hsu


2018-10-15 14:53:04+00=?utf-8?q?PG_Bug_reporting_form?=BUG #15433: pgagent install question